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Personal Shopper ; In a Space-Starved City, the Lowly Ottoman Stands Tall

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KICK back. Go on, put your feet up. The ottoman empire is flourishing.

Ottomans, those ubiquitous stools that serve as footrests, extra chairs, tables or dog beds, are more popular than ever. And though the classics are abundant, a few young Turks have moved onto the floor.

And why do ottomans (once called Turkey sofas and now referred to as hassocks, footstools, tuffets or poufs) work so well in the space-starved city? ''Versatility and mobility,'' said Troy Halterman, an owner of a SoHo home furnishings emporium and designer of two ottomans. ''It's extra seating, an extra table and, if you have two large squares next to each other, a surface to sprawl on.''

Ottomans come in a large range of heights -- so if you are buying one to rest your feet on, it's best to experiment first, if possible with the chair that will go with it.

1. The New York designer Mario Buatta designed his James ottoman for John Widdicomb Furniture. Mr. Buatta considers himself an ottoman aficionado, having designed his first in for his own apartment. ''Ones on wheels can be hidden under a piano,'' he said. ''And a round or oval is nice in front of a fireplace, too. They can be used in any room -- bedrooms, even a bathroom.'' The James ottoman is a byinch oval, 14 inches high. Sold to the trade at Beacon Hill, Decoration and Design Building, Third Avenue (58th Street); $1, without fabric, or $1, covered in five and a half yards of Quadrillage plaid by Brunschwig & Fils, with three and a half yards of Bullion fringe from Kravat.

2. The Cousin It, covered with Icelandic sheepskin, looks like a Buckingham Palace guard stuck in a manhole. Designed by Mr. Halterman, it is made of undyed, dark brown fur. Twenty inches in diameter and 18 inches high, it is fuzzy enough for Rose, a Tibetan terrier, almost to get lost in; $ at Troy, Greene Street (Houston Street).

3. Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona stool, usually seen in black, looks surprisingly perky in bright red. It is 23 1/4 inches square and 14 3/4 inches high; $2, in the leather shown. Available at Knoll, Wooster Street (Spring Street); () for Knoll locations.

4. The Plantation ottoman, made in the Philippines, is wicker with teak legs; 17 inches square and 17 inches high. It is $ at William-Wayne & Company, Lexington (64th Street).

5. Mr. Halterman also designed an ottoman in woven leather. It is 30 inches square, 14 inches high. The leather is brown, but shades vary from piece to piece; $1, at Troy.

6. The inch-long Met Bench can hold dinner for six -- or six pairs of feet (it is 33 inches wide, 16 inches high). Designed in Italy by Piero Lissoni and S. Sook Kim for Cassina, the oversize ottoman can be covered in 24 colors of leather or any choice of fabric. The covers are attached with Velcro and come off for cleaning or changing; aluminum legs come polished or matte. Prices start at $1,, ranging up to $3, for the leather-covered version shown here. A half-size version is planned for next year. At Cassina, East 56th Street.

The bone china in Texture pattern and the wooden trays are from Hart & Heilmann, 31 North Moore Street (Hudson Street).

7. The 's-inspired Clover ottoman is one of three designed by Veronica Koltuniak of Los Angeles. The cotton velvet upholstery comes in colors from the brightest magenta to the softest blue, green and, of course, black, white and beige. The Clover is 24 inches in diameter and 16 inches high; $ at Amalgamated Home, 9 Christopher Street (Greenwich Avenue).

8. The wrought-iron base of the Gregory ottoman was inspired by traditional Spanish design. The tufted cushion top is of bronze-color silk. The inch-square ottoman is 17 inches high. It is $1, at Pierce Martin (to the trade), Decoration and Design Building, Third Avenue; () for other locations. The bubble-gum-pink throw, made in Nepal of the softest cashmere, also comes in celadon green, caramel and purple; $ at Hart & Heilmann.

On the front page of this section is an ottoman by the architect Frank Gehry, inspired by wooden apple crates and woven with strips of maple. It slopes as an ottoman or sits flat as an 8-inch-high table. It is 24 inches square, comes in natural or black and costs $ at Knoll.

Sours: https://www.nytimes.com//12/25/garden/personal-shopper-in-a-space-starved-city-the-lowly-ottoman-stands-tall.html
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An ottoman is a great addition to any living space and it is very trendy in living room design right now. If you have heard this term once or twice, you may have decided that you need an ottoman in your home.  But what size should you get? We&#;ve done the research to help you get informed about this very trendy,  piece of furniture before you make your purchase. 

Most ottomans can be classified to serve one of four functions, each with their own recommended height range:

  • Foot Stool: 11&#;&#;
  • Seating: 15&#;&#;
  • Coffee Table: 16&#;&#;
  • Storage: 15&#;&#;

The ideal height of an ottoman is between 13&#; and 18&#;. 

We will further explore each of these functions and explain the height recommendations for each type of ottoman. We invite you to keep reading so you can determine the best ottoman for your need!

Mid modern style armchair and ottoman, What Is the Best Height for an Ottoman? [by Function]

What is an Ottoman? 

