1 2 grounding bushing

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Topaz Metallic Grounding Bushing, Die Cast Zinc, 1/2", Female Threaded

Item #:TPZ
Brand: Topaz
Type: Metallic Grounding Bushing
Special Features: Insulated, Thermoplastic Liners, Aluminum Lay-In Lug
For Use With: Copper/Aluminum Bare Ground Connector, Rigid & IMC Conduit
Size: 1/2"
Material: Die Cast Zinc
Diameter: "
Height: "
Connection: Female Threaded
Wire Size: 14 to 4AWG
Temperature Rating: +DEG C
Standard: UL E, CSA Certified, UL B, US Federal Specification A-A, NEMA/ANSI FB-1, Military Specification W-FD, W-FE, W-FD, W-SD
Box Quantity: 50
Case Quantity:
Sours: https://www.emisupply.com/catalog/

/2 Inch Grounding Bushing

PVC coated grounding bushings are used on threaded PVC-coated rigid conduit to provide a means of grounding conduit through an insulated bushing.

Used to provide a means of grounding conduit through an insulated bushing
40 mil gray PVC exterior coating
2 mil red urethane interior coating
10 trade sizes from 1/2" through 4"
Aluminum lug for copper or aluminum grounding conductor

General Information

A nominal inch (40 mil) gray PVC coating
A nominal inch (2 mil) red urethane
Technical Specification Documents
Specification Guide ( Master)PDFDOC
Specification Guide ( Master)PDFDOC
Installer Certification and ToolsPDF
Chemical Resistance ChartsPDF
Performance SpecificationsPDF

Technical Information

Sours: https://plastibond.com/fitting/plugs-and-bushings/inch-grounding-bushing
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Grounding Bushings

Grounding Bushings


  • Manufactured in type stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance
  • Polished with standard “brite” finish to increase corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance
  • Set screw provides fixed alignment and positive ground continuity
  • Allows easy insertion of grounding conductor for thru or end connection
  • No package quantity required

Certifications and Compliances:

  • UL / CSA C Listed
    (Standard for Grounding and Bonding Equipment)
  • UL B / CSA C Listed
    (Standard for Conduit, Tubing and Cable Fittings)
  • UL AB / CSA C Listed
    (Standard for Safety for Wire Connectors)
  • UL File # E


For use on stainless steel Rigid or threaded IMC conduit, to provide a means of grounding conduit through a bushing.

Grounding Bushings
Sours: https://www.calbrite.com/miscellaneous-fittings/grounding-bushings/
Grounding Bushings

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Grounding bushing 2 1

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