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17 Pirate Crafts That’ll Make Your Kids Go Arrr!

Ahoy, mateys! If pirates your kids be, then pirate crafts we have for ye!

Whether your child is obsessed with Peter Pan, knows every installment of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean”, or just enjoys a good ole’ high-seas swashbuckling adventure, you’re going love these pirate crafts for kids. The 17 listed below are perfect for the tiny pirates that have commandeered your home, your classroom, or your children’s birthday party.

There are plenty of crafts here that feature pirate puppets to play with, ships to sail, Jolly Rogers to fly, and of course, a parrot for your pirate’s shoulder. Some of the pirate ships can actually sail on water! But don’t worry – there are a few ships that are meant to stay in dry dock and will never taste the salty sea. And did you know that there are skull and crossbone-shaped hole punches out there too? Investing in one will definitely help you make batches of Jolly Roger flags for parties!

So from Captain Hook to Captain Jack Sparrow, from Blackbeard to Bluebeard, check out these 17 fun pirate crafts to make your home or classroom a little less landlubber and a lot more seaworthy!

1. Talk To The (Pirate) Hand

Talk To The (Pirate) Hand

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

National Talk Like A Pirate Day may be September 19, but why stop there? With this little brown paper bag pirate craft from I Heart Crafty Things, your mini deck swabber can talk like a pirate all year long! With simple cut-and-glue instructions, it couldn’t be easier to make. Your child can customize the pirate to look just like themselves – or a new friend. Using a 3-ring binder clip will save your favorite hoop earrings from being drafted into service.

2. The Good Ship Cutie Pie

The Good Ship Cutie Pie

Image source: The Best Ideas For Kids

Even if you don’t live near the ocean – or any major body of water – your child can create their very own seaworthy vessel with The Best Ideas For Kids. Cutting up a pool noodle into donut-like pieces forms the body of the ship, which is small enough to set sail in any bin filled with water. This works out perfectly for playing pirates on snow days. Hoist up the Jolly Roger with some foam sheet cut-outs and prepare to be boarded!

3. Polly Want A Cracker

Polly Want A Cracker

Image source: Molly Moo Crafts

Any pirate worth their weight in buried treasure wouldn’t be seen without a trusty parrot on their shoulder! Using empty toilet paper rolls, Molly Moo Crafts shows you how to make both the pirate and the parrot so the set is complete. With googly eyes and colorful feathers, this parrot looks like it could fly away, and will definitely capture the imagination of your little pirate enthusiasts. But no worries – this parrot will stay safe and sound in your home and won’t require any actual crackers!

4. We Pirates Three

We Pirates Three

Image source: The Inspiration Edit

For a more involved paper bag pirate craft – with free downloadable templates – check out these little guys over at The Inspiration Edit. Gold glitter cardstock makes belt buckles and earrings that sparkle like pirate’s treasure! Have your child choose their favorite color for the striped shirts and headscarves. You can even make pirates look more like your child with cardstock to match their hair. After you’ve made several of these, your child will have enough for an entire pirate ship crew!

5. Hoist The Jolly Roger

Hoist The Jolly Roger

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

How will people know that your kids’ pirate ship is a pirate ship without a Jolly Roger flag? Remedy that with this quick and easy – yet super adorable – craft stick pirate flag from Glued To My Crafts. A little paint and a little glue will get you started. This craft couldn’t be easier, and is a definite must for all pirate ships! If your tracing or cutting skills won’t hack it for the skull and crossbones, the blog has a link to buy a hole punch that will do the job.

6. A Spoonful of Pirate

A Spoonful of Pirate

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

Shiver your timbers – that is, wooden spoons – with this pirate craft from I Heart Crafty Things! No need for fancy cutting skills or templates here – the shapes you need to make from cardstock are quite straightforward. Little ones can hone their fine motor skills by using a permanent marker to dot some stubble on the pirate faces. Even though these wooden spoon puppets are scoundrels of the high seas, they are just too cute to cause any real trouble!

