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Hybrids Vs. Fairway Woods

Hybrid golf clubs combine elements of both woods and irons to help golfers of all abilities improve their games. While many golfers use hybrids to replace long irons, hybrids are versatile clubs that also can be used for driving off the tee or chipping near the green, plus a variety of situations in between.

Hybrid Vs. Wood Construction

Just as many weekend golfers can hit a fairway wood more easily than a long iron, they can typically swing a hybrid more comfortably than a fairway wood – if they use the hybrid correctly.

The hybrid’s clubhead is dense, with a lower and deeper center of gravity than a fairway wood’s clubhead. This makes the hybrid more forgiving of mis-hits, and makes it easier to get the ball in the air.

Additionally, the fairway wood has a much broader sole, roughly twice as large as a comparable hybrid. It doesn’t take much of a swing error to clip the ground with the back of a fairway wood's clubhead just before making contact with the ball, something that obviously could throw off your shot.

Swing Techniques

The biggest difference between hybrids and fairway woods is the way they’re swung on standard fairway shots. With the fairway wood, the ball is played forward in the stance, generally about 3 inches inside the left heel for a right-handed golfer.

The player takes a more level swing, with the clubhead parallel to the ground as it sweeps the ball off the fairway. The hybrid, however, is played more like an iron.

The ball is placed in the middle of the stance and the swing is steeper as the player hits down on the ball. On a well-hit fairway shot with a hybrid club, a golfer should take a divot just beyond the spot where the ball sat.


Hybrid clubs are designed to replace a comparable iron and are approximately the same length as their iron counterparts. Woods have longer shafts, meaning golfers must take care to set up closer to the ball when swinging a hybrid than they would when using a fairway wood.


Off the fairway, both woods and hybrids have their places. In very light rough, a fairway wood, such as a 3-wood, may be a better choice, as its flat bottom skims the low grass easily. In thicker rough, however, the heavier but more compact hybrid clubhead can better cut through the longer grass while maintaining its stability. The hybrid is also more likely to lift the ball into the air. Additionally, the hybrid’s lofting ability makes it a better selection than a wood if you land in a fairway bunker.

Sours: https://golftips.golfweek.usatoday.com/hybrids-vs-fairway-woods-20329.html

Pros & Cons of Hybrid Golf Club Sets

Hybrid clubs are, as their name implies, a hybrid between an iron and a wood, seeking to take some of the benefits of one and apply it to the other while minimizing the sacrifices made. When choosing a hybrid, a golfer must weigh these trade-offs to determine the best match.


Hybrid clubs are, as their name implies, a hybrid between an iron and a wood, seeking to take some of the benefits of one and apply it to the other while minimizing the sacrifices made. When choosing a hybrid, a golfer must weigh these trade-offs to determine the best match.

Hybrid Woods

Hybrid woods are used to replace the woods of the corresponding number, meaning that a hybrid 5-wood will have the same loft as a regular 5-wood. The major advantage of a hybrid wood is the accessibility of the club. As the depth of the face is larger than an iron, but not quite as deep as a standard wood, a hybrid wood is capable of getting out of more difficult terrain than a standard wood.

While a normal wood might struggle to get to the ball in a dense patch of rough, the narrower face of a hybrid can cut through and get to the ball. As a trade off, the shallower face brings the sweet spot slightly closer to the face, making it slightly harder to hit perfectly.

Hybrid Irons

Hybrid irons take the place of the iron of the matching number, just as hybrid woods do with standard woods. The pros and cons of a hybrid iron against a normal iron work in reverse to the pros and cons of hybrid woods.

While the increased thickness of the face makes the club less suited to very thick rough, the extra thickness also makes control over the ball easier for the player, as the sweet spot is farther back. This extra control over the ball will decrease the frequency of shots which are not hit clean, as well as shots that hook or slice out of control.

Choosing Hybrids

Ideally, a player should test clubs at the range to determine which clubs are best suited for his bag. The positives and negatives should be weighed based on the consistency with which the clubs can be hit.

