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I have not felt like this in a game in a long time. It was late, I was sitting in the dark basement all alone. and I started clockwork. A mod dlc area.

That ghost scared me in the first half of the game. Very creepy and well done.

I could feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck when she came towards me.

I WISH beth would take note of some of these, and copy them. This was damn good.

if you have not played this mod, and like creepy ghosts, give it a try.

Good luck.

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Anyone use this Mod??

Did you like the scary first part?

Thank you.

Dr. Darrell of Michigan
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I thought that this was a follower mod. It's a story mod? I might check it out now. Thanks for the info.

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The ghost was trippy. I hated how the mod made you go back and forth from the house to that cavern. I downloaded once, wouldn't play again.

I'm probably gonna give that one a shot after I finish forgotten city

If I haven't seen it
It's new to me

I just completed this yesterday and really liked it.
Not just the beginning which was awesome and the siren sound gave me some serious silent hill vibes, but the whole story was good.

The voice acting was spot on and the backstory how the gilded were made was suprisingly dark.
Really enjoyed reading the diaries too and I usually just skip them in the main game.

The castle is pretty nice too with auto sorting stations for your loot, more than enough space for armors and weapons etc, but it doesn't feel like home to me.
Maybe I change my mind if / when I start filling up the weapon racks and get some armors for the mannequins.

This and forgotten city could easily be payed dlc and both are much more interesting than the main story of skyrim.

Garrus_V posted...
The ghost was trippy. I hated how the mod made you go back and forth from the house to that cavern. I downloaded once, wouldn't play again.

Same here: it's a great mod but I didn't want to go back to the cavern so many times.

Straight up sewaside

I was a little disappointed with the ending... it was still good but felt weak compared to the initial dungeon and i kinda wanted a new follower that i didn't get... but overall it was a great story mod. I'd likely play it again but it's not going to hold a constant or even regular spot on my load order. And yea, that ghost was legit creepy pasta. She gave me more than one good scare.


YES. Silent Hill!!!!

Everyone should give it one good run. I wish beth devs see this mod, and put some of this into there games.

Thank you for sharing.

Dr. Darrell of Michigan
Riden with Biden, Vote Democrat, everyday, every year, every election. Help repair the USA.

If you want a nice creepy equipment mod then use Lilith's Tool Kit, it has short quest tied to it that reminds me of Clive Barker's works, and the weapons are gorgeous.

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The Clockwork Castle Chronicles (Part 1)

I can't sleep so I put together some screenshots I took for a canceled concept in my Skyrim Romance fanfic where Bishop and Noir end up stuck in Clockwork Castle after a cave in. The idea is that they decided to explore this unexplored ruin that was unearthed recently to help Noir get off all the annoying things that happened right before her final battle with Alduin, including Bishop ditching her because he was afraid of losing her. This whole story arc happens not long after defeating Alduin so sadly, she's a lot more exhausted than she let on. So when this strange ghost begins haunting their every step and keeps hurting her and then they have to run for their lives from even more cave-ins, it becomes too much for her and Noir eventually collapses from exhaustion.



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Post » Sun May 27, 2012 7:27 pm

Development Commentary

Here I go into a little more detail on where I'm coming from with this mod; what I have in mind and why - that sort of thing.

I'm probably best known for my Fallout 3 and New Vegas mods:,,, for example. Before all that though, I made a mod for Oblivion called I mention this because Clockwork is in some ways a spiritual successor to Hoarfrost Castle; they are both quest mods based in Elder Scrolls lore, with quest rewards revolving around gaining ownership of - and improving - a player home. (Clockwork is not a sequel to Hoarfrost Castle in terms of story though; just to be clear.)

There are other similarities: the general interior layout of the castle is similar in both mods. If you've played Hoarfrost Castle, you should feel at home in Clockwork Castle.

There are also some notable differences. First is quest number and structure; Hoarfrost Castle has seven quests, with three in the middle able to be completed in any order. Clockwork has four planned quests in a linear storyline, though these are intended to be longer, more involved and more interesting than those in Hoarfrost Castle. Production values are planned to be higher all-round in Clockwork, really. On the art front, for example, I became a lot more comfortable modelling and texturing for gamebryo-engine games (Oblivion, Fallout, Skyrim, etc) through working on mods like WMK/WMX and DTO, so... there's a lot more custom art in Clockwork than Hoarfrost Castle. One other note on quest structure; a key part of the player character's motivation is that they're trapped in Clockwork Castle and its immediate surrounds, so the player is locked into completing the quest line once it starts (as in some of the official DLC for FO3/FNV, for example), in order to escape.