Before you go out and purchase an ottoman, you should be clear on what an ottoman is and what purpose it serves. Furniture experts classify the ottoman as a type of couch. Like a couch, the ottoman can be used for seating, albeit temporarily. You will probably not want to replace your couch with an ottoman, though you certainly can. An ottoman differs from a couch in that it does not have a back to it or armrests. It also has a more extensive range of purposes than a couch. 

What is the Purpose of an Ottoman? 

Aside from seating, ottomans serve a variety of purposes, depending on the style that you choose. Ottomans are most widely known to be used as a footrest. Some of them can also be used for storage while others are firm and sturdy enough to be used as a coffee table or end table.

Ottoman Functions 

Foot Stool 

Most people purchase ottomans to be used as a footstool.  This style is designed to be used as a footrest while you are seated on your couch or chair. Because it is designed to prop your feet up while you are using your couch or living chair, the height of your footstool ottoman should be shorter than your seating furniture. If you are looking for an ottoman to use as a footstool, choose one that is between 13 and 15 inches. You will find that footstool ottomans and pouf ottomans are the most common types that fit this height range. 

At 14&#; tall, this is an excellent example of an ottoman that can be used as a footstool. It is small enough not to get in the way and light enough to be moved around, so you can prop your feet up no matter where you sit. 

Learn more about it here on Amazon.

On the smaller side of this height range, at 11&#;, this pouf ottoman is another example of the perfect footrest. Pouf ottomans are lightweight and portable like footstool ottomans, but they are shorter than the other models. While still firm, pouf ottomans are typically not as structured as footstool ottomans, and they do not usually have legs. You will need to use caution if you purchase a pouf ottoman online. Many of them do not come already stuffed. You will receive the shell and will need to buy the filling and stuff it yourself.

Click here to learn more about this pouf ottoman on Amazon.


Ottomans to be used primarily as seating should still be shorter than your couch but a little bit taller than a footstool ottoman. The suggested height range for a seating ottoman is 15&#;&#;. This way, you can still use it to prop your feet but anyone using your ottoman won&#;t be sitting so low to the ground. 

At &#;, this cute heart ottoman is at the lower end of the recommended heights for seating ottomans. knows that just because &#;standard&#; is used to describe the style, it doesn&#;t need to have a standard shape.  Decorative ottomans such as this one are a perfect choice for your living space because they serve many purposes. They are short enough to be used as a comfortable footstool but tall enough for comfortable seating. When not in use, they are interesting and stylish enough to be part of the room&#;s decor.


Click here to see this heart-shaped ottoman on Amazon.

This Christopher Knight bench is the perfect example of an ottoman that can be used exclusively for seating. Standing at inches and weighing 18 pounds, you will be less likely to want to move this around to be used as a footstool. Instead, you can place it in an entryway, bedroom, or living room as a smaller but elegant seating option. 


Click here to learn more about this bench ottoman on Amazon. 

Coffee Table 

If your living room lacks space or you simply want to try a new look, a coffee table ottoman could be exactly what you are looking for. The coffee table ottoman has a padded surface so you can still rest your feet on it and be comfortable. However, it can also serve the same function as your regular coffee table by supporting any items that you want to keep within arm&#;s reach. You want your coffee table to be around 2 inches shorter than your couch, so the recommended height for the coffee table ottoman is 16&#;&#;, depending on the height of your sofa. 

Vegan leather tops this ottoman to provide a surface comfortable enough to rest your feet but firm enough to ensure that your items don&#;t fall off. The height of this coffee table is 18,&#; which is great to pair with a sofa that has a taller seating height.

Read more about it on Amazon by clicking here. 

Not to be overshadowed by the more common rectangular coffee table designs, circular coffee table ottomans are stylish and functional. While it is not ideal for your coffee table ottoman to be equal to your couch seating height, the circular coffee table is an excellent example of how well the equal height works. 

Learn more about this bestselling round coffee table ottoman on Amazon here. 

Storage Ottoman

The height of your storage ottoman should be between 15&#; and 20&#;, depending on what function you want your ottoman to serve other than storage. If you want the ottoman to serve as a footstool as well, you will want one similar to the height recommendations for a footstool ottoman. However, you will find that it is difficult to find a storage footstool as small as 11&#; because it has to have enough space for storage. If you want your storage ottoman to also serve as seating or a coffee table, you will find options that fit their height suggestions of 15&#;&#; and 16&#;&#;, respectively. 

At &#; tall, this is an example of the ideal storage ottoman used as a footrest. However, its size, shape, and material make it very versatile. Use it for seating or a coffee table as well.

Click here to learn more about it on Amazon. 

This ottoman has a large storage space, classifying it as a storage ottoman. However, it goes above and beyond to give the user the ability to use it as a coffee table. It is sturdy enough to hold drinks and other items, and the three lids can be turned over to create built-in storage trays. This ottoman&#;s height is 17 inches. 

Click here to see it on Amazon.

This ottoman is a perfect example of a storage ottoman that can be used in a way where its height is not a concern. Designed to look like a trunk, this ottoman can be used in any room as a vessel for storage. However, at a height of 18 inches, it can be used in the living room as seating or a coffee table as well. 

Learn more about this storage ottoman on Amazon. 

Further Questions

Now that you have learned the different functions of an ottoman and the recommended height for each use, here are the answers to some further questions you may have while you are shopping for your ottoman. 

