Diamond painting drill numbers

Diamond painting drill numbers DEFAULT

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Freestyle Shade NumberDMC Shade NumberShade Description
Pale Rose
Mid rose
Dark Rose
Light Blush
Pale Scarlet
Bright Red
Dark Musk
Flag Red
Dark Crimson
Light Hot Pink
Hot Pink
Bright pink
Pale pink
Light carnation
Pastel pink
Mid pink
Dark floral
Ice pink
Frilly pink
Light frilly pink
Lilac pink
Light fuschia
Dark Fuschia
Deep Blush
Baby Pink
Light Magenta
Mid Magenta
Dark Magenta
Lolly Pink
Light Jazz Pink
Jazz Pink
Mid Jazz Pink
Dark Jazz Pink
Light Cyclamen
Mid Cyclamen
Dark Cyclamen
Pink Mist
Crepe Myrtle
Light Puce
Dark Puce
Bright Cerise
Port Wine
Pale Soft Pink
Soft Pink
Rose Bud
Light Dusky Pink
Dusky Pink
Dark Dusky Pink
Pink Haze
Sweet Pea
Rose Quartz
Mid Garnet
Dark Garnet
Purple Smoke
Pale Mushroom
Dark Mushroom
Light Mauve
Dark Mauve
Pale lilac
Mid Lilac
Light Purple
Dark Purple
Purple Ice
Imperial Purple
Royal Purple
Blue Grey
Mid Blue Grey
Blue Shadow
Dark Lavenda
Soft Violet
Gentian Violet
Duck Egg Blue
Sky Blue
Mid Sky Blue
Dark Sky Blue
Light Delft
Junior Navy
Dark Cornflower
Forget-me-not Blue
Delphinium Blue
Reflex Blue
Dark Reflex Blue
Ocean Blue
Navy Blue
Light Glacier
Glacier Blue
Dark Glacier
Pale Denim
Dark Denim
Light Aegean
Aegean Blue
Deep Aegean Blue
Light Aqua
Dark Aqua
Pale Blue Grey
French Blue
Dark Blue Grey
Ice Blue
Mid Sea Quest
Sea Quest
Dark Sea Quest
Oriental Light Blue
Oriental Blue
Mid Oriental Blue
Dark oriental blue
Midnight Blue
Baby Blue
Light Teal
Mid Teal
Dark Teal
Midnight Teal
Aqua Mist
Heavenly Blue
Light Kingfisher
Dark Kingfisher
Dark Sapphire
Light Aqua Marine
Mid Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine
Dark Aqua Marine
Pale Turquoise
Mid Turquoise
Dark Turquoise
Oriental Turquoise
Midnight Turquoise
Turquoise Ice
Pale Slate
Mid Slate
Dark Slate
Light Jade
Dark Jade
Light Reef
Medium Reef
Dark Reef
Deep Waterfall
Deep Spa
Blue Green
Dark Blue Green
Soft Green
Light Apple Green
Apple Green
Dark Apple Green
Wattle Green
Turquoise Breath
Dark Beryl
Light Juniper
Light Agave
Dark Agave
Pine Green
Dark Pine Green
Pale Mint Green
Medium Mint Green
Mint Green
Bright Mint Green
Light Emerald
Emerald Green
Dark Emerald
Holly Green
Antique Green
Light Jungle
Deep Jungle
Pastel Green
Pale Fern
Medium Fern
Dark Fern
Pale Chartreuse
Deep Chartreuse
Palm Green
Cedar Green
Dark Parrot
Kelly Green
Mid Kelly Green
Dark Kelly Green
Light Frog Green
Frog Green
Loden Green
Celery Green
Pickle Green
Mineral Green
Medium Forest
Dark Forest
Grey Green
Pale Olive
Grass green
Green Haze
Hunter Green
Dark Pickle
Sap Green
Dark Olive
Pale Yellow
Bright Lime
Bright Khaki
May Green
Mid May Green
Light Khaki
Dark May Green
Army Green
Winter Green
Dark Eucalypt
Light Eucalypt
Gum Green
Green Gold
Pale Gold
Deep Gold
Light Bronze
Dark Khaki
Gun Metal
Steam Cloud
Dark Linen
Deep Cadmium
Pale Ginger
Dark Ginger
Golden Ginger
Harvest Gold
Dark Citrus
Dark Wattle
Primrose Yellow
Dark Primrose
Lemon Cadmium
Baby Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Light Orange
Mid Orange
Bright Orange
Dark Orange
Feather Pink
Light Coral
Deep Coral
Pink Pearl
Light Terra Cotta
Terra Cotta
Dark Terra Cotta
Pink Marble
Light Brick Red
Brick Red
Dark Brick Red
Dark Rust
Light Nacre
Mid Nacre
Light Ochre
Mid Ochre
Dark ochre
Dark Brown
Light Skin Tone
Skin Tone
Dark Skin Tone
Medium Skin Tone
Light Tan
Mid Tan
Dark Tan
Light Ballet Pink
Ballet Slipper Pink
Pale Salmon
Mid Salmon
Dark Salmon
Dark Siena
Light Burgundy
Ice Burgundy
Red Mud
Dark Burgundy
Porcelain Pink
Light Mole Pink
Mole Pink
Light Mole
Dark Mole
Light Oyster
Mid Oyster
Light Java
Dark Java
Light Latte
Medium Latte
Dark Latte
Chocolate Brown
Dirty Paw
Purple Brown
Burnt Umber
Baby Blossom
Pale Donkey
Medium Donkey
Light Stone
Mid Stone
Dark Stone
Black Pearl
Dark Ash
Deep Ocean
Frosty Pink
Light Clay
Grey Green Haze
Medium Clay
Dark Clay
Snow Drift
Mid Twig
Dark Twig
Dark Sepia
Arctic Grey
Smokey Grey
Dark Cement
Thunder Grey
Storm Grey
Pale Dove
Medium Dove
Dark Dove
Blue Gum
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Diamond painting and paint with numbers- these are two different kinds of artistic expressions, but they share some fascinating similarities. If you are in any way artistic, you probably like both kinds of crafts, and you have likely heard of both of them. But how do they compare? Is one better than the other? We are comparing diamond painting VS paint with numbers to give you the answers.