7. Round And Round The Pirates Go

Round And Round The Pirates Go

Image source: Kids Craft Room

When your kids have those chubby cheeks that you just can’t help but gobble up, you’ll need some pirate faces to match. These cutie pies from Kids Craft Room are adorable enough to decorate the house for, say, a pirate-themed birthday party or for the bedroom of a kid obsessed with pirates. Using a wooden background makes these guys a little sturdier than your typical craft, giving them a bit more durability for playtime – or to give out as party gifts as the guests leave!

8. A Sea Of Pirates

A Sea Of Pirates

Image source: Non-Toy Gifts

This pirate ship craft from Non-Toy Gifts is so easy to make you can assemble an entire fleet in one afternoon! By folding the painted paper plate in half, the pirate ship will be able to stand on its own – perfect for pirate-themed party table decorations. Paint the plates ahead of time and let them dry, then pre-cut all the other pieces and bring them to school for a fun class activity. Let the students personalize their boats by writing their names on the paper plates!

9. Simple Pirate Craft

Simple Pirate Craft

Image source: Crafts On Sea

If you have really young kids, or you need to make a brown paper bag pirate quickly and without buying new materials, check this out at Crafts On Sea. With little more than a bag and a black Sharpie, you can still make fun and silly hand puppets for even the youngest scallywag in the family. The best part of this craft is that since it’s so simple, it’s really easy to make a lot of them in a short amount of time – perfect for a puppet show on the high seas!

10. Sail The Seven Seas

Sail The Seven Seas

Image source: Red Ted Art

Save up those wine corks for a cute rainy day pirate activity! Click over to Red Ted Art for a materials list and instructions on how to assemble these tiny pirate ships that actually float on water. The creative minds at the blog have some excellent tips and tricks for making sure your child’s boat is steady, sturdy, and seaworthy. This pirate craft is perfect for spring or summer afternoons when you will be spending an afternoon at a duck pond or lake. Sail away!

11. Walk The Plank Pirate Ship

Walk The Plank Pirate Ship

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

Whether you need a great decoration for a birthday party or something quick that even toddlers can get messy with, you can’t go wrong with Glued To My Crafts’ pirate ship made from Popsicle sticks. Since pirate ships are supposed to look well-used, the painting part of this craft isn’t exact. In fact, the messier the better! And this can be assembled very quickly, since there is little more to do than paint and cut.

12. Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

Image source: Schooling Active Monkeys

Here’s a great pirate craft that uses up some of those leftover rhinestones and colorful plastic gems from other projects. If you have tons of plastic coins or game coins laying around, those work, too! Once you’ve assembled your treasure, click over to Schooling Active Monkeys for their best slime recipes, which you can use to “hide” the treasure. Since your kids are probably begging to play with slime anyway, you might as well put it to good use and add an activity that will keep them busy, right?

13. Pirate Handprint Craft

Pirate Handprint Craft

Image source: Crafty Morning

When it comes time for your little pirate to share gifts with loved ones, look to Crafty Morning for this adorable and sweet handprint art project. Little kids just love using their hands to make a mess, so they won’t be disappointed here. With four fingers painted black and printed upside-down, you have an instant black beard. Add a few extra touches for the face and you’re left with a personalized, custom-made pirate card that your child can sign (if they are old enough) and give to Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or anyone else they think is worthy of joining their pirate crew!

14. Look Out, Peter Pan!

Look Out, Peter Pan

Image source: The Inspiration Edit

There are times when any generic pirate will do. And then there are times when your family absolutely needs one famous pirate in particular: Captain Hook. And whether he’s going to chase around Peter Pan and the Lost Boys or lead a crew of other paper bag pirates, The Inspiration Edit has just the template you need to get started. But this Captain Hook is too cute to be a bad guy! (Tick-Tock Croc not included.)

15. Pirate Ships For Landlubbers

Pirate Ships For Landlubbers

Image source: The Relaxed Homeschool

Maybe it’s too cold to sail a pirate ship outside. Or maybe you need a pirate craft that you can hang on the fridge instead of setting out to sail. Whatever the case may be, The Relaxed Homeschool has the perfect pirate craft for little kids. Bamboo kabob sticks allow the ships to be used in puppet shows, or to demonstrate a ship sailing on the high seas while you and your child read their favorite pirate book!