What is the Height of a Footstool? 

To review, the ideal height of an ottoman is between 13&#; and 18&#;, with the recommended footstool height being a little shorter as 11&#; to 15&#;. The height you choose for your footstool will depend on the height of your couch. The rule of thumb is that your footstool should be no taller than the height of your couch but it is ideal for your footstool to be shorter than your couch by two inches. This is the height that will provide you with maximum comfort. 

To find the height of your couch, simply measure the length from the floor to the top of the couch cushion. This measurement will provide you will the seating height of your couch. 

Can an Ottoman Be Taller Than the Couch? 

An ottoman should not be taller than your couch. If you are using a footstool your legs would above your seating height, which would be significantly less comfortable. A coffee table that is taller than your couch would require you to reach up to access your items. Again, this is uncomfortable and awkward. 

An ottoman may be taller than your couch if you are planning on using the ottoman for storage only. In this case, you wouldn&#;t have to worry about the comfort of using the ottoman. However, you should consider your living space as a whole and determine what height would help create a cohesive look.  


Mid modern style armchair and ottoman, What Is the Best Height for an Ottoman? [by Function]

Now you are an expert on ottoman styles and their recommended heights. When you are ready to make your purchase, make sure you consider the space you have to dedicate to your ottoman, and the function you want your ottoman to provide. Ready for some style tips for including your ottoman in your living space? Click here to see if your ottoman should match your sofa! 

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Sours: https://homedecorbliss.com/best-height-for-ottoman/
Why didn't the Ottomans conquer Persia?

Need a small ottoman? We researched dozens of compact ottoman options and then put this list together of what we consider the best small ottomans. Includes rectangle, square, round and storage ottomans.

Small ottomans.

I love ottomans. We have 2 in our living room; one large and one small ottoman.

Both are rectangle; one is a storage ottoman which actually stores quite a bit of stuff. In fact, I think the only type of ottoman I&#;d consider going forward is one with a storage feature.

Sometimes a compact ottoman is the best option, especially for a chair or if you like each person to have their own footrest while sitting on a sofa. They&#;re easy to move around the room and offer flexibility for wherever people are sitting.

We did the research and came up with this list of 14 compact ottomans &#; rectangle, square, round and storage styles. Moreover, we include a more exhaustive gallery for each category (see under the &#;More&#; section).

Table of Contents

Polyjkl Small Ottoman

Polyjkl 12 in Small Ottoman, Soft Seating Foot Stool, Accent Stool, Living Room, Bedroom and Kids Room Chairs, Metal Iron Legs Stool (Green+Gold)


This ottoman is great for extra seating, for use as a footstool, or a beautiful accent stool in a living room or bedroom. It also makes a great place for a child to use as seating in their bedroom, although it does not offer any storage option. It&#;s made of soft, flannel fabric but only comes in the green and gold combination so it may not match with everyone&#;s decor.

Its structure is very stable and it will not sway. It has plastic foot pads that make it anti-skid and prevent scratches on your floor.

WoneNice Folding Storage Ottoman Cube

WoneNice Folding Storage Ottoman Cube Foot Rest Stool Seat (Beige)

This ottoman is a great size for any small room and can be used as a footrest, extra seating, or just as a stool. It&#;s made of beautiful yet durable faux leather and has an elegant look and feel to it. It allows for some amount of storage for children&#;s toys, books, and other items which will keep your home looking neat and orderly.

It does fold down flat so you can store it away when you&#;re not using it. It can even be used for extra seating, storage, or a footrest in an office, college dorm room, or even an RV.

YOUDENOVA 30 inches Storage Ottoman Bench

YOUDENOVA 30 inches Storage Ottoman Bench, Foldable Footrest Shoe Bench with 80L Storage Space, End of Bed Storage Seat, Support lbs, Linen Fabric Grey

This foldable ottoman is great for a shoe bench or footrest and provides 80 liters of storage space. It can be used as end of the bed storage or in a living room to store away extra blankets or magazines. It&#;s made of high-end imitation linen and can even be used as a console table.

It&#;s an excellent option for people who live in a small apartment or house and can even be used in a camper for extra seating or storage.

HomePop by Kinfine Fabric Upholstered Round Storage Ottoman

HomePop by Kinfine Fabric Upholstered Round Storage Ottoman - Velvet Button Tufted Ottoman with Removable Lid, Teal

This ottoman is decked out in velvet and offers a classic style that will look great in any home or apartment. It&#;s easy to assemble and can be spot cleaned. It&#;s available in a variety of colors and offers a removable lid so you can use it easily for storage.

NISUNS OT01 Linen Folding Storage Ottoman Cube Footrest Seat, 12 X 12 X 12 Inches (Linen Gray)

Stylish and functional, this fashionable ottoman can be used as a cube-style ottoman, a footstool, or as a coffee table. It can even be used outdoors when you go fishing or camping. It is foldable and lightweight so it is easy to grab it and take it with you.

It is made of quality PU leather so it is pretty and durable. It offers storage for items, such as books, toys, or blankets so you can keep your living room, family room, or bedroom clutter-free. It is available in several different color options.

