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Alphanumeric Price Guns

Alphanumeric Price Guns differ from standard pricing guns because they include letters in the coding bands as well as numbers. This means you can create far more complex coding plans for use with your products or processes.

Alphanumeric coding guns come in one and two line varieties. One line alphanumeric price guns only have one row of text. 2 line alphanumeric price guns have two rows. The top or the bottom row or both rows can be alphanumeric, depending on the price gun model. The alphanumeric line on a price gun is normally indicated with the letter “A”.

For one line price guns, we can supply Swing S10 and Open S10 alphanumeric price guns. These use the standard CT4 26mm x 12mm price gun labels. We can supply these label bespoke or plain for you. Just call us on 01332 864895 to start your order!

For 2 line alphanumeric pricing guns, we can supply a range of Open C20 guns, including the Open CA20, Open C20A and the Open CA20A. These use the standard CT7 26mm x 16mm price gun labels. These can be supplied to order for bespoke labels or ex.stock for standard labels such as CT7 Use By Batch Number labels or Best Before Batch number labels. If these are not to your liking, please call us on 01332 864895 to have a bespoke design prepared for you.

Our Range of Alphanumeric Price Guns

Swing S10 – 1 line price gun
Open S10 – 1 line price gun
Open C20A – 2 line pricing gun with alphanumeric coding on the bottom row
Open CA20 – 2 line pricing gun with alphanumeric coding on the top row
Open CA20A – 2 line pricing gun with alphanumeric coding on both the bottom and top row

Call us no on 01332 864895 to discuss your needs.

Alternatively, fill in the form below or click the call back request and we will give you a call back as soon as we can.


LYNX C-A17 Two-Line Price Gun with 10+7 Alphanumeric Bands

The Lynx C-A17 two-line gun is a high-quality pricing gun manufactured by the UK market leading brand Lynx, suitable for a variety of applications using alphanumeric and numeric price bands. The top line of this labeller is made up out of 10 alphanumeric price bands containing every letter of the alphabet, including numbers 0-9.

The bottom line contains 7 entirely numerical bands and includes pricing symbols for the Pound Sterling and the Euro, allowing pricing up to GBP or EUR 999999. This label gun is another fantastic versatile tool, allowing you creative control over your labels.

You can generate labels where the top line is used to display a combination of numbers and letters to display product codes and batch numbers, and the bottom line contains the price. The top line can also be used to display your company name, 'Use By' and 'Sell by' dates, or any other word of your choosing. The bottom line can display numeric codes, dates, and prices.

This pricing gun takes the CT7 26x16mm Labels, available pre-printed ('Best Before', 'Reduced Was/Now') and blank in various colours and adhesives. For fast and accurate operation, this labeller uses the easy-to-change Lynx C Ink Roller.

With its robust and ergonomic design, the Lynx C-A17 coding gun will allow you to work fast and efficiently long-term. This labeller is one of the many high-end Lynx Labelling Guns available for purchase, guaranteeing fast delivery on all Lynx pricing guns and labels.

All of our labellers and labels can be made to order, so drop us an email here to find out about customising your price gun. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly advisers call us on local rate 0330 700 3311

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Alphanumeric price gun

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Alphanumeric price guns – Labelling machines with letters and figures – Labeller Blitz alphanumeric

In contrast to our standard price guns, alphanumeric labelers contain A-Z, 0-9 and some punctuation (-, /) on every wheel. A mixture of numbers and letters or just a word can be displayed on the label too. These printers are extremely versatile.


Alphanumeric labeling machines are available as one line, two line or three line printers.


The following models are in our range:


One line price gun BLITZ C8/A

The Price gun BLITZ C8 / A is the only alphanumeric one-line handheld labeler. Up to 8 digits can be printed with letter and figures.


Label size: 26×12 mm

Label shape: wavy

Number of digits: 10 digits  





The price gun BLITZ S16/A is an alphanumeric printer with letters and figures in the first line. This printer is very popular as it can be used for various applications. The alphanumeric options allows you to print article numbers or short information in the first line.


Label size: 26×16 mm

Label shape: Wavy

Number of digits: 8 +8 digits





With the price gun BLITZ C17/A, a mixture of up to 10 letters and numbers can be printed in one line making this labeler even more versatile. The price in the second line is printed clearly with 7 digits.


Label size: 26×16 mm

Label shape: rectangular

Number of digits: 10 +7 digits




With 10 digits in each line, our price gun BLITZ C20/A offers even more options than the previous printer C17/A. The first line comes with 10 digits containing letters, numbers and punctuations, the second line also contains 10 digits with numbers only. The second line can be supplied with different character sizes for a better separation between product information and price information.


Label size: 26×16 mm

Label shape: rectangular

Number of digits: 10 + 10 digits




The price gun BLITZ L17/A is an alphanumeric printer for labels 32×19 mm. The first line contains 11 digits with numbers, letters and punctuations. The second line contains only figures as well as the currency symbol for pricing. With 11 alphanumeric digits, a lot of different information can be printed in this line.



Label size: 32×19 mm

Label shape: Wavy

Number of digits: 11 +7 digits



Price gun T177/A or T117/A

Both price guns T177/A or T117/A are alphanumeric printers for labels 29×28 mm. These labellers contain 11 digits with numbers, letters and punctuation in the first line for various combinations. The other two lines are supplied with numbers only for coding or pricing applications.


Label size: 29×28 mm

Label shape: rectangular

Number of digits: 11 + 7 + 7 or 11 + 11 + 7 digits


Price: For prices to our Blitz price guns, please use our contact form or send us an email to [email protected] Our sales team will advise you gladly!




Price gun - Blitz alphanumericAlphanumeric price gun Blitz S16AAlphanumeric price gun Blitz S16A - Changeable letters and figures in the first lineLabels - Price gun Blitz C10/ALabels - Price gun Blitz S16/ALabels - Price gun Blitz C17/ALabels - Price gun Blitz C20/ALabels - Price gun Blitz L17/ALabels - Price gun Blitz L11/ALabels - Price gun Blitz T101/ALabels - Price gun Blitz T117/A

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