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Hi there, im using the name Narm but you can but your name instead. I hope you like this and ill put in chapter 2 soon if you like it... :3, yes sans has his powers even though hes 'human'. he just looks human. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Narm was walking out of the entrance. She was waving Toriel goodbye walking to the bridge. Sans couldn't believe his eyes; there was a human crossing the bridge. It had been centuries since a human fell. he decided to play a trick on them, just to have a laugh. he started following the human, teleporting away every time they turned around to see if someone was there, and when they stepped on the bridge he slowly waled towards him, until between the two of them there was only an inch of space. "Human." he said in his scariest voice. "Don't you know how to greet a new pal? turn around and shake my hand." he reached out his hand, waiting for the human to shake it. Narm turned around scared hesitantly shaking his hand. As soon as she shaked his hand, a farting sound played. "Hehehe..." sans giggled. "The old whoopee cushion in the hand trick. It's ALWAYS funny." he laughed again. Narm blinked confused. "U-uhm.. Who are you?" She said looking at him. He looked human but he was almost as pale as a skeleton . "You're a human, right?" he asked, putting his hand back in his pocket. "That's hilarious. I'm Sans." he introduced himself; he was tall and pale. his hair was so white it was almost blinding. He had a tired expression, mostly emphasized by the dark circles under his eyes, and a toothy smile; in addition, a bit of beard grew on his chin. He wore a blue hoodie and some black shorts, as if he didn't suffer the cold. "Aren't you cold..?" Narm asked shivering slightly. She was only wearing sweats and a t-shirt. "Not really, no. You, on the other hand, look like you're freezing. Here, have this." He took off his hoodie, placing it on her shoulders and remaining with only a plain, white t-shirt on. "Ah thanks. So are you saying that your.. Not human?" She asked tilting her head slightly "Not exactly. I'm a monster, which means I look like a human but have powers, and other stuff like that." he explained. "I'm actually supposed to be on watch for humans right now. but... y'know... i don't really care about capturing anybody." he shrugged. "now my brother, papyrus... he's a human-hunting FANATIC." Narm slightly shudders. "Should I be scared?" She asks looking around. "nah, he's a pretty chill guy, but i think that's him over there." she took a look over her shoulder, noticing another pale, tall man in the distance. "i have an idea. go over this gate thingy. yeah, go right through. my bro made the bars to wide to stop anyone. and now quick, behind that conveniently-shaped lamp." Narm looked and lifted her eyebrow confused but hid behind it anyways. "SANS!" the other man screamed, approaching him. He was very similar to his brother, but he was taller and his face had no trace of fatigue at all. he was wearing some kind of weird suit and a cape, which kinda made him look like a ridiculous superhero. the two talked, and the taller one seemed very angry, saying something about sans not doing his job before he left. Narm watched and lightly snorted. when his brother was finally gone, he teleported in front of the girl. "You better get outta here, he might come back." he told her."But where will I go? I'm in the middle of the forest. I'll die from hypothermia!" Narm says The monster sighed. "Damn, taking care of humans is hard. Couldn't you dress more properly when you decided to jump in here?" he joked. "I guess i can make an exception for once... come here, we'll take a shortcut." He suddenly held her in his arms, being careful to hold her tight enough. One second later, they were inside of a big house, much warmer than before. "home sweet home." he murmured, loosening his grip on the human. Narm froze. "W-what just happened?" She said wobbling a little. Narm was holding onto him not letting go "I told you about my powers, didn't i?" he asked, not giving any further explanation. "Anyways, this is me and my brother's house. pretty cool, right?" She nodded looking around. "Go sit down while i search for something for you to wear, i guess you might be feeling a little nauseous." he pointed at the couch with a nod of the head, then he disappeared, just to reappear upstairs. Narm Sat on the couch waiting patiently for him to return. Sans reappeared in front of her after a while with something in his hands. "Here you go." he said. "This is my brother's, try not to ruin it." he handed her a white sweater with a big red heart on it. She took it and put it on. "Thanks" she said with a closed eyed smile. He felt a pink blush color his pale cheekbones. "whatever pal." he murmured, turning his head around. She blinked. "Did you blush?" She asked a smug look on her face "Pfft sure, in your dreams maybe." he smirked, a mocking expression on his face. "Now why would I dream of you, frosty the snowman" she said with a giggle. He opened his mouth wide, pretending to be surprised. "oh, why must you hurt me this way?" he asked dramatically. She laughed. "Whens your brother supposed to come home?" She asked looking at the door worried "that's a great question. i honestly have no idea." Narm looked out the window."i don't think he's gonna be here soon anyways, so don't be so tense" "Ok.." She says walking around the house"So how old are you?" She asked all of a sudden "oh, that's a secret. you never ask a monster his age." he joked, letting out a small giggle. "Your probably 200" she said squinting "what? do i look that old?"She squinted at him acting as if she's thinking really hard. "aw come on! you're mocking me!" he yelled. "fine then... let's say i have between 20 and 40 years. maybe 30." " 29?" She asked. he shook his head. "you got pretty close though." "27!" She said pointing at him. "nnooope." he smirked, sitting on the couch. "28?" "that took you long enough, kiddo." "I-im not a kid!!" "how old are you, then?" "I'm 24" she said crossing her arms "see? you're still a kid." he