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Gerber Knives is an American brand, found in 1939. Recognized as the master of knives and outdoor tools, Gerber is committed to creating problem-solving and life-saving designs that serve specific needs. With decades of dedication and innovation, the brand serves various niches including hunting, trade, and defense. Started as Gerber Legendary Blades, the Portland-based company was started by Joseph R. Gerber.


Gerber Knives continues to grow as an ‘enterprise’ dedicated to making quality and reliable knives and cutting tools. The brand has expanded itself from more than just a knife manufacturer. Its product line expands beyond multi-tools, axes, handsaws, machetes, headlamps, digging tools, flashlights, and survival kits. Gerber knives are the ultimate go-to-gear for outdoor enthusiasts and a matter of pride for knife collectors.


Combat Knives with a Rich History

What sets this knife manufacturing brand apart from its contemporaries is its rich history.  Started by Joseph R. Gerber as a small batch of handmade cutlery sets to be given as holiday gifts, the business gradually expanded and became one of the most trusted, appreciated, and collected names in the knife crafting industry. The manufacturer set standards for knife design in the 1950s by incorporating special features including stainless-steel sheath with Magnum Hunter, making the knives popular with aficionados from around the world.


In 1960, Gerber Knives started crafting knives for the armed forces and developed a new range of multi-purpose blades that are still popular with infantry and combat personnel. Gerber StrongArm and Gerber LMF II remain the preferred choices among special force warriors and outdoorsmen who look for reliable and versatile knives.


Resolving All Your Doubts on Gerber Knives

Gerber knives are more than just exhibition pieces, designed for real-life knife users, collectors, soldiers, and outdoorsmen. A majority of the Gerber Knife models are ideal for everyday use, equipped with ergonomic handles to offer a non-slip grip. Some of the most popular product series and product categories by Gerber Knives include – Gerber Multi-Tools, Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Knife and Gear, Gerber Knife Sharpeners, Gerber Warrant Knife Series, and Gerber Folding Knives. Most of the Gerber Knives are made using top-grade stainless steel which is reputed for its resistance against corrosion. The brand uses heat treatment on knives that ensure exceptional performance and durability for years to come. Gerber Knives multi-tools combine different components, each serving a different purpose, catering to the demands of survival experts, hunters, and trekkers. To maintain the peak performance, it is recommended to timely sharpen the blades, using the Gerber Knife Sharpeners by filing up and down along the blade and removing the burr by rubbing in circular motions. One of the best angles to sharpen Gerber Knives is 15° for each side of the blade.


A Further Look into Gerber Knives through Product Categories

Gerber Fixed Blade Knives: Comprises of a range of fixed blade knives suitable for camping, hunting, and general cutting chores. This category includes a variety of knives available in the choice of high carbon steel and stainless steel. A majority of the Gerber fixed blade knives come with nylon sheaths for safe carry.


Gerber Folding Pocket Knives: This category features a vast variety of folding knives, suitable for self-defense, general cutting tasks, and survival activities. It includes a plethora of knife models such as button lock pocket knives, frame lock pocket knives, liner lock pocket knives, lock back pocket knives, and more.


Gerber Assisted Opening Pocket Knives: Features a range of EDC knives, equipped with drop-point blades or serrated blades. A majority of the Gerber Assisted knives to incorporate nylon handles that provide a sure and firm grip, making maneuverability convenient. Gerber Assisted Opening pocket knives are available in the choice of liner lock or pivot lock.


Gerber Axes & Hatchets: It consists of an array of hatchets, tomahawks, and axes, designed to meet the demands of trekkers, adventure enthusiasts, and hikers. Gerber Axes and Hatches are designed to undertake heavy-duty tasks such as high-force cutting, splitting wood, and more. Most of the exes come equipped with steel blades that boast exemplary corrosion resistance and shock-absorbing handles that offer a non-slip grip. This category also includes a variety of flashlights, multi-tools, hatchets, strap cutters, folding shovels, and more.


Gerber Clothing: This category includes a wide variety of apparel, hats, and wallets by Gerber Knives. Designed for everyday wear, Gerber Clothing is suitable for outings as well as routine wear. Most of the Gerber apparel is tailored with super-soft, absorbent fabrics that offer superior comfort in all weather conditions. The T-shirts feature a variety of prints such as the Eagle Flag logo, Gerber logo, American front logo, and more.


