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Teenage Engineering out of stock notice

Teenage Engineering out of stock notice  ·  Source: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering has responded to comments about hugely inflated OP-1 prices that were found in online second-hand stores like eBay and Reverb. These appeared after reports in the media that the OP-1 synthesizer had been discontinued.

OP-1 more to come

About 5 days ago stories began to emerge that the OP-1 portable synthesizer and sequencer had been discontinued. Not sure how it came about exactly but many stores have been out of stock for a while, some even list it as discontinued, the Teenage Engineering website store says “delayed until further notice” and with the new OP-Z imminent it would be easy to assume that the OP-1 was at an end. Not me however, I missed that story completely! It was all over Reddit and many other popular music tech news sites, YouTubers even made YouTubes about it.

Almost immediately OP-1’s started appearing on auction sites for ridiculous prices. The retail price of the OP-1 is £899 but it’s up on Reverb from £1320. It’s been seen on eBay for over £1000 and that’s been driven up with actual bidding. What’s the matter with people? But there have been plenty in other parts of the world going for silly money, thousands of dollars. And it was at this point that Teenage Engineering stepped in. They posted this image on Facebook:

OP-1 auction

OP-1 auction

Teenage Engineering said:

no one should pay this price for an OP-1. so hang in there.

last week a rumor circulated that the OP-1 was dead. no one was more surprised than us.

however, we’ve been working hard on updating the hardware platform in order to keep the product alive for many years to come. this is causing a brief stop in the production, but we will be up and running at full speed shortly.
OP-1 4-ever

So when it says “paused until further notice” on the website it means exactly that and that there will be further notice and it will become unpaused.

But I guess it’s nice to know that even modern gear reward your investment if there’s enough interest in it. But also make certain of your facts before you buy something second hand at hugely inflated prices.

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by Robin Vincent

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Sours: https://www.gearnews.com/op-1-is-not-dead-say-teenage-engineering-stop-paying-silly-ebay-prices/

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer

Product Information

  • The Op1 portable synthesizer is an entire electronic music studio condensed into a pocket-sized (33 x 13.5 x 3.5cm) wonder gadget. In synth mode, you have 6-tone polyphony. Drum mode has 8 different kits to tool around with. In tape mode, there are 4 channels for mixing. USB and Midi are combined in one single port. The OP1 synth brings hardware and software together like never before.

Product Identifiers

  • Brand

    Teenage Engineering

  • MPN


  • GTIN


  • UPC


  • eBay Product ID (ePID)


Product Key Features

  • Number of Keys


  • Input/Output Ports

    MIDI (DIN) In, USB Out, USB In, MIDI (DIN) Out

  • Analogue/Digital


  • Features

    USB Compatible, Battery Powered, Display Screen, Arpeggiator, Software Included, Sampling, Sequencer, Hard Disk Recording, Built-in Effects, Speakers, Flash Memory

  • Type

    Keyboard Synthesiser

Sours: https://www.ebay.com/p/1138112243
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Read this in case you decide to sell OP-1, OP-Z or any electronic device on Ebay or PayPal

Hey guys,

I just want to share my bad experience with my OP-1 sell on Ebay.
Mine got no issues in general, no scratches and so on.
I have it since 3-4 years(i bought it when i was in US).

And last month i decided to sell it.
I just don’t have enough time for it, I’m using in last year once per month which is not okay and i thought it will be better to sell it, so someone else to use it.
Posted it on Ebay with everything described - if OP-1 has scratches, what will be delivered and what is the condition of the display with No Returns option.
Few not serious buyers wanted to cancel the order few times. And in the end, i relisted it.

Then on the next day some guy bought it. I got the address and shipped it on the same day.
After 3 days, item was delivered.
The guy said that everything looks okay from his first try.
And on the next day, he said that the OP-1 is not charging. He said that you have few times to unplug or plug the USB cable, so LEDs to start blinking.
I never had such issues, but I’ve started a research and i found few topics here that this happens from time to time when the battery is totally empty and you need to leave it for a while, so the battery to be charged a little bit.

Sent him the topics. He said that he left the OP-1 for 4 hours and he got only 2 LEDs as battery level.
I said to him that this is normal. I normally recharged OP-1 during the night or for more than 6 hours(not how is written in the OP-1 manual). But hey, I saw that a lot of people have the same behavior. I mean that not all OP-1s will be charged up to 6 hours. He got some brand new OP-1 before the purchase of mine from Ebay which is weird for me to have both.
He was trying to convince me that the brand new one is fully charging for up to 6 hours.
I was okay with that, but for me it’s not normal to compare used with new OP-1.

Then this guy on every message which was sent to me, he said that battery is faulty and so on…
I’ve told him that battery level is not accurate on OP-1 in general.
And I sent him again topics from this forums where this is described, even with comments posted here from Teenage Engineering emails which are saying that in this cases, you need to calibrate the battery.
For me, it’s weird to buy a new OP-1, so you can test it if you will like it and then to take an used one from Ebay. Sounds like this buyer doesn’t know what he wants… So now he is testing mine for free.

So I’m posting this because in such cases where you don’t know how OP-1 works from time to time with its known issues and you bought it, because of the Ebay policies… The buyer can return it by not paying the returns, because the buyer will open a case for item as not described.
I’m waiting to receive the device back to me this week and I hope everything to pass without any issues during the returning process.

I will not do anything anymore with Ebay and PayPal.
Buyers can take your device to test it or just to use it for few months and then the same buyer can return it with opening a case with reasons like mine ‘OP-1 is not working as new’ or ‘OP-1 is okay’.

For Ebay, the period for opening such cases is 30 days… But on if it was payed by PayPal, buyer has 180 days to open a case from Resolution Center. A lot of people are complaining that some buyers broke by accident some which they sold and then such cases are opened from the buyers and then buyer got full refund without asking you for nothing.

So because of missing known issues for some electronic devices, you can be scammed or just your item to be used by someone for free, because when returning process is started, SELLERS are responsible for the returning cost + the full refund after item is received.


I don’t see any other OP-1 listing on Ebay, which you’re saying something for known issues of the devices.


Sours: https://op-forums.com/t/read-this-in-case-you-decide-to-sell-op-1-op-z-or-any-electronic-device-on-ebay-or-paypal/14770
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