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Anyone know a good website for buttons?

You got some good recommendations for button manufacturers so you can get them quickly, but if you’re looking at button machines, you should be aware that there are differences in supplies and machines.

Team 25 has the 2 1/4" Badge-a-Minit Badge-a-Matic semi-automatic button maker. Made in the USA in Illinios, I think you can buy them from BAM new for $500, but you can get it for $400 on sale. Sign up for getting their deals, and you can get discounts on machines as well as supplies. Their machines come with a lifetime warranty, and as a matter of fact, I just sent our machine out for its first ever refurb to BAM. The thing is over 15 years old, and was sticking a bit. I paid $30 for shipping, and BAM ships back on their dime. The entire machine was gone over and parts were replaced and it was lubricated and shipped back very quickly. Can’t say enough good things about this device. It’s a rock star!

BAM supplies are slightly oversized, so if you purchase off brand supplies, make sure they’re for Badge-a-Minit! I got 1,000 pcs of generic BAM button supplies on Ebay for about 1/2 of the cost of BAM branded supplies, and they work well! Also, you can find used BAM machines on Ebay, but they go for $150-200 for the Badge-a-Matic model. I just bought a second one today on Ebay for about $160 because it’s slow making buttons with just one machine, and I’ve got a lot of freshmen I can utilize (hee-hee-hee evil laugh) in the sweatshop. I do not know the cost to reburb a used unit, but being that our original one went longer than a decade of use without maintance, I suppose a used one will be fine.

I hope that this helps you in your decision.


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    Gift, Novelty & Souvenir Stores

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Data Entry Specialist

Plano, TX

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Office Manager

Plano, TX

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Office Manager in Plano, TX

Great Company, Amazing Owners

American Button Machines is by far the best environment I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Everyone is valued and respected. The owners are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and help out be it in the warehouse or answering the phones and they always make you feel appreciated and supported. They stand behind their team offering patience and empathy through all of the ups and downs in life like no business I have ever seen with true compassion for everyone as people. You are never just a number on the payroll. They are more than generous with pay raises and offer a great retirement plan. There's even Slushie Fridays during the summer! I would not ever want to have to work for anyone else.

Customer Service in Plano, TX

Great Company Culture with Amazing Support

I have been at American Button Machines for 5 years and have never felt more valued by an employer or more secure in my position in my entire 35 year career. The owners of this company stand behind their employees and support them through life's challenges with understanding and compassion you just don't find anywhere else. I wouldn't want to work for anybody else.

Customer Service Representative in Plano, TX

American Button Machines

No opportunities for advancement, no insurance benefits, and a pay cap of $15 with no growth from there. PTO after one year. Unsupportive environment.

Sales / Marketing Representative in Plano, TX

Good people

ABM's owners are a hands on, hard working couple. Their goal is to provide a fun and inspiring place to work. It's very casual and most days will find Wilson & Norman (their dachshunds) on site.
During my tenure, my opinion was not only sought but valued. I am now a YouTube "star" thanks to the tutorial videos I helped to make.

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People have asked 4 questions about working at American Button Machines. See the answers, explore popular topics and discover unique insights from American Button Machines employees.

How did you feel about telling people you worked at American Button Machines?

July 25, 2021

Embarrassed — If you know what's good for you, RUN!

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What is the most stressful part about working at American Button Machines?

July 24, 2021

The continuous cycle of mediocrity mixed with deceitful greed.

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What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at American Button Machines?
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at American Button Machines?
What is the most stressful part about working at American Button Machines?

July 24, 2021

The continuous cycle of mediocrity mixed with deceitful greed.

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How did you feel about telling people you worked at American Button Machines?

July 25, 2021

Embarrassed — If you know what's good for you, RUN!

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Tecre Reseller

This is another reseller of Tecre. Which means the product is top tier. However, this review is about American Button Machines themselves. Their customers service varies. If you're a new customer and seem interested in buying, your customer service will be great. However, if you're a repeat buyer and you have serious questions regarding your product, you'll be met with aggression. I noticed I was overcharged for shipping for every single order I made through ABM. As business owners, I would assume they would know we know how much shipping costs, but they continue to overcharge. I personally wouldn't mind it if it was just $1 or so, but the shipping overcharges are well over double, and sometimes over triple, what the shipping costs actually are. That's on top of them selling for more than what Tecre sells for. I understand that resellers need to make a profit, but don't overcharge people on shipping on top of already overcharging them on the product itself. That combined with the selective poor customer service makes this a no go for me. Go with Tecre for cheap parts. If you really want to use a reseller, there's plenty of others out there that are much less sneaky about pricing and have consistent customer service. I'm only giving 2 stars because of the product itself.

They do have a facebook group. Do not join it if you want actual advice. Since it's owned by ABM, you will get banned for offering advice that does not praise them directly and increase their sales. The advice given there is awful as it's given in hopes of profit instead of helping the people in the group. There's much better button groups that will actually help you in ways that that group will not. Such as genuinely help you get your cost of goods pricing down (by buying from tecre directly), shipping, printer/ink recommendations and much much more.

Drawing Freehand with Button Maker Software

 Call them buttons or badges or pinbacks or pinback buttons, there may well come a time in your life that you need yourself a hell of a lot of these awesome little accessories.

Perhaps you decide to start an indie band.

Perhaps you want your zine to go viral.

Perhaps you play Roller Derby. The Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls are looking for some fresh meat, I hear.

If you have any reason, ANY reason at all, to want a large number of pinback buttons, I doubt that you want to pay shipping to have them mass-produced in some sweatshop on foreign soil, or receive a bunch of cheap, poorly designed crap in exchange for your hard-earned moolah.

A button machine isn’t for everyone, but if a button machine is for you, then you should know that there are lame machines and excellent machines. My American Button Machines 1″ Button Maker is one of the excellent machines.

 Now, the American Button Machines machines are pricey. I about had a cow when I bought my button machine years ago, ponying up that kind of money when the majority of my other craft fair expenditures come from the dumpster or the thrift store. Let me tell you, I knew exactly the moment at which I’d sold enough buttons to pay off my machine, and then I had a little party and lowered my prices a tad.

You also have to know what you want when you buy an American Button Machines machine. My 1″ Button Maker, although it has the accessories to make magnets or key chains or a whole bunch of other junk, does not make 1.5″ buttons. It does not make 2″ buttons. It does not make 3″ buttons. It makes 1″ buttons. Fortunately, I really like 1″ buttons, and I think that other button sizes are tacky. You may have to develop similar loyalties if you plan to spring for a specific button maker from this company.

These button makers, however, have two very large advantages to basically every other button machine that I’ve seen on the market. First of all, they’re super-sturdy. My button maker is compact and easy to transport, but it’s also made of steel, with a rubber grip on the handle. It can get banged around in the trunk of my car or in my luggage on an airplane or in the bottom of a Rubbermaid bin on the way to a craft fair. With no plastic parts at all, my button maker is in no danger of harm.

My button maker is also extremely easy to use. There are two steps to perform, and five parts to put together. If patrons at a craft fair see me making buttons and want to try it out, I let them, and they’re always successful. My five-year-old can make buttons completely independently with the 1″ button maker. So can my three-year-old.

I’ve made pinback buttons from everything  from vintage paper doilies to Entertainment Weekly, although lately I’ve been on a big comic book kick. And also cassette tape covers, the kids’ artwork, vintage wallpaper samples, road maps…


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How to make custom Jumbo Paper Clip Bookmark Buttons with a button maker from ABM

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