Shark pumpkin carving template

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One of the best things about Halloween is pumpkin carving! I love celebrating this time of the year by recreating my favorite animals.

Another event that I love is Shark Week. There’s something fascinating about those ocean creatures that keep me stuck to the TV. So I thought… why not combine both Halloween and Shark Week?

And that’s how this Shark Week Pumpkin Carving Stencil was born!

Shark stencil

Here at Kids Activities Blog we LOVE printables, so it simply made sense to make a cool shark stencil!

So if you are looking for free pumpkin carving stencils, easy kids crafts to do at home, or holiday activities to celebrate your favorite holidays, you’re in the right place.

Check out these kids activities for those days when you can’t think of new games, crafts or lesson plans to do during the weekend (or any day of the week, really!)

jack o lantern shark stencil

Why not make something delicious too? Edible crafts are an easy (and delicious) way to spend fun, high-quality family time.

Free Pumpkin Carving Templates

To make the perfect jack-o-lantern, we have the following recommendations:

Pick the right pumpkin (find one that has smooth skin!), print our shark stencil printable, get your carving tools and you’re all ready for family-friendly fun!

For this activity, we recommend letting adults carve the pumpkin pattern and have the kids pull out the pumpkin seeds, that way everyone is involved and safe!

Tip: Instead of using a candle, you can try illuminating your pumpkin with an LED tea light.

free pumpkin carving stencils

These Jack-O-Lantern are a great decoration to keep outside on the porch or on the window sill.

Download here:

Pumpkin Carving Kits

Want more Shark Week crafts and activities? Look here:



Advanced Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Stencils

Advanced Pumpkin-Carving Stencils

Haunted House Pumpkin Stencil

King of the Jungle Tiger Pumpkin Stencil

Good Witch Pumpkin Stencil

SEE MORE: Beginner Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Ideas With Templates

Royal Crown Pumpkin Stencil

Witchy Shoes Pumpkin Stencil

Bubbling Cauldron Pumpkin Template

Creepy Clown Pumpkin Template

SEE MORE: Beginner Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Ideas With Templates

