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tilt out garbage binTilt out trash bins can be a wonderful way to accessorize any kitchen. Not only do they HIDE THE GARBAGE (yayyy!!) they hide it attractively and practically. The tilt out trash cabinets we’ve found are made by expert craftsmen with an excellent eye for detail.  In some cases they’ve added a number of elements to their designs that turn their hideaway bin holders into a multi-functional combo piece.  Not only have we found tilt out cabinets that have great reviews, some of them also come in a plethora of colors that no doubt will fit your style.  Keep this in mind, though, being that some of these cabinets, being that they are hand made, may take weeks for delivery. But it will be worth it.  Here are our 5 top selections:

  1. Corner Housewares SpaceMaster Microwave Kitchen Cart
  2. Sawdust City Tilt Out Wooden Trash Cabinet (Solid – Cottage White)
  3. Amish Craftsman Wooden Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet
  4. Baxton Studio 147-424-8320-AMZ Monica Kitchen Cabinet
  5. Sawdust City Tilt Out Trash Cabinet (Old Williamsburg Blue)


Corner Housewares SpaceMaster Tilt Down Garbage Cabinet


This All In One Kitchen Cart SpaceMaster tilt down garbage cabinet measures 16″L x 20.3″W x 40″H and features 1 sliding drawer, 1 trash can holder, and a removable genuine bamboo cutting board. This small kitchen cart works perfectly for those who need extra counter space and drawer space in their kitchen. The small measurements will fit into tight spaces, yet the drawer and bamboo top add the storage space you need. The cutting board is removable and fits right on top of the open drawer, allowing you to cut and take fresh foods straight to the sink or table without needing to use counter space for cutting.   But not just for cutting.  You can put a microwave, a blender or other appliances on top – and with a tilt, put any waste conveniently into the waste basket  (not included).  Some assembly required. Click here for more info.

Corner Housewares SpaceMaster Microwave Kitchen Cart with 1 Drawer, Hideaway Trash Can Holder and Removeable Genuine Bamboo Cutting Board, Black
Corner Housewares SpaceMaster Microwave Kitchen Cart with 1 Drawer, Hideaway Trash Can Holder and Removeable Genuine Bamboo Cutting Board, Black
  • Compact SpaceMaster Space Saving Design: The All In One Kitchen Cart Measures 16"L x 20.3"W x 40"H and Features 1 Sliding Drawer, 1 Trash Can Holder and Removable Genuine Bamboo Cutting Board. The Kitchen Cart Arrives with Assembly Required.
  • Keep Trash Out Of Sight: The Garbage Can Holder Can Accommodate Trash Cans Up To 15.2" x 11"S x 19.9"H. The Unique Compact Design Effortlessly Pulls Open and Let's You Keep Your Waste Basket Our of Sight and Out of Mind. The Wastebasket is Not Included.
  • Increased Counter Space: The Top of The Kitchen Cart is Made with Genuine Bamboo and Provides Additional Counterspace for Storing Microwaves, Mixers, Blenders and Even Coffee Machines. This Kitchen Cart is Designed to Stay Sturdy and In Place.
  • An Extra Drawer Goes a Long Way: The Free Standing Kitchen Cart Features 1 Sliding Drawer for Extra Storage but Also Includes a Removeable Genuine Bamboo Cutting Board That Fits Nicely Onto the Drawers Top Providing Additional Cutting Space That Can Be Brought Straight to the Table.
  • Purchase with Confidence: Established in 2010, Corner Housewares Has Been Dedicated to Creating and Producing Innovative Furniture and Houseware Items of Excellent Quality at an Affordable Price. Our Products are Elegant Solutions and Are Designed to Make the Most of Your Space.