shrugged. "W-what!! We are 4 years apart. Not that much of an age difference!" sans chuckled, finding funny how worked up she would get. She puffed up her cheeks pouting sitting next to him."aw come on, don't pout like a little baby now." he poked her cheek, smiling. She bit his hand, lightly. "ouch! Why would you bite me!?" he yelled, quickly moving his hand away. "You poked me and called me a baby! Who's a baby now?" She said smirking crossing her arms "well i did not bite you! damn, so touchy..." he murmured, holding the hand she bit. She grabbed his hand softly looking at it. "It's not that bad." She said. he felt his cheeks turn lightly pink again, and teleported a few steps far from the couch. "still, you don't bite a complete stranger." "We aren't friends?" Narm said looking a little hurt. " Didn't you say 'don't you know how to greet a new friend'? " "oh shi—" he muttered under his breath. "it's not like that, kiddo. it's just that we barely know each other, so you can't really say you're friends, you get me?" "Oh..alright" she said "I'm sorry for biting you." She's said "it's alright, it doesn't even hurt." he shrugged, teleporting on the couch again. She rested her head on her hand looking at her lap."what is it? are you tired?" he asked ."Kinda.. I haven't slept in 4 days almost. But you shouldn't worry about a stranger" she said "stop being so touchy already, you should totally get some sleep. I can let you stay in my room if you want, or at least until my brother comes back." he reached out his hand, waiting for her to grab it. She hesitated taking his hand. the second she took his hand, they both landed on something soft and bouncy. "Sorry for the mess, i don't clean in here quite often." They were in sans' room, more specifically on his bed; there were clothes and liter all over the room and the bed was unmade, the only thing that seemed more tidy than the rest was a small wooden desk with a computer on it. "Well my room is definitely messier." She giggled "nah, that's impossible." he got off the bad, walking towards the door. "do you want me to leave you alone? so maybe you can rest a bit." "I-i mean I could take the couch.." She said a light shade of pink covering her cheeks "but you're already here, so make yourself at home. i'll go downstairs then, maybe i can eat something..." Narm looked away from him before laying down."well... see ya later then." he turned around, then disappeared. "Bye.." She whispered closing her eyes and falling asleep Half and an hour later, sans teleported back into his room, just to check on Narm. "she's probably still sleeping, she must've had a hard time out there." he thought. Narm had her eyebrows pressed together in stress. Sans looked at her, a worried look on his face. She didn't seem to be having sweet dreams. He sat on the bed, putting a hand on her shoulder and wondering what she was dreaming about. "" She muttered before waking up sitting up bumping her head into sans"Oww" she said rubbing her head "what's up with you trying to hurt me today, huh?" "Your the one watching me sleep" she said puffing her cheeks up " i was not watching you sleep. i was just checking if everything was alright, and then you started having this nightmare so i just came to see what was wrong." "Ah..I see...well thanks stranger" she said a small smile on her lips. he smiled too, putting a hand on top of her head. "no problem. you sure u okay?" he asked, gently rubbing his hand on her head so that her hair would mess up a bit. "Yea I'm fine" she said chuckling "good. are you still tired?" he asked. "Nah, im fine, how long have i been sleeping?" she asked "an hour, maybe two. that's incredibly little sleep for someone who hasn't slept in days" he smirked, getting off the bed. "Im used to it.." she said rubbing the back of her head. "you should sleep more, kiddo. not sleeping enough will make your brain go nuts." "I can tell" she teased looking at him "ha-ha, very funny." he had an annoyed expression on his face. "anyways, are you hungry? i was thinking about heading to grillby's." "Grillbys? " she cocked her head "oh right, you don't know what grillby's is. follow me, i'll take you there." he got one of his hand out of his pocket, reaching out to her. She took it when she grabbed it, they both teleported. in front of them there was a small pub with a banner on top that said "GRILLBY'S". he moved to the side, doing a small bow.  "ladies first."Narm rolled her eyes walking inside looking around. " I think..?" "more like a pub." he shrugged. "come on, get in." She nodded following him. The pub contained a couple of booths and tables here and there , a bar and a broken jukebox in the corner. sitting inside there were lots of different monsters, mostly anthropomorphic canines. everyone greeted sans; he seemed to be pretty popular around there, he greeted everyone back, then took a seat at the bar, where a monster made entirely of fire was cleaning some cups. Narm Sat next to him looking at the firey dude "so, what do you want?" sans asked her. "What do they have?" She asks "burger and fries. a wide variety, i'd say." he chuckled. "Mochi? Or icecream?" She asks her face lighting up her eyes sparkling "Mochi? what's that?" he asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion. "Its a Japanese ice cream" she said chuckling"Its made out of rice and stuff" "japan? i haven't been to japan recently so i really can't say I've ever tasted it." he shrugged. "I know how to make it" she said with a proud face. "really? than you should let me try it one day." "Maybe... only if your nice to me though, so do they have icecream here?" she asked "we have nicecream. is it the same thing?" "Ill try it." Narm said shrugging "It sounds pretty nice" "so, are you gonna get anything?" he asked her again, pointing at grillbys with a nod of the head. "Nicecream please!" she said with a smile. sans chuckled. "you got it wrong, kiddo. they dont serve any nicecream in this place." he laughed again. "Aw man.. well water would be fine" she said grumpily. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thanks for reading! Might go for part 2 hehehehehehe.. should I? ...