Gerber Fire Starters – Ferro Rods: Comprises of a range of equipment such as fire starters and basic survival kits, commonly used by hunters, trekkers, mountaineers, climbers, and campers. The category features Ferrocerium rods, which are designed to ignite a quick spark. A majority of the fire-starters come equipped with textured handles that provide a non-slip and comfortable grip.


Gerber Flash-Lights-Lanterns-Headlamps: The category consists of a range of equipment, suitable for the adventure enthusiast. Explore the range of intense torches and custom-fit Quad sheaths. Based on the model, Gerber torches features low, high, and medium mode, allowing the user to adjust the light intensity as per the need.


Gerber Gun Cleaning Kits: The category includes a wide variety of gun maintenance tools and fixed blade knives. Most of the gun cleaning kits and maintenance tools come packed in nylon ULT case with belt attachment that enables hassle-free portability.


Gerber Knife Sharpeners: Discover the huge collection of knife sharpeners and field dressing kits featuring stainless fillet blades. Based on the model, a majority of the knives in this category has a unique sheathe system featuring a built-in sharpener, belt loop, Velcro retention straps, pocket clips, and vents.


Gerber Machetes: The category comprises a myriad of machetes, thoughtfully designed for field tasks such as clearing vast trails, managing campsite, chopping compost, and outdoor tasks. A popular choice among hunters, fishermen, farmers, trekkers, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Gerber Machetes are popular for their sturdy blades made up of high carbon steel and stainless steel. These machetes feature non-slip handles that provide a positive grip, allowing the user to cut wood with ease.


Gerber Multi-Tools: Consists of a range of reliable multi-tools that function as a screwdriver, bottle openers, can openers, saws, tweezers, wire cutters, and more. A fantastic addition to any traveling kit, Gerber multi-tools are known for their lightweight yet sturdy design. Designed to serve the demands of outdoorsmen, these all-in-one tools feature an innovative locking mechanism that prevents accidental closing or opening. The category includes Center Driver Multi-Tool Knife, Blades Strap Cutter, Bear Grylls Multi-Tools, and more.


Gerber Saws: This category includes a range of multi-purpose tools, high-performing saws, cleaning kits, suspension multi-plier, and more, thoughtfully designed to assist the user in hunting, camping, and tactical tasks. Gerber tactical saws are available in the choice of rubberized, nylon, stainless steel, and buffalo horn handles. Based on the model, Gerber Saws come with top-quality sheaths that allow for worry-free carry.


Gerber Scissors: It includes an assortment of Skin and Gut fixed blade knives, Fishing Scissors, and multi-purpose tools. Designed to assist the user in a range of tasks, Gerber pocket tools function as a bottle opener, pry bar, can opener, hamper, and more.


Gerber Shovels: Browse through the huge selection of foldable shovels, suitable for outdoorsmen and adventure enthusiasts. A majority of the Gerber shovels feature nylon handles which are praised for their remarkable strength and reliable performance even at high temperatures. Based on the model, Gerber shovels feature carbon steel blade which is renowned for their durability.


Gerber Survival Gear: This category includes a vast range of fire starters, fixed blade knives, and scout essential kits. The fire starter features a Ferrocerium rod that assists in quickly and effortlessly building fires. Most of the Gerber fire starters come with an aluminum storage cover for fuss-free storage.


Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Knife and Gear Collection: Comprises an array of outdoor accessories such as basic survival kit, intense torch, survival hatchets, fire starters, fixed blade knives, and more. This category includes a variety of self-defense knives available in aluminum or stainless steel blade options. Highly preferred by survival enthusiasts, hunters, campers, outdoorsmen, the products of this series would make a fantastic addition to any survival or travel kit.


Gerber Propel Assist Open Folding Pocket:  Comprises of high-performing knives featuring black oxide-coated stainless steel blades. Designed to endure tough usage and offer ease of maneuverability, these folding knives G-10 handles that provide a performance grip, making these knives ideal for tactical situations or outdoor chores.


Gerber Power-Frame Folding Pocket Knife: Ideal for camping, hunting, and various other outdoor pursuits, the Gerber Power-Frame folding knives comes equipped with stainless steel blades. A majority of these pocket knives sports skeletonized titanium coated stainless steel handles which can endure high pressure and doesn't break easily.


Gerber Myth Field Hunting Collection: The category caters to hunters and adventure enthusiasts. Gerber Myth Field kit combines two of the high-performing knives, packed together in a puncture-proof sheath for fuss-free carry, making it an amazing hunting companion.


Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Collection: The category caters to the demands of frequent travelers, hikers, campers, allowing them to carry along all the essential kitchen tools with absolute ease. The Gerber Freescape camp kitchen kit comes with a cutting board, slicing knife, paring knife, and built-in ceramic sharpener.


Gerber F.A.S.T. Assist Open Folding: These knives sports an ergonomic design with a spring-assisted opening mechanism, that allows for single-hand operation. A majority of the Gerber F.A.S.T knives feature stainless steel blades that offer precise cutting performance and sturdy handles that offer a secure grip.


Gerber Cleaning & Maintenance Kits: This category is dedicated to maintenance tools and cleaning kits, which are designed to help the user maintain the sharpness and performance of knives and cutting tools. The kits include a variety of tools including pin scraper, bolt carrier, buffer tube wrench, curve slotted driver,             two-sided hex bits, cleaning cable pull-through handles, and more.



All You Need To Know About Gerber Knives Product Series

Gerber Pocket Square Folding Pocket Knife Series: Features an assortment of pocket knives with stylish handles. Based on the model, most of the knives in this series sports a liner lock folding mechanism that assists in hassle-free maneuverability. 


Gerber Warrant Knife Series: This series is popular for its high-performing knives featuring tattoo blades made with partially serrated titanium. A majority of the knives in this series sports aluminum handle scales that allow the user to achieve a positive grip. Based on the model, Gerber Warrant knives come with nylon sheaths featuring a belt loop for easy carry.


Gerber 39 Series Folding Pocket Knife Series: Explore the huge selection of folding pocket knives with a Lockback mechanism. Based on the model, the Gerber 39 Series knives feature standard-edged stainless blades with a mirror finish. These EDC pocket knives feature nickel-plated zinc handles that offer a performance grip, assisting on various tasks such as hunting, fishing, camping, and more.


Gerber A/F Covert Folding Pocket Knife Series: Consists of a vast selection of liner lock folding pocket knives with a sleek profile. A majority of the Gerber A/F Covert knives feature high-quality blades made using top-grade 154CM stainless steel for durability. The series features Lake-Walker interlocks manual safety lock which is etched with Rex Applegate and W.F. Fairbairn signatures. Equipped with sturdy handles, these knives are capable of undertaking complex cutting tasks.


Gerber Airfoil Folding Pocket Knife Series: Ideal for hunting, trekking, cutting, slicing, these drop-point knives feature stainless steel blades that are designed to survive tough situations. A majority of the Gerber Airfoil folding pocket knives feature aluminum handles with pocket clips.


Gerber Airlift Folding Pocket Knife Series: It comprises an assortment of hunting knives. The Gerber Airlift knives combine style and functionality in equal measure and would make a perfect addition to any survival kit. Based on the model, these folding pocket knives are available in champagne finish stainless blade and black slot cutout handles.


Gerber Asada Knife Series: The knives in this series feature machined scales for a comfortable grip, a ball bearing for smooth operation, and an anti-pinch plate that ensures the flipper blades offer maximum consistency. These tough folding knives are available in a vast variety of handle options to choose from.


Gerber Ayako Knife Series: The series consists of a range of EDC knives, designed with inspiration drawn from the heritage friction folders. Thoughtfully made for easy portability, the Gerber Ayako knives boast a slender design, frame lock mechanism, black oxide coated blades, and available in the choice of aluminum mark scales and stainless steel pile scales.



Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife Series: This series features an assortment of fixed blade knives, suitable for various outdoor expeditions such as hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, and more. A majority of the knives in this series feature drop point blades made with stainless steel, which is capable of carrying out cutting, slicing, and chopping tasks with precision. Most of these knives feature nylon sheaths that assist in safe carry.


Gerber Cohort Folding Pocket Knife Series: The series a plethora of folding pocket knives available in a choice of different handle patterns. The Gerber Cohort knives are praised for their sturdy and dependable blades, which are capable of carrying out general cutting tasks. A majority of these lightweight folding knives come equipped with a pocket clip that makes them carry around.


Gerber Commuter Knife Series: Comprises of an array of everyday pocket knives with drop point standard edge stainless steel blades. Based on the model, the Gerber Commuter knives feature a lock-back mechanism that ensures smooth operation. These drop point knives feature ergonomic handles made of black glass-reinforced nylon and equipped with rubber inserts. Most of these knives, feature heavy-duty blades purposely molded to survive under high compression.