16. Easter Pirates

Easter Pirates

Image source: Craft, Learn & Play

Not all families are the traditional pastel types when it comes to Easter eggs. So if your children are more eye patches and hoop earrings than baby chicks and bunnies, click on over to Craft, Learn & Play for their clever and creative pirate-themed Easter eggs. Once you’ve drained the raw eggs, all you really need are some markers and pirate stickers. Check out the blog page for expert advice on emptying eggs as well as decorating the shells to look like pirates.

17. Peg Legs

Peg Legs

Image source: Red Ted Art

Kids will absolutely love these sweet little finger puppets! With the instructions from Red Ted Art, you’ll be inspired to make round pirate puppet crafts that kids play with by using their fingers as the pirates’ legs. The nice thing about this craft is that you can make two of them as easily as you make one, allowing your child a puppet per hand. Have an entire class or birthday party? Set up the pieces ahead of time and allow the children to customize the puppets and then watch them create a swashbuckling adventure!

Sours: https://www.kidslovewhat.com/17-pirate-crafts-thatll-make-your-kids-go-arrr/

The BEST Pirate Crafts For Kids To Make

The BEST Pirate Crafts For Kids To Make

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARRRRR!

That’s a cute joke, right?! It definitely goes with today’s corsair theme!

Today we are rounding up ALL the buccaneer themed art projects on Glued To My Crafts and making a kid friendly craft collection that is perfect to complete when anyone & everyone says they are bored this summer {because it’s definitely bound to happen!}

All of these voyager themed kid craft ideas are super easy to make on the fly and several of which even in-cooperate inexpensive materials that won’t break the piggy bank. There are even a few ideas on our website that we included free printable templates to get you started with ease. You should definitely check those out!!!

So without ado, check out the pictures and links listed below, to be taken to the full & original tutorials on our site. Like I mentioned, this pirate kids craft collection post is the perfect start to making the boredom blues go away. Plus they can help one to get into the mood of talking and acting like a pirate {making it even more fun!}

Our crafts can be of course followed to a “T” or you can use them to spark your imagination & go in a different direction. We just hope you take our ideas as a starting point and use them as inspiration!

Sticky Treasure Slime Activity

Paper Plate Pirate – Kid Craft

Clothespin Ship – Kid Craft

Popsicle Stick Pirate Head – Kid Craft Idea

Paper Plate Ship – Kid Craft

Popsicle Stick Pirate Ship – Kid Craft

Popsicle Stick Pirate Flag – Kid Craft

Treasure Hunt Sensory Bin – Great For Toddlers!

What Will Be In Your Treasure Chest – Free Printable Included!

Handprint Pirate Gnome Craft For Kids – Keepsake Card

Paper Bag Pirate Puppet Craft Idea

Argh, mateys! That’s a wrap on this quick pirate craft idea roundup! Happy crafting and don’t forget to share pictures with us of your finished Viking themed crafts! You can ALWAYS tag us on Facebook or Instagram for easy sharing! We can’t wait to see what you make from our list! #gluedtomycrafts

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Like this:

Sours: https://www.gluedtomycraftsblog.com/pirate-crafts-for-kids
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pirate crafts for kids

Love pirates? Get crafty with these pirate crafts and make it a great activity for the whole family.
pirate craft ideas

I defy you to meet a child who doesn’t love the stories of pirates sailing the high seas. Whether you’re in a classroom or crafting at home, a session of pirate crafting is pretty much foolproof.

So, it’s time to walk the plank. Whip out your eye patch, don your peg leg, and all aboard for a collection of some of the internet’s best pirate crafts for kids!

1. Paper Plate Pirates

Paper Plate Pirates

Credit: simpleeverydaymom.com

All good pirate captains need a crew, and with these paper plate pirates, your children can make their own! These crewmates will come together quickly when using construction paper and paper plates.

This craft comes fully equipped with a printable template for the eyes, mouth, and pirate hat. The rest can be customized by your child (with some help from you).

2. Handprint Pirate Paper Craft

Handprint Pirate Paper Craft

Credit: simpleeverydaymom.com

We’ve all heard the tales of Blackbeard, one of the most fearsome pirates to roam the Seven Seas. But did you know your little ones could make their very own replica using their handprints?

I love how adorable simple this DIY is, offering a quick and easy afternoon of crafting for kids of any age. Ensure your crafting treasure chest includes a 0.75” googly eye (here) for the little captain.

