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Potss said:

Unless you are going Ultra-budget and want to spend like $150 on your barrel, there is no reason to fuck around with BA. They are budget barrels that are just above PSAs in quality. No one has ever shown one in 5.56 doing <1moa 5x5 consistently. Their "MOA Guarantee" is marketing BS, it is ONE THREE SHOT GROUP mag fed...

If you want accurate barrel that don't cost an arm and a leg there are so many better options: Larue, Criterion/ADM, Triarc, Rock Creek from Craddock, Criterions from CLE or Keystone, CRA/BHW, AR Performance, 16in Lothar Walther. All far better options, all between $200-300 or so.

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This. They do generally shoot well enough for carbine use and are often ported conservatively. My most recent one was very rough on the inside and the threads took a lot of work to install a quality muzzle brake. The bore picked up a large amount of copper fouling for the first 200 or so rounds.

Bore scoping it, the chamber and throat were cut rough, the port had a substantial bur, and there were some other imperfections in the barrel I have not seen with anything else. This was from their premium match line.

As mentioned, it does shoot well enough for most general use and I do not think the quality is out of line for what they cost at usual sale or add-to-cart prices.


Sours: https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/ballistic-advantage-barrels.6886240/

Ballistic Advantage is a manufacturer of AR-15 barrels, parts, and accessories. They are most known for their AR-15 barrels and make matching uppers and lowers to build a stylish and durable AR-15.

They have one hell of a marketing team, and their signature spade logo has to be one of my favorite logos in the firearms industry, aside from the Lynx Defense logo of course.

Let’s take a look at my Ballistic Advantage AR-15 build. It features a factory assembled BA Enhanced Upper and matching Enhanced Lower that I built out myself. It also features Ballistic’s 10.3″ 5.56 Hanson Carbine Length Barrel with a 9″ ATLAS R-One M-LOK Handguard with Ballistic Advantage engravings topped with a Holosun HS403B.

Let’s get started!

History of Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic Advantage was started in 2008 in Altamonte Springs, FL in Adam Wainio’s garage. Adam later purchased a Mazak CNC lathe and moved out of his garage.

Ballistic Advantage saw increased growth and in 2014 saw a large capital investment from Aero Precision. This investment helped Ballistic grow and they became the sole provider of barrels to Aero Precision.

This partnership with Aero Precision has allowed Ballistic to release it’s own branded AR-15 upper and lower.

With the 2020 gun rush, Ballistic has seen exponential growth and their future as a company looks bright!

Ballistic Advantage & Aero Precision

In 2014 Aero Precision purchased a majority share of Ballistic Advantage.

The obvious positives for Aero were acquiring a solid barrel manufacturer with a solid reputation to be their primary source for barrels.

There is no sense in Ballistic Advantage trying to reinvent the wheel, making barrels in-house when they could acquire a portion of Ballistic.

This partnership is now 5 years in and seems to be going extremely well for both brands. Both company’s products sell out extremely quickly when stock is added to the website.

BA and VG6

While Ballistic Advantage and VG6 Precision don’t intersect directly, they are married via Aero Precision.

Aero bought VG6 in 2015 along with part of Ballistic Advantage. Both brands have since been operating somewhat independently.

VG6 has probably seen the least amount of change and innovation, but it is just a muzzle device.

It was worth noting this because you will often see Ballistic Advantage barrels paired with VG6 muzzle devices.

Ballistic Advantage Barrels

Ballistic Advantage barrels have a number of different profiles.

The current barrel profiles Ballistic Advantage offers are:

Within each barrel profile they offer a number of calibers to include:

Most of these calibers are extremely common and well known. Their most popular calibers are 5.56, .300BLK, and .308.

They offer 19 different barrels in 5.56 alone with lots of different lengths and profiles. Which makes Ballistic Advantage an extremely versatile option, especially when choosing between 223 Wylde vs 5.56 Barrels.