Baxton Studio Nox Brown Leather Ottoman

Baxton Studio Nox Brown Leather Ottoman , Dark Brown , SMALL -

Dark espresso brown bonded leather upholstered ottoman offers a sharp, square design with black fabric lining on the bottom and plastic legs that offer stability. You can use it as an ottoman or for extra seating at your home or office.

COSYLAND Ottoman with Storage Folding Leather Ottoman

COSYLAND Ottoman with Storage Folding Leather Ottoman Footrest Foot Stool Brown Ottoman for Kids Room Small Rectangle Collapsible Bench Furniture with Handles Lid 17x13x13in

This leather ottoman by Cosyland offers storage space and will work well as a footstool comment coffee table, or extra seating for a child&#;s room. It boasts metal handles on the sides which makes it super easy to move around your house where you need it.

It also folds flat so you can store it away when you do not need it. It can be used in a classroom or a van. It&#;s made of multi-purpose leather so it is easy to clean and offers a waterproof surface. It will help keep your home organized since it does offer some amount of storage.

BIRDROCK HOME Round Yellow Velvet Ottoman

BIRDROCK HOME Round Yellow Velvet Ottoman Foot Stool – Soft Compact Padded Stool - Great for The Living Room, Bedroom and Kids Room - Small Furniture (Yellow)

This round yellow velvet ottoman by Birdrock home is great for use as a footstool, accent table, or extra seating when you have guests over to your home or apartment. It offers extra thick padding which means it&#;s comfortable to sit on or to rest your feet.

scriptract Modern Small Faux PU Leather Ottoman Footrest Stool Seat Chair Footstool,Black

This ottoman also has a padded seat which makes it nice and comfy when you need extra seating room in your home, apartment, or camper. It can also be used as a footstool so that you can rest your feet and prevent swelling after a long day&#;s work.

It can be easily cleaned with a damp towel or cloth without damaging it since it is waterproof. It doesn&#;t offer a lot of storage but it does have a zipper pocket that you can put small things in, such as little toys or a set of keys.

Pouf Ottoman Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf

Pouf Ottoman Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf - Macramé Pouf - Floor Ottoman - % Cotton Braid Cord - Handmade & Hand Stitched - Truly one of a Kind Seating - 20 Diameter x 14 Height (Natural)

This is a different style of ottoman that is referred to as a Macramé Pouf or floor ottoman. It is made of percent cotton braid cord which gives it a very unique and stylish look for your home or apartment. It is sort of a cross between a beanbag chair and a traditional ottoman and offers a cozy place for people to sit or rest their feet. It is handmade and hand stitched which makes it truly a one-of-a-kind option for an accent piece for any room in your house.

CoVibrant Velvet Vanity Stool with Tray Modern Round Storage Ottoman

CoVibrant Velvet Vanity Stool with Tray Modern Round Storage Ottoman for Bedroom Makeup Desk Living Room (Pink Velvet)

This gorgeous pink velvet ottoman is great as a vanity stool and would look fabulous in a girl&#;s bedroom or even in a bathroom with a dressing table. You can even store items such as a tablet, hairdryer, or snacks inside. It can be used as a footstool or coffee table in front of your sofa, or you can use it as a movable tray to hold your drinks or even the TV remote. It is very durable and will hold over pounds. It has adjustable gliders so you can adjust the height without scratching your floor.

B FSOBEIIALEO Storage Ottoman Cube

B FSOBEIIALEO Storage Ottoman Cube, Velvet Tufted Folding Ottomans with Lid, Footstool Rest Padded Seat for Bedroom (Pink, Medium)

This velvet tufted ottoman allows for storage space with a lid and is great for a bedroom or living room. It is sturdy and can hold up to pounds. It is comfortable to sit on or to use as a footstool. It folds up when not in use and the storage place offers an option for keeping your house organized by storing away books, shoes, and other items.

ROTOT Unstuffed Pouf Cover Ottoman

ROTOT Unstuffed Pouf Cover, Ottoman, Bean Bag Chair, Foot Stool, Foot Rest, Storage Solution or Wedding (Empty & New) (Amaretto)

This pouf-style ottoman is great as a footrest, table, or extra seating. It has a unique and stylish look that makes it a great accent piece too. It is unstuffed so you can recycle things like old towels, blankets, or clothes to stuff it making it an environmentally friendly ottoman option.

Home Soft Things Super Mink Ottoman Bench

Home Soft Things Super Mink Ottoman Bench 19" x 13" x 17" Charcoal

This faux fur ottoman will work great as a vanity chair, shoe bench, or accent piece for your living room or office. It offers a supportive seating option for guests and comes in a variety of color options to match any décor.

Eight FAQs About Ottomans

What is the standard size of an ottoman?

Ottomans come in an array of sizes, shapes, patterns, themes, and colors and the height of an ottoman is usually between 13 inches and 22 inches.

What&#;s another name for ottoman?

Other names for ottomans include footstool, tuffet, hassock, pouf or pouffe, or in the British Isles, a tumpty.

What is the average height of an ottoman?

The best height for an ottoman height is between inches and 22 inches. It should be at least an inch lower than your chair and couch if it will be used as a footstool or coffee table.

Why do you call it an ottoman?

