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Petland Discounts Closing New York Stores, Including Several Queens Locations

Petland Discounts&#; Long Island City location at 48th St. will close along with all New York locations. (Google Maps)

Jan. 31, By Nathaly Pesantez

Petland Discounts will be shutting down operations across New York stores, including a handful of locations in Queens, according to state filings.

The company will be closing 70 locations in the five boroughs, Nassau and Westchester, and is laying off the employees that staffed the sites in coming months, according to a Jan. 18 filing with the state Department of Labor.

Petland Discounts Inc. anticipates closing all of the listed stores by April 18, with all employees to be laid off by then. It is unclear if the affected locations represent all the stores in the state.

Reports add that the company, founded in , is also closing stores in New Jersey and Connecticut based on filings with respective states’ labor departments.

It is unclear why the retail pet store chain is closing, although the company indicated financial reasons in its state filing.

The closures come two weeks after Neil Padron, the Queens-based founder of the chain, died of bladder cancer on Jan. He was

Amy Eisenberg, his daughter, indicated that the family is still working out what to do in light of his death.

&#;He was the sole proprietor,&#; Eisenberg told Newsday. &#;We are trying to figure everything out.&#;

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Petland Discounts Chain to Close Following Death of Owner, Including All Long Island Stores

Long Island, NY - January 31, - Petland Discounts, the Brentwood, NY-based pet supply store chain, announced yesterday that they would be closing all of their New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut stores following the recent death of long-time owner Neil Padron.

Padron, who some may remember from his appearances in a series of local television commercials advertising his stores, succumbed to bladder cancer in early January, at the age of He is survived by his wife, Joan, and daughters, Amy and Lisa.


All 69 Petland Discounts locations in New York are due to have their doors permanently closed by April 18, leaving employees statewide out of work. On Long Island, Petland has locations in Medford, Oceanside, Glen Cove, Glen Oaks, Port Washington, Elmont, and Hewlett. In addition, the company also has warehouses in Brentwood.


The chain currently has a total of stores throughout the Tri-State area, all of which are slated to be closed, according to reports. Specific reasons for the closure of the entire chain have not been publicly disclosed and are not known as of press time, although financial reasons were indicated by the company in filings presented to the state.


Petland Discounts was originally founded by Padron in Glen Oaks, NY in as a tropical fish and aquatic merchandise store. As the years went on and the chain became successful, Padron greatly expanded the number of Petland locations and began offering a wider array of pet supplies, as well as beginning to sell small animals such as birds and mice. Petland Discounts was also involved in school programs that instructed students of all ages on how to care for pets.


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  • Long Beach, NY
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  • Rockville Centre, NY
  • Jamaica, NY
  • Freeport, NY
  • Kew Gardens-Briarwood, NY
  • Garden City, NY
  • Queens, NY
  • Merrick, NY
  • New Hyde Park, NY

Petland Discounts, the Tri-State area pet supply company, is closing all of its stores in New York, including eight on Long Island.

The closing comes after the death of the company's sole owner, Neil Padron, to bladder cancer earlier this month, according to Pet Product News. Padron was

The company had 69 locations across New York, and all of them are expected to close by April 18, according to filings with the state Labor Department. The closures will leave people across the state without jobs.

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The first Petland Discounts store opened in Glen Oaks in , according to Pet Product News, and grew to more than stores across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Petland has Long Island locations in Hewlett, Medford, Oceanside, Glen Cove, Port Washington and Elmont, along with warehouses in Brentwood.

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