If a player is able to hit his hybrid wood with a similar consistency as he can hit his standard wood, then the hybrid will be an advantage in his bag, as he will be able to hit from more places without losing control of the club. Similarly, a player that has no problems hitting a 3-iron may be better suited to carrying it and its narrower face, while a player who struggles with the 3-iron, who has better results with the hybrid, should carry the hybrid rather than carry an iron he does not feel comfortable hitting.

Sours: https://golftips.golfweek.usatoday.com/pros-cons-hybrid-golf-club-sets-1252.html
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AT705 Hybrids (Mens : Right Handed)




Hybrids are a combination of an iron and wood, incorporating various features of each into one product to replace hard-to-hit traditional irons. These new custom Hybrid Irons offer significant advantages over traditional irons and, as a result, have experienced impressive growth in recent months throughout the golf industry. Hybrid irons provide the playability of a fairway wood coupled with the accuracy of an iron, giving even average golfers more airtime on the difficult long approach shots.

Hybrid Irons can be used on any lie where irons are used. The larger hollow head distributes more weight to the perimeter and sole, with the sole being much wider than an Iron, making the clubs much more forgiving and solid feeling. The larger top view with unique alignment indicator gives exceptionally more confidence than a traditional Iron.

The mass and dimensional characteristics also make these clubs much easier to get airborne, with better trajectory, more consistency, and at least the same, if not more, distance as a well struck iron.

Who should use Hybrids?

Hybrid Irons are also gaining great popularity as a solution for eliminating the difficult to hit long irons. Integrating Hybrid Irons into your set allows players to work the ball yet still benefit from forgiving Hybrid technology.

If any of the following apply, it’s very likely Hybrid Irons will produce better golf shots and lower your score:
- If you feel more confident hitting higher lofted fairway woods than irons.
- If you seldom use your # 3, # 4, or even # 5 iron.
- If you can get more distance from a 9-wood than a 5-iron.
- If you seldom take a divot when hitting your middle irons.
- If you have ever considered carrying woods like a # 11 or # 13. 


Sours: https://www.thomasgolf.com/Hybrids-Right/Mens-AT705

Here is a detailed look at what’s included in each set.

Gold Series Fairway Hybrids Three Club Set
Gold Series 16°, 19°, 22°
Matching Headcovers

Silver IR Series Six Club Set
Silver IR Series 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW
Matching Headcovers

Silver IR Series Nine Club Set
Silver IR Series 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW, GW, SW, LW
Matching Headcovers

Twelve Club Set
Gold Series 16°, 19°, 22°
Silver IR Series 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW, GW, SW, LW
Matching Headcovers

Kit & Caboodle (Fourteen Club Set)
Gold Series Hybrid Driver
Gold Series 16°, 19°, 22°
Silver IR Series 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW, GW, SW, LW
“little Rhino” Putter
Matching Headcovers


Like everybody else I started out getting the 7 iron deal. Loved that so much that I now have the full set including the driver. They have improved my game and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. People are always asking me about them after I’ve hit a great shot and I just say like the guy on the video “WEDGEWOOD”!

 Anne Croker | Iowa City, IA

I’m a GM at a golf course in central PA. I’m generally a mid 70s golfer who shoots par from time to time. After battling shanks for last year and seeing my handicap skyrocket and as a teaching pro I still couldn’t lose them, I finally switched to your clubs and boy am I glad I did. Back to near scratch golfer and your irons are wonderful. High flight, can work them either direction and nice sound when hit. I bought the 7-9 irons, but will be adding 6 and PW soon. Love them!!! If you have any promotional flyers or advertisements for your clubs, I’d definitely hang them up at my course. Thanks!

David Metzler

Driver, Putter, 3 wedges and 9, count em “nine” Wedgewoods. Last year(the first with Wedgewoods) 1st and 2nd in Club Championships. Enough said.

Doc Garton

I ordered 7,8 and 9 Silver Series Hybrid Irons in June and received them very promptly. I started using them right away and noticed the difference immediately. I found my shots going straighter on a more consistent basis and managed to lower my handicap from 16 to 12 from June to September. Needless to say, I am sold on Wedgewood.