The word Ottoman came from the Ottoman Empire of Turkey in the s. The word was derived from the word Osman that was the name of a tribe’s bey in western Turkey when they declared independence from the Seljuk Turks.

What is the point of an ottoman?

Ottomans provide extra seating. A small, square around Ottoman works great as a seat for one person and many have a top that lifts up so you can store things in them. This is very helpful if you have a smaller living room or family room or if you live in a small apartment in which there isn&#;t enough space for extra chairs when you have several people over to visit. You can also use an ottoman as a footstool.

How far should an ottoman be from a chair?

An ottoman should be a foot away from a chair so your feet will be able to reach it yet you the person sitting in the chair will have enough space to be able to easily get in and out of the chair.

Can you sit on an ottoman?

Yes, you can sit on an ottoman and it is great to have in a smaller room especially when you have several people visiting at the same time and need the extra seating.

How much lower should an Ottoman be than the chair?

Size is very important when you&#;re choosing an ottoman and because it should be at least one inch lower than the chair or sofa that you were going to use it with as a footstool or table.

Our Previous List of Favorite Small Ottomans

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A. Small Rectangle Ottomans

1. Convenience Concepts 5th Avenue Storage Ottoman

Storage ottoman with nailhead trim design.A plush, tufted top, wide feet, and smart nailhead trim around the base make this traditional styled ottoman a handsome addition to your living room or den. It provides plenty of soft cushioning on top to put your feet up, and there’s also lots of storage space under the lid. It comes in three neutral colors – blue, gray, or tan – that go with any existing décor.

This small ottoman is also built to last. It’s made of a nubby, soft, yet durable linen fabric, with a foam and wood base for sturdiness. You’ll enjoy it for years to come. The eight-tufted top has foam underneath the linen fabric, making it as comfortable as a sofa for hours of movie watching or relaxing.

Overall, this ottoman is 24” long, 18” deep, and 18” high, so it takes up less than two square feet of space on your floor. The interior storage space is 21” long, ” wide, and ” high. You can fit blankets, pillows, or anything else under the lid, making it an excellent double duty piece of furniture.


  • Linen fabric exterior in three colors
  • Small footprint, but lots of storage
  • Comfortable tufted top


Buy at Hayneedle

2. Fulton Square Cocktail Ottoman Small

Small transitional ottoman with black color and bicastleather material.Nothing beats the look of leather for class, elegance, and style when it comes to interior decorating, and this handsome ottoman has all that and more. It can also be used as extra seating since it’s comfortable and sturdy enough to support an adult’s weight. You get your choice of either black or brown bicast leather.

This ottoman is also tufted, with a stitched top that adds definition to the leather. The frame underneath is made of birch wood, with four slender but sturdy legs in a tapered minimalist style. This piece is one of those that can add an accent to a room, not to mention being a welcome place to put your feet up.

It’s fairly wide, measuring ” from side to side. That means you could share it with someone else or use it as extra seating. It’s also ” deep, making the top more square than rectangular. But it’s only ” high. This ottoman weighs more than twenty-five pounds, so it is sturdy and will last you for many years to come.


  • Made of tufted black or brown leather
  • Traditional style
  • Plenty of room to put your feet up


Buy at Houzz

B. Compact Square Ottomans

1. Homcom Modern Small Faux Leather Ottoman

Modern red faux leather ottoman with thickly padded foam cushion top and four dark wood-finished feet.A pop of bright color and a sleek leather exterior make this modern ottoman a cool accent in your living room. The red is eye-catching, to say the least. This little ottoman is just one of those pieces of furniture that proclaim your style and is both cute and functional, too.

The leather is faux and cruelty-free, while also being soft and comfortable enough to have your feet up for hours of relaxation. Underneath, it’s thickly padded with a foam cushion top. It’s also easy to clean – just wipe down the leather with a damp cloth or towel. It stands up to the rigors of daily living and will last you a long time.

Since it’s small, this ottoman is also lightweight and easy to move. That makes it perfect for apartments or condos or even dorm rooms. It only weighs seven pounds, so can easily be picked up and relocated. As for size, this footrest measures ” wide, ” deep, and ” high.


  • Bright and pretty red color
  • Lightweight enough for anyone to move
  • Comfortable cushioned top


Buy at Amazon

2. Mapletown Upholstered Ottoman

Transitional small ottoman.Offered in a bunch of both bright and neutral colors, this upholstered ottoman has a single large button tuft in the center. The design actually brings to mind a hot air balloon, since it’s rounded and curved on the top and tapers down to the base. It’s completely upholstered in linen fabric all the way down to the floor. You can select the colors of apple green, black, deep blue, deep red, gray, ivory, sea green, or wine red.

There’s no assembly required for this little footstool. Light in weight, you could easily move it around a room. In size, it’s 17” high, ” wide, and ” deep, giving it a less than two-foot square footprint for your living room.

Whether you’re trying to match this to an existing sofa or have it as a fun accent on its own, this ottoman brightens up the room.