The second notable difference between the mods is voiced dialogue; Hoarfrost Castle has none - just text - while Clockwork is planned to have full voiced dialogue.


The only characters (with speaking roles) encountered are the Gilded; the new NPC type. The reason for this is that their voices are generated by voice synthesis - also known as Text To Speech (TTS). This may seem like a cause for concern for some, but it's actually been the plan all along to use TTS, and many aspects of the mod grew out of the early decision to use it. (Eg: story, setting, quests, characters, art...) The characters using it are written with it in mind, to the point where I think it would actually be difficult for a real person to give a voice performance with the delivery I have in mind. Not everyone is as talented as the voice actor behind :wink: (Not that that's the precise delivery I have in mind.)

In any case,'s the result of a voice test for people to download if they're curious. The first file in the archive is the raw TTS output, and the second is the same audio after I've processed it a bit in Audacity. The idea is basically for it to sound like it's coming out of the Gilded as seen in those screenshots above; so it should sound recognisably unnatural and have a metallic echo/vibrance to it. At the same time it needs to be intelligible (not processed into messy oblivion); so altogether that's what I tried for in that test. If anyone out there is a sound wizard and can come up with something that sounds better (and can describe how to do it in something like Audacity), go for it. :smile: The less steps the better: I'll have a lot of lines to generate, and the batch-processing stuff in Audacity at least is fairly limited.


There are a few reasons I decided on the steampunk and Victorian influenced art direction. The story and setting revolve around Dwemer technology and the way it influenced a particular character living in Clockwork Castle; an inventor of sorts. 'Of sorts' because his inventions mostly involved taking existing Dwemer designs and re-purposing (or even just relocating) them so that he could make use of them himself. Dwemer technology in the Elder Scrolls is itself very steampunk - a genre/movement/etc that often incorporates Victorian-style art and design.

With that in mind, representing the 'latest fashions' of High Rock (as mentioned in the intro) as Victorian in style was a natural choice. The province of Skyrim is depicted in TESV as being relatively wild and uncivilised (compared to Cyrodiil as depicted in TESIV, for example), so a Victorian style was a good shorthand for the sensibilities of a wealthy family from a (potentially?) more civilised place like High Rock. Of course I don't know exactly what High Rock is like; I believe it hasn't been depicted in a game since TESII - Daggerfall. I do think there's enough wiggle room there to say that - for the sake of this mod - something Victorian-style was in fashion somewhere in High Rock around two hundred years before the events of Skyrim. :wink:

Anyway. Having said all that, I also just really like Victorian art and design.

You'll probably note that the tileset in the screenshots posted (at the time of writing) is basically a retex of parts of the Solitude interior tileset. This is only used in Clockwork Castle; it doesn't replace the existing Solitude interior tileset.

Moving on to where the art is coming from. I'm using a lot of resources in the public domain. For example, there are a lot of resources out there (presumably) aimed at architectural work that contain high-poly 3D models. I'm using some of those as a starting point for things like the new chairs, light fittings and picture frames. It's certainly not drop-in-and-use, though; essentially they're used as reference and to generate normal maps for the low-poly model. I need to create the low-poly model and then the textures - and then get it all into Skyrim - myself.

A few notes on the paintings. They're all classic paintings from the physical world - all of them in the public domain. Beyond just liking them a lot personally, the paintings are there to break up blank walls and because it's another aspect of Victorian interior design; lots and lots of paintings. I've taken care to select paintings that look to me like they could believably have been painted somewhere in Tamriel. When it comes to the 'read the plaque to learn the artist and title' feature, I've also changed some of the titles to not explicitly reference things that exist in the physical world and not in the Elder Scrolls universe. The credits for Clockwork contain the full original titles of the artworks, though. Speaking of which, for anyone who's interested, here's the list of paintings included at the time of writing (more to come):

- Albert Bierstadt - Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains (1868)
- Alphonse Mucha - Heraldic Chivalry
- Daniel Ridgway Knight - Hailing the Ferry (1888)
- Daniel Ridgway Knight - Tying up the Hollyhocks (1888)
- Esias Van De Velde - Garden Party Before A Palace (1614)
- Ilya Repin - A Shy Peasant (1877)
- Ilya Repin - Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan (1885)
- Ivan Shishkin - The Road in the Rye (1866)
- James Sant - Feeding The Chicks
- James Tissot - October (1877)
- James Tissot - Type of Beauty (1880)
- Johann Heinrich Fussli - The Nightmare (1791)
- John Everett Millais - A Dream of the Past - Sir Isumbras at the Ford (1857)
- John Everett Millais - Autumn Leaves (1856)
- John Everett Millais - Mariana in the Moated Grange (1851)
- John Everett Millais - The Blind Girl (1856)
- Konstantin Makovsky - African (1882)
- Konstantin Makovsky - Portrait of Alexander Popov (1863)
- Konstantin Makovsky - Portrait of Lady Vivien (1900)
- Konstantin Makovsky - Portrait of O Makovskaya (1864)
- Konstantin Makovsky - Tea Drinking (1914)
- Nikolai Yaroshenko - The Student (1881)
- Viktor Vasnetsov - After Prince Igor's Battle with the Polovtsy (1880)
- Viktor Vasnetsov - A Knight at the Crossroads (1878)