3. Paper Cup Pirate Spyglass

Paper Cup Pirate Spyglass

Credit: desertchica.com

Look, there, on the horizon! It’s our next adorable pirate craft, perfect for completing your child’s pirate costume. Ideal for any age, this DIY project is a great way to reuse something you’d otherwise recycle.

Gather some cardboard toilet paper tubes, cardstock, paper cups, and some decorative washi tape (this is a great roll). I guarantee you’ll be staring down a fun afternoon in no time.

4. Transparent Treasure Box Craft

Transparent Treasure Box Craft

Credit: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Set sail to discover the wonders of treasure, piracy, and sequins with this next DIY craft. This is particularly good for kids in a classroom because you can prepare the tough parts beforehand.

Create a treasure chest for each child, then have them decide what they want in it. Sequins, feathers, gold tissue paper circles, anything goes!

Stick with that ocean theme and take the kids through some of these mermaid crafts too!

5. Rocking Paper Plate Pirate Ship

Paper plates are one of the most versatile crafting supplies, and I love how clever this DIY is. Create a paper plate pirate ship that rocks with the tides. It’s so simple, even your youngest can take it on.

If you don’t already have some paper plates in the house, you’ll need to buy your own pack. Consider buying biodegradable paper plates like these.

They’re so much better for the environment, and you’ll be turning the plates brown anyway.

6. DIY Duct-Tape Pirate Swords

Duct-Tape Pirate Swords

Credit: teamveducation.com

You can’t be a swashbuckler without a trusty sword, but you certainly don’t want to give kids a real blade. Enter, the duct tape pirate sword! This is great for tiring out the kids at your next birthday party.

Start by creating the sword bases (duct tape included), then unleash the kids on them, various embellishments in hand. Foam pieces, washi tape, stickers, and glitter will make these swords shine.

7. Popsicle Stick Pirate Crew

Popsicle Stick Pirate Crew

Credit: ourkidthings.com

In a world where we’re all constantly burning through resources, recycling is more important than ever. So, why not use all those leftover popsicle sticks to give your child their own pirate crew?

Apart from the popsicle sticks, you’ll just need some black cardstock for the hat, some googly eyes, black buttons for the eye patches, and markers. Once done, hang the completed crew on their wall!

There’s more than one way to use up those popsicle sticks. I’ve listed a few of them in my article on kids’ popsicle stick crafts, check it out!

8. Cardboard Roll Pirate Craft

Cardboard Roll Pirate Craft

Credit: ourkidthings.com

if your kid would rather have a crew on their nightstand than on their wall, these cardboard roll crewmates are the answer. Not to mention, they use up any old toilet paper rolls lying around.

I love this craft because the kids can make it their own. Furnish them with a pack of construction paper (here) and some safety scissors (here), sit back, and watch the magic happen.

Check out more toilet paper roll crafts here.

9. Nature Stick Pirate Ships

Nature Stick Pirate Ships

Credit: ourkidthings.com

On sunny days, there are few things better than getting the kids outside for some crafting. Even better if that craft requires some foraging first! These stick-based pirate ships fit the bill perfectly.

Head into the backyard to gather some sticks with the kids, then use them to assemble a rustic-looking pirate ship fit for any captain. These make for adorable wall decorations, so make a few!

10. Fizzing Pirate Treasure Chests

Fizzing Pirate Treasure Chests

Credit: fun-a-day.com

Who knew you could combine good old-fashioned pirates with some modern science? These fizzing pirate treasure chests can make bath time an adventure or teach a classroom some scientific principles.

Fill the “chests” with anything you think your kids would enjoy hunting through fizz to find. Fake gold doubloons (here), tiny craft gems (here), and actual pennies are my personal favorites.

11. Wooden Spoon Pirate Crew

Wooden Spoon Pirate Crew

Credit: iheartcraftythings.com

Avast, it’s time to make a crew of pirate puppets! Make one or make twenty, the sky’s the limit with these wooden spoon pirates. You can even put them in their very own pirate ship!

I love this DIY because it’s so easy to customize the crewmates. Change the bandana and skin colors, add a beard with some fluff, or add an eyepatch. Get started by grabbing a pack of spoons (here).

