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Obvious Plant Weird Dogs satire toy sealed retired

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Obvious Plant Weird Dogs satire toy sealed retired
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There's no better feeling in the world than making somebody laugh. Well, other than making somebody laugh and forcing them to wonder whether what they’re seeing is, in fact, real. Genius prankster Jeff Wysaski, founder of the hilarious Obvious Plant project, is at it again. He hid even more amazing fake toys and other products among real ones, and it should be positively criminal how great they are.

We don’t grow out of toys just because we grow up. Obvious Plant obviously (pun intended) seems to know this and loves putting a satirical twist on things, so our jaws drop with wonder and confusion. Have a look through Obvious Plant’s newest practical jokes, upvote your faves and remember to let everyone know what you think of the project in the comments below! We all know how much everyone loves Obvious Plant’s funny pranks, so here are our previous posts about fake Christmas gifts, animal facts, self-help books, IKEA in-store reviews, and bootleg Avengers.

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Wysaski previously did a series of hilarious bookshop pranks, where he planted self-help books with fake covers in West Hollywood. Shoppers were surprised and delighted to find them while they were browsing for something a bit more serious. Unfortunately, Wysaski didn’t write new fake motivational books — he made fake covers and put them on used books. However, we’re sure that Wysaski could become a best-selling author if he decided to publish something for real. We know we’d be first in line.

Obvious Plant’s creator previously told Bored Panda in an interview a little bit about what he does. “I actually got the idea while doing a different plant, Better Book Store Sections,” Wysaski said about how he got inspired to make fake self-help book covers. Some examples of Wysaski’s fake store sections are ‘Dudes Who Lost Their Shirts’, ‘Meals You Intended To Make, But Never Will’ and ‘Great Place To Poop’. Pure comedy gold.

“While scouting and putting up signs for that prank, I thought of the idea to create some funny parody books. They were up for about a day,” Wysaski continued. “A few people who saw them online guessed which bookstore they were at (Book Soup). Apparently, one of them pointed the books out to the staff and that’s how they became aware of them.”


Sours: https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-fake-products-obvious-plant/
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&#;Obvious Plant&#; Visits Real Stores And Leaves Its Hilarious Fake Products For Customers To Find

California-based internet comedian and prankster Jeff Wysaski is shaking the world with laughter again. The genius mind behind the Obvious Plant project spends his time secretly planting fake products and hilarious books in actual stores and bookshops. Reactions from unsuspecting people who stumble upon his humorous items are indeed priceless. Some instantly burst out laughing while others can’t figure out if the item is real or just a prank.

Wysaski started doing his pranks when he planted a series of self-help books with fake covers in different bookshops in West Hollywood. He creates the fake book covers featuring satirical titles and hilarious puns then puts them on used books. Then he discreetly inserts the fake books among the real ones to complete the prank. Most of the times, the hilarious book covers usually confuse those who are looking for a serious book. Over time, customers would point the fake books out to the staff. And that’s how the bookshops became aware of Wysaski’s prank.

funny fake products obvious plant muppet scream

funny fake products obvious plant missouri sucks

Now, the clever prankster is expanding his playground towards real stores, particularly targeting IKEA stores and toy stores. This time, it’s not just hilarious self-help book but he’s now creating fake toys and other humor products. And you can just imagine the confusion and giggles from the shoppers who came across these fake items among the real ones. We’ve compiled the funniest fake products courtesy of Obvious Plant. We won’t mind finding these amusing items in our favorite stores one of these days. In fact, we’re looking forward to finding one, if we’re lucky enough. Get ready to laugh your heart out with these hysterically comical fake products created by Jeff Wysaski.

funny fake products obvious plant give up


funny fake products obvious plant weird dogs


funny fake products obvious plant useless man

Jeff Wysaski, the man behind the Obvious Plant project, creates humorous fake products and plants them among the real ones

funny fake products obvious plant toy bench


funny fake products obvious plant very far away horse


funny fake products obvious plant used wedding ring


funny fake products obvious plant steve wars


funny fake products obvious plant man leg


funny fake products obvious plant flesh eating telephone


funny fake products obvious plant meg daughter


funny fake products obvious plant care bears


funny fake products obvious plant bradz doll


funny fake products obvious plant water big taste


funny fake products obvious plant murder plant


funny fake products obvious plant lonely people holding cats


funny fake products obvious dont let god see


funny fake products obvious plant man best and worst friend


funny fake products obvious plant mudge samssams


funny fake products obvious plant enemies skulls


funny fake products obvious plant game of existence


funny fake products obvious plant unhappy doll


funny fake products obvious plant hello kitty goes to rehab


funny fake products obvious plant place i have cried


funny fake products obvious plant slugs stupidest animal


funny fake products obvious plant emotional support shoe


funny fake products obvious plant all alone bert


funny fake products obvious plant sun binoculars


funny fake products obvious plant spider eggs

You can also visit the Obvious Plant online store to see Wysaski’s creations that are available for sale. By buying his funny creations, you can support his noble cause of spreading laughter (and bafflement) in various places.

Source: Facebook

Sours: https://www.awesomeinventions.com/funny-fake-knockoff-products-obvious-plant/
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