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Best fs19 maps 2020 DEFAULT


Champs de france v2

Welcome to Champs de France v.2

Here are all the changes made to the map

- addition of the angle terrain
- addition of new animals (cheires, piglets, ducks and calves, bulls)
- addition of crops (onion, carrot, spaghetti, triticale, seed grass)
- addition of alfalfa, clover, corn and soy bales
- compatible map, master plus and manure system (factories),
STRAW HARVREST DLC, precision farming DLC
- Resumption of all 3d farm buildings
- Establishment of liquid storage in all farm buildings
- Creation of 2 new farms (market gardeners and cereals)
- Creation of new points of sale (transport LEGRAND, the small shop, the butcher, the bakery, the farm of friends)
- Establishment of factories:
- 6 greenhouses (tomato, salad, melon, zucchini, cauliflower, red cabbage)
- 2 orchards (apple and pear)
- sawmill (4 different pallets)
--several manufacturing plants
- the vegetable farm 4 machine washed the vegetables (beets, potatoes, sugar beets, carrots)
- expansion of the cattle dealer
- addition of animated animals to the cattle dealer
- addition of the purchase of animal feed (silage)
- replacement of DEUTZ dealer by CASE IH
- recovery of the decoration of the map and optimization

The map is 50% mod season compatible
An update planned for January

Good game everyone


30 Best Maps To Try In Farming Simulator 19 (All Free)

Farming Simulator has dominated the market for realistic farming from the comfort of your home.

As with most building simulators, there’s tons of fun to be had through additional content. Yes, I’m talkin’ mods!

From new items to work with, new people to populate your towns/cities with, and mew maps to build on.

We’ve already covered a huge list of the best FS19 mods worth trying, so here we’re going to explore some of the best custom maps you can get for FS



Yogiland Map Mod

Check Out This Mod

For the very first entry on any of these lists, we’re starting big with a 4x map called Yogiland.

Yogiland is a multifruit and factories map with 21 fields ranging from acres. All spaces are perfectly rectangular as well, which makes harvesting a breeze here.

You’ll also find 11 additional fruit types in Yogiland including rye, spelt, millet, hops, tobacco, and onions.

The map includes 27 factories where you’ll find production for mashed potatoes, carrot juice, and flour among many other grocery store favorites.



Dondiego Map Mod

Check Out This Mod

Dondiego is another 4x map, and is actually a port of a very popular custom map from back in FS

The map includes a lot more fields than Yogiland at 61, ranging from medium to large sized fields.

You’ll also find tons of storage here, as you have the capacity to hold M liters. Plus additional storage for liquid fertilizer and plant protection products.

There is a BGA as well, along with 12 outlets to sell your products to.


Sandy Bay 19

Sandy Bay 19 Map

Check Out This Mod

Sandy Bay features 46 maps ranging from small to large in size, as well as two new fruit types: alfalfa and rye.

What’s special about this map set is the amount of effort that went into making it feel realistic and lived-in.

The map features completely custom textures for grounds, grass, wheat, and more. That definitely took a lot of extra work!

Plus there are tons of animated objects that make you feel like there’s a lot going on around you as well, including planes and boats that drive by from time to time.


The Valley: The Old Farm

Valley: The Old Farm - FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

Black Sheep Modding is back with a vengeance.

They’ve made some of the best mods for both FS17 and 19, which include a variety of vehicles, equipment, placeables, and maps.

Well this map features a realistic European hillside farmland for you to build on, with over 90 fields for you to purchase.

The Old Farm has a pretty unique layout as well, as the map isn’t just covered in rectangular fields. There will be lots of forests to drive through in the middle areas, but I encourage you to enjoy the views too. As everything looks great in The Valley.



Dreisternhof FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

If you’re looking for a more isolated farming experience, Dreisternhof is worth a try.

The map is much smaller than most other maps, only containing 25 smallto-medium sized fields.

Yet Dreisternhof looks just as good as any other maps, as textures have been replaced with custom ones here too.

The map also features 6 meadows and lots of forestry, so if you like your farms littered with beautiful natural landscapes, this is a good option for that.


Rustic Acres

Rustic Acres FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

Rustic Acres by Cazz An unforgettable map to try.

The latest release is now Seasons ready, so you’ll be able to enjoy that if you like playing with Seasons installed.

The map contains 47 fields, all being square and rectangular shaped for easy harvesting.