Don Rae | Ontario, Canada

Thank you Wedgewood for making such a fine product. Manufacturing wise, your clubs are attractive and well built. An absolute value in cost. They are priceless in confidence delivered. Well done!

Doug Arthur

I’m Back! I first purchased a full set of Silver IR Series Iron Hybrids back in September 2013 because I was struggling with hitting my irons. I couldn’t believe how Easy they were to hit High and Straight and with good Distance. I played with them for about 2 years and during that time 6 of my golfing buddies purchased them after trying mine. If you try them you will buy them. There is Nothing on the market that is easier to hit and with no fear of shanking, they give you so much Confidence. Now comes 2016 and I get this “Brilliant” idea to search for the perfect club. From 2016 until June of 2019 I tried every Super Game Improvement club available. Ping, Taylormade , Callaway , Wilson, Pinhawk Single length, Cleveland. You name it and I tried it and spent a lot of money doing it. Only to realize that I played my Best game with the Wedgewoods. What I gained with Wedgewoods is Consistency and Confidence. If you struggle with irons the way I did give these clubs a try, You have Nothing to lose with their 30 day trail. Over the years I have found that Wedgewood’s customer service is GREAT!!!! These clubs will stay in my bag until I can’t play anymore. THANKS for the Great clubs!

Doug Nasur | Oxford, MS

I struggled last 2-3 years with the dreaded “shanks.” I found these clubs on the internet and golf is fun again! I cannot shank these irons. The clubs have a lifetime warranty. I had to replace a 8 iron customer service was exceptional. These clubs are a “game changer.”

Dusty Stillman | Homer, NY

I am definitely a true believer in full line of Wedgewood clubs but I recently received the gold series driver as a gift from my wife. Today is the first day that I have taken it out and played a round of 18 with it. I was blown away!!!! I only missed 1 fairway the entire round and that was due to my error. I am truly amazed by this driver and highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve from the tee box.

Eric Brown | Westland, MI

“I was ready to give up golf as I couldn’t hit standard irons, but then I bought the Silver Series set and found new life on the course. These clubs have made me discover my love of golf all over again.”

Eric Thomley

Just received my ladies Silver IR Series 7 iron, used it today and I love it. Hit it straight and long. As I’m not normally strong out of rough this club glided through with ease!

Jill Burton | Rochester, NY

“Received my pitching wedge on Friday (13th!) and shot my best nine holes ever…42! You can not hit this club anywhere but straight. Pitching, chipping, it does it all! Great club!!!”

John Lomasney

Having lost about 10 yards distance into greens with my 8 & 7 irons since turning 65, I tried a couple of different club makers with no success. My Wedgwood clubs have brought distance back with accuracy and spin that holds greens and results in more pars per round. Amazing! I will now junk my 6 iron and replace it as well. – 10 handicap with 8 as a realistic target this year.

John Owens | Longmont, CO

I purchased the 7 iron Silver Series. This club is awesome!! Best club in my bag. Birdie maker!

John Meaney

Call us! Make your own custom set of six or more clubs and get set discount pricing.

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Set hybrid wood

Gear Questions You’re Afraid to Ask: Am I better off with more woods or hybrids?

By: Ryan Noll

hybrid woods

Welcome to Gear Questions You’re Afraid to Ask, a GOLF.com series produced in partnership with Cleveland Golf. In the latest installment, we discuss the benefits of hybrids and metalwoods.

The modern-day club set goes something like this: driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 3-iron through pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and a putter. Your bag may look exactly like that (mine almost does), or maybe you carry one more hybrid instead of a 3-iron, or an extra wedge, etc. Point is, there’s a pecking order in the club set and most golfers have at least one of each category of clubs in their bags.

But who said you have to do it that way?

In terms of sheer performance, playability and even replaceability, it’s pretty easy to see how a driver or putter is meant to work. Same goes for your irons and wedges — they too have distinct characteristics and purposes.

When it comes to fairway woods and hybrids, though, things can get complicated — fast. Woods and hybrids sometimes overlap one another in terms of how they are designed to perform.