Sawdust City Tilt Out Wooden Trash Cabinet

Sawdust City’s Wooden Tilt-Out Trash/Recycle Bin is a multi-purpose garbage can holder made from solid knotty pine. Fully enclosing your trash can, the front tilts out to reveal the plastic trash container (that’s included). Their tilt-out bin style means you can use the top of this trash can holder as an extra surface.  In the kitchen, place a small appliance on top to make an excellent microwave stand, or use to hold a coffee maker, toaster oven, etc.  The height of this unit matches a standard desk height, so consider using this dual-purpose unit in your home office to hold your printer and hide your garbage at the same time!

Click here for more info.

Tilt Out Wooden Trash Cabinet (Solid - Cottage White)
Tilt Out Wooden Trash Cabinet (Solid - Cottage White)
  • SIZE: 20" W x 12.5" D x 30.25" H | Compact Size for Smaller Spaces | 9 gal. Plastic Bin INCLUDED! (fits 13 gal. trash bags)
  • MATERIAL: Solid Knotty Pine - Sturdy wood construction stands up to daily use and supports 100+ lbs.
  • FINISH: "Old" is a single coat of flat paint, plus distressed edges for a warm, aged feel. "Solid" is two coats of flat paint, no distressing.
  • STYLE: Modern Rustic. We do not use highly processed wood. Because of this, you can expect knots and minor imperfections that make each piece unique.
  • Made in the USA | Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Amish Craftsman Wooden Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet

Amish Craftsman his a reputation of creating attractive strong pieces. And this tilt out trash bin cabinet with drawer is no different.  It not only keeps trash out of sight, but keeps it out of sight in style.  It is 21.5″  in width and 34″ in height providing  a small footprint, but big enough to do the job.  This all-purpose garbage can holder fits conveniently in the kitchen, bathroom, or office and looks like a compact cabinet.  It comes conveniently with a  top drawer that fits miscellaneous items making it perfect for kitchen, bathroom or office.  And it is built to last, being made of made of sturdy pine wood. Comes in cherry, pewter, or mocha finishes. Plastic bin included. Click here for more info.

Peaceful Classics Wooden Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet, Handmade Solid Wood Hideaway Trash Holder (Black)
Peaceful Classics Wooden Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet, Handmade Solid Wood Hideaway Trash Holder (Black)
  • Size - 21.5" Width x 12.75" Depth x 34"Height. Weighs 45 lbs. Inside fits a 36 Qt. 14.5" x 11" x 18" waste basket that is fully removable.
  • Keep Trash Out Of Sight - This all-purpose garbage can holder fits conveniently in the kitchen, bathroom, or office and looks like a compact cabinet.
  • Versatile Extra Drawer - Use these rustic recycle bin holders as decorative cabinets. The top drawer fits miscellaneous items in the kitchen or bathroom. This trash bin storage has a tilt - out door design, that provides convenient access to the trash while still keeping it hidden.
  • Durable Craftsmanship - This wooden waste basket holder is made of sturdy pine wood with a choice of cherry, pewter, or mocha finish. Unlike flimsy or cheap options, this wood cabinet will stand the test of time.
  • Amish Handmade Furniture - Made in Pennsylvania the same way for hundreds of years, this Amish furniture will stand the test of time. Our Amish Craftsmen are some of the most incredible people you come across. These Lancaster County craftsman may not have their name plastered on the furniture, but each craftsman has their story that is built into each piece.


Baxton Studio Monica Kitchen Cabinet


The Monica kitchen cabinet is the simple solution you’ve been needing to maximize your kitchen and dining room space. The Monica’s clean, simple coastal and farmhouse-inspired design will add charm to any kitchen and dining area. The oak-finished, thick wooden top offers a convenient prep and serving surface, or a place to keep a microwave or other kitchen appliances. The Monica features a drawer for storage and a delightfully paneled pull out garbage compartment for even more convenience. The paneled design continues on each side of the cabinet, as well as the face of the drawer. The Monica’s drawer knob and compartment handle are finished in chrome, complementing the colors of the cabinet. The white finished engineered wood frame makes this charming kitchen cabinet a breeze to coordinate with your existing kitchen and dining room decor. Made in Malaysia, the Monica requires assembly. Click here for more info.