Right off the bat you start off with 11 chickens, 10 sheep, 5 pigs, 5 cows, and 1 horse. Wowza.

Do note that the modder recommends you download the Animal Extension Mod built specifically for this map, plus a couple other suggested mods. All are mentioned in the description!


Purbeck Valley Farm

Purbeck Valley Farm Map

Check Out This Mod

Here we have another European farm map based on Dorset, UK.

It’s actually pretty easy to tell that Purbeck is found in Dorset, since the map even features a view of the famous Corfe Castle in the distance.

This contains 81 small to large fields scattered across a total of 4 farms.

A beautiful map graphics-wise, since the modder included some lighting adjustments along with custom ground textures to make everything look that much better.


Farms Of Madison County

Farms Of Madison County - FS19 Map Mod

Check Out This Mod

This time we’re taking a look at a realistic take of American farmlands in Madison County, Illinois.

Modder MDFARMING actually grew up farming with his father in the area. So this is likely the most realistic depiction of Madison County you’re going to get in FS

The map is 4x in size and contains fields, 23 of which you already own at the beginning of a game.

There’s much to do with fields, so you’re probably going to be spending most of your time saving up to purchase those.

With all those fields, MDFARMING left a blank area towards the bottom right part of the map. And that space would be great for landscaping, or whatever placeables you might want to add.



Countyline Map Mod

Check Out This Mod

Countyline is another ported FS17 map, which is now available to play on in FS

This is a 4x map with 33 fields, 2 of which you already own, 11 different multifruit, and 27 outlets to sell your products to.

The additional fruit types you’ll find in Countyline include tobacco, hops, carrots, alfalfa, and poppy, among others.

You might be wondering why the map is so big, but only contains 33 fields… well that’s because the map is basically covered in huge fields for you to maximize, making it a great mod for productivity.



Minibrunn FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

Another option if you like smaller maps: Minibrunn by TopAce

This map is relatively small at 65 acres, but includes 18 fields. Not too overwhelming, right?

The fields range from acres, so you’ll most likely want to maximize your smaller equipment to harvest here. Roads tend to be pretty narrow in Minibrunn as well, so getting around in your larger vehicles might prove to be a challenge.

There are also 8 different selling points, and a few cosmetic upgrades like realistic mud. You can see this in the ground since it turns muddy when it rains!

Overall, this is a great map for those who like smaller-scale farming. Great for beginning players too.


Ricci&#;s Hollow

Riccis Hollow Map FS19

Check Out This Mod

Ricci’s Hollow is another 4x map which features 40 different fields and 16 multifruit for you to play around with.

The additional fruit includes clover, rye, hemp, carrot, onion, and coffee, among some others.

Aside from those added features, the map also includes 43 built-in factories. With those you’ll be able to produce anything from lumber and steel, to meat and beverages.

What makes this even more interesting is that not all of the factories are listed, as the creator really wants you to go around and explore for yourself.

See what exciting secrets you find in Riccis Hollow.


Almosta Rustic Taylors Hawkes Bay

Almosta Rustic Taylors Hawkes Bay FS19

Check Out This Mod

One more map from Cazz64, this time much bigger than the previous.

Almosta Rustic is specifically unique because to create a much larger map, Cazz64 actually combined 4 of his smaller maps into one.

That means the Rustic Acres map mentioned earlier is actually included here as a portion of this map.

It has a whopping fields to choose from, where you start off owning only 3.

The layout is fairly simple, as the 4 maps are put together side-by-side, each connected by different roadways allowing to travel between them.

A nice added touch is that the store can be found close to the center, making it easy to buy whatever materials you’re going to need.


Nowa Bruzda

Nowa Bruzda FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

Up next is another European map, this time allowing us to explore some of the farmlands around Poland.

It offers us 44 fields and 5 villages, along with 14 different selling points including dairy and eggs.

Nowa Bruzda feels very much lived-in as well, since it features animated traffic (which you can toggle on or off).

Another unique feature is that this focuses on fields rather than forestry. So if you prefer open spaces then this is the place to be.


Nebraska Lands USA

Nebraska Lands USA - FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

Going back to the large rectangular fields, this time taking a look at farmlands around the state of Nebraska.

This is a large 4x map which contains 44 fields to keep you busy. You don’t start off with any fields either. So you’re going to have to get busy right away to purchase your first field!

The map has one additional fruit type (alfalfa) along with 14 different selling points for your products.

