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Introduction: How to Make a Pet Bed in Minecraft PE +

This guide will show you how to make a simple bed for your pet in Minecraft PE +. Enjoy! ?

Step 1: Materials

You will need 4 slabs of your choice, (I chose acacia), 8 wooden trapdoors, and a tamed cat or dog.

Step 2:

Make a 2 by 2 square of slabs.

Step 3:

Surround the square of slabs with trapdoors so it looks like the picture.

Step 4:

Put your pet in the completed bed.

Step 5:

This is what it looks like with a cat.

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Games Like Pet Ideas &#; Minecraft

#1 MultiCraft ― Build and Mine


MultiCraft ― Build and Mine is an Open-World, Exploration, Simulation, Adventure, and Single-player video game for mobile platforms developed by Open-World Studios. All through the game, the player enters an endless blocky world where he needs to get resources and, using various tools, blocks, and other available things has to create unique structures.

Unlike the main MineCraft game, the game also features two playable modes as creative mode and survival mode. In the creative mode, the imagination only limits the player, whereas the survival mode puts the player’s surviving skills to the test. Along with peace and calmness, the game also features monsters against which the player needs to win a battle and gain priceless resources. Surviving in this game is very hard, so the player must keep an eye on hunger and fill it in time by searching for food or slaughter mobs for meat.

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#2 RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft


RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft is a 3D, Exploration, Adventure, Simulation, Creativity, and Single-player video game developed by TELLURION MOBILE. Based on the very well-known game Minecraft, the player will find a ton of elements with the main aim to build a limitless world block by block. While playing the game, the player controls the character from a first-person angle.

The only thing is the player’s imagination, as the blocks are enough to build a universe. Freely roaming around each scenario is not an addictive feature, but the requirement to craft new items and constructions in the surroundings is also a part of the job. A toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen with several options/tools a player can use to implement his creations. Regardless of the map design or conditions of the place, all a player need is to simply pick a block, select the spot to place, and start crafting.

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#3 BoomCraft


BoomCraft is an Adventure, Crafting, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by BiG8 Labs for mobile platforms. It also keeps an open-world exploration genre and follows the similar gameplay from the infamous Minecraft. Throughout the game, the player has to control his character and move it around the blocky world.

The game controls are very simple such as using the joystick located on the left side of the screen, the movement of the character can be done. Moreover, the adventurer can only perform two actions that are destroying the blocks or placing/arranging them. The game’s creative mode offers the player an unlimited number of blocks that he can place anywhere.

The main problem is the availability of the blocks, such as the game only offers one type of block and one playable mode as the creative mode. BoomCraft has core features such as One Block Type, One Playable Mode, and Crafting Scenarios.

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#4 Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition is an Adventure, Crafting, and Single-player video game developed by Mojang. Throughout the game, the player finds himself in a world of blocks, and the player has to survive. The player can collect blocks and other materials to use and craft valuable items.

The actions are not limited, such as the player can chip off big chunks to build a house, chop down trees to build furniture. The player can build anything he wants by combining complex projects like statues, buildings, etc. the only limit is imagination, and as the player advances, more options will be at his disposal to practice.

The game has two playable modes such as Creative Mode and Survival Mode. In the creative mode, the player finds unlimited resources. The player needs to mine deep and craft weapons to fend off the dangerous mobs in the survival mode.

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#5 PlanetCraft


PlanetCraft is an Adventure, Simulation, Creativity, and Single-player video game developed by CRAFT GAMES. Following the same gameplay to the famous and classical Minecraft, it offers the players to explore the blocky world. Although the game doesn’t support modern cities, instead, the player comes to craft from historical epochs. In this version, the player can visit the pyramids of Egypt, cathedrals, monuments, and old castles by going in the past.