Sawdust City Tilt Out Trash Cabinet 



Sawdust City has again produced a quality product for your hideaway trash needs.  This Dual Trash/Recycle Bin is a multi-purpose garbage can holder made from solid knotty pine. Our tilt-out bin style means you can use the top of this trash bin as an extra surface for any binding, tying or cutting needs.  Our sturdy construction is meant for daily use, and the unit can support 100+ lbs. on top.  Two 9 gal plastic containers are included and are a great fit for 13 gallon trash bags. Comes in separate boxes. Assembly required. Click here for more info.

Sawdust City Tilt Out Trash Cabinet (Old Williamsburg Blue)
Sawdust City Tilt Out Trash Cabinet (Old Williamsburg Blue)
  • SIZE: 38.625" W x 12.5" D x 30.25" H | Two (2) 9 gal. Plastic Containers INCLUDED (fit 13 gal. trash bags)
  • MATERIAL: Solid Knotty Pine - Sturdy wood construction stands up to daily use and supports 100+ lbs.
  • FINISH: "Old" is a single coat of flat paint, plus distressed edges for a warm, aged feel. "Solid" is two coats of flat paint, no distressing.
  • STYLE: Modern Rustic - we do not use highly processed wood. Because of this, you can expect knots and minor imperfections that make each piece unique.
  • Made in the USA | Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Six Great Reasons To Get A Tilt Out Garbage Cabinet

1. Keeps Your Garbage Out Of Sight

This is perfect reason in itself to get a tilt out trash bin. Your trash isn’t open and readily seen by all.

2. Attractive

These tilt down bins are attractive and can come in a variety of colors.  No matter what your color scheme is, you can find a tilt down to suit your style. And you can use it in any room in your house that you chose.

3. Mult-purpose

Depending on the tilt down you buy you can use it to store your appliances like a microwave or coffee machine.  You can use it  as a food cutting space with convenient food disposal only a tilt away.  Or if it has a drawer you can hide your kitchen items away.

4.  Easy Garbage Disposal

When a tilt out design, one just needs to tilt down the door and pull out the garbage bag.  No need to have to hold a cover with one hand and try to grab the garbage bag with the other.

5. Easy To Clean

When it’s time to clean your tilt down bin, depending on the design, you tilt out to reveal the bin, take the bin out and clean inside.

6. Animal Proof

If your tilt down garbage holder is outside, you wont find any animals capable of getting into your garbage.

Benefits Of A Hidden Kitchen Trash Can

When looking for a garbage bin for your kitchen it helps that you get a hidden trash container.  Having a hidden bin have many benefits.  Firstly it isn’t a sore spot in your kitchen.  And if you get a wooden trash bin, most times you can have it painted to match your decor. So, not only is hidden, its receptacle compliments its surrounding.   Kitchen trash can hider, though can come in many forms.  Along with wooden ones you can find ones in metal and in plastic. But for it to be hidden it helps that it can be used for other purposes when closed.  Some hidden trash receptacles, like tilt out kitchen bins have a flat surface on top of it which allows one to put a microwave or other kitchens utensils on top. Some of the tops of these bins can be used a cutting board – with a nearby, convenient garbage disposal right below.  Once you have one of these convenient hidden kitchen trash cans you will no doubt continually smile once someone asks you, ” where’s your garbage can?”


Turn Your Living Room Into An Entertainment Center

Turn your living room into a movie theater or video gaming room with a short throw projector.

Sours: https://foryourcorner.com/tilt-out-trash-bins/

Best Trash Can Cabinets (Tilt-Out)

Updated on Feb. 10, 2021 | Author: Pim Brouwer

best tilt-out trash can cabinet

Do you want to keep your trash can out of sight but don’t have enough cabinet space? Then a tilt-out kitchen trash can cabinet is an excellent product since this beautiful piece of furniture helps to hide your recycle bin and trash out of sight in your kitchen.

