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What are other ways to say connect?

The verb connect implies a joining as by a tie, link, or wire: One connects two batteries. Join may refer to a connection or association of any degree of closeness, but often implies direct contact: One joins two pieces of wood mortise together at the corner. Unite implies a close joining of two or more things, so as to form one: One unites layers of veneer sheets to form plywood.


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How to use connect in a sentence

Imagine large concrete walls separating Fort Lauderdale, Florida, condominiums from a beachless waterfront, or dozens of new bridges connecting the islands of Philadelphia.




verbmechanically alter, especially to


verbmechanically alter, especially to


verbmechanically alter, especially to


verbmechanically alter, especially to


verbassociate or be associated with a larger organization

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © by the Philip Lief Group.


Synonyms for Connect:

What is another word for connect?

synonyms found


[ kənˈɛkt], [ kənˈɛkt], [ k_ə_n_ˈɛ_k_t]
  • adj.

    Other relevant words: (adjective)
  • n.

    • aboard,
    • booking,
    • bus,
    • bookable,
    • board,
    • ARR,
    • aisle seat,
    • Booking office,
    • book on,
    • afloat.
    • comprehend,
    • understand,
    • work out,
    • see the light,
    • know,
    • get the idea,
    • have a feel for something,
    • fall/fit into place,
    • make sense of something,
    • deduce.
    ally (noun)colligate (noun)connect (noun)Other relevant words: (noun)tie-in (noun)
  • v.

