Predator 212 light kit

Predator 212 light kit DEFAULT
ADD LED lights to go karts and mini bikes easily!

go kart led lights flywheel

Predator cc engine charging system installation made easy! Color coded!

predator engine charging coil electric start flywheel

electric start motor kit:
flywheel cooling fan:
voltage regulator/rectifier: LED
projection go kart and mini bike lights:
Coleman flywheel part numbers:
charging flywheel: /FZ-a coil
cord clamp: /FZ-a
flywheel cooling fan: /F-8 (can also get from amazon)

Predator engine charging flywheel swapped led lights on go kart mini bike and more with predator charging coils or electric start. This video will show you how to install a wiring harness for go kart headlights and led lights. You can make this charing system light kit for a mini bike as well, or anything you predator swap an engine in or use a small cc engine for. This is a light generator mod wiring diagram based headlight kit. One of the engines is the predator charging system kit installed from amazon purchase and has electric start.

mini bike led lights coil charging system flywheel

The other engine magnet flywheel used comes with the coleman mini bike headlight kit on a coleman btx, ctu-ex and can also see a similar charging coils setup and flywheel on the new coleman rb The engine does not come with LED lights or a battery chagring system which is where THIS video can help you get rid of LED flicker when LED headlights are installed on a mini bike or go kart, or again, other anything including snow thrower and more! I break this video into two parts: the first has a wiring diagram for any engine to add the wires needed for charging a battery and also shows battery type needed and fuse needed. Then, the second part shows some engine options such as electric start on the tillotson , the duramax cc, and an extreme sports cc engine with charging coils. The non-hemi predator engine used is cc with electric start kit for model I have reference that the HEMI engine might be able to use Kohler electric start flywheel part number S ??

Although the predator cc electric start, charging gear, coils, and flywheel all work in the predator &#; if you are starting with a NEW engine and looking for a billet flywheel, the billet flywheel does not knowingly exist at this time. A POSSIBLY 10, rpm rated tilloston magnet flywheel, however, might exists on the Tillotson with electric start. I&#;ve asked about bringing this part into the US by itself, but the distributor will need to break news on that one if possible. This install will allow you to get battery powered mini bike led lights and install go kart lights quickly. I hope all the color coding helped out and I hope you have a GREAT day!

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Charging Coil for the Predator cc HP Engine

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Save 10% - Black Friday in October!use coupon code: BLACK10(click for details)
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  • Charging Coil for the Predator cc HP Engine
  • The charging coil for cc hp & cc hp engines is compatible with all versions of the Baja Mini Bike (Baja Heat, Mini Baja, Baja Warrior), including the MB and the newer MB models
  • Many small utility cc hp and cc Hp engines found on power generators, pressure sprayers and other portable equipment may likewise use this charging coil
  • 30 Day Warranty
View full description
  • The charging coil for cc hp & cc hp engines is compatible with all versions of the Baja Mini Bike (Baja Heat, Mini Baja, Baja Warrior), including the MB and the newer MB models
  • Many small utility cc hp and cc Hp engines found on power generators, pressure sprayers and other portable equipment may likewise use this charging coil
  • 30 Day Warranty
View full description


The charging coil for cc hp & cc hp engines is compatible with all versions of the Baja Mini Bike (Baja Heat, Mini Baja, Baja Warrior), including the MB and the newer MB models. Many small utility cc hp and cc Hp engines found on power generators, pressure sprayers and other portable equipment may likewise use this charging coil. Check your product and the image for compatibility.

Note: Some examples of this coil may not have the white plastic shroud around the wire ends. Even if the white plastic connector is not included the functionality will be the same.


Would I also need a voltage regulator with these charging coils to keep a battery charged?