You were normally bullied at school. As you walk throuh the hallway a group of popular kids knocked the books out of your hand and shoved you into the lockers. "Nerd!" One said and the others laughed and walked away. You picked up your books and went to your locker, grabbing your bag and running home. At home you threw your backpack on the floor in your room and laid down in bed. You started to cry a bit as you laid there. Not knowing someone was watching you. 

NT! Sans P.O.V 

I was watching the girl, (y/n), come home from school. I had watched her from the shadows for a while. But I only stay for 15 minutes max, I do have other work to do. My plan was to give her nightmares but something made me stop after the first one I gave her. She sat on her bed and cried. Normally I would be used to this but something else was making her cry, and for some strange reason it was upsetting me. She came home today and laid on her bed, and cried till she ended up crying herself to sleep. There were still tears running down her face though.

I silently walked over to her. Gently, I wipe away the stray tears on her face with one hand, with the other I run my fingers through her hair. Jeez, I know Im supposed to be scary and all but I feel like a creep. After a few moments, I pull the cover over her. A small smile appears on her face as she had calmed down. I had smiled a bit as well. I left the house to go do my job, leaving (y/n). What was it about her that made me so ...comfortable around her? I had no idea but one day I can hopefully show myself to her. The problem was, she would be scared of me. 

Your P.O.V 

You woke up the next morning feeling a little better. The comforting feeling that you felt last night lingered. You wrapped your arms around yourself almost to contain some of the feeling. You wished you knew what had made you feel so safe and happy. Sighing you got ready for school again. You got to your first class and sat down. The means girls showed up before anyone else had. You tried to make sure they didn't notice you but they did. "Hey loser, you get those clothes from the dump!" One said. "I bet thats all her slut money can afford!" Another said. 

Suddenly the teacher walked in and one of the girls smirked and 'fell'. "Ah! Teacher! (Y/n) punch me and tripped me!" She whined. You staired in complete shock. "But I didn't do anyth..." "I don't want to hear any exuses! Go to the office now!" You grabbed your stuff and silently walked to the office. You ended up geting suspended for a whole week. Grabbing your bag out of your locker you made your way to the exit, but not before the same group of girls came up to you. "Get her girls." The main jerky girl said. 

