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Balcony Railing Planters & Deck Brackets

Railing Planters for Your Balcony, Deck or Porch

Create eye catching curb appeal with our impressive selection of Railing Planters. Made to be featured on balconies, porches decks, or along a wood or wrought iron fence, these outdoor railing planters can transform the look of your outdoor space with minimal effort. 

Choosing the Right Railing Planter for Your Space

Creating dreamy decks and patios is effortless with our vast selections of garden materials, tools and accessories. Depending on the architectural style of your home, you may prefer one design to another. Our best advice is to choose a railing planter style that speaks to you. Rail Planters in any design will aesthetically improve exteriors and complement existing decor. Curb appeal also increases home values and helps you sell your home faster - especially when paired with other accents like shutters, faux balconies and iron accents.

  • Metal, Vinyl and Wood Options
  • Multiple color options available in Vinyl
  • Custom sizing and color options available

Railing Planter Boxes in Many Materials

Hooks and Lattice is known worldwide as the premier choice for container gardening and easy curb appeal. Since every flower box we make can also be mounted to fences and rails, your options are limitless with us. We handcraft standard and custom rail planters in the following materials:

  • Fiberglass
  • Solid-Core PVC Composite
  • Cedar, Redwood
  • Steel and Wrought Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Vinyl and Plastic

In addition to offering many material choices, you can confidently shop the largest selection of attractive container garden styles from the comfort of your home. You are sure to find something that adds curb appeal and allure.

Deck Rail Planters

Perhaps you just installed a new deck and want to add a finishing touch, or maybe your deck has seen better days, and it’s ready for a revamp. Whatever the situation, deck rail planters can make a BIG impact with little effort. 

Balcony Railing Planters

Don’t let that boring balcony continue to be lifeless and colorless, add balcony railing planters brimming with vibrant flowers and plants! And you can make them maintenance free with artificial plants or low maintenance with water reservoirs!

Hayrack Troughs

  • Heavy-duty wrought iron construction
  • Eco-friendly coconut coir liner included
  • Adaptable to walls, railings or fences
  • Adds rustic, country charm - See: Bungalows, Ranch and Tudor styles

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Railing Planters

  • Both materials are weather treated with powder-coat finishes
  • Many decorative liners to choose from; also suited for small flowerpots
  • Adaptable to walls, railings or fences
  • Adds European charm - See: Federal, Georgian, Mediterranean and Victorian styles
  • Self-watering reservoir inserts available

PVC Composite Railing Planters

  • No-rot, insect-resistant material
  • Looks and feels like wood
  • Classic forms - See: Cape Cod, Craftsman and Colonial homes
  • Adaptable to walls, railings or fences
  • Self-watering reservoir inserts available

Vinyl & Self-Watering

  • No-rot, insect-resistant material
  • Vinyl railing planters are lightweight
  • Mainly contemporary styles - See Art Deco, Shingle and Greek Revivals
  • Some with sub-irrigation systems

Dont Forget the Brackets!

Window Boxes + Brackets = Railing Planters

We've made dressing up your outdoor space easy with our wide assortment of railing planter sizes and deck rail bracket options. Pair any window box with one of our bracket collections suited to your space and installation type. We offer bracket solutions for every shape and size. Shop our collection of Railing Planter Brackets - after you select the length and optional liner you want for your deck rail planter project, we have curated different size brackets for typical railing installations that will work with our European Railing Planter.  Hooks and Lattice has balcony railing bracketry that will work with standard wood rails:

For Wrought Iron Railings

If you have a wrought iron fence with a squared flat rail (if you put your hand on the top of the rail—it is flat and squared off) we have railing planter brackets to fit from 3/4” all the way to ” in width.  

For Rounded or Beveled Rails

If your balcony rail is rounded, or beveled, we have designed a bracket that will work with diameters up to ”. Please note that the European Planter Cage is made 1” longer to accommodate standard size liners. Scrolls add an additional 6” to the length and 3” to the width.

Railing Planter Experts Available to Help

We are proud to offer stellar customer service to all of our clients, regardless of project size. Whether you're shopping for your very first container garden, dressing up your balcony or fully renovating your home or business, our skilled team is here to help you find just what you need.