'Stranger Things' String Lights Pumpkin Stencil

Shark Week Pumpkin

Hammerhead Shark Pumpkin

Vintage Camper Pumpkin

Campfire Pumpkin

Raven Pumpkin

Here for the Boos Pumpkin

Wine Glasses Pumpkin

Happy Hallo-Wine Pumpkin

SEE MORE: It's Halloween! Celebrate With a Hallo-Wine Pumpkin Keg

Party's Here Pumpkin

Pirate Pumpkin

Dracula Pumpkin

Zombie Pumpkin

Mummy Pumpkin

Wizard Pumpkin

Fire-Breathing Dragon Pumpkin

Pineapple Pumpkin

Cupcake Pumpkin

Sunflower Pumpkin

'70s Floral Pumpkin

Totally Groovy: A Very Brady Renovation

Elegant Chair Pumpkin

Hansel and Gretel Pumpkin

Headless Horseman Pumpkin

Castle Pumpkin

Spooky Tree Pumpkin

Black Widow Pumpkin

Shattered Heart Pumpkin

Dia de Los Muertos Cat Pumpkin

Mason Jar Pumpkin

Butterfly Pumpkin

The Queen of Country Pumpkin

Gather Pumpkin

HGTV Logo With Moon Pumpkin

HGTV Logo With Cat Pumpkin

HGTV Handmade Logo Pumpkin

Vampire's Smile Pumpkin

Vampire Skull Pumpkin

Graveyard With Full Moon Pumpkin

Skull and Candle Pumpkin

Haunted House Pumpkin

Soaring Birds Pumpkin

Spooky Forest Pumpkin

Mummy Eyes Pumpkin

Tarantula Pumpkin

Bat Face Pumpkin

Wolf Face Pumpkin

Skull Face Pumpkin

Yawn Pumpkin

Bashful Face Pumpkin

Googly Eyes Pumpkin

Dinosaur Smile Pumpkin

Crow Pumpkin

Cyclops Pumpkin

Flickering Flames Pumpkin

Skeleton Hand Pumpkin

Succulent Pumpkin

Apple Tree Pumpkin

Passing Ghost Pumpkin

Falling Leaves Pumpkin

Song Bird Pumpkin

Tangled Web Pumpkin

Midnight Flight Pumpkin

Full Moon and Friends Pumpkin

Owl Pumpkin

Night Rider: Witch on a Broom Pumpkin

Sugar Skull Pumpkin

Happy Cat Pumpkin

Frankenstein's Monster Pumpkin

Candelabra Pumpkin

Dracula Pumpkin

Damask Pumpkin

Beetle Pumpkin

Monsters Pumpkin

Chandelier Pumpkin

Raven Pumpkin

Spooky Tree Pumpkin

Pile of Bones Pumpkin

Witchy Pumpkin

Werewolf Pumpkin

Screaming Frank 'N' Stein Pumpkin

Witch Way Pumpkin

Monster Ma'am Pumpkin

Haunted Haven Pumpkin

Gone Batty Pumpkin

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One of my favorite things about Halloween is pumpkin carving! I love taking this time of the year to recreate my favorite characters. So if you need easy pumpkin carving ideas for kids, we’ve got you covered!

This time we are carving the cutest shark in the world: Baby Shark!

Baby Shark Pumpkin Carving Printable

Baby Shark Pumpkin Carving Pattern

We know how much your kids enjoy Baby Shark activities. Try this Baby Shark Sight Words Printable to help your kid work on their handwriting and letter recognition, or download and print this Baby Shark Puzzle for more Baby Shark activities!

Baby Shark Halloween Printable

Pick the right pumpkin (find one that has smooth skin!), print our Baby Shark Pumpkin Carving printable, get your carving tools and you’re all ready for family-friendly fun!

For this activity, we recommend letting adults carve the pumpkin and have the kids pull out the pumpkin seeds, that way everyone is involved and safe!

Tip: Instead of using a candle, you can try illuminating your pumpkin with an LED tea light.

Baby Shark Pumpkin Carving

Want more? Check out these halloween pumpkin ideas for more kid-friendly pumpkin activities!

Download here:

How to Carve Incredible Pumpkin Faces ⎢Ray Villafane⎢Martha Stewart

It’s time to carve out a place of honor for your pumpkin in the neighborhood Halloween parade with one of our cool pumpkin carving templates. Whether you want a minifig, a Jack Skellington carving stencil or a classic witch carving stencil, you’ll find a little bit of everything (and all skill levels) here. Scroll through our favorite pumpkin designs below, then print and get carving!


One of your favorite teen turtles can have the front porch spotlight! Download it here. 

photo: Disney

The Pumpkin King

Introduce your littles to the classic Nightmare Before Christmas with this Jack Skellington pumpkin stencil. Grab the template from Casey Henson by clicking here.

photo: Pumpkin Pile

Rafael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Your ninja-loving kid will get a kick out of having one of the four turtle brothers decorating your front porch. Download the template over at Pumpkin Pile. 

photo: Spookmaster


Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! This tiger pumpkin carving design is a way to give a shout-out to the docu-series that rocked our world when the pandemic hit in 2020. Download the pumpkin carving template over at SpookMaster. 

Witch Pumpkin Stencil

What's Halloween without a proper witch pumpkin stencil? We love this one from HGTV. It's a basic pumpkin carving template that'll pop at night. Download it here. 

photo: Pumpkin Glow

Albert Einstein

This is an advanced pumpkin template, but it's an amazing one! Pay tribute to one of mankind's most luminous minds with this fun design. Download the template from Pumpkin Glow by clicking here. 

photo: Pumpkin Pile

Indominus Rex

For your Jurassic Park fans, this fairly simple pumpkin carving template of an Indominus Rex is perfect. Download for free at 


It wouldn’t be All Hallows Eve without a black cat lurking about, and we think this stencil from Woo Jr. is just the right balance of spooky and sweet. Download the template by clicking here.

Marvelous Maleficent

This Maleficent design glows something wicked. All the thin lines and her wicked grin need a special touch—this one is for you serious carvers out there. Grab the download over at Pumpkin Glow.