It is a combination of crafting and exploration where the player has to select the main character from many available ones. Superheroes, ninjas, robots, or the classic characters are there to play as the protagonist. An interesting thing about the game is that it features a chat option letting the player talk with other players in the same region where the player is playing. Moreover, the player can interact with his friends or ask them to help him in finding certain resources.

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#6 Exploration Craft 3D


Exploration Craft 3D is an Adventure, Simulation, Creativity, and Single-player video game developed by Smartties. It takes the player to an open block world where the player’s main task is to build everything using only blocks. The game contains a large number of different blocks that a player can use to craft his entire world.

Borrowing the inspiration from the famous Crafting game, the game has offered many similarities to Minecraft. Along the way, the player has to earn money that he can use to unlock advanced equipment or tools. A joystick located on the left side of the screen allows the player to move the character all around. Meanwhile, the two buttons are placed on the right side to perform their respective actions. Unlike other crafting games, the player can place or remove the blocks to discover new things. It is easy to understand, but the creation of things might not be mastered.

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#7 Crafty Lands


Crafty Lands is an Adventure, Simulation, Crafting, and Single-player video game developed by PlayKids for Android. The player gets a chance to create and build new lands based on epic blocky constructions, where he also finds fun characters for interaction. The player can travel across epic worlds and build anything he wants as there is no limitation regarding the discovery of new things.

As the player moves on, he comes to explore and discover new places located in the most expansive areas with incredible creative possibilities. It is the best platform to build new adventures and stories. Using blocks, the player can build anything that comes to imagine in expansive. The player can craft houses, castles, fortresses, villages, and an entire city accordingly.

Meanwhile, the player can interact with blocky characters and animals along the creative journey. Crafty Lands has core features such as Blocky World, Interactive Characters, New Adventures, Exploration, and Addictive Gameplay.

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#8 Amazing build ideas for Minecraft


Amazing build ideas for Minecraft is a Sandbox, Adventure, Crafting, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Brutus Games. It is inspired by Minecraft and lets the player follow the same scenario to explore the most amazing modern houses using the player’s own creativity.

Available equipment is enough to decorate the home with everything. The player can share his house collections with friends on social apps and challenge them to be crafter as the player is. It is all about creativity and implementation style; if the player gains expertise on these, he can become the top best crafter.

It is free-to-play, and its offline access has made it easy to play anywhere anytime without any internet required. Moreover, it is preferable for all ages as the game includes nothing except imagination and creativity. Amazing build ideas for Minecraft has core features such as Crafting Scenarios, Addictive Gameplay, Blocky World, and Countless Equipment.

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#9 Exploration Pro


Exploration Pro is a Sandbox, Adventure, Crafting, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Big8 Labs. It is set in the world of cubes, just like Minecraft, where the player has to search for surprising elements and artifacts to manufacture objects and items. One major difference is that in this game, the player can’t pick up materials along the way or create others.

However, it is possible to build all kinds of structures with an unlimited amount of elements available. So, whether the player wants to build huge castles, tiny houses, gigantic buildings, or any other structure, he can do without any struggle of collecting blocks. The game is best for explorers without any enemies, lives, or any fear of losing the game. Moreover, the player can randomly create a world and stick for hours to recreate it. Exploration Pro game has core features such as Sandbox Scenario, Blocks, Addictive Gameplay, and Freedom of Play.

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#10 Minecraft for


Minecraft is an Adventure, Casual, Arcade, and Single-player video game developed by Mojang for mobile platforms. Throughout the game, the player has to explore unlimited worlds and build everything that comes into the mind. In the creative mode, the player has unlimited resources to build the simplest homes and grandest castles. The game lets the player mine deep into the world.

The game has a survival mode where the mission is to craft weapons and armor to fend off dangerous enemies. All a player has to do is create, explore, and survive alone or with friends in the co-op mode. The game has no ads where the player can feel at ease. The possibilities are limitless, and the imagination is uncounted.

