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Shabby Chic Bathroom Designs

Get ideas and information on shabby chic bathroom designs, and prepare to add a comfy and lived-in design to your bathroom space.

Shabby chic bathroom designs can add a comfortable, lived-in look, welcoming guests and family members alike into an attractive, relaxing space. The informal nature of shabby chic gives you lots of options, plus the ability to mix and match pieces and decor for a style that's both elegant and laid back.

Shabby chic design is generally defined as featuring a mix of furniture pieces and decor that are either naturally weathered or distressed antiques or which have been artificially or hand-weathered or distressed. The look achieved by this combination of "well-loved and well-used" pieces and decorations is one of casual opulence — shabby chic designs help create a welcoming, comfortable space with a soft, informal air.

One of the most popular ways to incorporate shabby chic designs is through the use of antique or hand-distressed furniture pieces. In shabby chic bathrooms, these may take the form of seating like chairs or benches, storage furniture like linen cabinets or under-sink cabinets, or entire sink, cabinet and countertop combinations. Shabby chic designs in bathrooms may sometimes feature the ornate and romantic designs of the Victorian era, with sinks sometimes perched on former dressing tables or chests of drawers for an informal, repurposed look. Much or all of the furniture in a shabby chic bathroom will feature distressing, either from weathering over time, hand-distressing, or techniques like glazing or crackle painting that can bestow an antique appearance on any piece of furniture.

To further the shabby chic effect in a bathroom space, furniture pieces are often mix-and-matches, as opposed to comprising a full set. Chairs, tables, cabinets and other pieces may follow a similar style or era of design, but each piece may be distinct in individual style, color and finish, adding to the "informally assembled" feel of the space. Furniture in shabby chic bathrooms is generally a mix of wood and metal, and it usually represents more traditional or historical design eras as opposed to more modern or contemporary styles.

When choosing accessories for a shabby chic bathroom space, vintage style can be a great place to start. Artwork, lighting fixtures, mirrors and decorative items for windowsills or shelving can be a menagerie of vintage styles, "similar but not the same" in their derivation. Movie or advertising posters from the s and s can combine with vintage clocks and ornate mirror frames, creating a diverse and visually interesting space that's lively, elegant and welcoming.


As we head into the New Year, many of us love to redo our homes, give it a fresh new look and get in on the hot trends that are set to rule the charts in Of course, all this coupled with the rush of the festive season might be too much handle at times, and it does help to have a relaxing and rejuvenating sanctuary that you can turn to. While putting your feet up at your favorite spa works great, how about bringing the same soothing luxury home? This is precisely where fabulous shabby chic bathrooms come in.

Combining simplicity and the unassuming beauty of reclaimed surfaces with vintage elegance and modern comfort, these shabby chic bathrooms transport you into a calmer and more comforting world. Sure, some of them carry a hint of feminine style along with them, but that only adds to their aura, and the 30 exquisite bathrooms on display today showcase their distinct charm.

Shades of Pink

Light and pastel hues of pink are absolutely perfect for the shabby chic bathroom, especially if you wish to play up its delicate, feminine side. The wide shades of pink can easily combine with light blues and white to give you that balance between a spa-inspired, polished bathroom and one that seems personalized and distinct. Textured walls, paint and even wallpaper can be used to usher in this subtle tinge of pink, or cleverly placed accents and shower curtains can get the job done. Either way, the result is simply sumptuous!

Amazing bathtub is the showstopper in this luxurious bathroom [From: Charleston Home + Design Mag]
Light pink is a perfect hue for the shabby chic bathroom [From: Martha O'Hara Interiors / Troy Thies Photography]
Stylish shabby chic bathroom in coral, blue and white [Design: Four Chairs Furniture]
Interesting use of matte shade of pink inside the spacious bathroom [Design: K-Ro Design]
Refined bathroom inside London home showcases a fusion of Victorian and shabby chic styles [Design: Morning Star Builders]

Distressed Cabinets & Bespoke Vanity

Shabby chic bathrooms and upcycled décor go hand in hand, and in case you cannot actually get a truly vintage piece, just give your old kitchen cabinet a distressed makeover and use it as a medicine cabinet or towel storage space. Farmhouse- and rustic-style vanities and sinks are also pretty popular in the shabby chic bathroom. Depending on what you choose, your bathroom could have a slight Victorian, rustic or vintage vibe while staying distinctly shabby chic.

