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&#;The Last Alaskans&#; might be Alaska&#;s first real television show

FAIRBANKS Filming a reality TV show set in Alaska is for no reason a new idea. basically, It might just be the most played out setting in the news, Right up there with procedural cop dramas and superhero revivals.

those who live in Alaska especially, the ceaseless bombardment by shows claiming to illustrate what life is &#;love&#; In the 49th State can be over-bearing. The problem is only exacerbated by nearly everywhere each of them seems to contort itself into Escher esque knots trying to trick viewers into believing false reality.

Even in overplayed genres like super hero movies and police dramas, on the other hand, There are the occasional bright spots. Many pundits lauded HBO&#;s &#;True detective&#; As great detective shows in years, And the comic book based movie &#;parents of the Galaxy&#; Was widely regarded by critics and viewers alike as a breath of fresh air for the super hero genre.

Like those two critical achievements, Animal earth&#;s new show &#;the past Alaskans&#; Makes its outward appearance in a crowded, And not too respectable, thing. And like the aforementioned works, &#;the Alaskans&#; Brings new life to a lusterless [url=]moldova beauty[/url] genre.

The show bills itself as a check out the lives of three couples and one man who spend much of their year in the wilds of the northern Interior living the subsistence lifestyle. Unlike another shows cough, &#;ak: the Frontier, Cough the families portrayed in &#;the past Alaskans&#; Live dozens or hundreds of miles from their nearest neighbors when hunting and trapping.

The show sets itself in the Arctic National creatures Refuge, About miles to the north of Fairbanks. government entities prohibits human settlement in the refuge, yet unfortunately, while using show&#;s opening sequence, The four families are among the last seven remaining of those that were grandfathered in to the policy.

The reveal to followsBob Harte,Heimo and as a result Edna Korth, Tyler or Ashley Selden, And Ray and Cindy Lewis and their three daughters. The names will predicament to many in Fairbanks, Since they sometimes are in Fairbanks when not hunting or working their traplines up north.

Harte, The Korths and the Lewis family have all spent decades in the community, but for the Seldens, the event is still rather new. Seven years ago, Tyler and Ashley were able to move into the usually restricted area of the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge by ordering a trapline from someone looking to leave the subsistence lifestyle. They also have a cabin north of the Yukon on the southern border of ANWR.

Tyler and Ashley moved to Alaska from Outside with the suitable intent of living off the land. Like many they like to live the subsistence lifestyle, They were earlier skeptical of the film crew&#;s intent.

&#;we said, you already know, If it&#;s just going to be another second rate reality show don&#;t even bother. They&#;re just a joke what I&#;ve noticed them and stuff, Tyler stated. &#;They just seem to make caricatures of these individuals and their lives and stuff, And it&#;s just disrespectful at worst and naive at the best,

the production crew that wanted to do the show led by John Jones was able to convince them, though.

&#;They convinced us through the meetings we had with them and they wanted to avoid that kind of thing and to create a respectable show that portrayed the best of life in an accurate way and wasn&#;t just trying to drum up stuff to [url=]moldova beauty[/url] create shock value, Tyler wanted to say.

Jones, The show&#;s manager producer, Said with the show they set out more particularly to avoid that sort of pitfall.

&#;None of the talent seriously considered portrayed in a sort of Kardashian kind of style, Jones exclaimed. &#;They wanted us to take this actually, And we assured them that we meant to take this seriously, get this more of an Alaska approach,

Jones said he and his team conceived of the idea in the beginning as a break from the usual form of Alaska reality television and American television in general.

&#;pretty much everything gets louder and faster and louder and faster on TV, And to me these acer notebooks sort of turning off the motor and taking out the sail, And that can still be fun, Jones had said. &#;We set out to. Embrace the isolation and the price tag on isolation embrace the beauty,

With those goals in your mind, &#;The Last Alaskans seems to have succeeded wildly.

At duration a rebellion against reality TV and an example of its real potential, &#;the next Alaskans&#; supplies a refreshingly honest scene of the families&#; lives.

The show&#;s slow pace mirrors a realistic look at life in the Bush, Where a person can spend an entire day working on a single task. concurrently,just the same, The show is able to form audience interest through more creative means than simply adding dramatic reality TV music to high stakes scenes.

When a grizzly bear takes to wandering the area surrounding Tyler and Ashley&#;s cabin, The stakes are evident. The viewer doesn&#;t need to be clued in with ominous bass. The slow pace of the show also allows Jones and his team to bring forth one of their other goals: Showing Alaska&#;s loveliness.

Even with everything else stripped away, &#;a final Alaskans&#; Is extraordinarily well shot. through the use of high frame rate and high definition cameras, The crews are able to capture beautiful shots of the land and the families to follow.