Gerber ComplEAT Series: This series consists of multi-purpose tools that serve as fork, spatula, spoon, assisting the user in eating, preparing food, and cleaning. Gerber ComplEAT features four components clipped together for hassle-free carry. A majority of these multi-tools can be used as a pair of tongs, can opener, package opener, and peeler.


Gerber Contrast Knife Series: This series includes a vast collection of reliable knives featuring textured G-10 handles, making them light and sturdy, allowing the user to complete heavy-duty tasks with absolute ease. A majority of the knives in this series feature lanyard holes, pocket clips, and ultra-quick blade deployment; which makes them a popular choice among campers, trekkers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


Gerber Controller Knife Series:  Comprises of a myriad of razor-sharp knives, designed to make a short work of complex cutting, stabbing, and chopping tasks. The Gerber Controller knives feature mirror-polished blades that help in creating smooth, clean cuts, whilst the flexible blade gives the right amount of control.


Gerber Crossriver Knife Series: These fixed blade knives are designed to be carried on belts. A majority of the Gerber Crossriver knives feature utilitarian handles that offer maximum efficiency. These knives sport an ambidextrous trigger lock that allows for quick and effortless deployment, making them suitable for any adventure.


Gerber Decree Folding Pocket Knife Series: The series consists of a variety of functional knives geared towards real-life users, knife enthusiasts, survival experts, hunters, and trekkers. A majority of the Gerber Decree knives feature stainless steel tanto blades with extended tang construction and dual thumb studs. These folding pocket knives feature a rubberized handle with an integrated glass breaker that provides excellent grip.


Gerber Devour Series: This series is dedicated to multi-purpose tools which are designed to function as package opener, can opener, bottle opener, pry bar, flathead driver, deep basin spoon, and long-tine fork. Each tool works independently all the while being clipped together with other components for hassle-free portability.


Gerber Doubledown Machete Series: Made in America, the Gerber Doublefown machetes sports an innovative design, and can fold up to half of their size. These outdoor tools can be stowed away in a handbag or attached to the belt. A majority of these Doubledown machetes features a four-lock system that allows user to engage it in three different positions.


Gerber E-Z Out Pocket Knife Series: The series includes a vast variety of stainless steel knives featuring unique slot cutout blades. Based on the model, the Gerber E-Z Out pocket knives feature a lockback or liner lock mechanism. These folding knives are available in a choice Zytel, nylon, and composition handles.


Gerber EAB Folding Pocket Knife Series: Comprises an assortment of utility knives featuring brushed stainless steel handles with pocket clips. Most of the Gerber EAB knives feature a liner lock mechanism that allows for quick deployment. These pocket knives are highly versatile and can be open or closed with absolute ease.


Gerber Edge Knife Series: This series includes an array of utility knives loaded with practical features such as a spring lock mechanism, pocket clip, lightweight yet strong handles. The Gerber Edge knives are available in a choice of anodized aluminum or rubber handles.


Gerber Edict Knife Series: These folding pocket knives are designed for heavy-duty applications. These tough knives with fine edge tanto blades are ready to undertake any piercing and slicing tasks. Equipped with steel blades, the Gerber Edict knives are geared towards first responders, outdoorsmen, and soldiers. 


Gerber Epic Knife Series: The series comprises multi-purpose fixed blade knives featuring partially serrated stainless blades. A majority of the knives in this series sports a full-tang handle construction with textured glass-filled nylon scales. Based on the model, Gerber Epic knives sports integrated bottle opener and lanyard holes that add to the functionality.


Gerber EVO Folding Pocket Knife Series: Consist of a myriad of liner lock knives equipped with slot cutout handles. Based on the model, the Gerber EVO knives can be found in TiNi coated stainless steel drop point blades that exhibit remarkable resistance against regular wear, making them a suitable choice for camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.


Gerber EXO-Mod Series: This series is dedicated to functional knives, designed for backpackers, hunters, campers as well as outdoorsmen. The Gerber EXO-Mod Series knives sport a skeletonized full-tang design and lightweight structure that boasts high durability.


Gerber Fastball Knife Series: Comprises an array of everyday carry knives that combine a trendy design with functionality. A majority of the Gerber Fastball knives feature S30V Wharncliffe blades, aircraft-grade aluminum handles, and ball bearings for consistent deployment.


Gerber Flatiron Knife Series: This series consists of a vast selection of pocket knives equipped with cleaver blades. Ideal for bush crafting, hunting, and chopping tasks, the Gerber Flatiron knives feature textured aluminum handles that provide a secure and comfortable grip. These knives sport a reverse curvature that helps in keeping the knuckles away from the chopping or cutting surface, ensuring precise cuts.


