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8200 good, but 7698 is better!!!!

This 8200 is great for long distances, BUT too WIDE and BULKY while installing on a guyed tower. BEST to get the 7698P, which has narrow VHF elements and is pulled up EASILY to the top. IMPORTANT-- the 7698P WILL RECEIVE Ch.2-6 if they are in you're area!!!! The description by vendors IS DECEIVING. They trick you into thinking only 7- on up is the rule. NOT if 2-6 are broadcasting on your area!!! PLUS-- the Televes560383 AMP is the BEST!!! My Winegard AP8275 could not give me more than 50% signal strength on TV!! EVEN local stations!! But this TELEVES goes to the MAX on signal strength bars!!! AND pulls in any DEEPEST FRINGE ones, although temporarily, that Winegard could not!!!!

An Absolutely Excellent TV Antenna

Ok this is no 2 review I also use this for fm and am radio on am this picks up the high bands 850 Nashville 870 New Orleans it picks up distance real good am now FM FM HD it really picks up very very good now my zip 32444i getHD as far away as thomasville Ga Tallahassee my last antenna was a channel master 3671 it’s a big antenna but radio reception wasn’t very good . The 8200 HD will also pick up 4K if your local Broadcaster is putting out 4K . This is an excellent antenna for cutting the cord I love the module it’s very easy to assemble very very sharp pictures you’ll think your Blu Ray player is in the picture quality is that good .

I replaced a 3671

I purchased the 8200 hd this antenna as advertised picked up fm HD and it does very good it replaced a channel master 3671 my 3671 was a kinda ok fm but not like the 8200 HD now this antenna also runs 5 tv s the cartridge antenna is absolutely perfect it comes in 5 pieces very easy to put together and install very very good performance. Solid Signal always comes out with great deals good equipment.

It's a beast!

I love that this Antenna is made in the USA. It was easy to assemble, and once installed, with no pre-amp, I'm picking up 78 channels 36 miles away from Detroit! Also, including channels from Canada, and Toledo! Amazing! I would definitely recommend this Antenna, it's built like a tank, so I'm not worried about it falling apart for decades. Hope this helps.

It's a beast!

I love that this Antenna is made in the USA. It was easy to assemble, and once installed, with no pre-amp, I'm picking up 78 channels 36 miles away from Detroit! Also, including channels from Canada, and Toledo! Amazing! I would definitely recommend this Antenna, it's built like a tank, so I'm not worried about it falling apart for decades. Hope this helps.

Works beyond expectation.

Our antenna is on a tower, 30ft in the air. Winegard LNA-200 pre-amp and channel master rotator. Pulls in stations from Cleveland, Steubenville, and Wheeling. Installed correctly as instructed, it WILL perform.

It's been 5 years now. This is the best bang for the buck. I'd do this all over again with some minor adjustments.

OTA signal is generated about 65 miles from me. There are 20 transmitters transmitting about 65 channels. I tried several antennas that were supposed to be long range, but could never quite get all of the channels. I saw this antenna and did my research and decided this was the best it was going to get. I purchased everything through this site and it cost a little over 200.00. I added the Pre Amplifier (AP-8700) because I was going to wire this to 4 televisions. My signal is strong. I love seeing the blades of grass on the football fields, so the HD is definitely HD. So I did everything right, so I thought. I also bought 5 of the 5 Ft. Swedged Antenna Mast (TB-0005). I checked it out when it got here and I thought okay, this looks pretty sturdy, so I buried the first one 4 feet into the ground and poured a couple bags of concrete around it. I'm thinking ok, this can survive a hurricane. Wrong. Hurricane Irma came along and a small branch 10ft long and about as big around as a nickle hit the mast propelled by 100 mph winds. It hit just under the antenna, and it bent the mast in half. So, after we got dug out and things calmed down, I went to Home Depot and picked up thick walled electrical conduit. 2 10 foot sections of 1 1/4 inch and connectors. I bought a pvc cap that will fit on top to keep the water out and siliconed that on. I cut the existing antenna pole about 5 feet off the ground and slid the new pole over the old one. I drilled a hole through all of the pipes and ran a bolt through so it won't spin. I love this antenna, and love being off the grid.

