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A Guide to the Delaware GED

While it is true that many people have achieved high levels of success without a formal education, the vast majority of people must have the right educational credentials if they want to get ahead in life. If you don’t have your high school diploma, you may be hindering your progress in life. Here is information on how to get the Delaware General Educational Development (GED) certificate, a high school diploma equivalent, which will open the door to many of life’s opportunities.

What is the GED Exam?

The Delaware GED Exam tests your knowledge of five subjects taught to high school students:

  •  Language arts: Reading
  •  Language arts: Writing
  •  Social studies
  •  Science
  •  Math

Although the majority of the test is multiple-choice questions, you must complete an essay in the language arts writing section. This part of the test is read and graded by a person. You don’t need any special expertise for this part of the exam. The goal is to see how well you write and test your command of the English language. The math portion of the test is divided into two parts as well, but you can only use a calculator for the first part. You will have a maximum of hours to complete the exam.

What Happens If I Fail the Test?

To pass the Delaware GED test, you must earn a score of 2, This is an average of per test. Any test that scores below will be given a failing grade. You can retake the parts you failed, but there is a day waiting period between retests. However, the entire exam must be completed before you can retake any section. So if you did not finish the test for one reason or another, you won’t be able to retake any portion of it until you do.

What are the Delaware GED Eligibility Requirements?

If you want to take the Delaware GED, you must be a resident or work in the state. The minimum age to take the test is 18, but 16 and 17 year olds can take the exam as long as they can provide proof that they have withdrawn from school. Those under 18 may also need to provide notarized permission forms from their parents or guardians.

Information About Registering for the GED Exam

To register for the exam, you must submit an application to an official GED testing facility or through their website ( You are also required to take the practice GED test before you can take the official one. When you go to the facility to take the test, you must present a government-issued identification like a driver’s license or state ID.

The fee for the practice GED test is $ It is $75 for the official test, but veterans and people under 21 may have this fee waived.

Tips for Preparing for the Exam

It is important to spend time preparing for the test if you want to pass it, particularly if you haven’t been in school for several years. How you prepare for the test will depend a lot on your needs and personality. If you prefer to study on your own, you can buy GED study guides or use Internet resources to review the material you will need to know for the test. For people that prefer more structure, you can take a GED preparation class that will help you improve your reading, writing, and math skills. Study materials can be purchased at online and offline retailers and classes can be taken at community colleges or online.






Adult Basic Education Program

  • Dover ()
  • Georgetown ()
  • Stanton ()
  • Wilmington ()

Delaware Technical Community College is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender orientation, gender identity or pregnancy, or any other classifications protected by federal, state, and local law.

Reports of sexual misconduct and/or discrimination, involving any student or employee of Delaware Technical Community College should be directed to the Title IX/Civil Rights Coordinator or Section Coordinator, at [email protected], () Reports may also be mailed in writing to Delaware Technical Community College, P.O. Box , Campus Drive, Dover, Delaware Learn more about Title IX/Civil Rights at the College.

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To earn your high school equivalency diploma in Delaware, you need to pass the computer-based GED test which is made up of four independent subtests (modules).

The GED® (General Education Development) diploma is accepted just like a common high school diploma across America by practically all educational institutions, employers, and government agencies.

Delaware GED testing requirements

  • You cannot already have a high school or equivalent diploma.
  • You are not registered for another school program.
  • You are at least 16 years old.
  • Under-age test-takers (16 or 17 years old) must meet some additional requirements such as holding permission from their school districts and a parent or guardian.
  • You must be a Delaware resident.
  • You must first pass the Delaware practice test.

Delaware GED online

The Delaware GED exam can be taken at one of the state&#;s official testing facilities or in an online proctored format.

If you want to take the four GED sub-tests online, you&#;ll first have to earn passing scores on the GED Ready® practice test. For each of the four GED subtests, there&#;s one GED Ready test, so four in total, that you can purchase for $6 each on the website

Delaware GED price

If you sit for the GED exam at a testing facility in Delaware, you pay $30 per subtest ($ for the entire exam). When taking the exam online, you&#;ll have to pay $36 for each subtest, so $ overall. You may as well add the $24 for the GED Ready tests on top of that which brings your total to $

GED scoring

GED scoring occurs on a scale and is divided as follows: below passing, the range: high school equivalency, range: college-ready, and range: college-ready plus college credit.

What&#;s on the GED test?

The GED exam is fully computerized and the four tests cover the academic subject areas of Math, Social Studies, Language Arts (writing and reading combined), and Science. You have the liberty to prepare for and take the four subtests one at a time and in any order.

Be aware that if you require any sort of accommodation, you should apply timely at (the official GED website) or contact a testing site in your area for assistance.

How to prepare for the GED test?

There are many locations in Delaware where (often free) GED prep classes are offered and you may also want to study with books from your community library or local book store.

You may also sign up for a good and well-structured online GED course like the one developed by ONSEGO. This premium GED prep course will get you there fast and efficiently at a modest fee. Whichever you choose, make sure to become well prepared so you can sit for the four tests confidently.

How do I register for the GED test?

To register for the GED exam, go to the official GED website,, and set up your account with the portal MyGED. This is the place to make your test appointments and pay for your tests.

MyGED will also provide you with lots of information about the GED test-taking process, developments and trends in the job market, and academic institutions and their offerings.

What to Expect on GED Test Day

In Delaware, students looking to get hold of their GED diploma can take the four independent GED subtests online or at a GED testing center.

The GED subtests are fully computer-based and you can find numerous facilities in Delaware that offer GED prep courses where you can become well prepared to take the exam effectively.

Pass The GED in 2 months.