The 'beam of light in the sky' mentioned in the intro is planned to be a simple mesh (with a visible-when-distant variant) to attract the player to the entrance to the tunnels that lead to Clockwork Castle. Once the player reaches it, the first quest kicks off and the beam of light disappears.

Ostensibly, Clockwork Castle is somewhere in the northern part of the Velothi Mountains; the mountain range on Skyrim's eastern border with Morrowind. Somewhere that can't be reached on foot - overland, at least. Outside the playable area of the game (by default). I need to decide between actually placing the Clockwork Castle exterior in the Tamriel worldspace, or creating a new dedicated worldspace for it (like the major towns have). I need to look into it more, but it seems like the latter would be better compatibility-wise... and in any case the player is not (supposed to be) able to just walk from the castle back into the normal Skyrim exterior anyway.

The idea is that the castle is surrounded by sheer drops and cliff-faces, and obscured by clouds and fog so you can't see too far away from it.


Beyond the usual player home features (crafting stations, display mannequins/plaques, etc), I've mentioned some more out of the ordinary things that may not have an apparent use in vanilla Skyrim. For example, the running water in various parts of the castle. The idea with that is that by default it's just there to add to the sense of place, but if you're also using a mod that (say) involves the drinking/bottling of water for the sake of hydration, the running water can be used for that. Hopefully without any required compatibility patches.

The same goes for other unusual features. The bathtubs can be ignored as set dressing, possibly used for a temporary buff if I end up doing that, or hooked into a 'personal hygiene' mod if one pops up. The 'cold room' in the kitchen will do nothing on its own, or (hopefully) do things like keep food from spoiling if you're using Imp's More Complex Needs. Hopefully that will be as simple on my end as adding a keyword to the appropriate containers, or something, rather than requiring a compatibility patch. Imp, are you out there?

Similarly, the Living Quarters may be an area you never need to visit for gameplay reasons, but if you have a number of followers, there will be room for them to stay there.

Onto item-sorting, using alchemy ingredients as an example: there's been a trend - going back to Morrowind at least - for sorting scripts to sort each ingredient type into their own separate container. To perhaps be blunt, I've never found this useful. Maybe in Morrowind - at a stretch - but ever since Oblivion, inventory is viewed as a simple list, where you can easily find things in alphabetical order. It's even easier with SkyUI's various sorting and filtering features. In contrast, having to look over a huge array of identical or near-identical containers to find the ingredient you're after is quite inconvenient. So - like in Hoarfrost Castle, I'm planning a simple one-step 'sort all ingredients into container' system. I'd be interested though to hear people's views on this stuff; in particular what sort of items you'd like to be sorted, where you'd like them to be sorted to, how they should be categorised, etc.


My plan is to make the castle first and then do the quests/dungeons/etc. So far I've done the physical appearance aspect of the new NPC type (several suits of non-playable armour, effectively), plus most of the Main Hall interior cell, including (obviously) all the art that required. It feels like it's taken a long time to get to that point, probably because it was front-loaded with a ton of required art, and I don't consider myself a great artist. Turns out co-ordinating a consistent art direction across a whole bunch of detailed meshes, textures, level design, lighting and screen effects is fairly difficult and time-consuming! Who knew.

Fortunately, most of the art made so far forms a base that will be used across the rest of the castle interior, so the other cells shouldn't take as long. I'm also planning to use mainly vanilla tilesets when making the dungeons, so there should be a lot less time there spent on art. Anyway, I'll keep this thread updated with what I'm working on.

Oh - and that question? That question someone's going to ask even after I say this? You know - THAT question: "When's it coming out?"

When it's finished. (It's not a case of keeping anything secret; I just don't know myself when it will be.)
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Clockwork Castle - Skyrim Special Edition Quest/House Mod
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Clockwork is a DLC-sized quest and player home mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition centered around the Clockwork Castle and its mysterious inhabitants, the Gilded.