12. Paper Bag Pirates

Paper Bag Pirates

Credit: iheartcraftythings.com

If wooden spoons are too small for your needs, you can always make a paper bag pirate puppet instead! Using a white paper lunch bag (like these), your little one can create their own swashbuckling companion.

While the tutorial for this DIY uses many construction papers, you could always opt to turn this into a painting craft. However, you’ll still need paper to create the hat. After all, what’s a pirate without his hat?

These paper bag maties aren’t the only cool thing you can do with paper. Check out some other paper crafts for kids here.

13. Egg Carton Pirate Ship

Egg Carton Pirate Ship

Credit: teatimemonkeys.com

Continuing with the trend of reusing household items, this pirate ship is crafted from an unassuming egg carton. Just add some sails, a treasure chest, and a captain for the completed vision!

I love this DIY’s sustainability because it uses all the cardboard odds and ends you’re bound to have to lie around. From there, all you and your child have to do is decorate to your heart’s content.

14. Clothespin Pirate Ships

Clothespin Pirate Ships

Credit: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

If we’re discussing easy crafts, there’s really nothing better than these clothespin pirate ships. In just three steps, your little one can have their own fleet of ships to command at will. They’re great for games!

Paint a wooden clothespin (like this) a dark brown, craft a sail from a popsicle stick and some paper, then pinch the mast between the clothespin’s jaws. Voila, a ship that’s worthy of the pirate scourge.

15. Pirate Treasure Hunting Slime

Pirate Treasure Slime

Credit: steamsational.com

Sparkly, filled with jewels, and fantastic for the senses; these are the things that characterize this pirate treasure hunting slime. Create this slime with the kids to teach them a bit about chemistry!

Once you’re done mixing, they’ll have a sensory tool to help them develop their spatial senses. Not to mention, this bright gold slime looks great spilling out of a treasure chest.

Unlike many other recipes featured here, this slime uses liquid laundry starch (find some here) to create the slime texture. Make sure you pair it with a large jug of Elmer’s Clear Glue (here).

16. Customized Pirate Hooks

Pirate Hooks

Credit: doodlecraftblog.com

Did someone say… pirate birthday party? Using an old plastic hanger and a plastic cup, you can create a simple pirate hook your kids can wear over their real hands. It’s great as a party favor.

Alternately, lay out all the decorations on a large table and get the kids to decorate their own pirate hooks. They’ll have a souvenir to take home, and stories to tell of their pirate party adventures!

17. DIY Pirate Paper Hat

Pirate Paper Hat

Credit: partywithunicorns.com

Speaking of pirate accessories, no pirate captain is complete without their trusty hat! Whip these hats up to give to birthday guests on the day, each one won’t take more than five minutes to make.

Want to get even more creative? Use these hats as the birthday party invitations, so kids will already be showing up in full pirate attire, ready to start swashbuckling!

Thanks to the internet, there are so many other amazing birthday party craft ideas out there. Check out how to elevate your little one’s special day on a budget with these 20 dollar store party ideas!

18. Popsicle Stick Pirate Flags

Popsicle Stick Pirate Flags

Credit: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Whether you’re adding them to a popsicle stick ship or using them as a birthday cake decoration, these popsicle stick pirate flags will liven up anything. They’re so simple and cheap to make, too.

These delightful Jolly Rogers feature a white skull cut from cardstock. If you’re keen on it, you can invest in a large skull paper punch like this to get a perfect skull every time.

Check out more popsicle stick crafts here.

19. Colorful Paper Cup Parrot

Paper Cup Parrot

Credit: iheartcraftythings.com

You’d never see a pirate without their squawking companion sitting on their shoulder. Hence, no pirate costume is complete without a parrot! This colorful paper cup craft is so cute, so clever, and so easy.

Apart from googly eyes and paper cups, you’ll need some colored feathers to really bring these birds to life. Grab a pack of colored feathers here, then fasten to the cup with a glue gun and string.

20. Pirate Treasure Chest Craft

Pirate Treasure Chest

Credit: theclassroomcreative.com

This one is perfect for the classroom, as it gives your students an adorable bedroom decoration to take home at the end of the day! Use some old containers and Mod Podge to get started.