We're here to help you choose the best solutions and hardware for your specific railing planters needs. Click to chat or call our customer service department, toll-free:

You can also email us to request more information or a quote for custom products: [email protected] 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Custom Railing Planters and Brackets Available

Custom lengths and sizes can be manufactured.  Just call for a quote.

Sours: https://www.hooksandlattice.com/window-boxes/balcony-railing-planters.html

If you want to add some color to your outdoor space this summer and are lucky enough to have a deck or balcony, buying a railing planter is an easy way to do it. They mount to the edge with hooks, ledges, or a cutout in the base, and are generally a snap to set up—and some require zero time to install. They look great solo or in multiples, spaced evenly along the railing, plus you don't need to spend a fortune on the project, as there are options in the market for $20 or less. We've rounded up our favorites, with recommendations below to suit every style and budget.

What to Consider

Shopping for a railing planters is somewhat similar to searching for the perfect window box. The first thing to take into account for railing planters is the width of your deck or balcony's railing. Several are made to set into wood that’s 2x4 or 2x6, and there are also planters that are adjustable, which is handy. If neither option works for you, your best bet is to choose one with hooks. Some are designed to be permanently mounted (and most come with mounting hardware).

Next up, you'll need to decide on material. Railing planters are typically made of high-grade polyethylene, wood, or various metals such as steel, typically powder-coated or galvanized to prevent rust, or copper, which takes on a weathered patina over time. The vast majority have drainage holes or slats at the bottom, and there are also self-watering planters, with reservoirs at the bottom.

How We Chose

Our selection includes railing planters with a minimum average four stars or more, and the majority of those featured below receive ratings of stars or higher. We cover planters in a range of materials, as mentioned above, and in a range of styles, with assorted finishes. We also offer options across multiple price points, from budget-friendly, under-$20 planters to high-end picks that hover around $ at the time of this writing.

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Our Value Pick

Arlmont & Co. Reidy Railing Planter


If you’re looking for an attractive, affordable, and durable railing planter, this one is tough to beat. Made of charcoal gray weather-resistant polypropylene plastic, with a curved lip at the top and graduated sides that contour toward the base, where there’s a cutout to attach the planter securely to your balcony or deck. There are also drainage holes in the bottom. 

Customers give it high marks, with an average stars from nearly reviewers.


Best Set of Two

Veradek Brooklyn Railing Planters



These are from top-rated Veradek, and we cover several of their railing planters in here for their overall quality and sleek design. This set might be mistaken for being made of metal, with its attractive brushed finish, but it’s actually 70 percent recycled high-grade polyethylene composite, which is easy to maintain and weather-resistant.

The inch-wide planter comes with adjustable mounting hooks, hardware, and leveling brackets to fit to railings of varying widths. It also has drainage holes and is sold singly and in a larger inch-wide size.


Best Flower Pot Style

Arlmont & Co. Reinert Planter
Arlmont & Co.wayfair.com



If you love the idea of flower pots perched along a railing but don’t want to risk them falling, this is the planter for you. It’s designed exactly like a regular pot, but there’s a notch on the bottom to secure it to your deck or balcony. The planter is made from fade- and weather-resistant food-safe plastic resin, and attaches to railings that are 4 or 6 inches wide, with drainage holes at the bottom. 

At this price—a mere $19 at the time of this writing—buy a bunch and line them up. In addition to the matte black shown, it’s also available in white, chocolate, and terra cotta. 


Best Modern

Veradek Metallic Railing Planter



This modern railing planter also comes from Veradek, but it’s constructed of thick gauge galvanized steel, rather than polyethylene. It’s powder-coated to prevent rust and has fully welded seams, which means it’ll hold up against the elements, even in colder weather. There’s Styrofoam insulation inside to protect plants, plus there are pre-drilled drainage holes and it comes with everything you need for mounting installation. 

The 4-foot-side railing planter is available in matte black or gray in addition to the white shown, and in a smaller size.