    adjoin (verb)
    • inter connects,
    • is adjacent to,
    • inter-connecting,
    • inter connecting,
    • inter connect,
    • are adjacent to,
    • inter connected,
    • lay beside,
    • lies beside,
    • art adjacent to,
    • wert adjacent to,
    • lied beside,
    • was adjacent to,
    • lying beside,
    • being adjacent to,
    • wast adjacent to,
    • inter-connected,
    • am adjacent to,
    • were adjacent to,
    • inter-connects.
    adjust (verb)
    • brings into line,
    • over-hauled,
    • puts in working order,
    • re adjusts,
    • re-pairs,
    • re adjusted,
    • bringing into line,
    • finetune,
    • putting in working order,
    • brings in to line,
    • re paired,
    • over hauling,
    • troubleshot,
    • re-adjusts,
    • re-pairing,
    • over-hauls,
    • over-haul,
    • brought into line,
    • over haul,
    • improves accommodate,
    • re-paired,
    • re-adjusting,
    • bring in to line,
    • re pairs,
    • re pairing,
    • bringing in to line,
    • put working order,
    • puts working order,
    • over hauled,
    • brought in to line,
    • re-pair,
    • improving accommodate,
    • improved accommodate,
    • troubleshooted,
    • over-hauling,
    • re pair,
    • re-adjusted,
    • putting working order,
    • re adjust,
    • over hauls,
    • re adjusting.
    affiliate (verb)
    • throws with,
    • teaming up,
    • forming connection,
    • threw in with,
    • plugged in to,
    • came aboard,
    • hooks up,
    • bands together,
    • coming aboard,
    • in corporate,
    • plugging in to,
    • going partners,
    • in corporates,
    • comes aboard,
    • throwing in with,
    • plugged into,
    • plugging into,
    • goes partners,
    • in-corporates,
    • teamed up,
    • teams up,
    • forms connection,
    • hooking up,
    • in-corporate,
    • plugs in to,
    • went partners,
    • plugs into,
    • throwing with,
    • throws in with,
    • throw with,
    • threw with,
    • formed connection,
    • plug in to.
    annex (verb)
    • tagging on,
    • hooking on,
    • tags on,
    • hooks on,
    • slapping on,
    • slaps on,
    • tacked on,
    • tacking on,
    • hitched on,
    • takes over,
    • hitches on,
    • tagged on,
    • tacks on,
    • hitches up,
    • hitching on,
    • took over,
    • hitching up.
    apply (verb)
    • were pertinent,
    • wert applicable,
    • being pertinent,
    • were applicable,
    • am applicable,
    • are pertinent,
    • re gards,
    • art applicable,
    • is pertinent,
    • was pertinent,
    • art pertinent,
    • is applicable,
    • wast applicable,
    • was applicable,
    • being applicable,
    • re-gard,
    • wast pertinent,
    • are applicable,
    • bear up on,
    • am pertinent,
    • wert pertinent.
    assemble (verb)attach (verb)attribute (verb)
    • impute,
    • place,
    • assign,
    • brand,
    • ascribe,
    • credit,
    • set,
    • blame,
    • mark,
    • accredit,
    • cite,
    • cast,
    • acknowledge.
    bind (verb)
    • re-strained,
    • pegs down,
    • re-straining,
    • pinned down,
    • re strain,
    • re strained,
    • re straining,
    • re strains,
    • enfettered,
    • re-strains,
    • enfettering,
    • re-strain,
    • re strict,
    • enfetters,
    • pegged down,
    • re-strict,
    • pegging down.
    bond (verb)border on (verb)
    • are similar to,
    • lay near,
    • am like,
    • verged on,
    • being similar to,
    • art like,
    • was similar to,
    • lied near,
    • came near,
    • is like,
    • lying next to,
    • verges on,
    • wert like,
    • were like,
    • comes near,
    • are like,
    • was like,
    • am similar to,
    • wert similar to,
    • lied next to,
    • lies next to,
    • lay next to,
    • wast similar to,
    • art similar to,
    • were similar to,
    • lies near,
    • being like,
    • lying near,
    • wast like.
    cement (verb)clasp (verb)close (verb)coalesce (verb)
    • hooked with,
    • tying in with,
    • hooks with,
    • ties with,
    • joins up with,
    • hooking with,
    • tied with,
    • joining with,
    • joining up with,
    • hooking up with,
    • joined up with,
    • ties in with,
    • tying with,
    • tied in with,
    • tie with,
    • hooked up with,
    • joins with,
    • hook with.
    cohere (verb)combine, link (verb)communicate (verb)
    • being touch,
    • ringed up,
    • are in touch,
    • in-forms,
    • dis-cover,
    • re porting,
    • re-veal,
    • de-clare,
    • be trays,
    • in forms,
    • am touch,
    • keeping in touch,
    • dis-close,
    • dis covered,
    • gat through,
    • are touch,
    • inter faces,
    • getting through,
    • pro claimed,
    • un-folded,
    • re-ported,
    • be-trays,
    • rang up,
    • un-fold,
    • dis-closed,
    • art touch,
    • keeps in touch,
    • kept in touch,
    • gotten through,
    • inter-facing,
    • dis closing,
    • be-tray,
    • inter-faces,
    • art in touch,
    • wert in touch,
    • dis closes,
    • were in touch,
    • dis covers,
    • letted out,
    • makes known,
    • dis-covered,
    • pro-claiming,
    • keeping touch,
    • wast touch,
    • inter-faced,
    • re-veals,
    • dis-covering,
    • be tray,
    • is in touch,
    • dis close,
    • un-folding,
    • pro-claims,
    • un folds,
    • wert touch,
    • in-forming,
    • be touch,
    • un folding,
    • pro claiming,
    • inter face,
    • de-clares,
    • dis cover,
    • rings up,
    • inter facing,
    • pro claim,
    • were touch,
    • inter faced,
    • dis closed,
    • gets through,
    • keeps touch,
    • re-porting,
    • de clare,
    • dis covering,
    • inter-face,
    • dis-closing,
    • dis-covers,
    • un-folds,
    • dis-closes,
    • de clares,
    • pro claims,
    • was touch,
    • kept touch,
    • un folded,
    • was in touch,
    • re ported,
    • wast in touch,
    • in form,
    • is touch,
    • in forming,
    • being in touch,
    • keep touch,
    • un fold,
    • lets out,
    • re veals.
    communication (verb)compare (verb)
    • are par with,
    • art same class as,
    • were same class as,
    • are same class as,
    • holding a candle to,
    • are a par with,