Description from the Mod Page[]

A chance encounter in the wilds of Skyrim sets you on the path to Clockwork Castle, high in the Velothi Mountains that border Skyrim and Morrowind. Isolated from - and forgotten by - the outside world, Clockwork Castle has not seen a living soul for a century or more... yet it is still inhabited. To reach it, you'll need to traverse the ancient tunnels beneath those mountains, recently uncovered by a landslide. Some strange apparition haunts the tunnels however, and seems to be following you...

"Chlodovech Castle" began life around two hundred years ago, built by a very successful merchant family from faraway High Rock, according to the latest fashions from that province. Heavily inspired by Dwemer technology, all kinds of machinery and conveniences were later added to the manor; and over time it instead came to be called "Clockwork Castle".

Just what happened to this family? Who now resides in Clockwork Castle? Where did all that amazing steam-powered technology come from? Why does the apparition in the tunnels follow you, and what is it that keeps you from leaving the castle? These things can be discovered by playing Clockwork.

Clockwork is a quest mod for Skyrim set in and around Clockwork Castle; a full-featured player home. Once found, you may call the castle home... but if you want to leave, you'll need to discover how to escape.


  • A (moderate) DLC-sized adventure with ~6 hours of play-time.
  • A main quest-line in four parts.
  • A couple of side-quests.
  • Two massive, multi-cell dungeons to explore and quest in.
  • New NPCs and enemy types.
  • Around six hundred lines of dialogue.
  • Unique, beautiful and mysterious Clockwork Castle. The castle and its features are progressively unlocked by completing quests.

Starting the Mod[]

Clockwork's quest-line will kick off with a random event when your character is at least level 5 and is currently traveling in the Skyrim wilderness.

There is a point of no return very early on. Beyond this point, Dragonborn will not be able to return to Skyrim until they complete Clockwork's quest-line. They also won't be able to bring any companions, unless the companion is scripted to effectively teleport to the player at all times. It would be best to leave the companion/s behind in that case; story-wise the player is intended to be alone.

Supported Mods[]

Bathing in Skyrim

  • You can bathe or shower using the bathtubs.
  • Note that sitting in a bathtub will also give you Clockwork's bathing effects, however.

Imps More Complex Needs (IMCN)

  • You can drink/gather water near taps/faucets in Clockwork Castle.
  • Food placed in the barrels in the cool-room off the kitchen will not spoil.

iNeed - Food Water and Sleep

  • You can drink/gather water near taps/faucets in Clockwork Castle.

Multiple Adoptions

  • Allows you to move your family to Clockwork Castle.


  • Clockwork contains an MCM menu to let you tweak several features.

Unlimited Bookshelves

  • Empty interactive bookcases are set up to support it.


Mod requires The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim plus all its official DLC: The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard, The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn, The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire.

Known Issues[]