Gerber Freeman Knife Series: These drop-point blades are a go-to option for every hunting expenditure. A majority of these knives feature larger finger grooves, full tang construction and are available in the choice of gut hook blade or full plain edge blade.


Gerber Gator Hunting Knife Series:  This series consists of a range of outdoor tools such as ergonomic knives, machetes, axes, pouches, and saws. Precisely designed to serve the demands of adventure enthusiasts, survival experts, campers, and travelers, the Gerber Gator equipment boasts high resistance against general wear, ensuring lasting performance.


Gerber Gator Knife Series: It comprises a vast collection of drop-point blades that combine iconic design with field-test durability. Based on the model, the Gerber Gator knives come with a ballistic nylon sheath that enables effortless carry.


Gerber Ghostrike Knife Series: Features a huge selection of fixed blade knives, equipped with skeletonized T-handles. A majority of the Gerber Ghostrike knives sports rubberized over-mold grip. These knives come with a sheath, which can be worn around the neck or attached to the belt for hassle-free carry.


Gerber Gutsy Knife Series: This series focuses on a range of multi-purpose tools that offer four different functions in a compact package. Gerber Gutsy tools feature an ultra-sharp edge, gut hook, bottle opener, scooper, finger jimping, and contoured handle, making them an ideal choice for fishing endeavors and outdoorsy tasks.


Gerber Haul Assist Open Folding Pocket Knife Series: Comprise of a vast selection of liner lock folding knives. A majority of these knives come equipped with stainless steel drop point blades, thumb stud, pocket clip, lanyard hole, and cross-bolt safety. The Gerber Hual Assist folding knives sports glass-reinforced nylon handles, that provide a sure and slip-proof grip.


Gerber Highbrow Knife Series: Combining a luxe and contemporary design, the Gerber Highbrow knives are created to be efficiently used and intuitively stored. Ideal for everyday carry, these pocket knives feature assisted opening mechanism which runs smoothly with the flipper finger, allowing for quick deployment.


Gerber Hinderer Folding Pocket Knife Series: These knives are praised for their great functionality and outstanding durability. Gerber Hinderer folding knives feature ultra-sharp blades, suitable for slicing, cutting, opening, chopping as well as self-defense. A majority of these knives feature a liner lock mechanism for secure carry.


Gerber Icon Knife Series: These folding knives with tanto blades and partially serrated edges are designed for one-hand use. The dual thumb studs, lightweight aluminum handles, and liner lock mechanism add to the functionality, making them a preferred choice for everyday carry.


Gerber Index Folding Pocket Knife Series: Consists of a plethora of folding knives featuring extended tang construction, matte finish stainless drop point blades, and aluminum handles. Based on the model, Gerber Index folding knives feature lanyard holes and pocket clips for intuitive carry.


Gerber Instant Assist Open Folding Pocket Knife Series: This series focuses on EDC knives featuring spring assist opening mechanism. The Gerber Instant Assist opening knives are designed to perform a diverse range of tasks, and can also be used as a self-defense or survival tool. These lightweight folding knives sport sturdy G-10 handles that provide a performance grip.


Gerber Jukebox Knife Series: The knives in this series are inspired by the classic barber knives. Suitable for everyday carry, these folding knives sport a full edge blade that can be easily deployed. Thanks to the finger flipper, liner lock, and pocket clip, the Gerber Jukebox knives are suitable for any EDC adventure. 


Geber Kettlebell Knife Series: The series consists of a diverse collection of folding knives featuring a small profile. Gerber Kettlebell knives are designed to take up less space, easily sliding into pockets and handbags. A majority of these folding knives feature a coined aluminum handle, sturdy frame lock, dual thumb studs, and satin finish blades.


Gerber Key Note Knife Series:  Consists of an array of do-it-all knives, which can handle tough situations and would make a fantastic addition to any survival kit. The Gerber Key Note knives sports dual-use blades featuring a cutting and scraping edge. These compact knives can be carried on a belt, in a key chain or pockets.


Gerber L.S.T. (Light Strong Tactical) Knife Series: A majority of these tactical knives stainless steel standard edge drop point blades that offer an outstanding cutting performance. Gerber L.S.T knives come equipped with fiberglass-filled nylon handles that make them extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver.