  • Bright colors
  • Cute, fun design
  • Sturdy linen fabric exterior


  • Comes with a chemical smell that takes time to dissipate

Buy at Wayfair

3. Mendes Upholstered Storage Ottoman

Ocean-colored ottoman with polyester blend and nailhead trim design.Nailhead trim goes up each of the four sides of this small ottoman, adding a traditional flair to its modern style. The sides curve in towards the middle, and while this does eliminate a bit of the interior storage space, it makes the design stand out more and gives it almost a corset-like shape. They are sturdy enough to have guests sit on them, too.

There are four tiny cylindrical feet to stabilize it on the floor, plus a four-tufted soft cushion top to rest your feet. Although small, this little ottoman features plenty of storage to put a blanket, extra remotes, or your headphones. It comes in quite a few pretty colors, like blue stripes, cement, ocean, persimmon, and sand.

In size, this ottoman measures 20” high, 18” wide, and 18” deep. The storage space is 11” high and 11” wide, so almost a foot square. You could get two and use them as a coffee table!


  • Can be used for storage or seating
  • Plenty of cute colors
  • Unique, fun design


  • Legs could be off balance

Buy at Wayfair

4. Classic Playtime Hannah Upholstered Cube Ottoman Seat

Classic cube ottoman with hardwood frame upholstered in fabric.Brighten up a children’s playroom or modern living room with this functional and useful cube ottoman. It’s perfectly square, comes in go-with-anything colors kids would love and is easy to move around, being lightweight. The colors are berry, blue, blush, or navy, to fit either a little girl’s or boy’s room. You can tuck these in the corner of a room or use them as impromptu seating.

This ottoman is also sturdy enough to be a stool, for a little one to reach a higher shelf or climb up to a grown-up’s sink height. Its square design makes it stable, and it has a durable hardwood frame. The fabric is tough to stand up to play. The sides are soft enough to withstand kids bumping into them.

In size, this ottoman is a perfect cube, measuring only 14” on each side. It’s for kids 3 years of age and older only.


  • Cute, small size
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Durable for kids


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5. SONGMICS Faux Leather Folding Storage Cube Ottoman

Cube storage ottoman made with faux leather and foldable function.Bring traditional, go-anywhere style to your home with this fun faux leather cube ottoman. It’s perfectly square, measuring $15 on all three sides, and can hold the weight of an adult for extra seating. There’s plenty of storage beneath the box like a top, so feel free to tuck in a blanket, extra pillows, or movie night accessories.

With the faux leather, you get your choice of three colors – beige, black, or brown. It could fit into any décor style, from a dorm room up to high-end elegance. It ships flat and only takes a few minutes to assemble, but can also be folded flat and tucked away when not in use. Use the flat surface as an extra coffee table to set down a tray or magazine to read.

The faux leather covering this ottoman is durable, resistant to water or straining along the rims, and is double-stitched to ensure no tearing or coming apart at the seams.


  • Excellent amount of storage
  • Neutral faux leather colors
  • Folds flat when not in use


  • MDF frame, not as durable as hardwood

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C. Round Ottomans

1. Faux Leather Small Brown Ottoman

Small brown ottoman made with faux leather.Designed to look and feel like a small stool, this ottoman is handsomely designed with brass nail head trim and a stitched wedge shape on its round top. The leather is faux, so it’s both animal-friendly and durable, and it has a nice grain that showcases different shades of brown, from cinnamon to mahogany. Three sturdy dark brown legs keep it high off the ground, too.

You’ll be able to not just put your feet up on this ottoman, but use it as an impromptu coffee table or extra seating. It weighs only 13 pounds, so anyone can move it easily around the living room or den. It’s compact enough to fit in well in small apartments, condos, or homes.

This ottoman measures a generous 17” in diameter and is only 15” high. It’s a perfect combination of usefulness and timeless design style.


  • Handsome traditional design
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and sturdy


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2. Domani Swivel Ottoman Small

Contemporary orange swivel ottoman made with faux leather and tufted top feature.A bright pop of cheerful color makes this cylindrical ottoman a welcome addition to your living room. It almost looks like a piece of candy due to its color and shape. You get your choice of four modern colors – graphite, onyx, orange, or snow. The base is made of a high shine chrome that gives it that mid-century modern retro look from the atomic age.

There are four button-tufts on top for added design, and the sides are perfectly smooth. This also swivels completely all the way around, perfect for use as a surface for a tray or board game. The outside is faux leather and the frame is made of metal, so it’s nice and durable.

This little ottoman measures 19” wide, 18” deep, and is ” high. It weighs less than twenty pounds, so you can move it easily.


  • Lightweight
  • Metal frame for durability
  • Top is cushioned and comfortable


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3. Belleze Modern Button Tufted Accent Storage Ottoman

Accent storage ottoman with nail-heads and a unique round shape design.Whether you choose beige or gray, this neutral-colored ottoman could fit into either contemporary or traditional décor. It has a soft cushioned top with button tufts, a round shape, and plenty of inner storage for a living room, den, or even as vanity seating.

In size, this ottoman measures 17” high and 17 ¾” in diameter. The interior storage space is 10” high and 14” in diameter. The outside is made of durable fabric for easy cleaning, and the four legs are the only assembly. The solid wood frame will last longer than MDF, so you’ll have this for years!