Best Copper

Achla Copper Railing Planter



Copper planters are a wonderful way to accent your outdoor space with a hint of shine, and this large planter will add just the right gleaming touch. It has a high-shine finish, embossed details, and traditional rolled edges. 

The planter is rust-resistant and will naturally gain a lovely patina over time. It comes fully assembled, ready for soil and your favorite blooms, with drainage holes at the bottom and mounting hardware. 


Best Industrial

Metallic Series Corten Steel Railing Planter



If you’re in the market for a railing planter with rustic-chic, industrial vibes, look no further. This option from Veradek has a weathered finish, so you don’t have to wait long for it to develop a rich-looking patina. It comes with all the mounting hardware you need to attach it to your balcony or deck’s railing. It gets rave reviews from customers, with an impressive average stars. Several say that it’s sturdy and well-constructed. 


Best Hardwood

Maine Cedar Rounded Railing Planter
Maine Cedar Planteramazon.com



Though it may be harder to maintain, the elegant look of real wood is tough to match. This large, handsome planter, with rounded sides in a half-barrel shape, is made in Maine, crafted from northern white cedar. It holds a generous amount of plants and can works with deck or balcony railings that are either 2x4 or 2x6. 

The wood is unfinished, which means it’ll take on a weathered, silver gray appearance over time. It lacks drainage holes, but the wood slats at the base allow for water to run through. 


Best Double-Sided

Winston Porter Railing Planter
Winston Porterwayfair.com



This planter has a smart design, with two side-by-side planters that flank a railing. That means there’s no need for mounting hardware and you can move them around as you please. They’re made from all-weather resin and are self-watering—a major bonus—with reservoirs at the base that’s set below the soil and roots, with draining holes at the bottom. 

They’re also extendable and can fit on railings of various widths, including round rails. The planter is available in dark green and terra cotta, in addition to the fresh-looking white that’s shown.


Best With Coco Liner

Panacea Products Iron Railing Planter
Panacea Productsamazon.com



Coconut plant fiber liners hold water exceptionally well, which allow plant roots to take up moisture as needed, and also provide excellent drainage because they’re porous. This coco liner railing planter has a thick tuft of the material set inside a steel frame, with a black powder-coated finish to prevent rust. The inch-wide planter comes with hooks and mounting hardware, and it’s available in inch- and inch-wide sizes. 

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This season, expand your garden to porch and balcony railings with stylish planter boxes. Railing planters make use of an underutilized space and they do so in a beautiful way. Homeowners won't believe the curb appeal pick-me-up that results from even one bright botanical arrangement on a small front stoop.

Sounds Good To Me - Where Do I Begin?

Not surprisingly, successful rail boxes begin with a sturdy railing. You want to make sure your mounting surface is able to support not only the full weight of the planter boxes but the arrangements they will house. Take this into account when making weight-bearing calculations.

Already have the right porch, deck or balcony railing? Railing planters to match are right here online. At Windowbox, our goal is to provide customers with a range of styles and sizes to choose from. Looking to highlight the quintessential American front porch? Cedar wood planter boxes are right in line with garden tradition. Or, use contemporary balcony planters to bring a little bit of the outdoors to an upper-level condominium.

Make your Move and Mount

Once decided on a style, hardware for planter boxes is the next step to a successful display. Depending on the planter configuration, additional brackets, screws and bolts may be necessary. As for rail boxes and balcony planters with a half-barrel design, these clever containers sit securely atop a mounting surface by using their own weight distribution. Whatever the style, be sure to check out mounting specs in each product description. Our customer service team is happy to assist with any questions - just call toll free.

A Planter For All Seasons

Balcony planters and rail boxes are an opportunity to show off your home and green thumb year round. In spring and summer, arrange all your favorite flowering annuals and perennials for exquisitely colorful displays. And in climates where it gets cold, railing planters are easy to take down and store for the off-season. With proper care these balcony railing planters are sure to yield years of outdoor enjoyment.

Image Gallery

Railing Planter Boxes
Sours: https://www.windowbox.com/pots-planters/railing-planter-boxes.html
How to Build a Planter Box (to hang from a deck rail)

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