Field sizes in this map are relatively large, with the smallest coming in at ac while the largest at ac.


Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley Map FS19

Check Out This Mod

This is another large map at 4x, and contains 63 fields, 2 of which you already own at the beginning of your game.

The map also comes with 16 different multifruit to choose from, as well as 12 selling points for your products.

One unique feature of Pleasant Valley is that mining is enabled here.

So you’ll be able to mine for 7 unique products like stone, coal, salt, and gravel, among some others.

The map is beautifully laid out as well, with a river dividing the map into two areas. As an added bonus, the map even has working river boats!


Upper Mississippi River Valley

Upper Mississippi River Valley Map

Check Out This Mod

If you like the idea of your farm being close to water, give the Upper Mississippi River Valley map a try.

It’s similar to Pleasant Valley, except this time you have a much wider river spanning across the entire left half of the map, again separating it into two areas.

The map features some unique field shapes as well. So if you prefer that over the traditional rectangular fields, well be sure to try it out!

Another unique feature is the complete freedom over your starting equipment, as you’re only given a bunch of sheds to start with.

Other than that, you have $, at the beginning of a game. And it’s up to you what equipment you’d like to purchase with it.


Ninghan Farms

Ninghan Farms in FS19

Check Out This Mod

This time we’re taking a look at a map located in the land down under: the Central WheatBelt of Western Australia.

Right off the bat you’ll notice this is a great-looking map featuring custom environments, colors, and color grading to make everything look a bit more realistic. The sun was even moved to make it appear in the correct position, which is pretty neat.

Other than that, there’s much to do around Ningham Farms. You’re give 36 fields, each with contract jobs to complete, along with additional transport missions for bale and seed pallets.


Iberians South Lands

Iberians South Lands - FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

Here’s a grand old classic originally ported from FS13 to FS15, then to FS And now we’re continuing that cycle all the way to FS

Iberians South Lands takes us to an imaginary farm out in Spain with over 89 fields for you to purchase as you go along.

The map also contains 4 forests for all your forestry needs, as well as 20 different selling points to take your products to.

You’ll also be able to care for animals as it supports cows, sheep, and horses.


Nevada ZA

Nevada ZA Map

Check Out This Mod

It seems like we’ve been jumping across countries for the past few entries… so why not head back to America and check out Nevada ZA by Farmer BoB?

The map is inspired by the actual farmland he grew up on, and includes some original ideas that aren’t found in other maps.

Nevada ZA contains only 22 fields to keep things manageable, along with 11 selling points and 4 forests scattered around the map.

It also features a nice mix of rectangular and odd-shaped areas, just to leave more creativity over to you.


Clover Creek

Clover Creek Map

Check Out This Mod

Now here we have a spacious map that’s perfect for breaking out the larger equipment you might have lying around.

Clover Creek is a 4x map, but only contains 51 fields to maximize the space.

You start off owning 4 of the smaller fields on the map, but will be able to work your way through the other 47 as you progress through your playthrough.

The pack comes with additional mods that give you more storage options as well.

All you’ll have to do is install everything that comes with the download, then get to farming!



Charmwell FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

Charmwell is a gorgeous map based in the UK, although this one isn’t based on any real-world land in particular.

The fictional map features a total of 86 small to large fields, transport and field missions to keep you busy, as well as 2 selling points, a BGA, and a built-in sawmill.

What’s particularly special about this map is just how good it looks. The modder uses mostly custom textures for everything like soil, grass, and even buildings based on real-world English designs.

The map comes with Seasons support as well, so this should work perfectly if you prefer playing with that installed.


9. Meadow Grove

Meadow Grove FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

Meadow Grove by Nathan is another lovely option for a UK-based map, and is definitely worth checking out if you dig a simpler farming lifestyle.

It’s also a map converted over from FS17, so this has been around the block and is one of the more popular maps out there.

The newer FS19 version sees a few upgrades as well, including full Seasons support, custom lighting shaders, and even a new water shader to make everything look just a bit better.

The farm comes with built-in animals too, but you’re free to place your own anywhere you’d like.


8. Mercury Farms

Mercury Farms FS19 Map

Check Out This Mod

If you’re looking for more of a customizable experience, maybe give Mercury Farms a shot.

The map allows you the freedom to completely make the farm yours.

I mean, you’ll be able to renovate buildings, place new ones, and even remove hedges, posts, and fences to make everything appear exactly as you want.