  • Nice neutral color choices
  • Well made of solid wood and fabric
  • Plenty of storage


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D. Storage Ottomans

1. Belleze Modern Button Tufted Accent Storage Ottoman

Accent storage ottoman with nail-heads and a unique round shape design.Whether you choose beige or gray, this neutral-colored ottoman could fit into either contemporary or traditional décor. It has a soft cushioned top with button tufts, a round shape, and plenty of inner storage for a living room, den, or even as vanity seating.

In size, this ottoman measures 17” high and 17 ¾” in diameter. The interior storage space is 10” high and 14” in diameter. The outside is made of durable fabric for easy cleaning, and the four legs are the only assembly. The solid wood frame will last longer than MDF, so you’ll have this for years!


  • Nice neutral color choices
  • Well made of solid wood and fabric
  • Plenty of storage


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2. Zosia Tufted Foldable Storage Cube Ottoman

Cube ottoman made with midnight blue color and polyester material.This ottoman looks like a boxed present, with its tufted top, pretty fabric exterior, and interior storage space. You can choose from baby blue, midnight blue, or light gray to go with any décor style. The upholstery is a soft and durable polyester blend, making it easy to clean, while the frame is of sturdy MDF.

This ottoman is a cube, so it’s ” on all sides, with about ” cube sized storage space in the interior. One of its best features is it weighs less than eight pounds, so anyone can move this. Comfy and small, you’ll find so many uses for this little ottoman.


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Lots of storage space
  • Can be used for extra seating


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3. Belham Living Noelle Storage Ottoman with Nailheads

Yellow square ottoman with sturdy wood frame and nailhead trim design.A cute and contemporary footstool shape, this ottoman has slanted sides like an upside-down pyramid, handsome nailhead trim, and four trim, sturdy feet. The golden yellow color could fit into many types of decorating styles, and the fabric is a linen blend.

One nice feature is the frame is wood, so that makes it durable for many years of use. It also has storage! The exterior approximately measures ” on each side, but it’s a little less than that since it’s not perfectly square. It’s only 15 pounds in weight.


  • Neutral yellow color
  • Plenty of storage
  • Wood frame and linen blend fabric


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4. Dorel Living Storage Ottoman

Small espresso ottoman with lift up top function and faux leather upholstery.Durable faux leather upholstery in your choice of espresso or black and storage make this ottoman both functional and decorative. The top is attached and lifts up, so it won’t slide around. This ottoman is solidly built, and the top is both cushioned and flat enough to set a tray on it. The four thick and sturdy legs keep it balanced, and it won’t tip over.

This ottoman measures ” tall, with a ” square top, so it doesn’t even take up two cubic feet of space. The storage space is 16” square and 9” high. It weighs less than twenty pounds, too.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Handsome faux leather


  • Not recommended for extra seating

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E. Conclusion

When you’re shopping for a small ottoman, you want more than just a soft spot to put your feet up. It’s a great, useful piece of furniture, so you’ll appreciate extra features like sturdy legs, interior storage, and there’s even one that swivels.

Ottomans can also be used for extra seating, but check the weight capacity first. How about you get two and put them next to each other as an impromptu coffee table?

No matter what design style you have in your living room, from traditional elegance to funky modern, you’ll find a small ottoman to match your sofa and fit right in!

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Tall ottoman inch 12

AmasSmile Storage Ottoman Cube, 15 inch Fabric Footstool Cube Bo

$16 AmasSmile Storage Ottoman Cube, 15 inch Fabric Footstool Cube Bo Home Kitchen Furniture Accent Furniture AmasSmile Free shipping anywhere in the nation Storage Ottoman Cube 15 Fabric Bo Footstool inch $16 AmasSmile Storage Ottoman Cube, 15 inch Fabric Footstool Cube Bo Home Kitchen Furniture Accent Furniture Cube,Cube,,Ottoman,$16,15,Storage,Fabric,AmasSmile,Bo,Home Kitchen , Furniture , Accent Furniture,/befurredhtml,www.5asec.cl,Footstool,inch Cube,Cube,,Ottoman,$16,15,Storage,Fabric,AmasSmile,Bo,Home Kitchen , Furniture , Accent Furniture,/befurredhtml,www.5asec.cl,Footstool,inch AmasSmile Free shipping anywhere in the nation Storage Ottoman Cube 15 Fabric Bo Footstool inch

AmasSmile Free shipping anywhere in the nation Storage Ottoman Cube 15 Fabric Bo Footstool inch Popular product


AmasSmile Storage Ottoman Cube, 15 inch Fabric Footstool Cube Bo

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Upgraded Sturdy Ottoman: The folding storage ottoman can support up to pounds. The solid clapboard and high quality thicker MDF give the ottoman a sturdy amp; distortion-free frame. You can seat/stand on the ottoman safely or using it as a ladder or climbing tool.
  • Easy to Assemble and Fold: Unfold size: 15*15*15", 15” x 15” x ” only when folded. Collapsible ottoman folds away easily when out of use, easily for storage in closets or under beds without taking up space
  • Durable amp; Comfortable: Crafted with durable cotton linen fabric, No peculiar smell, filled with high resilience sponge inside, making it softer and more comfortable. Unbleached fabrics are more environmentally friendly.
  • Versatile Ottoman: This ottoman cube with storage can be used as a seat for short table, a shoe changing stool, an extra seat in a child's room, an additional space in RV, coffee table car sundries storage or clothes storage.
  • "li" Extra Storage Space: With hidden storage to reduce mess, the storage ottoman provides more space to store kids' toys and blankets, cushions, books and exercise equipment, keeps your room neat.