Gerber LMF Knife Series: These survival knives have been field-tested for exemplary performance. The Gerber LMF knives are both rugged and versatile and come with a sheath featuring a built-in sharpener. The partially serrated blades can be used as a spear or pommel.


Gerber Moment Field Dressing Knife Series: A diverse selection of fixed blade knives with gut hook, this series caters to outdoorsmen, campers, and hunters. The series includes a two-knife kit, ideal for detail work, caping, cleaning, and dressing of game. A majority of these knives feature rubber handles that feel comfortable in the hand and can stand up to the challenge of non-traditional use.


Gerber Multi-Plier Series: The series consists of multi-purpose tools, designed to tackle a range of tasks and optimized for everyday carry. Gerber multi-plier tools sport a revolutionary design, features several components to serve various functions, and come equipped with a pocket clip that assists in secure carry.


Gerber Osidian Folding Pocket Knife Series: The series consists of a host of ergonomically designed pocket knives featuring multiple tools to cater to the demands of modern campers, trekkers, and adventure enthusiasts. Gerber Osidian folding knives come equipped with stainless steel handles with glass-filled nylon inlays that allow the user to maintain a firm grip. The handles of these knives feature a cross driver with a file and a medium flathead driver with a bottle opener. These knives sport stainless drop point plunge lock blades that make them an ideal EDC tactical tool.  


Gerber One-Flip Folding Pocket Knife Series: This series is known for its revolutionary knives, featuring colored handles and blades. Gerber One-Flip folding knives are available in rose-gold finish stainless blades and purple or green aluminum handles. A majority of these folding knives feature extended tang and thumb stud that assists in easy opening and closing.


Gerber Order Folding Pocket Knife Series: The knives in this series feature stainless steel blades that resist rust and can withstand extensive use. A majority of the Gerber Order knives work on the simple Lockback folding mechanism and come equipped with nylon handles that boast exemplary strength and durability.


Gerber Outrigger Knife Series: The series comprises a multitude of knives featuring serrated blades which are ready to undertake a range of tasks. A majority of these knives feature dual thumb studs for secure opening and pocket clips for worry-free carry.


Gerber Paraframe Folding Pocket Knife Series: Features a range of classic folding knives that features stainless steel blades. A majority of the knives in this series feature unique slot cutout skeletonized handles which are available in a myriad of colors including black, champagne, grey, and more. The Gerber folding pocket knives feature a stainless pocket clip that offers ease of draw to the user.


Gerber Paralite Knife Series: These EDC knives sports a contemporary drop point blade with dual thumb studs that allow for ambidextrous opening. Based on the model, the Gerber Paralite knives feature a plain edge, frame lock mechanism, and stainless steel handle.


Gerber Prodigy Knife Series: These knives with serrated edges are a fantastic choice for outdoor expeditions and hunting pursuits. Equipped with high carbon stainless steel blades, the Gerber Prodigy knives feature textured handles that offer a sure grip. These drop point knives come with durable MOLLE compatible sheath, which can endure extensive use.


Gerber Prybrid Multi-Tool Series: The series consists of a host of hybrid tools featuring replaceable blades. The Gerber Prybrid multi-tools can be carried in a pocket or bags without any sheaths. The multi-purpose tools allow the user to complete a range of tasks.


Gerber Quadrant Knife Series: The series caters to the demands of modern knife users, looking for stylish and functional blades. The Gerber Quadrant knives feature a bamboo handle that offers it a stand-out look and provides a comfortable grip. These EDC knives feature satin finish blades with finger flipper opening for quick deployment.


Gerber Randy Newberg Knife Series: These knives sports an ambidextrous design, and a barrel construction that assists in fuss-free maintenance. Gerber Randy Newberg knives come equipped with recurved primary blades that excel in meat processing tasks. Most of these knives sport a dual steel liner construction that ensures durability.


Gerber Remix Folding Pocket Knife Series: These knives are praised for their G-10 handles that offer a firm and positive grip. The Gerber Remix pocket knives are available in the choice of stainless steel blunt tip blades, tanto point blades, and drop point blades, which makes them a suitable choice for heavy-duty tasks.


Gerber Rip-Stop Folding Pocket Knife Series: This series comprises a range of all-purpose knives with a frame lock mechanism. A majority of these folding pocket knives feature serrated blades which are ideal for carrying out a range of tasks. Based on the model, these knives feature slot cutouts on the handles that offer a sure grip for comfortable use, making them a perfect match for any travel kit.