The show&#;s beauty is accentuated on top of that through the savvy use of drones to capture shots of the Alaska backcountry unseen before in reality television.

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How to Print Boarding Passes for Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines allows customers to avoid hassles by printing boarding passes at home.

Southwest Airlines allows customers to avoid hassles by printing boarding passes at home.(Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images )

Where other airlines zig, Southwest zags. When other carriers started charging passengers for checked bags and carry-ons, Southwest held fast to its no-fees commitment: It's the only major American airline that lets all passengers check not just one, but two bags, for free. Southwest also uses an unconventional boarding process because it doesn't assign seats. But while this airline has some quirks, its boarding pass printing options are similar to those offered by its competitors.


  • Print Southwest boarding passes from your home computer, curbside at some airports, or inside the airport at a kiosk or Southwest ticket counter.

Printing Boarding Passes: Four Options

Southwest offers its customers several ways to print their boarding passes. The first option is to print your pass at home. Online check-in is available starting 24 hours before the flight departs. Southwest may send an email with a link once check-in is available for your flight. Follow the directions and choose the option to print your boarding pass from your printer. (If the boarding pass is misplaced before the trip, print another copy from the Southwest website, or get another copy printed once you reach the airport.)

To print the boarding pass at the airport, look for a Southwest skycap outside the terminal. Not all airports have them, but major ones often do. Skycap podiums are set up to allow passengers to check in and receive their printed boarding passes. Drop off any checked bags here, too. This service is free, but it's customary to tip at least a few dollars for any skycap service.

Inside the airport, print the boarding pass from a Southwest kiosk or ask an airline agent to print it for you at the ticket counter. Travelers who already checked in online may get their boarding passes printed from either a kiosk or a ticket counter.

Choosing the Mobile Option

Although Southwest offers several boarding pass printing options, many travelers skip paper passes and use mobile boarding passes. They're available for all domestic Southwest flights but not for international ones. To get a mobile boarding pass, check in online during the hour period before the flight's departure. Select your preferred delivery method. A mobile boarding pass can be texted or emailed to you or viewed in your browser. If you choose the mobile option, take a screenshot of the pass just in case internet issues don't allow you to load the pass when it's time to board.

Using a Southwest Boarding Pass

The Southwest Airlines check-in process is similar to that of other carriers, but the boarding process takes some travelers by surprise. A Southwest boarding pass has a group number and boarding position rather than a seat number. When a group number is called, everyone from that group lines up to board the plane. Once onboard, passengers can choose any empty seat.

For travelers who feel strongly about seat locations, paying extra for Southwest EarlyBird check-in can be useful. Passengers who opt for EarlyBird are assigned to one of the first boarding groups, which gives them more seat options and early access to overhead storage bins.




  • If you provided an email address when you booked your Southwest flight, the airline will send you an email 24 hours before departure notifying you that you can check in and print your boarding passes; the e-mail will contain a direct link to the online check in system.
  • If you opted to purchase Southwest&#;s &#;Early Bird Check In&#; option when you booked your flight, you will be automatically checked in 36 hours before the flight; you can print your pass at home 24 hours before your flight or obtain the pass at the airport.


  • You can only check in online and print your boarding pass up to one hour before your flight.
  • Not all travelers are eligible for online check in. Travelers must be age verified, and meet the fare and security requirements of the airline. If you are not eligible for online check in, an error message will notify you that you must check in at the airport.

Writer Bio

Kathryn Walsh has been writing about travel topics for more than 10 years, but has been feeding her inner travel bug for much longer. Her favorite place to visit is Scotland, and her work has appeared on sites including USAToday, AZCentral and Choice Hotels.

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Just to add some info:




Screen Shot at PM.png


Print will open up a page with a print-formatted boarding pass that can be printed on a local printer (or saved as a pdf to be printed later).


Email will send you a mobile-formatted boarding pass that can be printed locally or saved to your phone.


Text will send you a link to a mobile-formatted boarding pass, which is automatically saved to your phone if using an iPhone or Google Pay on Android. You can also view the mobile boarding pass, take a screenshot, or save it to your photos folder by clicking on the camera icon in the upper right hand corner.




If you check in on your mobile device via the Southwest app or mobile website, you're offered a mobile-formatted boarding pass, which can then be saved in all the ways mentioned above.


If you check in on your mobile device via the mobile website but would prefer to print your boarding pass to a local printer, just force the phone to load the desktop site instead of the mobile one, and you'll see the three options I showed earlier, which includes Print.




Once you're checked in by any method, you can always use an airport kiosk to print a copy of your boarding pass.



Boarding Southwest 737-700 at HOU

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Southwest Bags and Boarding Process Explained - Flight Review

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