The map contains 60 fields, of which you could choose to combine if you’d like.


7. Westby Wisconsin Map

Westby Wisconsin Map in FS19

Check Out This Mod

I think “simple” is the best word for this custom map.

It’s based on actual farmland found in Westby, Wisconsin, and is basically as simple as it gets.

There are 3 farms on the map, a store, and just 1 sell point. Though the map is pretty simple, the field shapes might prove to be quite challenging to harvest. Which should keep you busy for a while!

If you’re up for a small-scale but challenging farming experience, go with Westby Wisconsin.


6. Old Family Farm

Old Family Farm in FS19

Check Out This Mod

Old Family Farm, huh? With a name like that I can already imagine.

The map only contains 14 fields, and you start off already owning 5 of them. There are no additional fruit types on the map to keep things simple, but there are 7 different selling points for you to use.

One special feature of this map is that it contains some custom sound effects which should make for a pretty unique FS19 experience.


5. Canadian Farm Map

Canadian Farm Map in FS19

Check Out This Mod

Going back to some bigger map options, the Canadian Farm Map is a great choice for those who love rectangular fields sprawled across flat landscape.

The map only contains 19 fields, where you start off with only 1 of them.

There are also 10 extra fruit types and 28 selling points to be found around the map.

The map also features functioning trains for log and grain delivery, which is always a nice touch for any custom map.


4. Hawke&#;s Bay NZ

Hawke's Bay NZ Map

Check Out This Mod

If you liked Almosta Rustic Taylors Hawkes Bay by Cazz64, you’re definitely going to enjoy this one.

Hawke’s Bay is actually a New Zealand-based map that was included as one of the 4 combined maps for Almosta Rustic Taylors Hawkes Bay… which should explain why it’s familiar if you checked that one out.

But this one contains 53 fields and 15 sell points for your products. Pretty big.

New Zealand lovers, rejoice!


3. Dalton Valley Farm

Dalton Valley Farm Map Mod

Check Out This Mod

Taking the number 3 spot on the list is another one from ALiEN JiM – the Dalton Valley Farm map.

It’s set in the Sussex area of the UK, but what’s especially unique about this is the freedom it allows for how you start your farm.

The map allows you to choose among the different yards where you prefer to start, so it’s completely up to you.

Dalton Valley also contains additional fruit types including rye, triticale, and spelt, along with custom missions to keep you busy and to keep you earning more money.


2. Cybuchowo

Cybuchowo Map

Check Out This Mod

This next one is probably one of the craziest maps you’ll find when it comes to scale.

Cybuchowo has several forests, so it’s large. But what really caught my attention here was the fact that there are fields to use.

The fields are mostly rectangular, but it can be overwhelming just looking at the map overview.

If you like keeping busy, this might be the perfect map to try. See how far you can push it.

Another interesting feature of this map is that it adds two new animals: goats and ducks.


1. No Man&#;s Land

No Man's Land Map for FS19

Check Out This Mod

No Man’s Land is easily the most interesting map for FS

To quote the modder’s description:

“Between the borders of France and Spain lies a vast emptiness known as No Man&#;s Land where the land has lain untouched by the hands of man for years.”

That’s exactly what makes this map special. No Man’s Land is basically an abandoned plot of land which you’re going to have to build from the ground-up.

Trees and hedges will have to be chopped down to make way for paved roads and walkways before you can even get started. That’s how crazy this is.

No Man’s Land makes FS19 feel like a completely new game, as you’ll be starting completely from scratch to build a farm from your bare hands.

Pros and newbies alike should have fun here, but it will surely be a challenge!

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Farming Simulator Which Map Is The Best?

Searching for a new map to create a successful farm? Then look no further than these beauties.

Most people clock in around 80 hours on Farming Simulator 19, so it's really important to select or use a map that's perfect for you. Picking the perfect map isn't as easy as it sounds, after all, some are only available on certain platforms and it really just depends on your playstyle.

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Your playstyle may vary, but with these suggestions, it's pretty hard to not want to try at least one out. Whether it's their beauty, their resources, or just their location, these maps are fan favorites and will be perfect for beginners or experts alike.

10 Minibrunn

Minibrunn is perfect for beginners or those who do not want a huge challenge but still wish for the beauty that comes with a lot of Farming Simulator 19 maps. It specializes in small agricultural machinery and allows you to start with the Big Bud which is pretty fun to use.

