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Safeway, Inc. Seattle Division

Job Title: Baker

As a primary contact for Safeway customers, the Baker provides friendly, courteous, and helpful service.
The Baker mixes and bakes ingredients according to recipes to produce breads, pastries, and other baked goods. Applies glaze, icing or other topping to baked goods. Working with Bakery Sales Manager, the Baker plans items to be baked for day and week. Obtains necessary ingredients from storage areas.
Reads recipes. Mixes ingredients by hand or power mixer. May take special orders in person or over the phone. Cleans Bakery area.

1. Safeway Baker employees are generally responsible for completing the following job duties:
1. Provide customer service as currently defined by the employer within the scope of the position and within company policy.
1. Plan daily production.
1. Measure flour, sugar, shortening, and other ingredients to prepare batters, dough, fillings, and icings.
1. Dump ingredients into mixing-machine bowl or steam kettle to mix or cook ingredients according to specifications.
1. Role, cut, and shape dough and related products preparatory to baking.
1. Place dough in pans, molds or on sheets and bake in oven or grill.
1. Read recipes and other instructions.
1. Obtain necessary stock and transports to work area.
1. Order ingredients and supplies as needed.
1. Organize and maintain cleanliness of work area.
1. Other duties as assigned.

1. Ability to follow company customer service procedures. Demonstrated prior customer service skills or related experience.
1. Ability to interact with customers and co-workers.
1. Ability to understand and follow directions.
1. Ability to operate machinery.

Limited. May supervise bakery staff during Bakery Manager’s absence.

Varies depending on store location and state/county requirements.

%Inside: 100% %Outside: Rare
Temperature Extremes: May enter freezer or ovens for short periods of time.
Chemicals: Seldom (mild detergents or glass cleaner).

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Human Resources

Safeway, Inc. Seattle Division
Job Title: Baker

pans, bowls, molds, etc., various mixers and blenders, recipes/written instructions, scale, hand truck, six- wheeled cart, box cutter, pen and pencils, paper and plastic bags, spray bottle, rags, telephone/intercom, ovens, ranges, microwaves, hand utensils including knives, spoons etc., graduated measuring containers

Constant (over 70% of the time)
Frequent (30-70%)
Occasional (10-30%)
Seldom (1-10%)

Constantly lifts 1-10 lbs. Frequently lifts 11-20 lbs. Occasionally lifts 21-35 lbs.
Occasionally carries 1-35 lbs.
Pushing / Pulling:
Constantly pushes/pulls 1-20 lbs. Frequently pushes/pulls 21-35 lbs.
Constant knee to shoulder level reaching of 1-50 lbs. Seldom overhead reaching and at or above shoulder level reaching.
Constant standing while on job. Sitting allowed on breaks.
Frequent walking while on job.
Seldom. May use step stool or ladder.
Trunk Functions:
Frequent bending of head. Occasional neck rotation, bending/stooping, twisting, crouching, and squatting.
Upper Extremity:
Constant handling/grasping. Occasional forceful gripping.
Use of peripheral vision and depth perception to move around crowded store area and push cart in aisles containing customers. Near vision used to verify operation of equipment. Uses vision to check progress of baking goods.
To converse with customers, provide service, perceive questions and conduct business. Answer pages and receive information from other employees.
To converse with customers, answer questions and conduct business. To page other employees over intercom and give instructions.

Safeway will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities who can meet overall job requirements.


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Human Resources

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: From $20.79 per hour


  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Employee discount
  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance

Physical Setting:


  • 8 hour shift
  • Holidays
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekend availability

Ability to commute/relocate:

  • Seattle, WA 98107: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Preferred)

Work Location:

Work Remotely:

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Safeway Bakery Clerks earn $25,000 annually, or $12 per hour, which is 22% higher than the national average for all Bakery Clerks at $20,000 annually and 90% lower than the national salary average for ​all working Americans. The highest paid Bakery Clerks work for Bloom at $28,000 annually and the lowest paid Bakery Clerks work for Weis Markets at $14,000 annually.

$25KSafeway Bakery Clerk without location (11 salaries)

+$5K (22%) more than national average Bakery Clerk salary ($20K)
-$11K (36%) less than average Safeway salary ($36K)

What is the salary for Bakery Clerk at Safeway?

The salary for Bakery Clerk at Safeway is $29,000 annually.

What company pays the highest salary for the Bakery Clerk position?

Bloom pays the highest salary for the Bakery Clerk position at $28,000 annually.