Carve everyone’s favorite Muppet onto your pumpkins this year with this cool template from Sweet Happy Life. To save time, the kids can carve the eyes and nose, and you can go to town on Elmo’s fuzzy mouth.

Goofy Jack

A classic jack 'o' lantern is always fun, and this one gives a little goof to the iconic pumpkin template. Download the design from Pumpkin Pile here. 

I Am Groot!

If you’re a Marvel fan, then you’ve got to make a Baby Groot pumpkin this year, even if only for the cute factor. Click here to get the template from Pumpkin Pile.

A Spooky Shriek

Add to the creep factor of Halloween with a simple pumpkin that packs a punch. Click here to get this easy template from Free Fun Halloween.

Peppa Pumpkin

Everybody loves Peppa Pig, and she’ll look fabulous on your front step this Halloween. Grab the template from Pumpkin Pile by clicking here.

Magnificent Minifig

Everything is awesome, including this simple design from Think Geek. Perfect for any LEGO-crazy kid, you'll want to keep your pumpkin on the porch long after Halloween is over.


Pup Pumpkin

While this design is probably for expert carvers, we can't help but love all the details! Plus, all those Paw Patrol pups you’ll see making their way to your front door will be delighted. Get the pattern over at Stoneykins.

Cute Candy Corn

Carve out an ode to Halloween’s favorite sugary treat—candy corn. This design looks as sweet as candy corn tastes, and it’s a design that's a breeze to tackle with your littlest trick or treaters. Grab the template over Free Fun Halloween.

Cool Cauldron

Double, double toil and trouble! Give trick or treaters traveling by broom their own cauldron for the big night with this pumpkin stencil. The hardest part will be making sure the bubbles in the mysterious brew turn out just right. Grab the design over at Celebrating Halloween.

Super Mario

The Mario Bros. are having a major comeback, and we are totally loving it! Keep the feels going with this fun carving template. Download the stencil over at Mario Mayhem.

Room on the Broom

Go the more traditional route with Home Life Weekly‘s classic carving, featuring the spooky silhouettes of a witch and her bat friend. Let the little ones carve the large parts like the witch’s hat, and you can take the reins for the details of the bat.

Simple Spider

Spiders love to drop in for Halloween, and with this template, it's easy! The big sections that need to be carved out make this one perfect for beginners. Click here to grab the pdf.

Carving Charlie

It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Pop on the classic Halloween special while you carve Charlie himself. With a little shading to add dimension to the design, this project is a step up from your usual happy face design. Click here to print out the template from Pumpkin Glow.

Feel the (Carving) Force

If your Star Wars fans aren't so sure about joining the dark side, there are plenty of other characters to choose from too. See them all at Star Wars by clicking here.

Owl Orb

Whoooo wants to carve a pumpkin? A simple and sweet design featuring an owl resting on a branch will make little ones smile. Click here to print the pattern from Pumpkin Carving Templates.

Guide the Way

Little Wayfinders will be guided by the heart of Te Fiti when it glows brightly on Halloween night. This simple but stunning design will be a hit with the porch parade! Get the stencil over at Free Stencil Gallery.

Sweet Skull

This crazy cool sugar skull carving can hang around for Day of the Dead, so it’ll be worth the time you spend carving it out of your pumpkin! Get the printable over at Pumpkin Craze.

Light the Way

For a different take on glowing pumpkins, try this candelabra design from HGTV. You can either go spooky with an eerie glow or make it classy with bright shiny light. 

Vampire Pac-Man

This design from Woo Jr. takes us back to our days of Pac-Man and pinball machines—with a Halloween twist! The large blocks of pumpkin to be cut out make this a pretty easy design for little ones to pull off, too.

Spell It Out

This one simply says it all. Download it from Pumpkin Pile now!


Pirate Pumpkin

Arrrr! A pirate pumpkin is perfect for the plunder that is Halloween night. Your little buccaneers will even have a fellow matey to welcome them home after a night of collecting serious booty. Download the design over at Pumpkin Pile.

—Susie Foresman & Gabby Cullen

Featured photo: iStock 


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Carving template pumpkin shark

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Pumpkin Carving Patterns: How to Carve a Pumpkin with Templates

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