It doesn't come with as much as the Sussex farm but it's extremely forgiving and can be absolutely beautiful when you're in the harvesting season.

Minibrunn is available on PC/MAC, Xbox, and Playstation

9 No Man's Land

While Minibrunn is beginner-friendly, No Man's Land is for the more experienced players. If you like a challenge, you'll be obsessed with the No Man's Land map.

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No Man's Land is very different from maps as you know them as you don't start on a farm. It's really what you'd imagine it to be; all around you, there will be flat abandoned land for you to grow on. It's essentially described as a survival map, and while that might be difficult, it allows you to really build up from nothing. It's a really rewarding map.

No Man's Land is available on PC/MAC, Xbox, and Playstation

8 Walchen 2K20

Designed around Walchen in Austria, this map is just beautiful. It has a variety of fields all embedded in a scenic mountain landscape filled with lakes and honestly just a breathtaking background.

You get to work on steep meadows and medium to small fields with over lands that you can buy, just in case you run out of space in this pretty large map. It's ideal for single-player or multiplayer and has 10 farms for you to explore.

Walchen 2K20 is available on PC/MAC

7 Pleasant Valley

If you prefer to do more than just farming in this game then Pleasant Valley is ideal for you. This map is a fan favorite due to there being so much to do and explore! Most players who've enjoyed this map just can't get off it.

The Pleasant valley is ideal for single-player and multiplayer but can only be experienced on PC unfortunately. Nevertheless, this map includes things like mining, riverboats and is predominantly a fruit-based farming experience.

Pleasant Valley is available on PC/MAC

6 Ricciville

Ricciville is a pretty unique map that predominantly focuses on trains and the many fruits and crops available to plant. However, it's also set in a beautiful landscape and is a pretty huge map if you prefer having loads to do all year round.

Nevertheless, it boasts two trains, a barge around 59 fields three forests, and 16 custom sell points. It also has a whopping farmlands to purchase all complimenting the additions of foods like Millet, Rice, Hemp, Coffee, Cranberry, Hops, and so much more If that wasn't enough, there are also millions of liters of mining materials to grab. With this map, you'll never have a dull moment.

Ricciville is available on PC/MAC

5 Ravensberg

True to the names of the locations in Ravensberg, this map is designed around a middle German landscape that just screams model railway in its atmosphere.

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It contains two farms, four towns, 44 fields, 18 forests, and 7 meadows for you to explore. All that may keep you busy but don't be surprised if it takes a little longer than you thought after you've stopped multiple times to look at the beautiful villages, railways, and scenery in general, especially with the new customer textures around you!

Ravensberg is available on PC/MAC, Xbox, and Playstation

4 Lone Oak Farm

Most players absolutely love Lone Oak Farm, and for those who live in the USA, primarily in Oregon, you might find yourself feeling right at home. This is because the map is designed as a real-life replica farm in Oregon, USA.

It looks beautiful and has new textures, missions, and a multitude of places to visit. It comes with 55 fields for you to explore as well as three sell points and a sawmill so you don't need to worry about running out of things to do. This map is well worth a try.

Lone Oak Farm is available on PC/MAC, Xbox, and Playstation

3 Mercury Farms

With 60 different fields, it's pretty easy to see how you can get engrossed in Mercury Farms. While not as unique as the other farms, this map serves its purpose for any fan of Farming Simulator due to the close proximity of the fields and the customization.

With a simple chainsaw, you can merge and reshape your fields however you want and whenever you want. It also comes with silos, animal and vehicle shelters so it's really a perfect all-rounder.

Mercury Farms is available on PC/MAC, Xbox, and Playstation

2 Sussex Farms

Set in Sussex UK, this map is ideal for those who want multiple farms, a variety of fields, and so much more to explore. Most fans label this farm as addictive, unique, and incredible, and rightly so!

Created by experienced modder ALiEN JiM, this map is just a world away from any you've played before and just blows it out of the park with attention to detail and an incredible amount of new experiences.

Sussex Farms comes with 3 Farms, 36 Fields, 7 Placeable Areas, 5 Grass Areas, Field Missions, Forestry, BGA, Gold Nuggets, and still, has time for the Seasons and Sugarcane. It's just perfect for anyone looking for a new experience.

Sussex Farms is available on PC/MAC, Xbox, and Playstation

1 Marwell Manor

Based in Hampshire in the UK, the Marwell Manor Farm just has so much to it that it's hard to put it all in one place. It's a beautiful map filled with breathtaking views, multiple fields, and animated objects.