The player has to use all of his best creative skills to show off his inner artist. The game does not limit the player to any boundaries, such as make a homeland, explore it, and upgrade as per requirement. The game has core features such as Creativity Skills, Exploration, Mining, and Addictive Gameplay.

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#11 Minecraft

Minecraft, developed by Mojang and 4J Studios and published by Mojang, Microsoft Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment is an indie, Sandbox building and FPS (First Person Shooter) video game. This game is available to play on multiple platforms like PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Xbox One, Xbox , PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game allows the player to construct buildings out of textured cubes in a 3D generated open world. Player can craft different objects, explore the world, gather resources and engage in combats with enemies. Minecraft also features Survival, Creative and Adventure gaming modes. According to the storyline, player roams in an open world with no specific goals to accomplish breaking and making different kinds of structures with the help of blocks. Walking through deserts, snowfields and jungles, the player switches from first person perspective to third person perspective upon his will and engages in gunfights with the enemy. Minecraft is a great Sandbox, Building, Crafting and Shooting video game to play and enjoy. You must try it out.

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#12 LokiCraft


LokiCraft is an Arcade, First-person Perspective, and Single-player video game that gives you full freedom over navigation, construction, and destruction as well. It takes place in the sandbox world where you control character from a first-person viewpoint, and your ultimate goal is to build whatever you want, and destroy structures wherever you want.

The world is made up of blocks, similar to Minecraft, offering you access to different blocks that you need to build your dream world where you can do whatever you wish. During the Gameplay, your ultimate goal is to gather resources, create tools, weapons, and other items to get advanced through the game.

The game features a survival mode that lets you survive as long as possible using your mastery skills. In the game, you can create castles, cities, and other buildings to improve your construction skills. LokiCraft includes exciting features such as 3D World, Two Game Modes, and more.

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#13 LostMiner


LostMiner is a Sandbox, Crafting, Mining, Exploration, Adventure, 2D, and Single-player video game developed by Caffetteria. All through the game, the player finds himself in a procedural and pixelated world consisting of many biomes. The gameplay is simple where the player needs to place and break blocks in order to build a house, a planting farming, an animal farm, or other structures.

The deeper a player goes, the harder he finds the challenges. The game has creative and survival modes that can be played offline, but a local multiplayer mode is also featured online. With easy controls and an intuitive crafting system, it has offered the player the best mining experience on mobile screens. Every update comes with new features and content, and almost in a week, the game has been updated. LostMiner game has core features such as Crafting Scenarios, Two Offline modes, One Online Playable Mode, and Blocky Structures.

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#14 Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator Games For Free


Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator Games For Free offers you Minecraft-style gameplay, in which you have to control a character from a first-person perspective and start building or demolishing structures to create your land. The world is made up of blocks, where you have access to build whatever you want like Buildings, Rivers, Houses, Parks, and more. There are several playable characters available, and each one has unique skills and statistics.

During the gameplay, you can adopt pets and take them for free navigation of the land. Unlike other Block Games, the game doesn&#;t feature any monsters to face off as it promises to give fascinating gaming experience by improving the quality of construction aspects. Show off your creativity by building unique models and share them with friends to impress them. The game rewards you with points for your creativity that you can use to unlock additional content.

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#15 Blocker Game


Blocker Game is an Action-Adventure, Top-down Perspective, and Multiplayer video game takes place in the sandbox environment. The game offers similar gameplay to video game, but in different style and it pits hundreds of players against each other on the map to show off their fighting skills to become the winner. In the start, the player has an option to choose his character from available and modify it using the colors and outfits, and then jump into the world to make points by taking down rival players from all over the land. It offers a new type of multiplayer gameplay heavily inspired by IO games, but with an RPG twist. It introduces the top-down perspective and lets the player navigate the blocky world featuring the Minecraft-styled characters. During the gameplay, the player needs to conquer the outpost and defend it against incoming hordes of enemies. To make points, the player needs to kill enemies and wild creatures and use these points to upgrade his equipment and the skills of the character.