Their premium barrel is the Hanson series barrel developed by Clint Hanson.

Choosing a barrel can sometimes be difficult but figuring out the mission for your firearm is key to starting the AR-15 building process.

BA AR-15 Enhanced Upper Receiver

Ballistic Advantage

The Ballistic Advantage upper is really a thing of beauty. The design of the upper has really clean, defined, and strong edges.

The factory upper comes with a metal dust cover as well as a forward assist. The way the upper molds into the handguard and lower makes for an extremely ascetically pleasing rifle.

The fit and finish on the BA upper are second to none.

Ballistic Advantage Handguard

The BA handguard is the Aero Precision Atlas handguard. I’m a big fan of the Atlas because it’s a lower profile, slim handguard.

atlas one ba15 handgaurd

The logo and writing are etched into the handguard, where it meets the upper. It’s subtle but done in a very tasteful way.

The handgaurd has one bolt on the bottom that attaches it to the barrel nut.

The handguard also features three QD mounts built in at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.

BA AR-15 Enhanced Lower

The BA-15 Enhanced Lower is a real thing of beauty. The clean lines, solid 7075 aluminum, and an excellent finish.

You really can’t go wrong with the BA-15 enhanced lower received for your AR build.

Magazine Well

The Ballistic Advantage spade is engraved on the right side of the magazine well.

The magazine well itself is extremely flared and makes it very easy to funnel magazines into the gun.

ballistic advantage magwell

The left side of the magazine well has very small and modest text that is required by the ATF to mark the lower.

Trigger Guard

The trigger guard is a billet-style trigger guard, so it’s built directly into the lower receiver. It has been milled out on the bottom, which is great for lowering the weight of the lower.

ballistic advantage triggerguard

The trigger well has some nice chamfer cuts all around the trigger guard that allow your finger to settle into onto the trigger nicely.


Screws?! On an AR lower? Yes. It needs it’s own section because it’s just that nice and a game-changer.

First, I’ll talk about the threaded bolt catch pin. If you’ve ever built your own AR-15, you know you have to have certain tools to build your AR-15, and one of them is to make putting in the bolt catch pin.

The bolt catch pin is always tricky because you don’t want to scratch your finish by just putting in a silly little pin.

The Ballistic Advantage lower includes a threaded pin, so you can easily put that pin with an Allen key. This makes putting the lower together so much easier and removes one of the few headaches of building your AR-15.

Second, the nylon-tipped tensioning set screw is a great way to ensure your upper and lower are tight and secure. The screw is located where the pistol grip meets the gun, so be sure to tension your upper and lower before putting on your pistol grip.

This feature is becoming a standard in AR-15 lowers, but it’s still not in every lower, so this is still a nice feature to mention.

Ballistic Advantage Bolt Carrier Group

In my BA-15, I run the Ballistic Advantage 5.56 Nickel Boron bolt carrier group. I’m not sure who makes BA’s bolt carriers for them, but this BCG has held up well so far.

Ballistic Advantage BCG

The really nice attention to detail on this BCG is what sets it apart and why I would tell you to pick one up if you are building a Ballistic Advantage AR-15.

The iconic BA spade logo is etched into the bolt carrier group and adds that touch of high-end to the bolt carrier.

BA Charging Handle

If you have read any of my other articles, you’ll know that my favorite charging handle is the Gisselle Super BA charging handle.

ballistic advantage charging handle

So the fact that the Ballistic Advantage uppers have the option of selecting the Super BA charging handles from the factory makes them top-notch my book!

It doesn’t hurt that they have their logo on the charging handle as well so if you’re a stickler for matching parts and want to make your build 100% BA (yea, that’s short for bad-ass) this charging handle gives you that option!

An option I highly recommend!

Shooting the Ballistic Advantage BA-15

I took the BA-15 out to the range to get it sighted in. It didn’t take long with my Holosun HS403B.