If you don’t have enough old strawberry containers, use a set of recyclable brown lunchboxes instead (find them here). Let the kids fill it with anything their little hearts desire for a fun afternoon!

21. Pirate Ships in a Bottle (The Easy Way)

Pirate Ships in a Bottle

Credit: allfortheboys.com

Finally, here’s a way to make ships in a bottle easy for the kids. Instead of the intricate detail of the adult version, all you’ll need is a plastic bottle, an old cork, some toothpicks, and paper for the sail.

Take it an extra step by gluing the plastic bottle to a piece of flat driftwood. It really brings the whole craft together! This would make a gorgeous nightstand decoration for your resident pirate-lover.

There you have it, a full collection of some of the best pirate crafts sailing the internet’s waters today!


Which ones do you think your kids will enjoy? Are there any I haven’t listed? Comment below and let me know which one you and your little ones will be trying first.

Sours: https://craftsyhacks.com/pirate-crafts/
3 Easy Pirate Crafts for Kids

Pirate Crafts for Kids

This post may contain affiliate links.

These pirate crafts for kids “aaarrr” the best! They’re simple and engaging, and they’re sure to inspire hours of imaginative play for preschoolers.

Whether you save these pirate activities for Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19) or you add them to your Letter of the Week: Pp lessons, they’re sure to be a hit with your preschoolers.

Pair them with your favorite pirate-themed picture books for even more pirate fun.

These pirate crafts for kids "aaarrr" the best! They're simple and engaging, and they're sure to inspire hours of imaginative play for preschoolers.

Treasure maps, parrots, pirate ships, and more! You’ll find these ideas and more among the pirate crafts for kids that are featured below.

Pirate Crafts for Kids

You won’t believe how easy it is to make a felt pirate ship and peg dolls for your kiddos. It’s sure to inspire hours of imaginative, screen-free play! Crafty Moms Share

Pirate paper bag puppets are sure to be a hit at your next afternoon crafting session. Kids can reenact their favorite pirate stories with them. Messy Little Monster

Why settle for an ordinary bath before bedtime? Turn your bathtub into a pirate treasure hunt with these fun (and frugal) ideas. Teaching Ideas

It’s super simple to create simple pirate hooks from plastic cups and some tin foil. Add them to your dress up box for some pirate-inspired play time. East Coast Mommy Blog

An edible pirate ecosystem will certainly bring your preschooler’s favorite pirate stories to life. Nerdy Momma

This pirate-themed busy box is the perfect on-the-go activity for busy kids and quiet time. Teach Me Mommy

This pirate sensory bin comes complete with a treasure hunt, pirate booty, and an “x” to mark the spot! Life with Moore Babies

If you’re a crafty preschool momma/teacher, you can make your own felt pirate map. If not, you can always draw one on paper. Party Through the USA

These pirate crafts for kids "aaarrr" the best! They're simple and engaging, and they're sure to inspire hours of imaginative play for preschoolers.

These pirate paper dolls are gorgeous! They make great story-telling props. Adventure in a Box

I love this DIY pirate ship, and I bet your preschoolers will, too! This is one you’ll have to make for your little ones, but they can help paint/decorate it when it’s done. Red Ted Art

Your little crafters can turn an ordinary paper bowl into a 3D pirate complete with grumpy faces, stubbly beards, and eye patches. I Heart Crafty Things

Make this cardboard tube pirate and parrot craft. They’re perfect for imaginative or small world play. Artsy Craftsy Mom

This paper plate pirate boat craft for kids is easy to make, and it really rocks! Non-Toy Gifts

Kids will love making their own pirate adventures with this simple pirate slime sensory play activity! Where Imagination Grows

Turn a regular t-shirt and sweat pants into a simple pirate costume with a little duct tape and cardboard. It’s sure to be a hit in your dress-up box! Crafts by Amanda


When making these pirate crafts for kids, I find that the following resources are very helpful to have on hand. 


Fill your book basket with a great collection of preschool pirate books. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

How I Became a PiratePirates Love Underpants (The Underpants Books)Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate


How I Became a Pirate – A young boy named Jeremy joins Captain Braid Beard and learns the finer points of living a pirate life. 