Good first impressions

Installed this yesterday to replace an aging, damaged (weather, falling branches, etc.) and very similar Channel Master model w/ the same specs which is no longer available. Using the same mast, rotor, preamp, cable, etc. and getting very good reception so far while the HD8200U is not currently in as favorable a position as the Channel Master was. Construction is not as heavy as the CM antenna and we'll see how it holds up. My first impression is that our reception is now a bit better than it was previously and when you live out in the sticks a little bit better can mean the difference between viewing something you want to watch, resorting to a program that you really don't like so much - or just turning the TV off. Cheers

No problem in putting it together

I have this antenna now over 2 two years. I installed on a 25ft boom with a HD Ham station rotor which I already had. Right off the bat I got 45 channels and it was only pointing North got another 30 when I turned it around to fine tune. Come to find out I really didn't need the rotor. Pointing it north get everything I need .No fade out one strong antenna. This this is 17ft. long.

Simply the best combo antenna

The hd8200u is the king of extreme fringe reception when you need RF channels 2 thru 51 in one antenna Despite what some want you to believe, gain takes boom length and this one is one of the longest ever made


Best TV antennas for cord cutters 2021: Tested for real-world signal strength

Cable and satellite TV subscriptions are becoming ever more expensive, so more and more homes are ditching pay TV in favor of free, over-the-air broadcasts. Digital TV typically provides between 20 and 60 channels depending on where you live, and can save you at least $1,000 a year, based on a typical pay TV subscription.

Folks who do are often surprised by the higher image quality they get from broadcast TV. That’s because cable and satellite services compress the video signal in order to reduce the bandwidth required to stream it to your home, all so they can cram in more of the channels you probably never watch anyway.

TV antenna cheat sheet

Our quick-hit recommendations:

So, cut that cable, ditch that dish, and join the growing number of American households that are free from monthly bills for TV service.

Putting up an antenna is easy, but before you buy one you’ll need to figure out what channels are available where you live, how strong the signals are likely to be, and what direction they’re coming from. See TechHive’s guide to choosing an antenna to figure all that out.

As a rule of thumb, indoor antennas are suitable for areas with strong or very strong signals, the attic/outdoor antennas work in areas of medium signal strength, and the larger outdoor antennas in areas of weak signals.

Once you’ve determined your needs, this article will help with your antenna purchase. But before we jump into our results, check out this video that explains how to determine which free over-the-air TV channels you can receive where you live.

Best indoor TV antenna 

If you live close enough to the broadcast towers for the stations you want to watch, a less-expensive non-amplified antenna like the Channel Master Flatenna might be all you need to cut the cord. At the time of this review, we found that Channel Master itself was offering the best price on this antenna: Just $19 on Amazon. 

Best amplified indoor TV antenna

This antenna impressed us with its ability to pull in more broadcast channels than the competition. Further, those it did receive were a little stronger than from our runner-up which should make for happier TV viewing. (Read our full review.)


The word "smart" gets bandied about quite a lot these days, but it's more than just hyperbole in the case of Channel Master's Smartenna+ over-the-air TV antenna. This amplified antenna has a tiny tuner onboard that can virtually change its reception pattern  to pull in the most stations possible. We like it a lot.

Best roof-mount TV Antenna

Antennas Direct DB8e

The Antennas Direct DB8e is a large outdoor antenna for reception of medium to very weak TV signals. In our tests, it was very good pulling in distant stations with minimal interference.

The Antennas Direct DB8e’s reception is just as impressive as its looks. This is a large, heavy antenna cleverly designed to receive weak signals with two antenna arrays, or in areas of better reception to point to towers in different directions. (See our full review.)


The Antennas Direct 91XG is a classic antenna design that has worked well for years. This antenna is quite directional and good at rejecting interference from the sides while picking out weak signals from the noise. It narrowly missed out on the top spot and would also be an excellent choice for people dealing with long-distance reception. (See our full review.)

Best attic/outdoor TV antenna

The Winegard Elite 7550 immediately impressed with its ability to pick up more broadcast channels than the competition at higher signal levels. It has a built-in amplifier and performed well on both VHF-High and UHF broadcast bands. Because of its size you’ll want this one in the attic or outside of your house. (See our full review.)


Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Max

The Clearstream 4 Max is an excellent choice for areas with strong to medium strength signals and with multiple TV transmitters in different locations. It's well made, easy to assemble and supplied with all the required mounting hardware.