Ultimately, this is the type of map you'll need to try, words can't do it justice. However, it has 25 farmlands, 23 fields which are to scale and positioned from real life as well as two farms to choose from. It is the closest to a full farming experience you can get and perfectly encaptures what this game has to offer.

Marwell Manor is available on PC/MAC, Xbox, and Playstation

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The BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19 (PC and Console)

October 11,

Best FS 19 Maps

The BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19 (PC and Console)

Baltic Sea FS19

The first map we have on this list is Baltic Sea. This map is one of my all-time personal favourites for FS 19 as it has so many fields, a beautiful landscape and best of all the map is really realistic. With features such as shop opening times and seasons support, this map is one of the best FS 19 maps for realism!

This map also comes with a cowshed, pigsty, sheep pen and chicken coop as well as a biogas plant that are all ready to be used by you and your farm! The farm is also surrounded by a stunning beach with an amazing view of the sun.

This map has it all, from realism to scenery, making it one of the best maps for every single Farming Simulator 19 player!

Baltic Sea

Bajeczna FS19

Moving on to the second map we have Bajeczna. This is a Polish map set in a nice, small village. This map was recommended to me around a month ago and I have to admit, it is one of the best FS 19 maps have played on in a long time.

This map has a total of 3 farms, spread out throughout the map, as well as a huge 94 fields and areas, including meadows and forests. The fields on this map are fairly small, meaning that smaller equipment is necessary. I personally like3 this as it is much more realistic, however sometimes this can be challenging.

This map is packed full of cool features like when the map becomes dark at night, streetlights and house lights turn on, adding that extra realistic feel.

This map also contains full seasons support. Also, another bonus feature is the forestry aspect of this map. It has many forests, small and large, around the map, this is perfect for players that want extra options in terms of income or even just gameplay!


Lawfolds FS19

The next map we have on this list is Lawfolds in Aberdeenshire! This map is based around a real working farm in the hills of Scotland. There are two additional farms, East Law where the sheep can be found, and Newton, where the Cows are found.

This map features much more realistic pricing of crops, vehicles and buildings as well as three huge working farms that can be bought and expended at your own pace.

This map is a great map for my UK subscribers as it incorporates all the usual characteristics of a map set in the UK, small fields, hilly terrain and rainy weather! You have 4 different sell points across this map that can be found amongst the hills, here you can sell the various crops in the game. Overall, this map is very good looking and has a lot of potential with players!


Switchback Canyon FS19

Next on this list we have Switchback Canyon. This is a logging map that is set in the US. There is a large canyon that can be seen throughout the map, with extremely hilly terrain and mountainous roads, this map can be quite a challenge.

Most of this map is extremely hard to navigate with dirt roads and a lot of trees, making finding certain points a struggle.

There is a large sawmill that can be found around the bottom left of the map. Both sides are connected by one bridge, making it challenging to cross the river.

Switchback Canyon

Kornau FS19

And finally, the last on this list we have Kornau. This map is set in Germany, with several small villages, a large number of fields, over buyable areas of land including meadows, fields and farms and best of all full seasons support!

This map is one of the best European maps that I could find, with stunning scenery and it was also very realistic.

The map has a few valleys, mainly small, but there is a large valley that contains small and medium sized fields! Overall, this map is great for people that want a German map in their game!

  • Deutz Fahr 9

    FS 19 •Tractors

  • Sours:

    Maps best 2020 fs19

    Farming Simulator 19 &#; Top 10 Maps

    Farming Simulator 19 &#; Top 10 Maps

    You must be familiar with FS 19 since it has been released for several months already and you probably haven’t miss that! But that’s not it, new FS 19 mods were introduced shortly after the upgrade release. In this case, we are particularly interested in maps mods. If you are wondering, which Farming Simulator 19 best Map mod is, you can choose between the files in our site because we have listed only the best files available. Probably, there are no wondering, how a Farming Simulator Top 10 Map mod can be useful – it ads the functionality you were missing. There are definitely no questions, if other players are using FS 19 best Map mods – they simply wouldn’t be that popular. The most successful players are using FS Top 10 Map mods without any hesitations – so why should you refuse? So, let’s upgrade your version too!

