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Bay Atlantic University is a Washington DC based private, non-profit University that offers the very best in higher education programs to US and international students at its centrally located campus, just a short walk from the White House. 

BAU undergraduate and graduate programs are taught by a first class faculty of scholar-practitioners. They are all seasoned professionals and policy experts –be it in government, international institutions or the private sector. As recognized leaders in their fields, they are closely involved in all relevant policy debates in Washington and across the globe. As a result, in the classroom, they are able to connect theory to practice. Thanks to this quality of instruction, Bay Atlantic University students have the unique opportunity to become members of a closely-knit community of global citizens. 

Bay Atlantic University not only believes in the power of education, but believes strongly in researching, developing, and strengthening your career skills and values. BAU provides numerous workshops and resources that will put you in a position to get a head start on the world around you. We cultivate personal development to ensure each and every person comes out a great student, and an extraordinary individual. We provide the insight and the tools dive into your career interests, research your goals, plan your approach, and take control of the job market when you move on to bigger and better things.

*For information about our Location, Transportation, and Directions, please visit:

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A New Generation University

A New Generation University focuses on return of investment, which, in the world of education, translates into students graduating with practical degrees and valuable experience, increasing their chances of successful employment.

Bay Atlantic University defines a New Generation University by 6 key aspects: Affordable, Focused, Global, Connected, Central, and Dynamic.


We believe that high quality education doesn’t have to come at a high cost. BAU strives to make high quality education available for everyone. We first accomplish this by setting our program tuition to a reasonable price that most full-time professionals can afford. In addition to this, we offer numerous scholarship opportunities (In our short 5-year history, we have already provided $M in scholarship relief). Lastly, all our textbooks are provided online for FREE!

Our Scholarships:

-Merit Based Scholarship

-Huseyin Yucel Scholarship

-Global Scholarship Exam

-Debt Free DC Scholarship

-BAU Global Scholarship

-Mentora College Scholarship


We put our students in the best position to succeed in their careers/lives by offering degree programs that are in high demand fields and rapidly growing. Additionally, being in the heart of DC, we know our environment; which is why we offer degrees in Politics, Business, and Technology: the three core industries that power DC and the world. Finally, all our programs have focused curriculum that are updated each year to remain consistent with current trends in the fields.

How we accomplish this:

-All our programs focus on practical degrees in the fields of politics, business, and technology.

-Being a boutique university, we can adjust our curriculum to the current trends in the fields.


Here at Bay Atlantic University, we believe in education without borders! This means you are not confined to just one campus, but rather are exposed to one of the largest educational networks, The BAU Global Network, with 9 campuses strategically spread throughout the world.


BAU is well-connected to the DC Community through our business partnerships, faculty networks, and community service. We have established partnerships with local businesses. All of our professors are scholar-practitioners who have worked for local institutions. Our students and staff are involved in community service projects throughout the DMV area. Through these various connections, students have a ton of internship and employment opportunities by simply tapping into any one of these networks.

What we do:

-Students can access the networks of the professors.

-BAU establishes partners with local businesses which provide our students internships and potential employment.

-All of our professors are scholar-practitioners who have worked for local institutions and bring their experience into the classroom.

-Students and staff give back to the community through various volunteer opportunities .


In an age where more and more professionals are moving to cities, BAU provides a central location for students that exposes them to an environment of great cultural, technological, and financial advantages. As opposed to being confined to just one campus; The whole city is our campus and our students have easy access to a variety of important institutions such as think-tanks, research organizations, NGOs, key U.S. government agencies, foreign embassies, and leading international institutions (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank). Students aren’t limited to just on-campus events; students can attend numerous cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Finally, for those students who work and study, our prime location allows for easy commuting to and from class.

We accomplish this through:

-DC is our campus, and our students have easy access to it all; anywhere in DC is within 4 miles of BAU.

-Students can attend numerous cultural events and festivals.

-Students are surrounded by plenty of employment opportunities in DC.


BAU prides itself on providing a curriculum that reflects the current market trends and most up-to-date teaching methodologies. BAU also offers guidance and instruction for professional development that is specific to each student. We accomplish this by offering professional workshops and sessions such as resume building, mock interviews, counseling, webinars, etc.. Recently, we have been bringing businesses on campus to host professional seminars for our students, allowing them submit resumes to employers right on the spot. Lastly, as we are a growing university, we are able to offer most our students on-campus employment opportunities to gain valuable work experience while studying.

BAU Provides:

-Workshops, discussions, seminars, mock interviews, and counseling.

-In depth career research, data, and services.

-Up to the minute curriculum content.

The BAU Global Network

We are a member institution of BAU Global, a global network of higher education institutions. BAU Global universities are located in Berlin (Germany), Nicosia (Cyprus), Batumi (Georgia), Istanbul (Turkey), Puebla (Mexico), Kyiv (Ukraine), Hanoi (Vietnam), and Hoi Chi Minh City (Vietnam). There are also academic centers in Rome (Italy), Cologne (Germany), Hong Kong (China), Toronto (Canada), Baku (Azerbaijan), and Silicon Valley (U.S.A.).

*For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact our Admission team at [email protected]


Atlantic University

For other uses, see Atlantic University (disambiguation).

Atlantic University is an American private non-profit distance education institution of higher and continuing education in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The university is associated with Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.),[1][2] and its administrative offices are in the Don and Nancy de Laski Education Center[3][4] on the main A.R.E. campus. The university is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA),[5][6] for its distance education and hybrid programs. The university also maintains licensure with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).[7]


Atlantic University received its charter on April 29, , with a goal of offering a liberal arts education through a holistic perspective.[8] The university closed in ,[9][10] but the charter was kept active. In the fall semester of ,[11] Atlantic University reopened as a graduate school with a curriculum that focused on Transpersonal Studies.[12] The first class graduated in

Initially the Master of Arts in Transpersonal Studies was offered as a residential program with a few independent study distance education options via a correspondence course model. Over the years, the ratio of distance to residential courses changed until the majority of courses were taught as distance education. The method of instruction of distance courses also changed from a correspondence course model to web-based courses to courses on CD. In , the conversion to a truly online school with three semesters began. As the university changed, continuing education and personal enrichment courses were added. In , the university changed from three week semesters to four week semesters allowing for students to complete their program more efficiently. In recent years, the Master of Arts in Transpersonal Studies was changed to Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology, thus making the program more accessible and understandable to the outside public. In addition to the Transpersonal psychology degree, Atlantic University offers a Master of Arts in Mindful Leadership, a Graduate Certificate in Regression Hypnosis, a Graduate Certificate in Mindful Leadership, a non-credit certificate in Spiritual Guidance Mentor Training, and Lifelong Learning certificates to adult learners.


  • Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology[13] with specializations in:
    • General studies
    • Applied spirituality
    • Consciousness
    • Creativity
    • Leadership and Conflict Transformation
  • Master of Arts in Mindful Leadership

Other programs:

  • Graduate Certificate in Integrated Imagery: Regression Hypnosis
  • Graduate Certificate in Mindful Leadership
  • Spiritual Guidance Mentor Training (non-credit certificate)
  • Lifelong learning (non-credit)


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