Herringbone pattern backsplash in bathroom with sliding barn doors [Design: Kim Scodro Interiors]
Vanity that epitomizes the beauty of shabby chic style [Design: Cypress Building Contractors]
Traditional sconce lighting for the shabby chic bathroom [Design: Bella Vista Company]
Give the old cabinet a new lease of life as you search for storage space in the shabby chic bathroom [From: Jennifer Murdison / Houzz]
Exquisite blend of rustic and shabby chic styles inside the modern bathroom [Design: Edwina Drummond Interiors]

A Brilliant Bathtub

There is no doubt that a stunning standalone bathtub is an absolute must for any bathroom that wants to replicate a spa-style ambiance. But that is even more true in the case of a shabby chic space where the claw-foot bathtub is often the king. These vintage (or modern bathtubs inspired by retro design) finds come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, adding to the entire spectacle. Those bored with the claw-foot tub can turn to authentic copper bathtubs that combine glam with rustic or even custom stone designs! No matter what you pick, remember that the bathtub will most likely define the mood inside the shabby chic bathroom.

Gorgeous shabby chic bathrooms are not always about white! [From: Le Studio des Artisans]
Shabby chic bathroom with ocean view [Design: Peter Jenny Design]
Unique stone bathtub provides spa-styled luxury at home [Design: Zara Home]
Dark bathtub brings visual contrast to the bathroom in white [Design: Greeson & Fast Design]
Classic chandelier, unique bathtub and farmhouse charm shape a relaxing bathroom [From: Illuminations]

Small Shabby Chic Bathrooms

Small shabby chic bathrooms are all about coziness and refinement without actually relying on straight lines and contemporary design to achieve this sense of suave. The best part of it is the freedom to use bright colors without worrying about the room becoming a touch too claustrophobic. But make sure that you do not use more than two bright colors in the small bathroom to avoid fragmentation of the space. An opposite approach requires a neutral backdrop in shades close to white with accent additions bringing in the color. Either way, ensure that the bathroom is lit properly to get the best results.

Color of the backdrop turns the small bathroom into a more spacious setting visually [Photography by Amy Neunsinger]
Decorate your shabby chic powder room in style with the right décor [From: Rikki Snyder]
Floor tiles add pattern to the small bathroom in neutral hues [Design: The Brighton Bathroom Company]
Simplicity is the key in this cool shabby chic bathroom
Small shabby chic bathroom idea [Design: Jenn Hannotte - Hannotte Interiors]

Finding the Right Look

Experiment with your version of shabby chic and give it a fun twist by adding custom details and choosing a blend of styles that you love the most. The current trend of borrowing from Belgian style to create a shabby chic space might be something you will instantly fall in love with. Others might prefer the classic French-inspired touches that carry with them flair and Parisian beauty. Then there is an option of using contemporary décor and accents with a distinct shabby chic backdrop as well. From Hollywood regency-inspired glitz to rustic simplicity; it definitely is different strokes for different folk!

Luxurious bathroom in majestic purple is all about glam [Design: Interior Desires UK]
Opening up the corner of the bathroom to bring in the view outside [Design: Locati Architects]
Shabby chic bathroom with a modern twist [From: Kohler]
Salvaged materials used to fashion a cool shabby-chic bathroom [Design: Key Residential]
Warm and inviting bathroom seems like a relaxing personal sanctuary [Design: Tongue & Groove]

White Magic

There is no escaping the fact that white is the single most important color of shabby chic style. It not only creates a versatile backdrop, but also gives the room a light, breezy and cheerful vibe that is an absolute must. A tone-on-tone approach to working with white is a smart choice and gives the bathroom visual depth without actually adding darker colors. Shades of gray, light blue and pink can also replace white without taking away from the grace and versatility it brings.