I also slapped on a Rugger Suppressor Razor762 which really made for a pleasant shooting gun.

Limited recoil and minimal muzzle rise allowed me to easily transition between targets.

Ballistic Advantage Overall

Ballistic Advantage, alongside Aero Precision, makes some very nice parts. The price points are reasonable, so they aren’t dubbed a “top-tier” or “high-end” AR manufacturer.

Ballistic AR-15 on top of a Lynx Defense 36" Rifle Case

Ballistic Advantage lives in the “mid-tier” market, but that’s not an insult. Their parts, fit, and finish are all exceptional. I would easily bet my life on these guns going bang on every trigger pull as well as being accurate.

Being expensive doesn’t always mean nice. In Ballistic Advantage’s case, they are reasonably priced and extremely nice.

My vote is: buy and use our 36″ Tactical Rifle Case to carry it in. It’s by far the best AR-15 tactical bag on the market!

Sours: https://lynxdefense.com/ballistic-advantage-review/
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Interview: Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic Advantage has made a big name for itself quickly in the AR1-5 barrel business with custom quality at an affordable price. We had an opportunity to talk with Adam Wainio, President of Ballistic Advantage, about the company, its history, and their current direction.


Archer - What should dealers know about Ballistic Advantage?

Wainio - Our focus is high production precision barrels that are made with the care seen in custom barrels. Dealers can rely on us for a range of precision barrels that can be stocked regularly at a price customers can afford with availability directly, through Aero Precision or distribution channels. I originally founded the company about 12 years ago when the DIY builder and AR upgrading market was surging quickly and had significant growth ever since. A few years ago, we became a part of the Aero Precision family when they purchased a controlling interest in the company. It has been a fantastic partnership with another company that shares our quality philosophy while spurring our next tier of growth. Ballistic Advantage continues as an independently operated business from Aero Precision, but we do share some administration and joint resources, such as dealer sales.


Archer - How was the company originally founded?

Wainio - Ballistic Advantage started in my garage with a lathe and precision machining very high-end one-off match-grade barrels for customers. I was a machine service tech supporting a lot of the big names in the firearms industry. I picked up a lot of tricks along the way and was using that knowledge to improve my processes with each barrel.

When I started Ballistic Advantage, there were two types of barrel manufacturers, one with old-school processes and old-school Whitney machines. At a complete contrast, there were very high-tech machine shops with sophisticated CNC machines and manufacturing cubes. The old-school manufacturers lacked the precision and speed of the new machining but understood the essence of what it took to make a well-made barrel without stressing the steel. The high-tech shops had the tech but did not get the essence of barrel making to get the most from the barrel, so they usually just defaulted to the highest volume possible without taking into account stress on the steel and blanks. The result was that many of the old-school barrels were actually more accurate than the modern machined barrels, despite the technical machining advantages.

I wanted to combine that old-world barrel-making knowledge and craftsmanship with modern machining precision and capabilities and increased production speed. I found what were the critical points of making a really great barrel and then figured out how to carry over those critical manufacturing points at scale to modern machining. My perspective is that you start with the beautiful piece of steel, and as a manufacturer, it is our obligation to protect the integrity of the steel through the barrel-making process. Too fast or the wrong manufacturing process and the steel stresses, which impacts performance, longevity, accuracy and the aesthetics of the steel.

It was never about making the faster production barrel process, but making the best and most precise barrel at scale. There were certainly people out there making really expensive and amazing $500 barrels that only a few people could afford. We wanted a $200 barrel that anyone could afford that would deliver the performance on par with those expensive barrels.


Archer - How did the company progress?

Wainio - We planned on just doing custom barrels and short production runs of oddball caliber barrels. We thought it would be unique and would really show off what our barrels could deliver in those calibers, like our 5.45x39 barrels, which were phenomenally accurate. The oddball calibers was not something we could scale and really not what customers and other manufacturers were wanting in volumes. We did a lot of OEM work, and from that, we created our own take on a basic set of AR barrels launched as the entry-level Modern Series.