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#16 CraftWorld

CraftWorld is the First-person Perspective, Crafting and Sandbox video game with a strong emphasis on construction and crafting. The game takes place in the fully editable world, enabling the player build his own castle, building, tunnels, and more. Using crafting features, the player can create multiple weapons, items, and equipment. There is an open environment, where the player can move anywhere without limitation, use different blocks to construct various structures and fulfill the requirements of each level to progress. The game has no specific tasks to complete, and the player creates his own storyline and adventure. The world is full of strange creatures, and the player must defeat them to save his or her life. It offers the prominent gameplay like the famous title Minecraft and lets the player immerse himself in crafting gameplay experience. CraftWorld includes core features such as Open-ended World, Exploration, different Blocks, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

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#17 BlockWorld

BlockWorld offers an Adventure, Crafting, Exploration and Building gameplay for Microsoft Windows developed and published by Studios. The game takes place in the block-based world and enables the players to create their imaginable world in their styles. There are different types of blocks available each with a unique ability. The player must explore the world from a first-person perspective, collect resources and start building his castle using different material and blocks. The player equips with set tools which can be used to craft multiple items and other things. During the gameplay, the player interacts with the environment, strange creatures and more. There are over hundred unique dyes and items present to shape the world of the player. Four unique types of weapons such as machine gun, rocket launcher, etc. are available to use. In some places, the player uses a third-person perspective to manipulate the world. BlockWorld offers prominent features such as Unique Items, Smooth Controls, Four Guns, Powerful Explosives, Dynamic Water Physics, and more. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and fantastic graphics, BlockWorld is the best game to play and enjoy.

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#18 Worldcrafter

Worldcrafter is an Adventure, Survival, Crafting and Single-player video gamed developed and published by Penultimate Apps for Android. The game combines the Sandbox and Platform genres to offers the similar gameplay to Terraria and Minecraft. It takes place in the 2D world and lets you explore the surrounding landscapes to build, craft, destroy and combine blocks to construct a beautiful castle. It offers open-ended world and you discover completely different world each time you explore. The game has no specific tasks to complete and you have freedom to manipulate the world to create your own adventure. It has five different modes such as Survival, Farming, Race, Construction and Quest. There are over fifty blocks available to use and create your city, village or other things that you imagine. The world is populated with monsters and farm animals. It offers realistic world effects like water flow, plants grow, and rocks fall, etc. Worldcrafter includes core features such as Multiple Modes, Realistic World, Fifty Blocks, Massive Area to Explore, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

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Minecraft: 25+ Pet House Designs (ft. AverageTunaSandwich)
pet house ideas

Ever since animal taming became part of Minecraft, people have made attachments to the animal in order to be able to call them pets. What do you do with your pet cat, dog or maybe even donkey at night, you can’t leave them out in the rain! This is where you need to build a pet house.

Cats and dogs are the most common pets people will keep. If you decide you want a pet turtle, creating a tank to keep it in will be fairly simple to figure out. For cats and dogs, you could let them live in your house with you or you could build them their own specific house.

It may not be realistic, but dogs and cats are fairly similar in size, at least when it comes to the amount of space they take up. This is handy for us as we can build a house for our pets and it will generally work for both.

Most house designs in Minecraft will be based on real designs, pet houses are one of the few examples where this doesn’t apply. Building the standard tiny house for rover isn&#;t going to cut it. First, because it is going to be boring to build and ugly to look at and second, it will be pretty hard to get your animal to actually go inside of it.

The decision will be completely up to you, but the best way to approach it is to build a house for your pet that mirrors the style and look of your own home, just a bit smaller. No point in building a kitchen in your cats house afterall. The process of minifying your own home to create one or a pet is a lot of fun on a creative level. If you are looking or some good pointers, the ideas below will help you out.

Cool Houses For Cats & Dogs

The playlist below will show you some cool house ideas you can use for pets in Minecraft. If you have some interesting blueprints or would like to have your video included here, please let me know.