Comfy shabby chic bathroom in white with claw-foot bathtub [Design: Schmidt Custom Homes]
All-white bathroom with a relaxed shabby chic style [Design: Ribbon & Reed Cabinetry]
Bespoke vanity and colorful vintage tub inspiration [From: The Bathroom Vanity Company]
Custom printed window film adds pattern to the chic bathroom [Design: The Window Film Company UK]
Interesting art work and clawfoot bathtub for the shabby chic bathroom [From: Bruce Hemming Photography]
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Love the romantic, feminine and vintage style of shabby chic look? Here we have some interesting shabby chic bathrooms to inspire you. Browse through all these stunning and charming ideas and get started to create your own inspirational and cozy world.

Awesome Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas.

Let&#;s look more details of these stunning ideas and get inspired!

Whitewashed Shabby Chic Bathroom

Whitewashed Shabby Chic Bathroom.

Vintage, pretty and whitewashed look! source

Romantic, Shabby Chic Bathroom

Romantic, Shabby Chic Bathroom.


White Shabby Chic Bathroom with a Bird Bath as Bathroom Tub Table

White Shabby Chic Bathroom with a Bird Bath as Bathroom Tub Table.


Old Wood Ladder as Rustic Bathroom Storage

Old Wood Ladder as Rustic Bathroom Storage.


Shabby Chic Bathroom

Shabby Chic Bathroom.


Rustic Chic Bathroom

Rustic Chic Bathroom.


Feminine Shabby Chic Bathroom

Feminine Shabby Chic Bathroom.

Shabby Chic Bathroom with Old French Door Divider

Shabby Chic Bathroom with Old French Door Divider.

Cozy Shabby Chic Bathroom with a Canopy

Cozy Shabby Chic Bathroom with a Canopy.


Feminine White Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor

Feminine White Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor.

Shabby Chic Floating Shelves for Bathroom Storage

Shabby Chic Floating Shelves for Bathroom Storage.


Shabby Chic Chandaliers for Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor

Shabby Chic Chandaliers for Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor.

Distressing Bthroom Furniture in Shabby Chic Style

Distressing Bthroom Furniture in Shabby Chic Style.

Shabby Chic Bathroom with Five or More Mirrors

Shabby Chic Bathroom with Five or More Mirrors.

Marble Sink With Venetian Mirror

Marble Sink With Venetian Mirror.

Shabby Chic Window Treatment for Bathroom Decor

Shabby Chic Window Treatment for Bathroom Decor.

Floral bathroom curtain and the window treatment add more touch of shabby chic charm to this simple bathroom. Totally love the simple and lovely look! via notsoshabby-shabbychic.

Pink and Green Curtains Alongside Gold and Silver Chandeliers for A Shabby Chic Look

Pink and Green Curtains Alongside Gold and Silver Chandeliers for A Shabby Chic Look.

All things shabby and beautiful! source

Whitewashed Classical Theme with a Vintage Wooden Console

Whitewashed Classical Theme with a Vintage Wooden Console.

Soft Lavender And White Themed Shabby Chic Bathroom

Shabby Chic Bathroom With Old Clawfoot Tub, Giant Mirror and Soft Pink Walls

Shabby Chic Bathroom With Old Clawfoot Tub, Giant Mirror and Soft Pink Walls.

Shabby Chic Wood Pallet Bathroom Shelves

Shabby Chic Wood Pallet Bathroom Shelves.

Vintage Chic Bathroom

Vintage Chic Bathroom.

Decorating With Shabby CHic Mirrors

Decorating With Shabby CHic Mirrors.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Open Floating Shelves for Storage

Shabby Chic Bathroom Open Floating Shelves for Storage.

Romantic Whitewashed Shabby Chic Bathroom

Romantic Whitewashed Shabby Chic Bathroom.

What do you think about these shabby chis style? Don&#;t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.



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