We now offer three levels: Our entry Modern Series is QPQ coated; our upgraded Performance series has QPQ coating, NiBo extensions, and target crowns; and our premium-level stainless Premium series has optimized Hanson profiles, NiBo extensions, target crowns and match .223 Wylde chambers. Currently, all barrels are 4150 chromoly or 416 stainless for the Premium series. Essentially, all our barrels are manufactured the same with the same quality, but the upgrades increase reliability, durability and accuracy.

We are getting behind the 6mm ARC from Hornady with some new barrels. We really have been cautious of new calibers due to the investment in tooling and design, however, with the support from big ammo companies such as Hornady, we believe the 6mm ARC will be a hit to really push longer-range accuracy out of the AR-15 platform.


Archer - Owning many Ballistic Advantage and the upgraded Hanson barrels, the Hansons are incredibly accurate and soft-recoiling, and they feel light.

Wainio - They really are an amazing tuning design, with many consumers reporting half-MOA or better groups with match ammo. The tapered Hanson barrel profile and design was the brainchild of Clint Hanson. His goal was simply to create a lightweight feel without lightweight limitations. His perspective was that a straight or stepped barrel design was not the optimal barrel profile and that each caliber and barrel length had different optimal profile and gas port requirements. Every barrel contour, gas port, and gas length in the BA Hanson Series was designed specifically to each length and caliber to yield the best results, with every aspect taken into consideration.

Clint sent over specs and I ran a few designs, and it confirmed the profiles were a more efficient way to harness a bullet’s energy while limiting felt recoil considerably. It sounds a little crazy to say that it feels more organic, however, once you shoot the rifle, the balance, feel and recoil all feel better.  We also looked at optimized barrel lengths, which also broke some standards. In .223 Wylde, we found that the 10.3, 14.5, and 17.7 lengths were some really optimal lengths to maximize performance in sport shooting-style barrels.

We were really excited that the Hanson design concept worked and actually delivered tangible benefits in accuracy, weight balance, and overall performance and delivered something new and exciting to the barrel market. We now have around 20 variants in .223 Wylde, 300 Blackout, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308, and 6.5 Grendel in all calibers, including the Hanson profiles, plus now 9mm for PCCs.


Archer - ...and now Ballistic Advantage has a line of PCC barrels and builder receiver kits.

Wainio - Through our Aero family, we have the 5.56 and .308 receiver sets. Our newest addition is the Glock magazine-fed PCC receivers, kits and our barrels. We will offer two different BA branded platforms; one from Angstadt Arms and then Aero Precision’s once released. We have loved working with the very proven PCC Angstadt Arms format with so much time as a highly proven, integrated product in the market. The Aero is a different design with an integrated last round bolt hold open in the upper, so even PCC lowers without that feature will still deliver the bolt hold-open feature. Definitely customers for both options, and we can bundle them into builder kits for dealers with our barrels.


Archer - How will you continue to work with dealers?

Wainio - We work dealer-direct for those dealers that want to take advantage of large volume discounts on mixed product orders and also through distribution with RSR, and Sports South, and Primary Arms. Dealers that take advantage of all the discounts can almost double their money on barrels. We have also teamed up with the Aero sales team for sales for dealers that are putting together kits. We saw that strong online dealers are doing really well selling barrels, and we are working with Aero to help support dealers who are not online with materials, graphics and builder kit programs. We offer more than 140 barrels, so if they have a market for DIY builders, we have the barrels.


Archer - What is next for Ballistic Advantage?

Wainio – Well, a lot of plans were a bit derailed this year with COVID for the move to our new facilities. We have really attempted to aggressively build our capabilities, blanking, profiling, finishing, improved processes, but some of that expansion has to wait.

We have been in multiple facilities over the years, and we were really looking forward to getting under one roof. 