These wooden trash bins add to the decor of your house and offer extra storage space and help you sort your trash and recyclables conveniently. There are options for both single and double trash can cabinet available in various colors, sizes, and styles such as rustic, modern, country, or farmhouse style. This wide variety of options ensures that you will find one that suits you.

Top 10 Kitchen Trash Cabinets

Disclosure: This article is reader-supported. If you click on a product and make a purchase, we may earn a commission – learn more.

Green Choice Freestanding Trash Bins

Top 6 Best tilt-out garbage cabinets

The recommended products below contain a list of trash can cabinets that you can buy on Amazon. Of course, there is not one best cabinet trash can, because that all depends on your preferences. We listed the tilt out cabinets considering the number and quality of customer reviews.

#1 | Peaceful Classics Wooden Pull-Out Trash Can Cabinet

Handmade tilt out garbage cabinet with a rustic style


The Peaceful Classics Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet made of sturdy pine wood comes fully assembled and with a trash basket. This cabinet is a piece of Amish craftsmanship, and thus it will stand the test of time. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, and the drawer makes it easy to organize or store small items. You can use the area on top to place items on, such as a microwave or something decorative.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Multiple
  • Material: Pine wood
  • Dimensions: 34h x 12.75d x 21.50w inches

Check Price on Amazon

#2 | Sawdust City Tilt-Out Garbage Cabinet

Beautifully made sturdy cabinet of high quality


The Sawdust City cabinet garbage can is a single compartment waste bin of very good quality that has a beautiful modern rustic style. The wooden trash can is made in the USA and shipped with a 9-gallon plastic waste container that fits a 13-gallon plastic trash bag. This basic kitchen cabinet solely has the purpose of carefully hiding trash out of sight and doesn’t have additional features such as a drawer. However, the top can be used to store items. The trash bin cabinet requires slight assembling which is relatively easy to do.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Multiple
  • Material: Solid knotty pine
  • Dimensions: 30.25h x 12.50d x 20w inches

Check Price on Amazon

#3 | U-Eway Wooden Tilt Out Trash Cabinet

Best affordable wooden tilt out cabinet


The U-Eway tilt-out trash can is a solid MDF wooden tilt out trash cabinet with a drawer. Its surface is water- and moisture-proof because of the special coating. U-Eway’s cabinet is strong and stable enough to place a microwave or coffee machine upon. The tabletop can bear 66 lb. Inside the drawer, you find a removable cutting board made from natural bamboo. This trash can saves up space and is a simple solution to hide trash in your kitchen. Please note that this cabinet is not made of solid wood.

  • Trash can included: No
  • Color options: White or black
  • Material: MDF wood
  • Dimensions: 35.4h x 20.5d x 13.5w inches

Check Price on Amazon

#4 | Sawdust City Double Tilt-Out Garbage Bin

Beautiful farmhouse trash cabinet


The Sawdust City double compartment garbage bin is an old fashioned, rustic-looking cabinet of good quality that fits nicely in farmhouse style or country style home interiors. The solid wooden trash can holder is crafted in the USA, ships in three pieces and it is easy to assemble. This beautiful item is great for sorting garbage and recyclables at home and comes with a set of two plastic garbage cans.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Multiple
  • Material: Solid knotty pine
  • Dimensions: 30.25h x 12.50d x 38.625w inches

Check Price on Amazon

#5 | Sawdust City Tilt-Out Wooden Trash Bin

Wooden trash bin in many colors options


The Sawdust City Tilt-Out Wooden Trash Bin is made of solid knotty pine wood. This means it is not made of highly processed wood. The cabinet has a very sturdy wooden construction that is built for daily use. Its top supports 100+ lbs. You can get this cabinet in an ‘old’ style, with a single coat of flat pained. Or you can opt for a ‘solid’ style which is painted with two coats of flat paint.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Multiple
  • Material: Solid Knotty Pine
  • Dimensions: 35.75h x 13.5d x 22w inches