Minecraft Box Art


What started out as a fairly basic sandbox creation game, nobody could have imagined the heights that Minecraft would eventually reach. From its indie beginnings with a small studio called Mojang, Minecraft is now owned by tech giant Microsoft and is available on almost every game platform that is available on the market. It has become one of the most successful video games of all time. The concept of Minecraft…

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Ideas minecraft pet

Minecraft: The Best Animals To Tame (& How To Tame Them)

Between all the mining and crafting, Minecraft leaves a lot of time & space for players to explore the world and get to know its various hostile and passive creatures. Among these mobs are the game's mobs which can be tamed to act as mounts, protectors or simply as pets.

However, taming a mob is no simple task. More often than not, players will need the right items and a pinch of luck to win over an animal's trust. Some mobs are also incredibly hard to find, making them quite a rarity. Here's how to tame the best mobs in the game.

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Updated on July 5th, by Anastasia Maillot: This year is a very exciting one for Minecraft fans because of a massive two-part update that introduces immense terrain generation changes for the game. Updates of this kind haven't happened to this scale for a long time, which is why it's worth waiting for the Caves and Cliffs full update.

For now, however, players will have to be satisfied with the first half of Caves and Cliffs, which introduced a couple of new mobs. One of them, in particular, brought in some new gameplay mechanics and features and can be tamed to a degree. Here's what you need to know about the new Axolotl mob.

11 Axolotls

  • Biome: Any dark ocean or body of water
  • Food: Bucket of Tropical Fish

Axolotls were added into the game as a way to spread awareness over this nearly extinct species of water-loving lizards. Axolotls spawn in dark waters, and although they can survive on land for some time, they definitely prefer the depths of oceans and any large bodies of water.

Axolotls are predators. They'll attack any other ocean-dwelling mob except for dolphins. They're very useful allies against Guardians and Elder Guardians inside ocean monuments and can be led using a lead made from string and slime balls. They can also be bred with a bucket of tropical fish, but axolotls can't fully be tamed in Minecraft. Just beware: axolotls can be slain by pufferfish.

10 Horses

  • Biome: Plains
  • Food: Golden Carrots, Golden Apples, Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Hay Bale

The bread and butter of tamed animals is definitely the horse. What sets this one apart from others is the incredible travel time it brings along, provided the player picks out the fastest horse of the bunch. Head over to a nearby plains biome, as those tend to be the best locations to find horses.

Horses differ from donkeys and mules in that they can't actually carry items. They're used purely for travel, and traveling great distances is a vital part of gameplay. To tame a horse in Minecraft, right-click on it with an empty hand to mount it until hearts appear above its head. Do this until the horse stops kicking.

9 Ocelot

  • Biome: Jungle
  • Food: Raw Salmon, Raw Cod

The ocelot is one of the hardest animals to tame in the game, mainly because it's such a rare one to find in the wilds. In order to come across one the player first needs to find a jungle biome, which is the ideal spawn location for these elusive feline friends.

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In order to tame an ocelot in Minecraft get some raw salmon or raw cod and approach them slowly while holding the fish in their hand. Feed as much fish as needed to the ocelot, until tiny hearts appear above its head.

8 Wolf

  • Biome: Forest (all variants)
  • Food: Bone, Meats (all variants)

Wolves are probably the most common mob, and therefore an easy one to tame for players. All sorts of forests will usually have a pack of them wandering around, although colder forest biomes have a higher rate of spawning for wolves in general.

Wolves can be tamed using a bone. Even if wolves can be fed meat while still feral, they won't actually be tamed this way. In order to tame a wolf in Minecraft, feed a wolf bones until tiny hearts appear above its head, which will prompt its face to change. A collar will also appear, which can be dyed any of the colors available in the game.

