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Corsair’s carved itself out a nice niche. Wireless headsets have come down in price a lot over the last five years, but still average around $ list price—a category that includes Logitech’s G and G, HyperX’s new Cloud Flight, the SteelSeries Arctis 7, Razer’s Man O’ War, and more.

And yet somehow Corsair continues to put out its flagship wireless headset for $ The latest iteration is the Void Pro, which improves upon its predecessor’s microphone while keeping the same low price. Not a huge upgrade, but is it enough to earn our recommendation? Read on to find out.

This review is part of our roundup of best gaming headsets. Go there for details on competing products and how we tested them.

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I’ll admit: I was hoping for a more extensive design overhaul with the Void Pro. That’s not the case. Corsair’s Void Pro is essentially identical to the previous Void model. If you loved the original Void, you’ll love the Pro. If you, like me, found the Void competent but flawed in numerous small ways? Well, all those flaws have been carried over too.

Corsair Void ProIDG / Adam Patrick Murray

Chief among them, for me, is the size of the Void Pro. Even on the lower settings, the Void Pro has a tendency to feel loose. This can be beneficial. While some headsets clamp down on your head/jaw and gradually become painful, the Void Pro’s light touch allows for longer-term comfort. However, the Void Pro is so loose it actually slips around when I look up or down, or even lean back in my chair.

This, combined with the Void Pro’s oversized kite-shaped ears and slick mesh padding, contributes to weirdly precarious feeling—as if the headset might fall off at any moment. You eventually get used to it, but other headsets (like the HyperX Cloud Alpha) manage to feel both comfortable and secure. I wish Corsair could find a similar compromise, because it’s the main issue I have with the Void line.

The Void Pro is otherwise pretty solid though. While sporting a bit more plastic than some of its competitors, the reinforced metal headband gives it a decent heft. The headband also slants forward a bit, which balances its weight better than some other headsets.

Corsair Void ProIDG / Adam Patrick Murray

Corsair’s RGB lighting remains still top-notch, and easily controlled through software. Battery life is also decent, with around 12 hours of battery when lit up and ish when dark. Either way, it’s usually enough to get through the day without needing a charge—though when I did need the charging cable mid-day I was annoyed at how short it is. On the other hand that’s easily rectified by buying (or just scrounging up) a longer microUSB cable.

Corsair was also kind enough to send over the blacked out version of the Void Pro this time, rather than the bumblebee colorway we’ve dealt with the last few times. No surprise: The jet-black version is a lot easier on the eyes. Less unique maybe, but better than what I referred to last time as “Stab Me In The Eyes Yellow.”

One weird caveat: Even the black (or “Carbon” as Corsair calls it) version of the Void Pro comes with a yellow-accented charging cable and USB dongle. For…reasons. The USB dongle could also stand to be shrunk down a bit. It’s still a full two-inch thumb drive size, which is a bit annoying whether plugged into the front or rear of the PC.

Corsair Void ProIDG / Adam Patrick Murray

As I said, the Void Pro mimics the original Void, flaws and all. Those flaws don’t detract too much from the Void Pro considering it’s only $, but I hope the next refresh is more extensive and solves at least a few of these longstanding design issues.

Can you hear me now?

But let’s talk about how it sounds, since that’s where Corsair’s concentrated its efforts—particularly the microphone.

Corsair Void ProIDG / Adam Patrick Murray

It really does make a huge difference. Ostensibly the reason you’re buying a gaming headset and not a comparably priced (and probably better sounding) pair of headphones is because you want the convenience of a built-in microphone. If that microphone sucks, then why bother?

And the original Void’s microphone sucked. From our original Void review:

“Corsair’s problem is twofold. First, the range is pretty narrow and it sounds like you’re talking through a cell-phone mic. Second, it has a bad habit of picking up any and all plosives.”

The Void Pro is better on both counts, though it’s the fidelity that counts most. As I said, the original Void’s microphone sounded like you were talking through a cell phone or a walkie talkie. A headset microphone just needs to be “good enough,” considering most users are only using it for in-game voice chat, but Corsair barely met even that low bar before. The new Void Pro mic is more natural-sounding, more in line with what I’d expect from a headset in It’s better on the plosives front too, picking up fewer secondary noises—good for anyone who doesn’t use push-to-talk.

As for playback, not much has changed. Again, it’s a bit of a “flaws and all” situation. First and foremost, the ears still leak a lot of sound—not great if you’re in a shared living space situation. Even at low volumes, whatever you’re listening to can be clearly heard in a quiet space.

Corsair Void ProIDG / Adam Patrick Murray

Aside from that minor mechanical issue, the Void Pro is brighter-sounding than your average gaming headset, with a default sound profile that’s light on the bass. Audio can also sound muffled at times, especially music where there are lots of complicated tracks layered on top of each other. It lacks the roominess of something like the HyperX Cloud or Logitech’s G

The mid-range is clear though, and that’s a solid foundation for the user to then EQ upon. Like the original Void, Corsair’s CUE software is flexible enough to give the Void Pro a decent bass presence and sharpen the muffled high-end. I typically prefer a headset that sounds good by default, not one where I have to muck around in the EQ, but well, it’s $

Bottom line

And that’s the catch, right? Like I said with the original Void, you can easily get better audio—both from cheaper wired headsets and more expensive wireless ones. But for $ and wireless, the Void Pro is more than good enough for the average person. Even more so, now that the microphone is up to par.