Archer - How has COVID19 impacted production?

Wainio -  It is going to get really interesting. The question is how many orders have we pulled forward with this big sales rush that is larger than any of the Sandy Hook and the 2014 jumps. Some of our dealers are saying they are seeing a lot of typically non-gun people and first-time gun buyers of handguns and AR-15s. Our big question is how long will this COVID19 thing keep things shut down and what is the recovery cycle, but hoping there may be a positive byproduct with maybe less disdain of the AR platform in the public and at a political level.





The BA-BPC $735 MSRPBA Glock 9mm magazine compatible Pistol Caliber Carbine kit includes the upper and lower receivers, buffer/spring and bolt. Builders can select their barrel length of choice, handguard and other accessories to complete the build. This build features a Aero Atlas handguard, 11-inch BA 9mm barrel, MFT grip and stabilizer brace, and Burris Fast Fire 3 red-dot.

Sours: https://www.tacretailer.com/business/interview-ballistic-advantage
Ballistic Advantage 16'' Midlength 416R 223 Wylde Hanson Profile Premium Barrel Review

Clint Hanson is the Director of Product Development at Ballistic Advantage,  a manufacturer of high-end rifle barrels and other firearm components.  AR Build Junkie was able to speak with Clint and discuss the company, his signature BA Hanson barrels, new products for 2019, and the idea behind his Q&A and Builder Series, which help AR builders avoid mistakes and get better results.

Q:  Clint, with so many choices out there for today’s builder, what is a reason should someone consider Ballistic Advantage?

A:  I think one thing Ballistic Advantage does very well from the standpoint of the shooter is the amount of attention we pay to our gas ports.  Gas ports are something we take very seriously, and we don’t necessarily go with what the industry standard is all of the time. 

There is a nature in the industry as a whole, from a barrel standpoint, for gas ports to be a little larger so they run on different types of ammo, and so the gun isn’t returned.

Sometimes you need a smaller gas port or slightly bigger depending on your setup.  Being a barrel manufacturer, we are really sitting in the middle of the industry…We don’t know what muzzle device you are going to put on your build, or if you’re going to shoot suppressed. There are just a bunch of different details that while they won’t make or break your build, they won’t optimize it as much either.

Q:  Can you talk briefly about the BA Hansen Profile Barrels and the benefits of having a shoulderless design?

Ballistic Advantage 17.7" .223 WYLDE BA Hanson (3-Gun) Stainless Midlength Premium Series Barrel w/ Pinned Lo Pro Gas Block - MSRP - $250.00

A:  Well, if you take a drinking straw right out of the package and wave it around in front of you, it’s going to be stiff and rigid. If you were to then crease the straw…you have created a weaker point. That waving is barrel whip.  If you have a right angle, it is going to increase barrel whip just a touch  What that means is that a quick, controlled group could be in different places, not because of the shooter, but rather the barrel.

The BA Hanson line is about more than right angles though. The way we profile and gas each barrel is our representation of what that length barrel with that gas system should be represented as.

So for example, take our .308 barrel. It has no right angles, but you’ll notice it’s a bit beefier at the back end because it is very high-pressure round.

You want that rigidity at the back taking all that shock, and plus it balances out the AR10 because all the weight is in the middle.  With the AR10, you have a larger chassis, a larger BCG, so that helps you there, and then you can get light weight out in front of it…So, that really is the argument in terms of eliminating right angles –  you can not only eliminate barrel whip but it can also allow you to go a little lighter on the profile without compromising barrel whip as it gets heated up.

Q:  How has 2018 been so far for Ballistic Advantage?  Anything exciting on the horizon?

A:  It’s a very exciting time. The popularity and the success of the brand has been fantastic. It’s been my busiest year, just getting out in front of people, working on different collaborations within the industry. I think people are noticing.