They began to kick you and punch you. You fell and tried to protect yourself. The bell then rang and the girls left. You slowly got up and checked for any major injuries. Nothing but dark brusies. You run home as fast as you can. Getting home didn't help because your parents chewed you out. You ran to your room, closed the door and the curtains, and sat on your bed. Silent tears ran down your face. Your eyes were dull. You heard the car pull away from the house knowing your parents were gone. You laid down pulling your knees to your chest and started to cry harder but this time not quietly. 

NT! Sans P.O.V 

I teleported to (y/n)'s house and hid in the shadows, I saw as she ran into her room. It was rather early for her to be home. She sat and cried silently, quielty suffering. Her eyes looked dull and pained. The sound of a car pulling away from the house was heard and her crys became heard. She gripped the blanket and pulled it close to her, wanting some sort of comfort. I decided this would be the best time to show her I was here. I walked over to the bed and sat down. She took notice and sat up quickly. Tears ran down her face as she backed away. "Hey, hey, it's ok." I say holding my hands up. "W..who are you?" She asked. "I am nightmare, but, don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." I say in a calm tone. 

She sniffled and wiped a few tears away. "W..why are here?" She asked. "I...saw you in job is to give people nightmares and...stuff, but I couldn't to you. I saw you were in pain from something else, I wanted to help you but I wasn't sure how to approach you." I said. She looked down. A blank look in her eyes. "You probably should have just gave me nightmares." She said pulling her knees up to her chest and burried her face in them. "I deserve it anyway." She said. "No you don't, your a nice person. Whoever told you that is gonna have a bad time." I say. She remains silent for a moment before harshly crying again.

I slowly wrap my arms around her and pull her close to me. She didn't seem startled, but instead, relaxed a bit to my touch. She cried into my chest as I held her. Her hands gripped my jacket. I rubbed her back soothingly. "It's ok." I whispered. It was a while before she calmed down a bit, only whimpering every now and then. She had calmed down enough to look at me. Her watery (e/c) eyes met mine. "Th..thank you." She whispered. This took me by surprise, I thought she would be scared. "No problem kiddo." I say. She replies softly. "A..are you th..the one that c..comforted me sleep?" She asked blushing a bit.

"Yes." I replied a little awkwardly. She rested her head on my chest. "C..can you s..stay with" She asked. A small blush appeared on my face. I ran my fingures through her hair. "Of course, (y/n)." I say kissing her on the forehead. "Because I love you." I whisper the last part. She seemed to hear it though because a blush appeared on her face. She relaxed fully now and just before she fell asleep she muttered, 'I..I you'

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Ok, so I'm making a Kenny x Reader fanfic and I'm wondering if I should publish it.



Error and I sat on the couch. We watched TV with LE. Blueberry walked in. "(Y/N)!" He smiled. I glanced at him. He had a huge smile and stars in his eyes.

"Do you want to come to Grillby's?" He asked. I shook my head. "How about KFC?" He said. I stood up really fast.

"FRIED CHICKEN!!!" I screamed. I threw my arms up in the air and my eyes were wide. "FRIED CHICKEN?" Sans yelled and teleported downstairs. "FRIEND CHICKEN!" I yelled.

"I NEED TO GO PUT ON PANTS!" I yelled and ran to my room. I jumped into my closet and squeezed into skinny jeans and leather boots. I grabbed Nut's leash and whistled.

Nut wiggled out from under my covers and ran with me up stairs. I snatched my wallet which was under Sans' pet rock and shoved it in my pocket. I put the leash on Nut's collar.

"LETS GO!" I screeched and Nut and I ran out the door. Blueberry followed and Error attempted to keep up.

I know where the KFC is because every time I came over Sans would take me to KFC. I finally got across the street to it and I looked up to see "MTT Burger Emporium.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" I yelled. I ran across the street with Nut and kicked the door open.

A depressed looking cat guy stood at the counter while being scolded by a robot. They both looked up at me.

"Oh! An adoring fan!" The robot smiled. "WHERE IS THE KFC!" I screeched. "I bought the lot from KFC." The robot exclaimed. "You BITCH!" I yelled. Sans teleported next to me. "(C/N) calm down." He said.