Comparing Diamond Painting VS Paint with Numbers

 Diamond PaintingPaint with Numbers
EasinessVery simple and very complex optionsVery simple and very complex options
Good for Kids?Yes!Yes!
What’s IncludedDiamond drills, canvas, wax, drill pen, sorting tray, instructionsPaintbrush, canvas, paint selection
AccessoriesAdditional diamond drills, other kinds of pens, storage containers, tweezersProfessional brushes, easels, additional paints, storage containers
CustomizationYou can order custom printed diamond painting setsYou can order custom printed paint with numbers sets
Selection’s to choose from’s to choose from
MessinessNo liquid mess at allCan be really messy
MyOpinionMore rewardingMight be easier to get started

Diamond Painting Explained

Image from diamond art club

This relatively new kind of art uses diamond drills, which are small, shiny stones made from artificial materials. It is a cross between paint with numbers and cross stitching, and the artist places the diamonds on a canvas in prearranged spots. Each diamond drill is a different color, and where each color should go is already marked out on the canvas.

Using a specialized stylus pen and some adhesive, the artist picks up the diamond drills and places them in appropriate spots on the canvas. Once the colorful diamonds are all in their place, an incredible picture is made. It looks like pixel art, as it is a larger piece made out of much smaller pieces.

A Hobby on Fire

Diamond painting has really taken off the last few years, becoming a choice hobby for many people of all ages and skill levels. It has gained popularity quickly due to how easy it is to pick up and learn. There are an endless number of canvases to chose from, so consumers are free to pick one that they like and express themselves through it. They can even order custom made diamond paintings that use personal photographs.

Everything Is Included

Diamond painting is a very new idea for many people, and most artists would not know where to start with this kind of craft. They would not know what to buy and what it involves putting together a diamond painting. It is fortunate, then, that the diamond painting kits that come with each diamond painting canvas come with everything necessary to create each picture.

The kits will usually have the canvas, of course, as well as all the colored diamond drills to assemble the painting. The kits also come with a diamond drill pen, sticky wax, a sorting tray, and instructions. There are other tools and art paraphernalia that some people might like to get to enhance their diamond painting experiences, but what is included in the diamond painting kit is all that is absolutely necessary.

3D or 5D Diamond Painting?

When you start to look for diamond painting kits and canvases, you may come across a few varieties of diamond paintings. Some will be listed as 3D diamond paintings and others will boast of offering a 5D experience. What’s the difference?

Most diamond paints are 3D, and that simply means that the diamond drills have nine facets or edges, with three facets on each side. The 5D diamond drills are designed with fifteen facets, with five one ach side. This produces a sparkly effect that is even shinier and more spectacular than the 3D diamonds. That’s the only difference, really. They simply have a different appearance from one another, and the incredible sparkly qualities of the 5D diamond paintings can make them more desirable for some hobbyists.

Paint with Numbers Explained

diamond painting accesories

What about paint with numbers? What does that involve?

Like diamond painting, when you use paint with numbers kits, you are following a set of instructions. There are particular spots on the canvas that you are supposed to use specific colors of paint. When comparing diamond painting and paint with numbers, the most striking similarity is how color is applied.

Painting with numbers is a type of craft or painting method that has been around for many years at this point. Most people are familiar with it and have probably completed a paint by numbers picture when they were a child. These are inexpensive kits that are easy to find in retail stores and that come in quite a few varieties.

What’s in the Kit?