What company pays the lowest salary for the Bakery Clerk position?

Weis Markets pays the lowest salary for the Bakery Clerk position at $14,000 annually.

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How much does a baker at Safeway make?

Average Safeway Baker hourly pay in the United States is approximately $13.74, which is 9% above the national average.

How much do bakeries make in Canada?

The average baker salary in Canada is $29,250 per year or $15 per hour. Entry level positions start at $26,325 per year while most experienced workers make up to $37,050 per year.

What does Safeway pay Canada?

Safeway Canada Salary FAQs The average Safeway Canada salary ranges from approximately CA$121,366 per year for a a Store Manager to CA$121,366 per year for a a Store Manager. The average Safeway Canada hourly pay ranges from approximately CA$12 per hour for a a Coffee Bar Server to CA$60 per hour for a a Pharmacist.

What is the highest paying job at Safeway?

Director of Sales
At Safeway, the highest paid job is a Director of Sales at $259,124 annually and the lowest is an Office Manager at $58,643 annually.

Is Baker a good job in Canada?

The Job market in Canada for Bakers remains strong and is expected to do so for the next five years. Unemployment for qualified Bakers in Canada is well below average.

Where do bakers make the most money in Canada?

Highest paying cities in Canada for Bakers

  • Victoria, BC. 63 salaries reported. $17.18. per hour.
  • Vancouver, BC. $16.78. per hour.
  • Calgary, AB. $16.61. per hour.
  • Mississauga, ON. 87 salaries reported. $16.60. per hour.
  • Toronto, ON. 252 salaries reported. $16.45. per hour.

How much do Safeway managers make?

Safeway Canada Salary FAQs The average salary for a a Store Manager is CA$49,111 per year in Canada, which is 54% lower than the average Safeway Canada salary of CA$107,009 per year for this job.

Does Safeway get paid weekly?

Safeway pays on a weekly basis. They pay bi weekly.

How often do you get raises at Safeway?

Every three months
Every three months you can receive a raise at Safeway .

Are bakers in demand in Canada?

For Bakers, over the period 2019-2028, new job openings (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand) are expected to total 10,300 , while 10,300 new job seekers (arising from school leavers, immigration and mobility) are expected to be available to fill them.

What positions pay the most at Costco?

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Costco Jobs in the U.S.

Job TitleAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
Costco Quality Assurance$61,173$29.41
Costco QA$61,173$29.41
Costco Remote$58,744$28.24

Do you get a discount if you work at Safeway?

Safeway also offers great discounts to its employees. Eligible employees can receive a flat discount of 10% on all Safeway products and a 5% discount on other products.

What day do you get paid at Safeway?

4 answers. Every Friday of the week unless u have a card to auto upload then its every Thursday. You get paid weekly. Pay period is weekly, with direct deposit or paycheck available.

5 Reasons Why Working In A Grocery Store Sucks

Average Hourly Rate for Safeway, Inc. Employees

Safeway, Inc. Reviews

Overall Satisfaction


Learning and Development


Hours Are Flexible, Work Environment Good, Work Is Enjoyable

Baker in Forest Hill:

Pros: Enjoy making the breads, pastries and cakes.

Cons: The under staffing and management lack of filling vacancies making current staff overworked. The pay scale for position considering the experience it takes to do job.

Outrages goals set by corporate and management.

Meat Cutter in Redwood City:

Pros: The interactions with customers.

Cons: The lack of help that is provided. They tend to put a lot of unnecessary stress on one or two individuals rather than provide the help needed.

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At Safeway, Inc., they provide several pension benefits and other perks. Many American workers, like Safeway, Inc. workers, rely on employer-provided group health coverage, through which a sizable percentage of each employee's …Read more

Retirement & Financial Benefits

Profit Sharing

401(k) Plan

Health & Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

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About Safeway

Address: Pleasanton, California


Industries: Food and Beverage, E-Commerce, Internet, Health Care, Shopping, Retail

Founded on: January 1st, 1915

Number of Employees: 10,001-1,000,000

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Years of Experience

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Gender Breakdown



Avg. Hourly Rate: $11 - $22



Avg. Hourly Rate: $11 - $22

This data is based on 688 survey responses. Learn more about the gender pay gap.

Popular Locations for Safeway, Inc.

  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Seattle, Washington
  4. Denver, Colorado
  5. Santa Rosa, California
  6. San Francisco, California
  7. Millbrae, California
  8. Sacramento, California
  9. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  10. Vancouver, Washington

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