    • drawing parallel,
    • wast a par with,
    • approximates to,
    • am par with,
    • wert par with,
    • art par with,
    • makes like,
    • hold candle to,
    • is on a par with,
    • shows correspondence,
    • am on par with,
    • wast on a par with,
    • is a par with,
    • bearing comparison,
    • are in same class as,
    • approximating to,
    • wert in the same class as,
    • being on par with,
    • wert a par with,
    • was same class as,
    • competing with,
    • distinguishes between,
    • wast the same class as,
    • were in same class as,
    • showed correspondence,
    • was a par with,
    • be on par with,
    • am on a par with,
    • were on par with,
    • wast in the same class as,
    • stacked with,
    • be same class as,
    • approximated to,
    • am the same class as,
    • were the same class as,
    • competed with,
    • holding candle to,
    • showing correspondence,
    • is on par with,
    • wast on par with,
    • is in the same class as,
    • is in same class as,
    • puts alongside,
    • being par with,
    • draws parallel,
    • stacks up with,
    • stacking up with,
    • is same class as,
    • noticed similarities,
    • being in same class as,
    • wast same class as,
    • was in the same class as,
    • were par with,
    • putting alongside,
    • wert on par with,
    • be a par with,
    • art in the same class as,
    • art a par with,
    • are the same class as,
    • beared comparison,
    • held candle to,
    • was the same class as,
    • are on par with,
    • be in same class as,
    • were in the same class as,
    • are in the same class as,
    • made like,
    • wast in same class as,
    • was par with,
    • being a par with,
    • am same class as,
    • drew parallel,
    • art in same class as,
    • held a candle to,
    • wert on a par with,
    • making like,
    • am a par with,
    • art the same class as,
    • holds candle to,
    • is par with,
    • be par with,
    • wert same class as,
    • bringing near,
    • are on a par with,
    • noticing similarities,
    • being same class as,
    • holds a candle to,
    • being the same class as,
    • was in same class as,
    • were on a par with,
    • brought near,
    • wert the same class as,
    • notices similarities,
    • competes with,
    • wert in same class as,
    • stacks with,
    • stack with,
    • be the same class as,
    • stacked up with,
    • being in the same class as,
    • brings near,
    • stacking with,
    • distinguishing between,
    • were a par with,
    • was on par with,
    • bears comparison,
    • wast par with,
    • bare comparison,
    • bore comparison,
    • is the same class as,
    • being on a par with,
    • was on a par with.
    compound (verb)
    • coagments,
    • coagmented,
    • inter mingle,
    • inter mingled,
    • immixes,
    • coagmenting,
    • inter-mingled,
    • inter mingling,
    • inter mingles,
    • inter-mingle,
    • inter-mingling,
    • immixing,
    • immixt,
    • inter-mingles.
    concatenate (verb)consolidate (verb)
    • densening,
    • threw together,
    • throwing together,
    • bunching up,
    • teams with,
    • throws together,
    • densens,
    • ties in,
    • bunched up,
    • throws in together,
    • tying up with,
    • rendering solid,
    • threw in together,
    • rendered solid,
    • teaming up with,
    • throwing in together,
    • ties up with,
    • teams up with,
    • tied up with,
    • teamed with,
    • densened,
    • teamed up with,
    • renders solid,
    • teaming with.
    contact (verb)correlate (verb)
    • art same wavelength,
    • hast good vibes,
    • tunes in on,
    • was on same wavelength,
    • wert same wavelength,
    • were on same wavelength,
    • is same wavelength,
    • being same wavelength,
    • is on same wavelength,
    • tuned on,
    • hadst good vibes,
    • tuned in on,
    • has good vibes,
    • were same wavelength,
    • tune on,
    • wast on same wavelength,
    • tunes on,
    • am same wavelength,
    • had good vibes,
    • wast same wavelength,
    • wert on same wavelength,
    • are same wavelength,
    • relates mutually,
    • co ordinate,
    • tuning in on,
    • be same wavelength,
    • relating mutually,
    • was same wavelength,
    • haddest good vibes,
    • related mutually,
    • am on same wavelength,
    • hath good vibes,
    • are on same wavelength,
    • co ordinates,
    • tuning on.
    couple (verb)fasten (verb)
    • weave,
    • glue,
    • knot,
    • string,
    • lash,
    • plait,
    • clinch,
    • weld,
    • zip,
    • strap,
    • tether,
    • bracket,
    • hinge,
    • tack,
    • baste,
    • sew,
    • lace,
    • braid,
    • stay,
    • suture,
    • buckle,
    • paste,
    • stitch.
    fix (verb)
    • in stalled,
    • in-stalling,
    • in stilling,
    • in-grain,
    • in stilled,
    • in-grains,
    • in stalling,
    • in-graining,
    • rigidifies,
    • in-grained,
    • in-stilled,
    • nailing down,
    • nails down,
    • in grain,
    • in grains,
    • in-stall,
    • in-stalled,
    • in graining,
    • in stalls,
    • in-stalls,
    • in stall,
    • in-stilling.
    go (verb)
    • ex tended,
    • ex tends,
    • ex-tends,
    • ex-tend,
    • ex tend,
    • ex tending,
    • ex-tending,
    • ex-tended,
    • giving access,
    • gives access,
    • gave access.
    implicate (verb)
    • in sinuates,
    • in-criminating,
    • in-criminate,
    • lay one&#;s door,
    • in-criminates,
    • laying at one door,
    • laying at ones door,
    • laid door,
    • in-sinuating,
    • lays door,
    • lay ones door,
    • lays one&#;s door,
    • lay at ones door,
    • in sinuated,
    • laying one door,
    • laying door,
    • lay one door,
    • in criminates,
    • in-criminated,
    • lays at ones door,
    • lays at one&#;s door,
    • in sinuate,
    • points finger at,
    • laying ones door,
    • pointed finger at,
    • lays at one door,
    • laid at door,
    • lays one door,
    • in-sinuates,
    • laying at door,
    • in sinuating,
    • laid one&#;s door,
    • in-sinuate,
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Synonyms of connect in English:


See US English definition of connect

See UK English definition of connect

See Spanish definition of conectar


1‘the electrodes were connected to a recording device’


attach, join, fasten, fix, affix, couple, link, bridge, secure, make fast, tie, tie up, bind, fetter, strap, rope, tether, truss, lash, hitch, moor, anchor, yoke, chain

stick, tape, adhere, glue, bond, cement, fuse, weld, solder

pin, peg, screw, bolt, rivet, batten, pinion, clamp, clip, hook, hook up

add, append, annex, subjoin

technical concatenate

2‘there are lots of customs connected with Twelfth Night’


associate, link, couple

identify, equate, bracket, compare

think of something together with, think of something in connection with

relate to, mention in the same breath as, set side by side with

draw a parallel with

How to connect English words to sound like a native speaker - Accurate English

1. connect

verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces.

  • interconnect
  • daisy-chain
  • join
  • ground
  • tie
  • attach
  • interlink
  • link up
  • hitch
  • bridge over
  • link
  • put through
  • conjoin
  • interdepend
  • bring together
  • tee
  • bridge
  • disjoin
  • detach
  • unhitch
  • give

Words that Rhyme with Connect

  • overprotect
  • disrespect
  • reinspect
  • misdirect
  • disinfect
  • recollect
  • nondirect
  • interject
  • disaffect
  • suspect
  • subject
  • resurrect
  • respect
  • reflect
  • reelect
  • redirect
  • project
  • neglect
  • intersect
  • inspect
  • indirect
  • incorrect
  • expect
  • deflect
  • confect
  • unchecked
  • select
  • reject
  • rechecked
  • protect

How do you pronounce connect?

Pronounce connect as kəˈnɛkt.

US - How to pronounce connect in American English

UK - How to pronounce connect in British English

Example sentences of the word connect

1. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Service projects connect your students to children in another country.

2. Verb, base form
Make sure to connect the red wires together and the black wires together.

Quotes containing the word connect

1. I connect to humor really deeply, so I feel really comfortable just being in funny projects.
- Guillermo Diaz

2. When I make art, I think about its ability to connect with others, to bring them into the process.
- Jim Hodges

3. The thing I loved the most - and still love the most about teaching - is that you can connect with an individual or a group, and see that individual or group exceed their limits.
- Mike Krzyzewski

2. connect

verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] make a logical or causal connection.

  • cogitate
  • correlate
  • identify
  • have in mind
  • interrelate
  • mean
  • free-associate
  • link
  • link up
  • relate
  • cerebrate
  • remember
  • associate
  • think of
  • think
  • tie in
  • disassemble
  • divide
  • unfasten
  • figure

3. connect

verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] join by means of communication equipment.

4. connect

verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] be or become joined or united or linked.

  • complect
  • interlink
  • unite
  • interconnect
  • link
  • link up
  • join
  • syndicate
  • nice
  • noble
  • abnormal
  • estimable

5. connect

verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] join for the purpose of communication.

6. connect

verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] land on or hit solidly.