Gerber River Shorty Knife Series: The series comprises a variety of knives designed to assist the user during diving, rafting, paddling, and various other adventure pursuits. These knives are praised for their lightweight glass-filled nylon handle that provides a comfortable grip and sturdy stainless steel blades which can endure tough conditions.


Gerber S.T.L. (Strong Thin Light) Folding Knife Series: The series presents an array of folding knives, suitable for campers, trekkers, and mountaineers. The Gerber S.T.L knives feature a polished stainless-steel blade with a slot cutout that offers a performance grip. A majority of these knives feature lanyard holes that enhance functionality when performing complex tasks.


Gerber Shark Belly Folding Pocket Knife Series: The series combines a plethora of Lockback knives featuring black glass-reinforced nylon handles.  Gerber Shark Belly knives are reputed for their unique design, stainless steel sheepsfoot blade; some being part serrated. These folding pocket knives a fantastic choice for hunting, fishing, trekking, and other outdoor activities.


Gerber Shard Keychain Tools: The collection consists of simply designed tools featuring about 7 essential functions. Gerber Shard keychain tools sport a compact design, capable of serving as pry bars, wire stripper puller, flathead driver, bottle opener, and more. These keychain tools feature titanium nitride coating that exhibits outstanding corrosion resistance, ensuring durability.


Gerber Skyridge Plunge-Lock Assist Knife Series: The series features functional knives equipped with stainless blades, which are capable of withstanding high compression and surviving the toughest use. A majority of these knives feature black glass-filled nylon handles that add to the classic look and offer a secure grip.


Gerber Spine Knife Series: These fixed blade knives are designed to meet the demands of adventure enthusiasts and campers. Ideal for cutting ropes, making kindling, and various other tasks, the Gerber Spine knives sports a full tang blade, rubberized handles, and rugged glass-filled nylon sheath, which makes them a perfect companion for outdoor pursuits.


Gerber Straightlace Knife Series: The series consists of a myriad of slip joint knives, which can close and open without the classic lock. Featuring sharp blades, the Gerber Straightlace knives are capable of tackling any task. A majority of these knives feature pocket clips, lanyard holes, and aluminum handle scales.


Gerber Strong-Arm Knife Series: The knives in this series feature fixed blades that assist in survival applications and combat situations. Based on the model, Gerber Strong-Arm knives feature a diamond-texture rubberized handle for a non-slip and comfortable grip.


Gerber Sumo Pivot Knife Series: The series consists of easy-to-operate folding knives, capable of carrying out the hardest tasks. Most of the Gerber Sumo Pivot knives feature colored G-10 handles and flat ground blade which excels in cutting and slicing.


Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool Series: Comprises of multi-purpose tools, optimized for EDC endeavors and outdoor pursuits, The Gerber Suspension multi-tools can be used as tweezers, screwdriver, wire cutter, nail cutter, bottle opener, and more. A majority of these multi-tools feature stainless handles with lanyard loops for hassle-free maneuverability.


Gerber Swagger Folding Pocket Knife Series: The series features go-to knives for travelers, adventure enthusiasts, and outdoorsmen. These knives come equipped with sharp blades made from stainless steel and sports textured G-10 handles. The Gerber Swagger knives are available in a choice of framelock, plunge lock, and liner lock folding mechanism.


Gerber Torch Folding Pocket Knife Series: The knives in this series for praised for their super-efficient and quick linger flip mechanism that supports the one-hand operation. A majority of Gerber Torch pocket knives feature G-10 handles which are reputed for their excellent durability and offer a firm grip.


Gerber Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver Knife Series: The series offers a range of unique knives, designed to undertake various tasks. Equipped with robust cleaver blades, the Gerber Tri-Tip Mini Clever knives can be used for scraping and cutting needs. These knives feature textured aluminum handles that prevent slipping and offer a comfortable grip.


Gerber Truss Multi-Tool Series: Consists with a diverse range of all-inclusive pocket tools. The Gerber Truss multi-tools are suitable for professional applications as well as camping, hiking, and other adventurous pursuits. These multi-purpose tools function as pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, bottler opener, awl, ruler, file, and more.


Gerber US Assist Open Folding Pocket Knife Series: These folding knives are designed to assist the user in a combat situation and tactical jobs. The Gerber US Assist pocket knives come equipped with black glass-reinforced nylon handles that provide a tight grip. A majority of these knives feature B.O.S.S. tech stainless ball bearing system that assists in reducing friction and makes them easy to open.