    But if you haven’t tried mods before, it’s definitely not too late to take a first step and look at our database of Best FS19 Maps. This will make your game even more exciting and challenging. With Best FS19 Maps everything is possible and you can improve your farm in every way you feel like. The implementation of Ls Top 10 Maps is very simple in comparison to new opportunities and various options that become available. You will be able to achieve much more in shorter time period. But it’s better to see yourself, so don’t hesitate and pick your favorite LS 19 best Maps. You have all the chances to build the best farm around and get the best of the game. LS 19 best Maps will turn your world around, so don’t miss this chance to gain significant advantage. The best is yet to come, so get ready for that!

    1. FS19 US Map Final
    This one is more for fixed play of with 2 farms I build, because a added a lot of props and lighting. Of course you can build another farm some were else on the map if you wish to. Also I have adjust and tweaked some placeables (all included in the zip file) you need to play this map. Because I have added 9 new fruittypes (Thanks to JB3PC4SALE) to game I have to rebuilt the sellpoint, silos etc.

    2. Michigan Map v
    The Michigan Map has been updated to work with Farm Sim 19 Patch while we also made the following updates and additions to the map: * Yard Lights (Auto Turn On); * Interior Building Lights (Operation by Switch); * Parking Lot Lights; * Shop Doors on Buildings; * Garage Doors on Buildings; * New Culverts; * New Road Signs; * Road Construction Changes

    3. Felsbrunn FS19 Map
    Are you interested in finding more information about FS19 Maps? Then it is your lucky moment because in our website you will find various FS19 Mods which will help you to develop your game. Every particular Farming Simulator 19 mod will provide you with a lot of new solutions. This is why you should not wait a second more and download Felsbrunn Farming Simulator 19 Map For Edit right now! You will be able to upgrade your Farming Simulator 19 without any limits the way you have always wanted. There is nothing you can lose – no risks are guaranteed. That’s why we encourage you on downloading FS19 Maps without any payment – just hit on the button and get everything for free!

    4. FS19 Clover Creek v Map
    Conversion of the map with FS Size x4 . The map contains the points of purchase and sale.On the map there are points of sale of loose fertilizer, lime, seeds, manure,slurry, animal feed. Transport missions. Traffic and pedestrian.Land transformation also works. Dairy for milk collection. Two sawmills. Forest areas and large and medium sized fields, ideal for large machines.All fields on the map can be bought and sold.

    5. FS19 Hagenstedt Map
    This is the map of Farming Simulator converted and modernized for FS – 43 fields; – BGA; – Spaces for placeables; – Includes new placeables.

    6. FS19 Midwest Horizon v Map
    This is my edit of Midwest Horizon with a fixed download link.
    What I’ve done:
    – Removed fencing near default farm.
    – Changed a shed at the farm near field 7.

    7. FS19 No Creek Farms Map
    Are you interested in finding more information about FS19 Maps? Then it is your lucky moment because in our website you will find various FS19 Mods which will help you to develop your game. Every particular Farming Simulator 19 mod will provide you with a lot of new solutions. This is why you should not wait a second more and download No Creek Farms Map right now! You will be able to upgrade your Farming Simulator 19 without any limits the way you have always wanted. There is nothing you can lose – no risks are guaranteed. That’s why we encourage you on downloading FS19 Maps without any payment – just hit on the button and get everything for free!

    8. FS19 Westby Wisconsin Map Beta
    So, this map is based on a real lief location in Wisconsin and is near the town of Westby. This area has no emotional attachment to me, as I just picked it out randomly and thought it would be a good map. It has 3 farms, a store, 1 sell point and a CPS. There is also a mechanics shop at the north end for repairs. The map is as close a s I could get it to the real life location (except for the store, sellpoint and other buildings because there isn’t any in the area and I had to add them.) Below I have attached pictures of each farm so you guys can get a better idea of what they look like.

    9. FS19 CountyLine v Map
    – collisions on certain plant objects have been removed
    – repaired inoperative triggers
    – Fixed visual and graphical bugs reported by players
    – corrected the farmlands
    – there are still many errors and warnings;
    – Fixed a few errors in the logbook

    FS19 Goldcrest Valley v Map
    My envelope card from farming simulator , the card had to be made almost from scratch, on the map 31 field, the whole map is broken into pieces for their purchase in the game . On the map there is traffic and pedestrians, 1 train ( with the second has not yet decided how to add it as the script supports only one train), when you select the “New farmer” is given equipment and some buildings to start a career, as well as 3 fields. The map will be updated and improved in the future!

    TOP 10 MAPS - Farming Simulator 19

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