"I WONT CALM DOWN I WANT FRIED CHICKEN!" I screamed. "We have steak and burgers." The cat suggested. "I don't want your shitty burgers." I spat. "Sans, I guess you know this girl." The robot muttered.

"Yeah, she is like my daughter." He smirked. I sat on the ground, cross cross apple sauce, and folded my arms and puffed my cheeks. "She acts like Frisk." The robot guy-girl thing chuckled.

"I DONT ACT LIKE THAT LITTLE FLIRT!" I argued. Sans put his hand on my head. "You're childish."
He said. "You're childish." I said back. "I'm a bone-fide adult." He winked. I giggled while the robot groaned.

Nut whined slightly. "I wanted chicken to." I sigh and hug her.

"Do you know who I am?" The robot asked. I looked at it and it was right I front of my face. I slid back. "You seem like a sexual person." I stated. It chuckled and stepped closer. "I'm the fabulous, amazing, gorgeous, Mettaton!" He laughed and smiled. "You are a narcissist." I smirked. Sans pulled me to my feet.

Mettaton looked offended while the cat was laughing so hard he was on the verge of tears. Blueberry peeked in. I looked at him. "Go home. There isn't any KFC." I said and he left.

sans has an addiction... (Funny Undertale Comic Dubs)

Undertale Imagines

cereusblue: “ jumpingjacktrash: “ phoenixfire-thewizardgoddess: “ phoenixfire-thewizardgoddess: “ fitmaree: “Can’t risk it ” This is the Cassowary of Creativity  It just kicked the everloving shit out of the duck for threatening you, and wishes you a...

This is the Cassowary of Creativity


It just kicked the everloving shit out of the duck for threatening you, and wishes you a good, creative day.
You are Safe Now.


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she lays an idea egg every day whether you use it or not

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while on a "family outing" they run into one of frisks' more... flirtatious colleagues from the embassy.

sans contemplates murder.

Anonymous asked:

How would the Sans’ react to their S/O being pretty liberal with their green magic? Also/bonus, at some point they see them use their shield as a weapon?

UT!Sans: He’s nervous at first, he doesn’t want you to turn around and hurt his friends and family. When he sees your shield can also be a weapon, he’s even more nervous.

UF!Sans: He’s relieved you can take care of yourself. It’s a tough place out there. He’s really impressed by your shield, but he’d never let you know that.

US!Sans: He’s in absolute aw! He’s asking you all about your green magic and shield! He wants you to teach him!


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Anonymous asked:

Hi, could I possibly ask for a matchup?(with a male) I’m quite the shy person when around big groups/new people, which is frustrating, but I do come out of my shell more around the people close to me. I love to make people laugh or smile, using bad jokes and small comments to get there. I also really love science and math, and I find myself mesmerized every time it snows. Although, I’m almost always cold so that doesn’t always work out. Oh, and I can be a big scaredy cat, no horror movies here.

I match you with US!Papyrus! He loves watch you watch the snow, but when you start shivering, he gives you his jacket. He loves talking to you about math and science and bad jokes. He’ll also make sure you always feel safe and happy.


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animeluver23 asked:

How would the UT, UF and US bros react if their SO wearing an article of their clothing? (Like for sans their hoodie and for papyrus their scarfs) (Also I love your work, keep it up!!)

Aw! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry this took forever!


Sans: He likes seeing you in his hoodie. He’s going to tease you a little. “hey sans, have you see y/n?” “Sans! It’s me!” “hey me, where’s y/n?”



Sans: He’s very flattered that you want to look like him… but he really wants his bandanna back…

Papyrus: He’s going to teasingly flirt with you. He’ll tell you things like, “you look better in that than me.” “maybe i should dress in your clothes.”


Sans: He’s turned on. You know US!Papyrus’s innocent flirting? Yeah, his is the opposite. “that look good on ya doll.. it’d look better on my floor.”

Papyrus: He snatches his scarf away. “HANDS OFF HUMAN!” He doesn’t like to share no matter who you are.


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Anonymous asked:

All the sanses you can do with an s/o who is stronger than them? Like the strongest boss monster?

UT!Sans: He thinks it’s pretty cool. He’s definitely wary of you at first, but once he sees you mean no harm, he’s fine with it!