It’s not the first headset I’d reach for, and I’d personally recommend the extra $50 for Logitech’s G, but if you want wireless capabilities and don’t want to spend more than $, then the Void Pro is a worthwhile option. Your only option, really.

Again, Corsair’s carved out a nice niche for itself here.


Corsair Gaming VOID Pro RGB ELITE Wireless (black)

Comfortable, perfect sound

With the Corsair Gaming VOID PRO RGB ELITE Surround Wireless Headset, you enter the world of VOID. The new, innovative and surprising family of advanced gaming headsets from Corsair. With up to 40 feet of wireless connectivity, you'll be immersed in a world of great sound without the hassle of cables.

With advanced design and exceptional fidelity, Corsair VOID gaming headsets allow you to control the sound environment of your games without pause.

Maximum listening quality and freedom

Enjoy a audio stream without any cabling for hours of fun. Enjoy wireless freedom with a range of up to 12 metres and up to 16 hours of battery life. So you can play for long sessions before you have to recharge the headphones. The memory foam ear cups keep you comfortable and the breathable microfibre helps keep the heat out - so all you have to do is focus on winning!

Sound and light show!

Your ears are not round? Then why buy headphones with round earpieces? TheTrue Form ergonomics will fit you like a glove. And when it comes to marathon games, the microfiber-covered memory foam ear cushions make it easy to play for long periods of time.

Express your style and that of your gear using the million colours available. LEDs on each earcup allow you to adjust the power, pattern and colour, for a range of lighting effects from subtle and localised to visually intense. All this and more is made possible by the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software. At the same time, CUE Link technology allows all of your Corsair RGB gaming hardware to work together seamlessly, whether it's a simple color sync, or selecting ripple or wave effects that will extend to your keyboard, mouse and headset.

Key Features:

  • Gaming headset with surround sound
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 30 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms @ 1 kHz
  • iCUE compatible RGB backlighting
  • Sensitivity: dB (+/-3 dB)
  • Earphone: 50 mm
  • Wireless range: up to 12 metres
  • Battery life: up to 16 hours
  • Discord certified
  • Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows 10 and Playstation 4 compatible ( surround sound compatible on PC ONLY)
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Pros: I am going to start off by saying that these Corsair Gaming Headsets have to be the best on the market, about a 1 year ago I received the Vengeance Gaming Headset and It has been the absolute best and it is no different for the Corsair Vengeance v2., now I have the old version of the VOID that came on to the market over a year ago and I liked it so much that I wanted another for my other computer. , and it is the best yet, what a transformation, it is of very good quality "Corsair Quality" I really like the Control Panel with options including "Dolby", Equalizer and Stereo, and Surround, the Surround really does work, its virtual, but it works so very well. The Microphone seems to be very good and experienced no problems while playing several games online and through Dragon Naturally Speaking. The Microfiber-covered memory foam ear pads and padded headband fit me very nice at one point I have had them on for a solid 3 hours and I had no sore spots and I wear glasses. Tested the Corsair VOID on 3 of my gaming machines and both of my gaming laptops and the VOID worked flawlessly on Win7 USB.3 and USB.2 I love this headset so much i was so excited for weeks after i received this, the quality and the attention to smallest details. The full RGB is awesome, it is totally custom for any color your gaming rig might be, with features like solid, gradient, ripple, and wave, also duel color. The surround sound works excellent! The sound is crisp and clean has great bass and the mic is perfect, it is clear and picks up well. I used this in all different situations gaming, music, movies and this headset excelled beyond my expatiation. The cord is the perfect length for me was not to long like the older generation headsets. The control panel is good and easy to use. It was very comfortable. I wear glasses and i did not feel any pressure even after hours of use.

Cons: When it comes to anything bad to say about the VOID, I cannot think of nothing, it is truly the best Corsair Gaming Headset yet. But the new model sound a little flat compared to last year’s model, but I don’t know why as the spec. are all the same as the old VOID, and the materials are a bit more durable on last years model.

Overall Review: If you had ever had any Corsair Products you know just how good quality Corsair Products are. These headsets are very nice, They are my absolutely favorite, when listing to music, movies , or gaming this is a well-rounded headset and whatever Corsair Headset you choose to go with I am sure you will absolutely love, my personal opinion I might would go with the wireless version, its just my personal preference, I just don't not like cords. Just make sure you go to Corsair's website to get the latest driver, I am having the greatest time with this, sounds so good when playing all the latest games. I tried this headset on most of my pc's my MSI GT72, ASUS G75, and 3 of my custom built gaming rigs and had no problem installing the driver/control panel, The CUE software is great and all your other Corsair RGB products show up in the CUE software and be controlled from in there. The sound is comparable to my Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D and my X-Fi, yes it is that good! The build quality of the VOID is amazing, it’s Corsair Quality! I have lots of Corsair products from power supplies to memory and that's what’s great about these products and their customer service.

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Corsair Void Pro Surround Gaming Headset Review

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