We are currently very busy, cranking out more than ever and constantly expanding. In terms of new stuff, one thing that is super exciting, obviously Aero Precision is our sister company…so were not just limited to our barrels. Not only did they make us a forged upper and lower set in the past, but now we have a new, enhanced version which is really selling well. People are seeing that, and you can get that with our spade logo…it’s a good little collector set.

So…our BA10 sets, that’s super exciting. With all of that, it’s been difficult for us to come out with new stuff all the time that isn’t a barrel because we are having to ramp up and expand to handle the growth and demand.

But in terms of barrels, the .224 Valkyrie has had a lot of buzz this year, so now the 20″ and 22″ are on the way. We are really digging that caliber. That wind is still in our sail.

I think what I am most excited about is hopefully towards SHOT Show, we can show some Ballistic Advantage muzzle devices. We are working on a few different exciting things there in terms of both flash hiders and muzzle breaks.

And then I think another cool thing we might do is come out with a new Hanson barrel. We did 10.3″, 11.3″, so I think there has been enough asking for it that we are possibly going to come out with a 12.3” Hanson barrel to accommodate other rails.

Other than that, I think we’ll definitely see a Ballistic Advantage rail come out here real soon.

Q:  Finally, can you talk about the videos that you appear in?  They really are a tremendous resource for builders.

A:  There’s just a ton of information and a ton of good questions we cover in the Q&A videos we do for builders. There are so many things that come into play when building, and there’s no one answer for all of it.

New builders see new products from a company that makes great stuff, but they have to keep in mind that each new part does something different.  They add a new muzzle break to mitigate felt recoil and keep the rifle flat, they add a heavier buffer system to slow down the action…all these things come into play and they have to keep their eyes open and ask the right things.

But, that’s what we want from a barrel manufacturer standpoint.  We want people asking questions because one plus one doesn’t always equal two.

Q:  With your background, I can imagine you’ve built an almost countless number of ARs over the years…

A:  I built a lot…but I took an outside the box approach to building. I got decent at it and was speedy, but I had the luxury of building from thousands of parts. I built about a hundred guns a day and I got very comfortable with it. My goal was building a gun that didn’t look like it ever had tools on it, was done efficiently, ran properly and could be built in a timely fashion. 

So, along with that, as I was building, I did observe the industry and how everyone spoke about it. On one hand, you have the people who say this is Legos for adults and I get that. It is not the most difficult thing in the world to do. Almost any human is capable of doing it. But, if we don’t take it seriously we can run into problems and that’s what I really want to help people with.

My approach in the videos is that we make it very practical. Not everyone wants to hear all these decimal points and torque va­­lues and all that serious stuff to scare you and make you think you can’t achieve this.

I wanted to have a laid-back, open approach where it didn’t really intimidate people and it gave them the confidence. Then I could give them the little tricks here and there that I have to help them out.

Q:  How do you decide what to focus on?

A:  The most common questions and problems are the things we cover right now in our weekly Q&A.

The product selection on a lower, that’s more just knowing what the product is.  Typically we don’t run into too much difficulty assembling a lower.  Everything has somewhere to go. Just be careful, watch the videos and use the right tools so you don’t scratch your rifle.

I know a lot of guys will beat em’ up and they don’t care,  but I think many others, they spend their hard earned money on something and they want to keep it nice and pristine and I want to help them do that.

The gas system is another huge place where people mess up, doing something they can’t undo later.  Dimpling their barrel if they didn’t need to, for example.  Also, how are builders positioning when they torque the muzzle device or the barrel nut?  And I think the main one, my favorite tip…is when they are hitting in a coil pin or a gas tube roll pin, teaching them to brace the barrel with their body up against it.

I’ve just seen too many guys, even guys who are teaching people on YouTube, and they are standing in front of it and they are beating on their gun. It may not do anything, but there is a chance to rattle something loose, hit something crooked. It just seems like a delicate process you should take a bit more seriously.