Product Description

AmasSmile Storage Ottoman Cube, 15 inch Fabric Footstool Cube Bo

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Sours: https://www.5asec.cl/befurredhtml
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How to Know Which Ottoman Style is Best for Your Home

With so many types of ottomans available on the market today, you may be struggling to determine which ottoman style best matches your needs. It’s an understandable dilemma, especially if you’re eager to purchase one in the near future.


Should you match your ottoman to your couch or go with a completely different pattern or fabric? How high should an ottoman be compared to a sofa or chair? Can you store items on top of an ottoman? These are all questions you may have. Thankfully, there’s an ottoman out there for anyone, regardless of your budget, design preferences, and functional needs.


Check out these four ottoman design ideas and get shopping!


About Ottomans

There are many ways to use an ottoman. Ottomans serve as a footrest for weary legs, a makeshift seat, a coffee table, as well as a storage compartment. They’re incredibly handy and multi-functional, meaning if you are short on space, an ottoman is the way to go.



Ottomans sometimes, but not always, measure slightly shorter than the sofa or couch. The ideal ottoman height is between ” and 22”. Some homeowners prefer their ottoman sit at the same height as their sofa, especially if it’s used as a footstool. However, ottomans that measure taller than the couch are generally hard to reach and uncomfortable to use. Always play it safe and measure your couch before purchasing a new ottoman.


Should an ottoman match the sofa or the other furniture in the living area? If you’re looking to create a modern, streamlined look to your living area then, by all means, match them. However, some styles of ottomans work best as contract pieces. It’s your call!


Finally, give consideration to how you plan to use your ottoman. Are you interested in just a standard footrest, a coffee table, or a storage compartment? Take into account your intended use before settling on a model.


Ottoman Styles

Whether you’re looking for modern ottoman designs or something completely out of the box, there are a number of beautiful, quality ottoman styles to choose from. Here are 4 of our favorite ottoman styles.


Standard Ottoman/Foot Stool

A standard ottoman works in almost any environment. They come in a variety of design styles, from clean and modern to bold and traditional. These ottomans sometimes, but not always, include a storage compartment.



If you don’t require a storage option, then your ottoman may run slightly cheaper than one with a storage option (see below).


Since most standard ottomans serve as both a footstool and a temporary seat, look for an ottoman with a strong, stain-resistant fabric.


Storage Ottoman

An ottoman with storage is a fairly common request for those in the market for a new ottoman. In fact, ottomans are the perfect place to store seasonal items like thick winter blankets, as well as spare pillows or anything else you want to have at-ready in your living area.



The size and depth of storage ottomans vary greatly from one style to the next. Take into account what you want to store and then be sure it can fit in your new ottoman before making a final purchase.



Coffee Table Ottoman

Coffee table ottomans are the best of both worlds. They can serve a number of purposes, including a footstool, seat, storage compartment, and tabletop. The best ottoman coffee table includes a removable hardtop that converts the tabletop into a soft cushion.



If you don’t want to invest in a convertible coffee table ottoman, you can always add an ottoman tray. Just keep in mind that drinks and food won’t be as stable as they would on a fully solid surface.


Pouf Ottoman

Pouf ottomans often produce a global or, at the very least, a funky flare to a living area. Pouf ottomans are normally filled with a material such as down or cotton. However, you can fill a pouf ottoman with anything you’d like. For example, our Moroccan leather pouf ottoman holds all the sheets needed for our sofa sleeper.



Fabric pouf ottomans don’t normally sit as high as a traditional ottoman but they still make a solid footrest. Think of a pouf ottoman as more of a statement piece than the traditional ottoman.


Aren’t ottomans amazing?. There are very few furniture pieces more multi-functional, regardless of the style and design you choose.


Are you a fan of ottomans? Let us know what you store in yours in the comments below.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Tina Jepson

Sours: https://housetipster.com/housetips//which-ottoman-style-suits-you

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Ottoman Storage inches Slashome Cube, Black lbs, Load Max Seat, Padded with Stool Footrest Linen Foldable Ottomans factory direct

Small Folding Storage Ottoman

Made of high quality Linen and MDF with a maximum weight capacity of lbs, it can be used as an extra seat or coffee table when you have guests, and offers plenty of storage space for children's toys, magazines or clothing. It unfolds and folds quickly without tools and is easy to store when not in use, taking up little space.


-Color: Black

-Material: Linen, Highly elastic sponge, Medium Density Fiberboard

-Weight Capacity: lbs

-Product Size: "L x "W x "H (35 x 35 x 35cm)

-Package Size: "L x "W x 2"H  (37 x 37 x 5cm)

-Product Weight: lbs

Package Contents:

- 1 x Folding Storage Ottoman


-This Ottoman is not a toy, please don't let your kids climb or play around it, in order to avoid falling down or getting injured.

-You should be careful when you stand on the ottoman or use it as a climbing tools.

Sours: https://www.klevering.com/bevvube-fo.htm

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