Check Price on Amazon

#6 | DutchCrafters Amish Farmhouse Trash Can Cabinet

Handmade from solid wood


The DutchCrafters Amish Farmhouse is a sturdy built trash can cabinet that is constructed in the USA from solid eastern pine wood. It is Amish handmade, so built to last for years to come. The cabinet supports 100+ lbs and it has a rustic, farmhouse style. This beautiful piece of furniture really adds charm to your home and is available in the colors Provincial, Dark Walnut, Rich Tobacco, and Distressed Black.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Three options
  • Material: Solid eastern white pine wood
  • Dimensions: 36h x 13d x 22w inches

Check Price on Amazon

reuse-reduce-recycle-iconA tilt-out trash cabinet adds to your decor, is functional and convenient to use.

Pull-out or tilt-out waste bin?

Maybe a tilt-out trash cabinet isn’t the right solution for you to hide your trash. A pull-out trash can might suit you and your kitchen better. The main difference between the tilt-out and built-in trash can is that built-in trash cannot use up any kitchen floor space.


The difference emerges because you install the bin inside one of your existing kitchen cabinets. Just like the tilt-out option, these pull-out trash cans are an excellent solution for hiding and help you to recycle.

The only two downsides of a pull-out trash can are that you have to give up one of your kitchen cabinets and that you need to mount a frame inside the cabinets with a few screws. Find out more about these built-in trash and recycling bins.

Check Pull-out trash cans

More about trash bin cabinets


What is a garbage can cabinet?

A trash can cabinet is a piece of moveable furniture that contains one or more garbage cans and is used for hiding trash cans out of sight in the kitchen. One of the advantages of a garbage can cabinet is that you can also use it as storage space for extra compartments, such as a drawer.


It is easy to use, beautiful and functional as well.

What is a tilt-out door?

A tilt-out door is a door where the hinge of the door is mounted on the bottom part of the cabinet, meaning that you tilt the cabinet’s door towards you. Tilting it towards you makes it easier to dispose of your trash and recyclables inside the container.

Why use a cabinet instead of a standard bin for trash and recyclables?

Most people buy a cabinet because it saves space and it keeps trash cans hidden. But another common reason for people to buy a separate cabinet for their trash is its appeal. A wooden cabinet suits and compliments home decors better than a stainless steel trash can, for example.

A standard trash can requires space and a tilt-out trash can cabinet is a piece of furniture that holds trash and offers storage. If you do not want your waste to take up any floor space in the kitchen, a pull-out trash can is the optimal space-saving solution because it is installed inside one of your existing cabinet drawers.

What are the pros and cons?


  • Dog prooftrash can – Because there is no lid on top of the cabinet, there is no way a dog can enter the trash bins.
  • Store more than just trash – Most cabinets contain drawers and extra compartments to store other items besides your trash bins. You can also place objects on top of the cabinet, of course, such as a photo frame.
  • Trash can in disguise – “Where is your trash can?” That question will be asked frequently by your guests. The trash can is nicely hidden in a stylish looking cabinet. It looks neat, lean, and decorative.
  • Ads to your home decor – A trash can cabinet is not just a trash can but also a piece of furniture. Because cabinets are available in various styles, there will most likely be one that complements the rest of your interior.


  • Assembling – Some garbage can cabinets need to be assembled before you can use them. Most of the cabinets are pretty easy to put together. But the assembly is something to be aware of, especially when you are not very handy.
  • Made of wood – Most cabinets are made of wood, which is less easy to clean than a stainless steel trash can, for example. However, some tilt bin cabinets have a lacquered finish that makes cleaning easier. Another possible con to be aware of is that some wooden cabinets can have a strong odor.

Can you use a hamper as a garbage can?

Yes, some people use a hamper as their (primary) trash can. A laundry hamper is a basket-like container mostly used to store clothing and linen. However, a laundry hamper is entirely usable as a trash can cabinet. It is not far from a regular kitchen cabinet when it comes to looks. You have to make sure that the hamper contains compartments where you can place and hide your plastic garbage containers or make sure that it fits a regular sized trash bag.