If you buy a paint with numbers kit, what is included in it? The kit will typically come with everything required to make a beautiful paint with numbers masterpiece. You get a paintbrush to apply your paint, as well as an uncolored canvas and a set of paints. Those paints are usually acrylic, watercolor, or oil-based.

The paint containers are usually numbered and the spots where paint goes on the canvas are numbered as well. These numbers correspond with one another so that you know exactly where to apply the paint. This is a great starting art project for someone who is an aspiring painter and who wants to to learn some technique and paint application.

Simple or Elaborate

In the last few years, paint with numbers of manufacturers have started offering more choices for enthusiasts, including very intricate, detailed kits that let people paint true works of art. Not all paint with numbers of pictures are simple kid-oriented crafts. Some of them are extremely time consuming and rival classical and professional art for their beauty and detail.

Consumers can choose between very simple paint with numbers options for their kids or for beginners, or they can pick complex kits that will feel like a real challenge to the experienced artist.

So, Diamond Painting or Paint with Numbers?

Should you start with diamond painting or paint with numbers? There are advantages and disadvantages of either one and some good reasons to choose one over the other.

Either way you go, you will enjoy the thrill of opening up your kit, whether it is a diamond painting one or a paint with numbers kit. You’ll love constructing or painting your picture, starting from a nearly bank and colorless canvas to a beautiful designed finished product.

You’ll love picking out your picture as well, either requesting a customized photo or choosing from a varied selection.

One of the joys of diamond painting is how simple it is to get into and how easy it is to do, even if it does take hours to complete one. With paint by numbers, there may be more of a learning curve. You might have to mix colors together to make new colors sometimes, which can be challenging for some people.

The messiness of diamond painting VS paint with numbers should be mentioned as well. If you drop a tray of diamond drills, there will be a mess to clean up. It’s a dry mess, though, and you can sweep them up or pick them up without any problem. Picking up spilled paint can be tougher. You will need to wet the affected area and dry it clean, so it’s more of a hassle to keep the work area clean.

Diamond painting is a very hot hobby right now, with tons of new paintings being released each week, creating a massive library for aspiring artis to pick from. Paint with numbers has been around longer, so there are definitely plenty of canvases to pick from, but it’s not as exciting a hobby at the moment. The interest isn’t there as much as it is for diamond painting.

Which one is best for kids to start with? Placing diamonds into diamond painting can be tricky for smaller kids. You could give them a paint by numbers set, but they will likely make a mess of that. For kids that are about 8 years or older, either one is a good buy, but like I said, the diamond painting won’t be as messy.

Both of these have appeal for adults too, with adult-oriented designs and kits available. There are very detailed, intricate, and complex kits available for both diamond painting and paint with numbers. Whether you are young or old, experienced or inexperienced, there is a painting kit meant for you.

A lot of adults are getting into the diamond painting hobby these days. They like how there is no mess to clean up and how shiny the diamonds look when they are replaced into the canvas, creating a shimmery artwork they are proud to display and show off. As a lot of kids and adults are stuck in lockdown or dealing with restrictions in movement these days, hobbies like diamond painting and paint with numbers have great appeal. They offer them a way to stay entertained when people are at home, and whichever you choose- diamond painting or paint with numbers, I know you will have a good time.

Sours: https://diamondpaintinghouse.com/blog/diamond-painting-vs-paint-with-numbers-what-is-better/
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In Diamond Painting color numbers are always the same if it is DMC numbers. How do you know if it is a DMC number? A DMC number has three or four digits. So if you have a Diamond Painting with the number 4 then it is not a DMC number. The fact that the paintings have the same color number makes it easier if, for example, you are missing drills for a project. You can then use drills from other paintings to complement. Want to know more about DMC numbers you can read this: DMC numbers &#; what is that?.

Symbol chart

The symbol chart often contains a column with DMC numbers. Sometimes it says DMC in the column heading on the symbol chart, but I have had those where it says both BMC and DMS. Some even said &#;no&#; for the column with DMC. So it is not always clear which column is the DMC number. You can read about how to interpret the symbol chart here: Symbol chart &#; what is that?.


Some also write DMC numbers on the bag with drills. The bags look a little different and sometimes it can be a bit tricky to figure out which number is the DMC number. Those times it is usually easier to look at the symbol and then on the symbol chart to find out what the DMC number is.

Shade differences

What one has to keep in mind is that even though the DMC numbers are always the same, there may be differences in the shade. If you order paintings from different sellers, you are likely to encounter different shades of the same color. So if you have, for example, from two different paintings, one color may be lighter or darker than the other. You can mix these as long as you do not have large areas of the same color. Because then if you maybe put half with a shade and then put the other with another, you can see an edge where the color is changed.

Sours: https://www.allaboutdiamondpainting.com/color-numbers/
6 Tips for Placing Square Diamond Painting Drills Straight
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Numbers diamond painting drill

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Diamond Painting Instructions: How to Do Diamond Painting

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