The Clearstream 4 Max is a little larger than our top-ranked choice and wasn’t quite as good at pulling in stations but it’s still a solid antenna. Its unique double figure-eight design is sure to look distinctive and it can receive signals from different directions, which is useful if you live in an area with stations in multiple places. (See our full review.)

How we tested

TechHive tests TV antennas in a location in the Washington, D.C. metro area. (Until 2020, we tested in the San Francisco Bay Area, so you might see references to that location in older reviews). The D.C. location receives strong signals from local TV stations, but presents several challenges: There are a large number of trees around to influence reception; some of the independent D.C. TV stations are weak and difficult to receive; and with a good antenna, distant reception of Baltimore market stations is possible.

Indoor antennas are tested indoors and outdoor antennas outdoors. Each time we test a new antenna, we retest our current top pick to ensure a fair benchmark.

We use a set-top box to scan for channels and record the number of RF channels received by each antenna and their strength. Each RF channel carries a number of digital stations, but the number is different per channel and can change, so digital stations received isn’t as useful a measurement. We scan several times and adjust the direction of the antenna on some rescans.

Our picks are the antennas that receive the largest number of stations with the highest signal level in both the UHF (channels 14 through 51) and VHF-High (channels 7 through 13) bands, which are the primary TV broadcast bands.

Our latest TV antenna reviews

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

  • The Antennas Direct DB8e is a large outdoor antenna for reception of medium to very weak TV signals. In our tests, it was very good pulling in distant stations with minimal interference.


    • Good reception of weak signals
    • Antennas can be pointed in two different directions
    • Easy to assemble


    • Large size requires a strong mount
    • Not designed to receive VHF TV stations
  • The roof-mount Antennas Direct 91XG does a great job of pulling in weak TV signals.


    • Good reception of weak signals
    • Directional to help avoid interference
    • Sturdy construction to stand up to the weather


    • Roof mounting is more complicated than indoor mounting
    • Might require a rotator is the broadcast towers you're tuning into are far apart
    • Designed only to receive UHF stations
  • The Channel Master Flatenna performs well and has a price that can’t be beaten. It pulled in all major local channels with consistent quality and is a solid choice if you an indoor antenna is a must.


    • Very low price
    • Well made
    • U.S.-based customer support


    • No coax cable included (see review regarding limited-time offer)
  • Winegard's FlatWave Amped delivers great performance for an indoor antenna. It's small, lightweight, and should work well in areas that enjoy strong local TV reception.


    • Strong reception, clear picture quality
    • Amplifier contributes to good range
    • Amplifier can be powered by a wall wart or your TV’s USB port


    • Not the best-looking thing to have on your wall or window
    • Excess cable can get messy quick
  • The Clearstream Flex is one of the best performing indoor TV antennas in its class, but don't try to push its range too much as performance falls off as signals get weaker.


    • Flat design makes it easy to mount inside your house
    • Inline amplifier helps boost signals


    • Won't work well in an area with medium strength or weaker signals
    • Indoor use means it's more susceptible to interference
  • The Clearstream 4 Max is an excellent choice for areas with strong to medium strength signals and with multiple TV transmitters in different locations. It's well made, easy to assemble and supplied with all the required mounting hardware.


    • Good reception of strong to medium level signals on UHF and VHF-High
    • Multidirectional reception for areas with transmitters in different locations
    • Sturdy mount with mounting hardware for attic or outdoor installation


    • No built-in amplifier so you might need one for weaker channels
  • The Channel Master Smartenna+ is the highest-tech antenna we’ve reviewed, with a built-in tuner that adjusts to pull in the maximum number of channels possible.


    • Automatic tuning to receive the greatest number of channels
    • Push-on antenna connector
    • Sturdy design and build quality


    • Requires a power outlet
    • Bulkier than other amplified antennas
  • The Mohu Blade is a sturdy indoor and outdoor TV antenna that did a great job receiving UHF and VHF-High signals in TechHive reception tests.


    • Inline amplifier supplied
    • Good reception of strong to medium level signals on UHF and VHF-High
    • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors


    • Unsuitable for weak signal areas
    • Cannot be window mounted
  • The Winegard Elite 7550 is a sensitive TV antenna suitable for areas with strong to medium strength signals.