Thanks, David
You would not need a voltage regulator. You would only need the 3-magnet flywheel and this charging coil (Item X).
How do i conect this coils with the battery?
We only provide replacement parts for recreational units, we are not technicians. You will want to contact an authorized technician to better assist you in troubleshooting this matter.
Do I need a new flywheel for this to work?
If your flywheel has any visible damage, it would definitely need to be replaced. If you don't see any damage on your flywheel, you might not need to replace it. However, we do carry a couple flywheel options that might be compatible with your unit, we would recommend comparing the specifications of both options to the specifications of your existing flywheel. Here are the flywheel options we carry:

Single-magnet flywheel:

3-magnet flywheel:"
Will this run lights on my totegote?
If your totegote has the Predator cc HP engine, then yes, this charging coil should allow your lights to run.
How many watts can this put out?
From our research, it appears this coil produces about 3 amps, 12 volts and about 36 watts.


Not used yet but good quality
One thing I appreciate is that Monster delivers what they advertise in a reasonable time. If you have a question they answer it timely. Lately that is not the norm and its great to find a company that has the part and ships it quickly.
Super-fast shipping. Very happy with this product
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Predator , GX Charging Electronics


This is an electronics continuation / summary of the thread started by bob58o named Predator Lighting coil.It is a story as one struggles through the challenges of figuring out most of the mechanics and electrical of this topic. Pics, Charts, Graphs! Great questions and conclusions. The thread slowed and then closed.


Now in find myself, after installing an electric start kit, seeking higher current output. Before the starter kit I was using a Lighting coil, bridge (full) rectifier, F 25V capacitor and 36 watt Nilight Head LED’s with a couple of watt tail LED’s. Work great for 2 years.

The following is mostly confirmed using Honda GX documentation found on line. My final goal is to get a 7A charging system in by maybe fall. Still have gearing to finish and new shocks taking priority before an upgrade to the 3A charge system. Almost forgot disk brake upgrade.

From common sense, and the images below, we can deduce the following:

1) Charging coilsare intended to charge batteries while driving 12DC loads and are available in 1A, 3A and 7A. These are ~ twice the voltage of lighting coils to leave enough voltage after rectification.

2) Lighting coilsare intended to power incandescent AC bulbs on vehicles without starters. They are available in 15W and 25W with series / parallel combinations to achieve 12V “Nominal” and 15W to 50W.

3) Charge coils use the 3 magnetflywheel, Lighting coils use the 2 magnet flywheel.

Rectification and Regulation for Charging Coils:

1A and 3Acoils are single wire while the other end is connected to ground. They can only be ½ waveform rectified since the coil ground is connected to battery / regulator ground. Google Bridge Rectifier Diagramfor further details.

I tried one of the common 3 wire Rectifier/Regulator on my 12V 50W lighting coil and I got unusable DC voltage.

The 7A charge coilis a different animal and this is where I’m going next. If anyone out there has tried it please let us know. Looks like a stator to me, see below. 3 of the 4 posts have windings and is ungrounded, I assume, since it has 2 wires. Not many vendors carry it and the Honda OEM is expensive. Kohler has a less expensive substitute.

From NR Racing:
Honda OEM 7A Coil $
Kohler 7A Coil $70
Honda OEM 7A Rectifier/Regulator $

There are substitute 7A regulatorson Amazon for $ These are 5 wire and a harness is included with at least one. Pinout pictured below. These bring out of the case the DC- so it can be connected directly to the battery for an accurate charge voltage. Since I chose not to use the starter kit switch panel and I didn’t install any accessory switch (key on) I’ll probably try this one without the accessory pin functional:

UPDATE 8/8/ Regulator below won't work, 3 wire AC Input
Amazon Regulator $44

The final image is the Wiring Diagram of my YerfDog with P not using the switch panel included in the kit and 1N from the key for ½ waveform rectification 3 amp output. So when I run my lights the battery doesn’t charge.

As I find anything more specific or better images from now until I install the charging upgrade I'll post here.


Installing generator to a predator motor to power lights

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212 light kit predator

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Predator 212 hemi vs non hemi harbor freight engine

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