Case in point: let’s say you need a club that flies 215 yards. Should you opt for a high-lofted fairway wood or a low-to-mid loft hybrid? Or, with so many golfers struggling with fairway woods in the first place, and with hybrids seemingly easier to hit — should you even bother carrying woods at all?

To help sort through the clutter, here are a few tips to dial in the perfect fairway wood-hybrid combination for your golf bag. Remember, there’s no one right answer for everybody.

All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Pricing may vary.

Srixon ZX hybrid

The ZX model is packed with design features that make it a cinch to hit while being easy on the eyes. If we were to gripe about anything, we hate to see it get dirty. Seriously.


1. When to use

Today’s fairway woods are about as long as drivers were 20-30 years ago, making them tremendous alternatives for when the driver goes rogue. Why, you ask? Fairway woods have shorter shafts, more loft and impart more backspin, making them easier to hit straight and with added control despite their diminutive size when compared to a driver.

Now here’s where it gets tricky: Many golfers, especially those with slower swing speeds, steep swings or whose nemesis shot is hitting a wood from tightly mown grass, shouldn’t even consider using a wood from the fairway. See No. 2 for why that is.  

2. Easier is better

Despite being labeled as fairway woods, these clubs are usually harder to hit off the turf than hybrids. One could chalk this up to fairway woods being longer in length and more driver-like, or maybe it’s because hybrids are more versatile.

Whatever the reason, the fact is many golfers will hit better shots more often off the turf using hybrids over fairway woods — even with the ball not flying quite as far. It takes a shallow swing with plenty of clubhead speed to hit a wood well enough off the fairway to reap the reward. With hybrids, there’s way more room for error for those who have a slower and/or steeper swing.

3. Sharpen your shot-making

We’re not trying to knock on fairway woods, here. If you’re a player who does not struggle with consistency when it’s time to hit a fairway wood off the deck, or if you’re a player who wants to shape shots, fairway woods present plenty of opportunities to do just that.

You may need to hit a stinger off the tee that flies low, or a high cut around a tree from the fairway — these types of shots are generally more attainable with woods than with hybrids and fly farther to boot. For maximum shot-making, consider Srixon’s ZX woods that are built for a penetrating launch with low spin and a more workable ball-flight.

4. Worthy replacements

There are two categories of hybrids nowadays: wood-like hybrids and iron-like hybrids (often called utility irons), each designed to complement or serve as replacements to their namesakes. The important thing here is this — if you’re a player who needs more confidence from the fairway and who wants forgiveness first, consider a hybrid that looks like an iron, such as Cleveland’s Launcher UHX. It’s a club designed for maximum forgiveness and distance in an iron-like shape.

If you prefer added mass behind the ball for more confidence, go with a wood-like hybrid — no matter what type of club you’ve chosen to replace.

5. Beware of overlaps

No matter what combination of woods or hybrids you settle on, you want to avoid owning two different clubs that yield similar results. Ask yourself and be honest — is there a huge difference in how far your 3-wood flies when compared to your hybrid? Or maybe you carry two hybrids — if so, are your ball flights and distances discernible?

I did a little test of my own set and unwittingly, I had a pair of hybrids that although were different lofts and models, produced shots that were pretty similar to one another. This led to me ditching both and choosing a new one with a lower loft and another to replace my 3-iron to mind the huge gap I had between my irons and hybrids.   

Ultimately, as is the case with most club-buying decisions, it’s up to you to decide the optimal blend of woods and hybrids to help you play your best. A local club-fitter — like our 8AM affiliate True Spec — is a good place to start and can certainly help decide what’s right for you and at the same time, lend you a boost in confidence knowing that your woods and hybrids are setup perfectly.

Want to overhaul your own bag for 2021? Visit the expert fitters at our sister company, True Spec Golf. For more on the latest gear news and information, make sure to check out our recent Fully Equipped podcast in the Spotify link below.

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Sours: https://golf.com/gear/fairway-woods/metalwoods-hybrids-gear-questions/

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