7 Skeleton Horse

  • Biome: Any
  • Food: Cannot be bred or fed

Want to be the talk of the server and the envy of all other Minecraft players? In that case, boasting a Skeleton Horse is the best way to go. This mount is no doubt the coolest-looking one in the game, simply because of its sheer, bony appearance.

These creatures only spawn during thunderstorms and are usually accompanied by skeletons, which must be first killed before the horse can be tamed. After their previous owners are dealt with, right click on the skeleton horse with an empty hand and hop on its back several times until tiny hearts appear above its head.

6 Parrot

  • Biome: Jungle
  • Food: Wheat Seeds

Players who come across a jungle biome in their world are particularly lucky, not only because of ocelots but also because of parrots. These little birds have the ability to mimic other mobs, which might be a frightening experience, but also incredibly cool.

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Parrots come in a variety of colors, and they can be tamed with regular seeds. To tame a parrot in Minecraft hold a seed in the right hand and right-click on a parrot until tiny hearts appear above its head. The parrot will likely land on the player's shoulder as well when tamed, which makes for a cool effect.

5 Fox

  • Biome: Taiga and its variants
  • Food: Sweet Berries, Glow Berries

Foxes are super unique mobs due to their ability to carry items in their mouths. They also curl up to sleep and can move quickly through sweet berry bushes. However, they sprint quite fast and are exclusive to cold forest biomes like taigas, making them a difficult mob to catch and tame.

Adult foxes cannot be tamed in Minecraft, but they can be bred using sweet berries. The baby fox produced will then trust the player, and a lead should be used to pull it away from its parents and to stop it from following them rather than the player themselves. The challenge here is actually catching two adult foxes.

4 Mule

  • Biome: Plains
  • Food: Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Hay Bale

Those wondering what the difference between a mule and a donkey is, this mob is basically the result of a donkey and horse being bred. They're a tricky mob to have due not being able to breed with other mules, but they still make for great carriers and decent mounts.

Mules can be distinguished by their typically brown coloring in the wild, which sets them apart from donkeys. With an empty hand, right-click on the mule to get on its back to tame it. At first, it will kick the player off multiple times, but continue doing this and eventually it should have a little heart icon above its head to show it's tamed.

3 Donkey

  • Biome: Plains
  • Food: Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Hay Bale

Donkeys are not fantastic mounts since they all have the same movement speed when ridden, but they are great for storing items and being pulled with a lead. In the wild, they're also easy to recognize and much like mules and horses will tend to spawn in plains biomes.

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In order to tame a donkey Minecraft, right-click on it with an empty hand to mount it. Keep doing this until it no longer kicks, and tiny hearts appear above its head.

2 Llama

  • Biome: Savanna, Mountains
  • Food: Wheat, Hay Bale

Llamas are perhaps the worst mount in the game, but what they are really useful for is storage. Not just that, many players like to use different colored carpets on their llamas in order to color code their storage in an easy way. To find them, head over to a savanna or mountain biome.

Llamas must be handled with care, due to their ability to attack the player by spitting on them. To tame a llama, right-click them with an empty hand and mount them until they no longer kick and tiny heart icons appear. Keep in mind, again, that llamas can only be lead and used for storage, and riding them is impossible.

1 Cat (Village Stray Variant)

  • Biome: Any biome where a village can spawn
  • Food: Raw Cod, Raw Salmon

Although ocelots are the original way of getting a cat in the game, stray cats are an easier and more interesting way to get a good variety of different cats easily. Head over to any nearby village, as those are hotspots for stray cats to wander around.

Stray cats will always be afraid of players and quickly run away. However, if approached with raw cod or salmon in hand, they will slowly get closer to the player. Feed the cat raw cod or salmon enough times to tame it until hearts appear above its head.

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Momo Suicide Game Appearing in Fortnite and Peppa Pig YouTube Videos [UPDATE]

Parents and kids discover YouTube videos featuring Fortnite characters and Peppa Pig that are spliced with images and videos of the Momo Suicide Game monster.

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