Does it come with included plastic waste bins?

trash-container-inside-trash-cabinetBefore buying a waste cabinet it is advised to make sure the cabinet comes with plastic trash containers. When the containers are not included, you can also buy them separately. Check the dimensions of the compartments of the trash cabinet to find out which waste containers will fit. You can also reach out to the manufacturer for recommendations.

What size bin does fit inside the cabinet?

Most trash cabinets require a 9-gallon plastic bin that fits 13-gallon trash bags. You can also use solely trash bags instead of a plastic trash can inside the cabinet. Be aware that the compartments of the cabinet are generally made of wood, so these might be less easy to clean.

Single or double compartment trash can cabinet?

Whether or not you buy a single or double compartment trash can cabinet depends on separating different waste streams—for instance, regular garbage and organic food waste or recyclables. A dual compartment garbage bin cabinet makes separating different types of rubbish easier.

Some people choose to use the dual organizer cabinet for waste and store dog or cat food, for example.


Keep in mind that a dual compartment cabinet takes up more floor space than a single compartment cabinet. It is recommended to measure the needed space in your house before you order the cabinet. When a double wooden trash can is too big, you can opt for two single compartment trash cans and place them individually in your house.

Tilt out trash bin dimensions

What are the average measurements of a (single compartment) trash can cabinet? We have researched the most popular cabinets to find out the average dimensions.


A trash can cabinet is generally 32 inches tall. To put this in perspective: the average kitchen countertop height is about 36 inches.


The average width of a single compartment trash can organizer cabinet is 20 inches. A medium-sized cutting board is normally between 14 and 18 inches wide and therefore fits perfectly on top.


The average depth of a trash can cabinet is 14 inches. For a sheet of A4 this is 11,7 inches, meaning that a cookbook or notepad that are within the size of a piece of A4 paper would fit well.


It can be concluded that a cabinet has enough space on top to place items on or to use it as prepping area, for example. Additionally, the average depth of a cabinet is not that deep that it will take up a big part of a room and be in your way.

If you prefer other or specific dimensions, you can check out all the cabinets’ measurements in the top 10 above, as they are listed as info next to every picture. There is most likely a cabinet available that suits you and your preferences.

DIY trash can cabinet plans

There are a few reasons why you might want to make your own trash bin cabinet. Maybe because you can’t find an existing cabinet that matches your style or just because you like to work on these kinds of projects.

On the internet there are several tutorials to help you build your own tilt out trash bin at home. So, how to make your own tilt bin cabinet? Take a look at the tutorial below.

Watch How to make your own Garbage Cabinet on Youtube

The Youtube video shows and explains how to make a trash can cabinet yourself. You can also find the plans through the link in the description.

Keep in mind that the tools used in this video to build the cabinet are professional and the construction is relatively complicated. This means that making your own kitchen garbage can storage requires time, skill and investment in the required tools and materials.

More useful DIY projects

If a challenging project like this is not what you’re looking for, but you also can’t find the right cabinet online, a solution might be to install the same doorknobs or handles that your kitchen cabinets have on the tilt-out door and drawer of your garbage can cabinet. This way, the cabinet will fit in with the rest of your interior.

More inspiration at Pinterest

Check out the following boards on Pinterest for your inspiration. There are also a couple of DIY projects you can find on Pinterest for making your own trash cabinet. These DIY projects are really fun to do. You can transform an existing cabinet into kitchen garbage can storage, or you can make one of scratch. In this case you can also reuse old wood, which is very eco-friendly.


Recycling bin guide

What to look for when buying a recycling bin? Read our Recycling Bin Guide.