Pirates Love Underpants – This laugh-out-loud Underpants adventure is full of pirates, sharks, and treasure. You’ll be yo-ho-ho-ing with hilarity until the pirates conclude their zany expedition!

Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate – This rhyming pirate adventure tells the hilarious story of a pirate captain who demands perfection of himself and his crew—until one by one, his crew begins making minor mistakes and are quickly shown to the plank!


If you’re potty training your little pirate, he or she will love tracking their progress on this printable reward chart

Pirate Funny Barrel is a fun game the whole family can enjoy. Who can put all their swords in the slots without waking the pirate? 

Preschoolers can work on visual discrimination with these Pirate Printables: Same or Different

Print these pirate handwriting practice pages so your preschoolers can practice their handwriting on Talk Like a Pirate Day.


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Fix one of these pirate themed snacks for preschool during your pirate-themed lessons. They're perfect for preschool parties, as well! Add these printable activities to your pirate theme preschool plans. Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day or add them to your Letter of the Week lessons. Discover the best pirate board books for toddlers. These pirate books are perfect for kids ages 1, 2, and 3 years old, and they're sure to become favorites!
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Pirate craft easy

40+ Pirate Crafts for Kids of All Ages

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Ahoy! September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Celebrate with some fun pirate crafts that are perfect for your swashbuckling youngsters. We have collected over 40 pirate crafts for your kids, including treasure maps, pirate ships, parrots, the Jolly Roger and more.

Below are 10 of our favorite pirate crafts. You can see all 40+ pirate crafts here.

Pirate Crafts

1. Pirate Ship – This cool project combines many different art techniques, including drawing, cutting and shaping with paper, painting waves and composition. It’s great for a wide variety of ages.

2. Paper Plate Pirate – Make a friendly pirate using a paper plate! Hang it as a decoration or turn it into a mask for dress-up play.

3. Canvas Treasure Map – This awesome treasure map craft is made with stretched canvas, water colors and puffy paint. It’s so much fun for imaginative play.

4. Cardboard Pirate Boat – Make a pirate ship using recycled cardboard and paint. Add paper mache for extra durability, then play with this pirate craft for hours on end!

5. Pirate Ball Toss Game – Make this game for a themed birthday party or just for fun.  It starts with a piece of cardboard.

6. Pirate Photo Booth – Use your imagination and make accessories for a pirate photo booth! You’ll love the pictures you’ll get.

7. Jack Sparrow Costume – Dress up like Jack Sparrow with this no-sew costume. It’s the perfect pirate costume for Halloween or for everyday dress-up play.

8. Paper Plate Parrot – What’s a pirate without his parrot?! Use this pirate craft as a decoration, or cut out eyeholes and glue on a tongue depressor to make it into a mask.

9. Backyard Pirate Ship – Decorate for a pirate-themed party or make a fun pirate play area outdoors. This pirate mast couldn’t be cooler.

10. Handprint Pirates – Turn your handprints into pirates! It’s an easy pirate craft to make and a lot of fun.

Check out all the Pirate Crafts here!

Get the instructions for ––> 40+ Pirate Crafts for Kids of All Ages

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How to make a treasure map - Easy kids craft - Pirate crafts

Argh! Shiver me timbers! Avast ye land lubbers! It doesn’t have to be Talk Like a Pirate Day to make some fun pirate crafts! Kids love make believe and playing pirate, so check out some of these great ideas for celebrating everything pirate. Yo ho ho!

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Pirate Crafts

We’ll start with the pirates themselves. Paper plates, cardboard tubes, or even a doll. What can you turn into a pirate?

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Pirate Ship Crafts

A pirate wouldn’t be a pirate without his ship! After all, the word pirate means a person that robs at sea. Here are some fun pirate ship ideas for you to make.

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Pirate Booty

Booty is the gold, jewels and riches that a pirate steals from others while at sea. Often they’ll bury their treasure and create a treasure map so they can find it again later.

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Be a Pirate – Make Believe Play

Dressing up like a pirate is fun and makes for a great afternoon of imaginative play! You can make everything you need to be a pirate, no need to buy a costume. Here are some great ideas!

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Hope you enjoyed these pirate crafts! You can find all of these, plus more on this Pirate Craft Pinterest board. Have fun!

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