Gerber Versafix Machete Series: The series includes a multitude of hybrid fixed blade machetes that are ready to undertake a range of slicing, cutting, and chopping tasks. Most of the Gerber Versafix Machetes come with a nylon sheath that assists in fuss-free and secure belt carry.


Gerber Verterbrae Knife Series: These fixed blade knives are designed for adventure pursuits and outdoor chores. Featuring full tang construction and textured handles, the Gerber Verterbrae knives offer a tight grip. These knives are available in a choice of vibrant colors, which makes them easy to spot on the trail or the campsite.


Gerber Vital Knife-Saw-Shears Series: This series consists of an assortment of accessories such as shears, saws, replacement blades, cutlery and more, for outdoor pursuits as well as everyday use. A majority of the equipment in the Gerber Vital series feature black and blaze orange rubber handles and stainless construction.


Gerber Wing Tip Knife Series: Featuring a concealable size, the Gerber Wing Tip knives are suitable for in-pocket carry. A majority of these pocket knives have a slip joint mechanism that allows for smooth opening and closing, making maneuverability hassle-free.


Warranted Against Defects

Gerber Knives believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, this is to be noted that Gerber Knives products are intended to be used as stated, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


Explore Knife Country USA for Plethora of Knives and Tools Options

Knife Country USA is an American online store that offers an array of knives and outdoor gear. The retailer has an ever-expanding product inventory that includes over 30,000 models of pocket knives, multi-tools, hatchets, machetes, knife sharpeners, and flashlights by trusted brands like Gerber Knives. From hunting to camping to trekking and other outdoor activities, the online retail store caters to all the demand. Explore the portal for one of our top-selling brands – Gerber Knives for casual T-shirts, fire starters, folding pocket knives, Bear Grylls survival knives, cooking tools, and more. Its ultimate objective is to offer maximum customer satisfaction with its never-ending product catalog. In case of any query, connect with us through call (800) 342-9118 or send us an e-mail anytime. We would be happy to handle your knife-related doubts and offer you the best options possible.




Benefit Bar

 FREE ground shipping on orders over $50 - EASY DOESN'T.

Pare it Down

Make the most of your pocket space. The Lockdown Drive and Lockdown Pry are reimagined multi-tools that offer low profile utility with tool packs that tackle those daily tasks.

Shop Lockdown

On the Blog

Badassador Dan Wowak recalls his failures and successes and shows how they shaped his passion to teach others.

Read the StoryShop Survive Collection

Pocket It

If you thought everyday carry only applied to your knife, think again. With a slimmed down footprint and a built-in pocket clip, the Suspension-NXT hangs out in your pocket until called to the job.


Triple Threat

Grab the American-Made Principle and rest a little easier, because it over-delivers on versatility and durability. With 3 mounting positions and 3 ergonomic grips, this triple threat is ready wherever and however you call it to action.


Get a Grip

Swift power is on hand with the durable, hot-forged Magniplier Split Ring. Optimized spacing between handles offers maximum control while the 7.5" split ring provides quicker rigging.

Shop Magniplier Split Ring



Founded in 1939, Gerber is an American brand that is dedicated to crafting problem-solving, life-saving knives, multi-tools, cutting tools, and equipment. Whether to save time, save the day, or save a life, Gerber products have delivered for over 75 years. Gerber’s storied past paved the way for an innovative, product-driven future. Carried by soldiers, hunters, and tradesmen alike, Gerber products are developed intentionally to deliver task-specific or mission-essential knives, tools, and equipment. Whether used to Explore, Hunt, Survive, Work, or Defend, Gerber tackles the tasks of daily life head on.  


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Deal: One of My Favorite Gerber Knives Is on Sale

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Spend enough time with pocket knives and you’ll begin to understand how they differ from one blade to the next. The shape of the blade, opening mechanism and quality makes each one distinct, but so does the useability, or how often the knife comes in handy.

One blade that I continue to find a use for is Gerber’s Obsidian Fine-Edge Knife. Its drop-point blade cuts through almost anything, plus it features a Phillips-head screwdriver, flathead driver, metal file and bottle opener. Such multi-functionality gives me far more reason to break it out whether I’m tightening a loose cabinet knob or cracking open a cold one. And even though my collection includes quite a few high-end knives, this is the one I carry throughout the day.

Pick up the Obsidian Fine-Edge Knife from REI and take 42% off for a savings of $16.

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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Folding Sheath Knife REVIEW - 31-000752 - vs Ultimate Survival Knife

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Gerber Survival Knife

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