Learn Just 1 Hour a Day.
It doesn’t matter when you left school.

Get Started Now

The GED® program gives adults who never completed their high school education one more shot at earning a credential that is equivalent to a common high school diploma.

The GED test includes four individual subtests, or modules, in math, science, social studies, and literacy.

You have the liberty to take one or more subtests at a time. No need to tale all four subtests in one session.

In Delaware, the cost for the GED test is $ ($30 per subtest) when taken at one of the state&#;s GED test facilities. When taken online, the GED exam costs $36 per subtest ($ in total).

Delaware GED testing requirements

Delaware offers the GED exam that is only delivered on a computer, there is no more paper and pencil testing available.

  • In Delaware, the minimum age is 16, but for test-takers 16 and 17 years of age, extra restrictions apply. See your nearest testing site.
  • You first MUST pass the Official Delaware Practice Test.
  • Delaware residency is required.
  • You are not a high school graduate and are not engaged in another school program.
  • You can retake a failed GED subject test two times without any wait time. After you&#;ve failed that test for the third time, you need to wait 60 days before you retake that subtest again.

For your first two retakes, you&#;ll only be charged a $10 testing site fee if you take these retests within one year.

So in case you have a high school diploma or are currently signed up for any school program, you cannot get into the GED program.

The GED credential is generally recognized and accepted by US government agencies, employers, and colleges as equivalent to a common high school diploma. If you never completed high school, obtaining your GED diploma is crucial.

The GED diploma will give you the possibility to get a good job or improve your position, and it opens doors to colleges and universities. Check also our post about how to sign up for your GED test at the portal MyGED.

GED prep classes in Delaware

You can prepare for the GED test by studying online or attend a physical traditional GED prep class near you. Select your nearest city.

GED testing centers in Delaware

GED in DelawareDover
Delaware State University &#; N DuPont Hwy &#; Dover &#; DE &#; Ph: ()
(Thomasson Building, Office )
Appoquinimink Adult Education &#; Silver Lake Rd &#; Middletown &#; DE &#; Ph: ()
Delaware Tech and Comm. Coll. &#; Stanton-Christiana Rd &#; Newark &#; DE &#; Ph: () /
New Castle Co. Learning Ctr &#; Drummond Pl &#; Newark &#; DE &#; Ph: ()
New Castle
Delaware Skills Center &#; Ship&#;s Landing Way &#; New Castle &#; DE &#; Ph: ()
Seaford District Library &#; N Market St Ext. &#; Seaford &#; DE &#; Ph: ()
Red Clay Adult Ed. (James H. Groves Adult High) &#; Telegraph Rd &#; Wilmington &#; DE &#; Ph: ()
Delaware Skills Ctr &#; Ship&#;s Landing Way &#; Wilmington &#; DE &#; Ph: ()
Polytech Adult Education &#; Walnut Shade Rd &#; Woodside &#; DE &#; Ph: ()

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Online GED test introduced

Taking the GED test can be done online or at an official Delaware GED testing site. Until recently, you were required to appear in person at an official testing site but that has changed.

To qualify for taking the four GED subtests online, students need to score in the &#;green&#; zone on the official GED Ready® practice test. An online proctor will oversee the process. To read more, check out this post: introducing online GED testing.

GED &#; How to get started

Find a GED prep site in your area and sign up for their GED prep classes and/or follow a good online GED prep course to get all set fast. Discover a GED testing site close to you and learn about registration and cancellation procedures.

Registration for the GED exam must be done online via and MyGED. Become perfectly prepared to successfully sit for the exam.

Local bookstores and libraries can offer all sorts of learning materials for preparation, but there are also many facilities close to you where decent GED preparation is offered, mostly free of charge, and as said, check out to register for your GED exam.

You can take one of the four tests at a time. There&#;s no need to sit for the entire GED battery at once. The four tests (modules) are in the subject areas of Math, Science, Literacy, and Social Studies.

The General Educational Development (GED) exam is, also in Delaware, only available in a computer-based format and the program was totally overhauled. The changes were needed to keep the GED test in line with current academic standards and the need for more technically trained workers.

Free GED online prep in Delaware

GED passing score

You will be awarded the GED diploma after the successful completion of the Delaware GED exam. Scoring takes place on a scale. below passing score; high school equivalency passing score; college-ready score; college-ready plus credits score.

There are many benefits to the GED exam. You can register online, your test scores will be available within hours (except for the writing section) and you can schedule and reschedule your tests very easily in the new online environment.

Go to to learn all the details and create your own account with MyGED for registration, scheduling your tests, and become aware of employment possibilities and college- and university programs.

The GED diploma will surely benefit your living circumstances as it will lead to better-paying jobs and the credential also allows for a college education. Virtually all North American institutions of higher education accept the GED credential in lieu of a conventional HS degree.

More information:
Delaware Department of Education, Adult & Prison Education Resources
35 Commerce Way, Suite 1
Dover, DE

FAQ about GED in Delaware

How to get a GED in Delaware?

To earn your GED in Delaware, you musty take and pass the four independent subtests of the GED high school equivalency test. The four GED subtests (modules) cover Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Language. The GED exam is entirely computer-formatted.

What are the Delaware GED testing requirements?

To qualify for the GED test in Delaware, you cannot have a high school diploma and be at least 16 years old though, for 16 and 17 years olds, extra requirements apply. State residency is required and test-takers must also first take the GED Ready practice test.

What is the GED cost in Delaware?

In Delaware, when taken at a test center, the GED tests cost $30 each, so it is $ for the entire exam. In an online proctored format, the GED exam costs $ ($36 for each subtest). You can take and pay for each of the four GED subtests at a time. To register and pay for, and schedule your tests, go to the website


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