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Roblox is a platform where you can create and play 3D games with friends online. The platform has close to 200 million registered users, and it’s been available since 2007. If you are new to Roblox, the most important things to know are the admin commands.

Popular Roblox Admin Commands (2021)

You can use code to perform all kinds of tasks in your designed games. Enter a command in the chatbox and watch what happens. Follow along in this article to learn the most popular and useful commands.

Creating Admin Commands

You can create admin commands, but the process is a little complicated, especially if you don’t know anything about writing code. The first Roblox user to create admin commands is known as “Person299.” He created a command script in 2008, and it was the most used script in Roblox. However, the actual commands he made are no longer active.

admin commands

Most Common Admin Commands in Roblox

You can access admin commands by typing “/” to launch the chat box, then type “;[command].”

Advanced commands include “;[command] [player name]” or “;[command] [player name] [command name/setting]”

“Player name” can be “me” or another player’s game name.

“Command name/setting” can be an option for the command, such as “;morph me chicken“ or “;transparency me 6.”

This article provides the most common Roblox admin commands. For new players, you’ll also discover how to activate admin commands and use them in your game or others.

Here is a list of the most used admin commands in Roblox:

;fire – Starts a fire

;unfire – Stops the fire

;jump – Makes your character jump

;kill – Kills the player

;loopkill – Kills the player over and over again

;ff – Creates a force field around the player

;unff – Erases the force field

;sparkles – Makes your player sparkly

;unsparkles – Nullifies the sparkles command

;smoke – Creates smoke around the player

;unsmoke – Turns the smoke off

;bighead – Makes the player’s head bigger

;minihead – Makes the player’s head smaller

;normalhead – Returns the head to the original size

;sit – Makes the player sit

;trip – Makes the player trip

;admin – Allows players to use the command script

;unadmin – Players lose the ability to use the command script

;visible – The player becomes visible

;invisible – The player disappears

;god mode – The player becomes impossible to kill and becomes deadly to everything else in the game

;ungod mode – The player returns to normal

;kick – Kicks a player from the game

;fix – Fixes a broken script

;jail – Puts the player into jail

;unjail – Cancels the effects of Jail

;respawn – Brings a player back to life

;givetools – The player receives Roblox Starter Pack tools

;removetools – Removes the player’s tools

;zombify – Turns a player into an infectious zombie

;freeze – Freezes the player in place

;explode – Makes the player explode

;merge – Allows one player to control another player

;control – Gives you control over another player

Official, free admin command packages are available for download at the Roblox website. The most popular command pack is called Kohl’s Admin Infinite, and the most typical one is HD Admin. Kohl’s Admin Infinite is the successor to the previous Kohl’s commands that are no longer available. HD Admin is the standard Roblox admin command model.

How to Get Roblox Admin Command Functionality

If you’ve never used admin commands, you must download (Get) the admin model packages, or the functionality of commands won’t work in your game. You have to be an admin to use commands, which you get when creating a game. Some games publish an admin model in the inventory too, which is free or costs Robux.

HD Admin is the model new users should test out first. Be aware that many model copies exist (for many items in the Roblox library) that include viruses, malware, profile-stealing scripts, or game-damaging scripts. It is best to use the “Toolbox” in Roblox Studio to find “Endorsed” models to maintain a safer game world. Web browser searching does not appear to display the Endorsed shield on select models.

What does Roblox Endorsed mean? Endorsed models, images, meshes, audio, video, and plugins found in the Toolkit library are items that Roblox reviewed and approved for safe and reliable use. Each endorsed item was thoroughly tested to be bug-free, virus-free, error-free, lag-free, and more.

Note: No Admin models feature the Endorsed badge, probably due to their capabilities and features. Open admin models within Roblox Studio’s Explorer to view their content and look for dangerous scripts.

How to Install the HD Admin model (or others) in Roblox

  1. Go to the HD Admin page, select Get,and the admin model gets added to your Roblox account.
  2. Click on Toolbox in the Roblox Studio menu at the top.
  3. Browse the Model library on the left of the screen and left-click on HD Admin to add it to your game.
  4. While in design mode, you’ll see the HD Admin icon on your screen. It won’t appear during gameplay.
  5. To also confirm that HD Admin is available in the game, browse Explorer on the right side of your screen within Studio, click on Workspace, then look for HD Admin”in the directory tree.
  6. To save your created game with HD Admin added, click on File at the top, then select Publish to Roblox or Publish to Roblox as… You can also click Save to Roblox, Save to Roblox as…, Save, or Save as… if you want to test the game out immediately on your PC within Roblox Studio. Regardless, the changes will reflect wherever the saved file resides—hard drive, Roblox library, or Roblox servers. You may need to relaunch your game for changes to take effect.

Roblox Admin Commands using Kohl’s Admin Infinite


Using Kohl’s Admin Infinite in Roblox provides more than 200 commands, including custom commands, batch commands, anti-exploit commands, and bans. You also get custom chat and a command bar. However, the website offers other command packs too. You can buy and download more than one and experiment with the games you invent.

All of the admin commands from our list are safe, and they work for most Roblox games, even though other players created them. Other admin commands like the Kohl’s Admin Infinite package will expand your possibilities even further. Start creating and have some fun!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can other players hack the admin commands?

Some admins are worried that another player could hack their commands and take over the game, but that shouldn’t be a concern because it’s almost impossible. Another player can only use the codes if the original creator provides them with access to the commands list, whether by script or game library options.

How safe are admin commands?

Roblox has millions of 3D games made by players from around the world. Many creators came up with their commands, but not all codes got tested. If you’re new to Roblox, you should stick to the commands we provided above because they are the easiest to use and because most Roblox games use them. When you figure out how everything works, you can experiment with new ones too. Maybe you can try writing your own commands later.

Why can’t I access admin commands?

First, ensure that HD Admin or another admin model is in your inventory on your game.

Second, ensure you have admin rights, which get created automatically when you make a game.

Third, check to make sure you are running the game (using Studio’s “Run” or selecting “Play” from the game page in a browser. Your situation depends on if you saved the game changes to the Roblox server, your Roblox library, or your PC’s storage device.

Fourth, admin commands won’t work on other players’ games unless you have admin rights (given to you by the creator, or if you purchased/downloaded from their game’s library.

As You Command

Now that you know the most popular Roblox commands, it’s time to put them to use. The power of admin commands will quickly become apparent. If unsure of a command, do a little more research to find out what it’s actually doing.

Share your experiences with using Roblox admin commands below.

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Commands adopt me admin

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