I think the biggest thing people should take away from any of the series that I do is that the world is an imperfect place. What I mean by that is you can’t knock a manufacturer if when building a rifle, you bought things from four different companies and now something doesn’t fit. There are tolerances that people hold, and if you stack tolerances then sometimes it can make it so the planets no longer align.

You might find yourself with something larger and the piece that should fit into it is smaller and you get a loose fit, or vice versa. My advice is don’t get discouraged and don’t get angry. You can usually swap out the part. Typically you can make it happen. It’ not the worst thing in the world.  There’s a trick to everything. Keep an open mind and appreciate the parts you have.

It doesn’t always go perfect but there’s places you can go and places you go to ask for help. It doesn’t mean the company is bad and they make bad parts. Maybe you were the 1% who got something out of spec, but I don’t think that should change your opinion on that company it happens. Just know it can be done and your confidence should be high.

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Advantage barrels who makes ballistic

Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage forge new partnership


Aero Precision makes the left part and Ballistic Advantage makes the right.

Aero Precision, a big name in the AR business, picked up a majority share of Ballistic Advantage, a barrel manufacturer with a good reputation and a solid history. Each company on its own has proven its mettle and together they promise great things ahead, they said in a press release.

Aero has been a leader in the AR-15 market for years and has recently developed as their own rifle brand as well. Ballistic Advantage’s barrels, chambered for 5.56 NATO, .223 Wyle and .300 AAC Blackout are a natural fit for Aero’s rifles and uppers.

Recently Aero broke into the AR-10-style .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO field as well, and because of their new partnership, Ballistic Advantage will be applying their AR-15 skills to big-bore barrels in the near future.

“We picked Ballistic Advantage because we felt they made a great product at a great price and that was directly in line with Aero Precision’s products. They do a great job at manufacturing a critical piece of a rifle, much like we do with receivers,” Aero’s Chad Larson told Guns.com on the partnership.

“It also opens up a lot of product synergies between the two companies, some of which will be released in the next few months” he said. “The Hanson barrel is going to change the way a lot of people view the AR15.”


Hanson barrels eliminate straight cuts for improved accuracy and smoother barrel harmonics. They are offered with low-profile pinned gas blocks from the factory. (Photo: Weapon Outfitters)

The Hanson profile is their flagship design, built to minimize barrel whip and deliver accuracy through improved barrel harmonics. Developed by Clint Hanson, this particular profile allows Ballistic Advantage, and now Aero Precision as well, to shoot tight, predictable groups without adding bulk to their barrels or turning to more expensive machining processes such as fluting.

Ballistic Advantage offers barrels with their Hanson profile at different price points along with standard-profile barrels in their Modern, Performance and Premium series barrels.

All of their barrels are made from 4150 chromoly vanadium steel. The Modern and Performance lines have a QPQ nitride finish for durability and increased lifespan. The Modern series makes up their entry-level and uses a nitride finish on the barrel extension as well. Ballistic Advantage uses a FailZero nickel-boron finish on the barrel extension for easy cleaning and the barrels are individually high-pressure tested and magnetic particle-inspected.

The Premium series is constructed using 416 stainless steel, have recessed target crowns and finished by bead-blasting. These barrels are also HP and MPI-tested and have FailZero nickel-boron barrel extensions.

“Keep an eye on us,” Larson said. “We’re growing and expanding, with lots of new products to come and improvements to existing products and product lines.”

Ballistic Advantage is a great fit for Aero. Both companies have well-established reputations delivering above-average products at extremely competitive prices. Them working together will is going to put pressure on other AR builders and give people a “no-brainer” option when it comes to selecting an off-the-shelf rifle or upper receiver, at prices that will be very hard to beat.

Sours: https://www.guns.com/news/2015/03/18/aero-precision-and-ballistic-advantage-forge-new-partnership
Ballistic Advantage Hanson barrel 16\

Great, go on. stop freeze. no, it's a little late, I'll show you right now.

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