Recycling bins for home or office

Sours: https://www.recycling.com/trash-can-cabinet/
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How to Build a Custom Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet

How to Build a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

A huge thanks to Elmer's for sponsoring this post! Our favorable opinion of high quality products that help us build awesome things is 100% our own. 🙂 This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


I'm a pro at coming up with project ideas... mostly ideas that I need Donnie to help me execute. (He loves it, I promise! 😉 ) While we were working on the kitchen, I had plenty of said ideas, including one to build a custom cabinet to hide our trash can (because really, who wants to look at a trash can?!).

As I usually do, I kept sending Donnie photos and links to plans for such a cabinet until he agreed to build it. 🙂 Because he is awesome, he whipped up the best custom cabinet ever, AND it even matches the rest of our kitchen perfectly-- woot! Since Donnie is the one that put it all together, I'm going to let him share the how-to. Here he is....


When we began our kitchen remodel, we knew we were going to have to do something about the trash can-- our old one was stained and dented and just had to go. While we would have loved to have had room to work the trash can into the cabinets that were already part of the kitchen plan, space prohibited us from doing so, so we set out to build a custom cabinet of our own.

Like Abby always does, she found the perfect plan for a custom built tilt-out trash can cabinet on Ana White’s fantastic DIY blog. (While you’re on her site, check out her progress on her Alaskan cabin!) I quickly looked over the plan and agreed to give it a shot. I’m no cabinet builder, but I do know how to measure and cut wood. Paint and wood-filler can hide a lot of mistakes!

We decided to modify the plan and give it a more custom look by using a cabinet door that matched the rest of our kitchen rather than building a generic door that was a different style.

Here are the tools and materials we used for the project:

The first step was deciding what size cabinet door would work best for this project. We ended up with a 21” x 30” door, and that ended up being perfect for a large size garbage can. Depending on the size of your space, you may prefer a smaller or larger finished project.

At the home improvement store, I didn’t realize I would have so many 1x12 options. I knew that my project would be painted, so I was more concerned with finding straight boards that were knot-free. I ended up with some really nice pine boards-- not the best choice for high-end furniture, but the perfect price point for this garbage can project.

When preparing to cut the four sides of the cabinet frame out of 1x12s, I used the cabinet door measurements and added an 1/8” to each side. This ensured that I had plenty of room for the narrow hinges and freedom of movement to open and close the tilt-out cabinet.

I can’t overemphasize how important it is to get your initial dimensions and cuts just perfect. There was no way to alter the size of the cabinet door, so I had to make sure the cabinet frame would create a perfect fit. I used a pencil and paper to sketch everything out. Measure twice, cut once! I also made sure I left enough room at the bottom of the cabinet for the 1x3 toe kick.

Once I had the 4-sided frame of 1x12s measured and cut, I double checked my dimensions one more time. I even went as far as to hold everything up against my cabinet door to make sure my math wasn’t off. After this triple verification, I started making my pocket holes to connect the frame together.

How to Make a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

pocket hole

This was my first time using a Kreg Jig kit, and man was it fun! I bought the least expensive model, and it was perfect for my needs. The included directions make getting a perfect pocket hole a breeze.

How to Make a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

Kreg Jig

After I drilled the pocket holes (I did three per side), I used a generous amount of Elmer’s Carpenter's Wood Glue on the joints before screwing everything together. If you know anything about cabinetry or even trim work, you know that wood screws can pull loose over time and create an ugly, flimsy gap in your project. The only way to make that perfect joint that never separates is with screws and wood glue.

If I’m painting a project I always use the regular Elmer’s Wood Glue, but if it’s a staining project I always make sure to use their Wood Glue Max product. It has some real wood fibers in the glue, and I’ve found that even after wiping away the excess that wood fibers accept some stain and you end up with nicer finished project without weird light spots that inferior brand wood glue can leave.

How to Make a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

I was really impressed with how easy it was to create incredibly strong joints with the Kreg Jig and Elmer’s Wood Glue. Just having the four 1x12s together without any other structural support, the cabinet felt rock-solid. I’m now a huge pocket hole fan.