Conflicts/Known Issues

  • If your computer is struggling to run Skyrim generally *and particularly if the game's scripting engine is struggling to cope (say) with a lot of script-heavy mods being active *you may encounter odd problems and unintended behavior in Clockwork. (This is likely to be reflected in similar problems across the game as a whole, though.) A typical example would be quests failing to progress properly.
  • It's been reported that the Requiem patcher can cause CTDs in Clockwork-related areas, and that Clockwork should be excluded from your Requiem patch list to avoid this.
  • Some people experience crashes when the Gilded "resurrect". It seems to be due to a mod interaction, but exactly which other mod/s are the problem hasn't been narrowed down yet. The Clockwork MCM menu lets you disable Gilded "resurrection", however, which should bypass the issue.
  • Clockwork may conflict with mods that make changes to exterior Skyrim worldspace cells around the gates/outskirts of major towns *anywhere that a Clockwork Terminus exits into the world, basically. Mods that only edit the insides of walled towns like Whiterun, Riften, etc should not conflict with Clockwork.
    • So far, however, there have been promising reports that conflicts along these lines are rare.
    • In any case; if you care more about every last detail of the conflicting mod working correctly, load it after Clockwork.
    • On the other hand if you care more about every last detail of Clockwork working correctly, load it after the conflicting mod.
  • Clockwork includes replacers for the following .nif files in order to have mask display in the Armoury work properly for the related items. It has no gameplay or visible effect beyond this and is extremely unlikely to affect other mods, as these are 'ground object' models *they only determine what these objects look like when dropped on the ground. (Essentially they were made to match the other dragon priest masks. It's fairly low priority in the grand scheme of things, so if another mod also edits these files, you'll probably want to let it override the ones included in Clockwork.)
    • meshes\armor\dragonpriesthelms\dragonhelm_steel_go.nif
    • meshes\armor\dragonpriesthelms\dragonhelm_wood_go.nif
    • meshes\dlc02\armor\acolytemasks\acolytemask_gnd.nif
  • Edits the following vanilla records:
    • DisintegrationMainImmunityList (So the Gilded can't be disintegrated. Duplicates changes made to this formlist by USLEEP, too. You should probably be doing this already, but creating a merged/bashed patch should eliminate any conflicts here.)
    • DwarvenShieldAA (Just the ArmorAddon, not any of the shield records themselves. This is so the Gilded can equip them without them being invisible *while also trying to avoid other issues.)
  • ENB issues:
    • Using an ENB preset with "ShadowCastersFix" enabled can cause erroneous shadows in some places; notably under certain ceiling lights. (E.g. The light is on, but the room is cast in shadow.) You can disable ShadowCastersFix in your enbseries.ini or in-game using ENB's Shift+Enter menu. It's in the [SHADOW] section in both cases. Disabling this setting is strongly recommended *while playing Clockwork, at the very least. From what I've seen, this setting actually seems prone to creating issues with shadows rather than fixing them.
    • Some ENB presets prevent Skyrim's fade to black effects from working, giving you a (usually unwanted) glimpse "behind the curtain". This is largely cosmetic, but it will negatively impact some scenes in Clockwork. If you want to avoid the main problem spots, you can toggle ENB off (SHIFT+F12 by default) from when you enter the "Velothi Tunnels *Bone Hollow" cell until just after the scene that plays a little way into the cell, and from when you arrive on the roof to return the "special gem" until just after the scene that plays out there.
  • If using the Enhanced Camera mod, bFirstPersonScripted should be set to 0 in SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini while doing Clockwork's quests. It will create problems in at least one scene, otherwise.
  • If using the Sleep Tight mod, any Gilded that are lying down may have invisible bodies (torso/arms/legs) until they stand up.
  • Claws that have been placed in the dragon claw display in the Castle Armoury seem to have an inflated selection area, making it difficult to access mounts to either side of them. To counter this, the invisible activators for the mounts stick out a fair distance radially. (You may need to sweep your mouse around a bit, in other words.)
  • The script controlling when the Glass Garden respawns only fires when you enter the castle's main hall. You'll only notice this if you're doing something weird like intentionally standing around waiting for it to respawn and you don't pass through the main hall on the way to the garden, though. (When returning to Clockwork Castle from elsewhere, you have to pass through the hall to get to the Glass Garden.)
  • Item-sorting in Clockwork uses formlists. New items added by other mods (e.g. new books or alchemical ingredients) will not be automatically recognized by the sorting system.
  • Parts of the Clockwork Castle exterior (general mountains in the distance) won't load until you get close enough *depending on where you enter the area. It's purely cosmetic. (It's there because the author didn't want to go through the rigmarole of creating distant terrain for such a relatively small area, and didn't notice it happening until it was too late and most of the area was already built.)
  • Potential frame-rate drop when looking in certain directions in Nurndural *Hall of Elements. It's a big, detailed cell with long view-distances, simple as that.
  • It's been reported that the courier can reach you at Clockwork Castle. He's not supposed to be able to. Stopping him would almost certainly involve breaking Multiple Adoptions support, meaning you couldn't move your family to Clockwork Castle.
  • It's also been reported that performing a particular part of the Dark Brotherhood quest-line and then starting the Clockwork quest-line without sleeping first can result in you being teleported out of the castle if you sleep there... which will break quest progression if you do it before completing the Clockwork quest-line. If you find yourself in this position, you have a few options:
    • Load an earlier save and sleep before starting Clockwork.
    • Use the "coc" console command to teleport to a Clockwork Castle interior cell (e.g. coc clwcastlemainhall).
    • Don't sleep until you've completed the Clockwork quest-line.
  • During testing it was reported that the identity-concealing masks in the Sneak Tools mod can break a lot of things in the quests in Clockwork. This isn't so much a conflict as it is an issue with the Sneak Tools mod itself.

Clockwork skyrim

Socks and put them in sneakers; unbuttoned jeans and pulled them off, folded them, put them on the nightstand; unbuttoned and took off the bracelet from his leg, pulled off his panties, continuing to fold it all neatly. Getting up - just one gentle gesture (and so everything is not that businesslike, but calmly, as inherent in this situation, and.

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Skyrim Mods: Clockwork - Part 1

Then dad tied my hands in front with a rope, and continued the spanking. We flogged with a belt - until the whole enema entered me. I got a strong erection, and it really embarrassed and frightened me. After finishing the spanking, my father gagged my ass with a finger, and held it for several minutes while I sobbed and choked on snot. Then dad untied me and let me go to shit: Then, of course, I was very offended by him.

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