US!Sans: His eyes turn into stars! He’s so impressed! He’s going to start begging you to train with him!

UF!Sans: He’s glad you can take care of yourself. He’s a little concerned you might go crazy and kill everyone, but when he sees you’re not the crazy type, he’ll relax knowing you’re safe.


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backtrackedcas asked:

UF Asgore, UT Asgore, US Papyrus and UF Sans with an s/o who has been physically abused, neglected, emotionally abused and neglected, and sexually abused by her dad and isn't comfortable with a lot of stuff and sometimes has nightmares and flashbacks and she apologizes alot.

UF!Asgore: He’s not going to understand. I’m sorry, but he won’t. He’s going to occasionally yell at her out of frustration. “STOP APOLOGIZING! YOU’RE A QUEEN NOW! YOU DON’T APOLOGIZE!” He’ll try to understand… in his own, um, rough way?

UT!Asgore: Unlike his counter part, Asgore is going to be so much more gentle in his awkward way. He tries to make sure you’r relaxed and calm and and comfortable. He’s always there to make you tea and comfort you.

US!Papyrus: He’s probably the best. He won’t push you. If you apologize a lot, he’ll just give you little reassuring nods. Flashbacks and nightmares? No problem, he’ll hold you close until you’re better.

UF!Sans: He understands the abuse, but he’s not as… um, reassuring. “yeah? join tha club sweetheart. we all got traumas down here…” He won’t let you apologize. “none of that babe.” He gets nightmares too so he can at least help you there.


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Abused reader sans x sexually

Man Utd legend Patrice Evra reveals he was sexually abused aged 13 by his head teacher after staying at his house

MANCHESTER UNITED favourite Patrice Evra has claimed he was sexually abused when he was just 13 years old.

The former Red Devils and France left-back said the incident happened when he was staying at his head teacher's home.

Patrice Evra revealed he was sexually abused when he was 13 years old


Patrice Evra revealed the abuse in his autobiography


Evra, 40, described the hell in his new autobiography 'I love this game' which is being serialised in The Times.

He wrote: "I would get butterflies in my stomach when I was due to sleep over as the end of the school day drew near.

"It couldn’t go on, and after a few months I told my mum that I didn’t want to stay with him any longer.

"I didn’t give any reason. By that time, my would-be abuser had become tired of the situation.

“On the last night at that man’s house, when he knew that I was going back to my family, he finally succeeded. He put my penis in his mouth.”

He added: “If you are a child reading this and you are being abused, you must talk. Don’t carry your shame because there is no shame. Deal with your nightmare by talking about it."

Evra played 379 times for Manchester United from 2005 to 2014 and won five Premier League titles as well as the Champions League.

He said he was approached by the police when he was 24 years old while playing for Monaco when the teacher was facing abuse allegations, but was in denial about his experiences.

In a separate interview with The Times, he revealed the pain his family felt when he travelled to Paris a fortnight ago to tell his mother about the abuse.

“It was a tough moment for me. I have still to tell a few of my brothers and sisters and close friends.

The former Manchester United defender said he only told his fiancee Margaux Alexandra


“I don’t want people to feel pity. It’s a difficult situation. A mother does not expect to hear this from their own child. She felt something (was wrong) and had asked me why I did not want to sleep in the teacher’s house.

"Only now when I am 40 years old do I tell her. It was a big shock for her. A lot of anger. She said she was sorry.

"She said: ‘You must not put it in your book, it’s private Patrice,’ but that’s when I say, mum, it’s not about me, it’s about other kids then she says OK, she understands.”

“The first thing my mum says is, ‘if you don’t sue him, I’ll sue him. If he’s still alive, I’m going to kill him.’

"There is a lot of rage. I know my mum and people from my family will do research and see if they can sue. But I buried this thing so deep I didn’t think about (prosecution).”

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Four top names Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should axe to help turn Man Utd fortunes around


When fell sans is in heat

I tell you, she fucks with me - both in the pussy and in the ass. And she sucks my dick. Yesterday before going to bed, by the way, I sucked it off.

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Yana moved to live in another city. Not too far away, half a day by train. Her ex-boyfriend lived here, who by the way asked to return - she did not know at that. Time where to go. His call resolved her doubts.

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