  • strike
  • impinge on
  • hit
  • collide with
  • unbind
  • unharness
  • uncouple
  • unclip

7. connect

verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] establish a rapport or relationship.

  • exclude
  • disagree
  • unrelated

8. connect

verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] plug into an outlet.

  • introduce
  • enter
  • bring together
  • infix
  • insert
  • join
  • plug in
  • unplug
  • activeness
  • ride
  • stand still

9. connect

verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] establish communication with someone.

  • separation
  • incoherence
  • disconnectedness


verb. ['kəˈnɛkt'] hit or play a ball successfully.


Connect another word for


To join or fasten (two things together, or one thing with or to another); link; couple

get in touch

establish communication with someone


To cause to coalesce as a single whole or entity:


The definition of combine is to join together or to unite.


To make (a person or thing) part of; join


To unite or connect in a personal relationship, as in friendship or marriage.


(Dated) To join in wedlock; to marry.


To interact with (another system, discipline, group, etc.)


To become united or joined closely, as by hooking or dovetailing.


The definition of concrete means to make something into a solid mass.


To break or undo the connection of; separate, detach, unplug, etc.


To make secure (in all the above senses).

be on the same wavelength



To join and act together in a common purpose or endeavor.


To treat, regard, or express as equal, equivalent, identical, or closely related


To bring (a thing) into mutual relation (with another thing); calculate or show the reciprocal relation between; specif., to bring (one of two related or interdependent quantities, sets of statistics, etc.) into contrast (with the other)


To connect or associate (oneself) with an organization, movement, etc.


To connect or involve with a cause, group, or partner:


(Music) To transition from one piece or section of music to another without stopping.


To involve or connect intimately or incriminatingly:


To be sufficient for (a need, for example); fulfill:


To combine or unite into a single entity:


(Music) To connect with a tie


To perform the marriage ceremony for; join in matrimony.


To agree, in exchange for consideration, not to prosecute a crime or seek punishment for the convicted criminal. See also compounding a crime.


Conjugate means to join or unite two or more things or people together or to give different forms to a word to reflect a different person, voice or number.


To join as spouses; unite in wedlock


(Intransitive) Become one.


The definition of affix is to attach something.


To determine with certainty


To provide or support with brackets


(Computers) To press down and release a button on a pointing device in order to select an item on a display screen or activate a command or function. Often used with on:


To gather into a group; collect


make a logical or causal connection


To be worthy of comparison; bear comparison:


To close or connect securely, as with a lock or other device:


To consolidate is to combine many separate people, things or ideas into one solid unit or to make your efforts more focused and stronger.


To hold (a ship, etc.) in place by cables or chains attached as to a pier or special buoy (mooring buoy), or by two anchors


(Computing) To associate an identifier with a value; to associate a variable name, method name, etc. with the content of a storage location.



In the same way; in like manner

plug into


Find another word for connect. In this page you can discover 73 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for connect, like: connect, join, get in touch, link-up, coalesce, combine, cohere, attach, relate, ally and couple.

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Frequently Asked Questions About connect

How does the verb connect differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of connect are associate, combine, join, link, relate, and unite. While all these words mean "to bring or come together into some manner of union," connect suggests a loose or external attachment with little or no loss of identity.

a mutual defense treaty connected the two nations

In what contexts can associate take the place of connect?

The meanings of associate and connect largely overlap; however, associate stresses the mere fact of frequent occurrence or existence together in space or in logical relation.

opera is popularly associated with high society

Where would combine be a reasonable alternative to connect?

The words combine and connect can be used in similar contexts, but combine implies some merging or mingling with corresponding loss of identity of each unit.

combined jazz and rock to create a new music

When is join a more appropriate choice than connect?

The words join and connect are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, join implies a bringing into contact or conjunction of any degree of closeness.

joined forces in an effort to win

When can link be used instead of connect?

While in some cases nearly identical to connect, link may imply strong connection or inseparability of elements still retaining identity.

a name forever linked with liberty

When is it sensible to use relate instead of connect?

While the synonyms relate and connect are close in meaning, relate suggests the existence of a real or presumed logical connection.

related what he observed to what he already knew

When might unite be a better fit than connect?

In some situations, the words unite and connect are roughly equivalent. However, unite implies somewhat greater loss of separate identity.

the colonies united to form a republic


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