    • Good reception of strong to medium level signals on UHF and VHF-High
    • Inline amplifier helps boost signals
    • Suitable for attic or outdoor mounting


    • Plastic mounting bracket feels a little cheap
  • RCA’s model ANT3ME indoor TV antenna is a relatively good performer for the money, but it's not one of our top picks.


    • Good reception of strong, local channels
    • Built-in amplifier and cellular filter


    • Lacks sensitivity for weaker channels
    • Signal meter is very basic
    • Amplifier function requires an AC outlet
  • The Eclipse is a small, compact TV antenna designed for places like cities with strong TV signals and no room for external antennas.


    • Small, compact design means it won't draw attention on your window


    • Even with the amplifier it won't pull in weaker stations
  • The GE Enlighten TV antenna neatly combines an indoor antenna and bias lighting in a single package, but one features limits the utility of the other.


    • Compact antenna that can sit on a TV
    • Built-in bias lighting


    • Design restricts where the antenna can be mounted
    • Bias lighting feature isn't big or bright enough for a large TV
  • The Mohu Basic 50 is a thin, flat antenna for window or wall mounting that is suited to areas close to TV towers with strong or very strong signals.


    • Thin design makes mounting easier
    • Mohu will credit the cost of the antenna if you need a more sensitive one
    • Suitable for areas with strong or very strong signals


    • Weak reception of VHF-High stations
  • The Mohu Curve 50 is a good-looking antenna, but there are other, perhaps less-attractive indoor antennas that perform better.


    • Stylish design
    • In-line signal amplifier
    • You can connect a longer cable if need be


    • Average performance
    • No VHF reception
    • Cannot be mounted to a wall or a window
  • The GE Signal Finder HD Amplified Antenna is an indoor with a built-in signal finder. In our tests it did a mediocre job of pulling in TV stations.


    • Built-in signal finder
    • Inline signal amplifier


    • Average performance
    • No VHF reception
  • The Mohu Leaf Glide didn't do well in our reception tests, despite its large size, failing to receive anything but very strong signals.


    • Thin design makes mounting easier
    • Inline amplifier helps boost signals


    • Poor reception of anything but the strongest channels
    • Relatively expensive for an antenna in this class

Martyn Williams produces technology news and product reviews in text and video for PC World, Macworld, and TechHive from his home outside Washington D.C..

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Top 10 Best Winegard-hdtv-antennas 2021

Top 10 Best Winegard-hdtv-antennas 2021

2. HD8200A Long Range VHF/UHF Outdoor HDTV Antenna – 65+ Mile Range

  • 65+ mile vary – vhf and uhf directional television antenna delivers 65+ mile vary mount outdoors for optimum vary and clearest sign for added vary and sign reliability amplify your antenna with the winegard increase xt lna-200. 75ohm downlead coupler merely snaps into place for quick, straightforward meeting
  • Extremely hd and atsc prepared – digital antenna able to receiving 4k ultra-hd indicators the place out there. be prepared for the atsc transition which is able to add much more options and content material resembling 3d tv and better body charges.
  • Lengthy vary out of doors television antenna – the winegard hd8200a out of doors hdtv antenna receives each low-vhf high-vhf and uhf digital television indicators options excessive acquire on each vhf and uhf frequencies for uninterrupted digital television. metal hardware is zinc plated for optimum corrosion resistance
  • Free television programming – free ota programming has extra choices and extra channels than ever earlier than. watch native information and climate, reside sports activities, and all of the top-rated exhibits free of charge with this digital television antenna. pair the antenna with a streaming system for optimum programming.
  • Winegard antenna consultants – main us designer and producer of high quality television antenna and sign reception tools since 1954. designed and constructed within the u.s.a.

3. KING OA8300 Jack Replacement Head HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna – White

  • Easy, five-minute retrofit upgrades batwing antenna to digital hd
  • Broader reception protection rapidly locates strongest sign and maximizes reception
  • Lengthy-range sign acquisition will get extra channels
  • Upgraded expertise enhances uhf sign reception whereas nonetheless receiving remaining vhf broadcast channels
  • Common mounting brackets for rv and residential use; ac to dc energy provide included for residence use

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RV Antenna Install - Winegard Sensar IV

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