With the trash can cabinet, I thought it made the most sense to leave the back open for cleaning and easy removal of the trash can if need be. If your circumstances are different and you want a back, a piece of finish-grade plywood should do the trick. To me, it was unnecessary weight and expense.

After the four cabinet sides were joined, it was time to attach the various 1x3s and 1x2s trim pieces to give the cabinet a finished look. I followed the exact same process as before — measure twice, cut once, attach with the pocket hole method and Elmer’s Wood Glue. At this stage I found that bar clamps were helpful in holding the small trim pieces in place while I fastened the joints.

Here’s where I used my 1x3s:

  • Bottom toe-kick
  • Rear base trim
  • Underneath the top front ledge

Here’s where I used my 1x2s:

  • Cabinet top overhanging “lip”
  • Front and back sides
  • Top back piece
How to Make a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

That may sound confusing but it really wasn’t. Take a look at our picture as well as the Ana White plan, and it’s pretty obvious where each piece goes.

Another benefit to using pocket holes is that you don’t have a bunch of nail or screw holes on the front surface of your project. I did have a gap or two where my trim pieces came together (I’m not a pro) and for those I quickly filled them with Elmer’s Wood Filler. Done.

Once the trim pieces were attached and glued, I made sure to sand down the cabinet with my orbital sander. This inexpensive tool really comes in handy for these woodworking-type projects.

I actually enjoy listening to podcasts with my headphones while I let the power sander do all the work. I worked my way down progressively, starting with a a course sand paper and moving to a very fine sandpaper. This gave me a nice smooth surface for primer and paint.

Once the cabinet “box” was painted, it was time to work on the tilt-out cabinet door. You can see in the picture that that I cut two 1x12s at a 45 degree angle with my chop saw (a table saw or circular saw would work as well) for the angled sides. I then made a straight cut on a 1x12 for the garbage can resting spot.

How to Make a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

I now had two separate pieces of the project — the cabinet frame and the tilt-out cabinet door. Place the door into the cabinet frame to make sure everything fits. (I held my breath for this.)

When selecting hinges for the project, I considered a 12” long piano style hinge, but I ended up buying two narrow hinges that were smaller but seemed slightly thicker and more durable than the bendy piano hinges. I suspect that either would work just fine.

I placed the hinges on the cabinet frame and traced them with a pencil before using a wood chisel to create slightly recessed seat for the hinges. I could have skipped this step, but the recessed hinges allowed for a better fit. It would’ve been a little too tight without the recess for the hinges.

I decided not to create the same indent or recessed spot on the cabinet door because of the much harder material of the cabinet front. After creating the indent on the cabinet frame, attaching the hinges with the provided wood screws was easy.

How to Make a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

We used a drawer pull that matched the rest of our kitchen for the handle, and the project was complete!

How to Make a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com
How to Make a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

view of the back of the cabinet

For this type of custom project I recommend purchasing your ideal size/style trash can first and then building a tilt-out cabinet around that size. Our local Target had a dozen or so trash can size options, and the large rectangular trash cans seemed to work best.

How to Make a Custom Tilt-out Trash Cabinet | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

This really is the type of project that anyone can do. For woodworking, the joinery aspect is always the most difficult for me, but I have so much more confidence now that I’ve discovered the strength of pocket hole + Elmer’s Wood Glue combination. To learn more about Elmer's products and DIY projects, be sure to sign up for their newsletter.


So awesome, right?! He tries to pull the, "I don't know if I'm skilled enough to build this..." line, but I know better-- his projects always turn out beautifully! If you're planning on building a tilt-out trash cabinet of your own, feel free to download a printable PDF of our instructions here.

Have you done any DIY building projects lately? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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Have a wonderful day, friends!

Delightful Sign Off

A huge thanks to Elmer's for sponsoring this post! Our favorable opinion of high quality products that help us build awesome things is 100% our own. 🙂 This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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How to Make a Tilt out trash bin out of pallet wood.

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DIY Garbage Cabinet

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