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What is a kayak pool?

Kayak is the hassle-free pool experience that empowers customers to turn their own backyard into a fun and relaxing family destination.

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Herein, what is the average cost of a kayak pool?

Generally, due to site preparation, installation costs, and potential maintenance, above ground pools are a fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool, which can start at around $20, on the low-end – usually not including a deck, heating system, slide or other accessories.

One may also ask, how much will a pool increase my electric bill? According to the study, at the national average of cents per KWh, a pool pump alone can add as much as $ a year to an electric bill. However, Opower's investigation revealed that its not just the actual pool that accounts for the massive increase in energy consumption of homes with swimming pools.

In this regard, how much is an ambassador pool?

You can get the entire pool set up, pool deck and accessories included, for MUCH less than $30,!

How much does your homeowners insurance go up with a pool?

According to Zacks Investment Research, insurance companies typically recommend increasing liability coverage from $, to $, when installing a swimming pool. In states where swimming pools aren't standard, Zacks says, such an increase might add $50 to $75 to a homeowner's insurance annual premium.

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About the Kayak Pool

The KAYAK POOL is both economical and convenient. It allows you to enjoy your backyard as it was always intended, saving you a trip to crowded parks, community pools and far away beaches.

In , Kayak Corporation made great improvements in their remarkable rectangular On-ground swimming pool. They replaced their time tested redwood and steel constructed pool and using the same suspension bridge construction made their modern model replacing the redwood and steel with stronger and longer lasting aluminum parts.

The Kayak Pool features:

  • Automatic Sanitizer Dispensing by King Technology
  • Dual Center Drain Filtration to enhance water circulation
  • Full Walk-Around Decking
  • Safety Fencing

The Kayak Pool is made with heavy gauge extruded aluminum, which makes it superior to other on-ground swimming pools that use uncoated steel for their main structural support. Our pool is designed to last for decades and features that suspension bridge construction that makes the Kayak self-supporting instead of relying on the ground for strength. The use of aluminum over steel keeps this pool free from rust and corrosion and by design our Kayak Pool is guaranteed against catastrophic structural failure.

Timely delivery and installation of your new pool.

Once your Kayak Pool is scheduled for delivery at your home, our crew is there to off load your pool and start construction that day. The total installation of your pool usually takes 2 or 3 days. We explain everything you need to know about your pool, and we are always available to answer your questions. Once your pool is ready for family fun, our goal is to help you maintain your pool with as little effort as possible.

We are also available to aid you in the opening and closing your Kayak Pool, at the beginning of the swimming season and when it&#;s time to close your pool. You can also hire our services for the opening and closing.

  • Peace of mind, knowing your children have a great place to play
  • The convenience of a maintenance and worry-free pool
  • Great health benefits from one of the best forms of exercise
  • Freedom from constantly cleaning & vacuuming your pool
  • Confidence in the durability of your pool
  • Built-in fencing, swing-up safety ladder, and non-skid deck

Kayak Pools come in Four Swimming Area Sizes:

12&#; x 20&#;6, gallons
12&#; x 24&#;7, gallons
16&#; x 24&#;10, gallons
16&#; x 32&#;13, gallons

The above sizes are the swimming area only and do not include the walk­ around decking and patio deck. Extra patio decking is available for additional cost.

A deep end is available in all sizes.

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Kayak Pools

Rated with 1 star
Kelly of Marengo, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19,

Our Kayak pool was installed four months late and then after having it for two weeks the jet broke. We are now over a month out with service only excuses on why they are delayed fixing our pool. We are unable to use the pool, unable to run the water, which is turning green and unable to close the pool for winter. We have called and are told to send an email, the emails are returned with a new excuse as to why they can't come and fix pool and no one is able to provide an ETA. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Rated with 1 star
Tom of Horseheads, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5,

I wouldn't recommend Kayak/Beauty pools to no one!!!! Won't answer, Won't return messages, dropped pool off promising install within a week, 4 weeks later installer comes, tears up my yard, says it's too wet he'd return later in day! Took all tools and called 2 days later to inform me he's not doing it because my yard is clay lol. Asked him to inform Kayak/Beauty Pools hoping they'd resolve it, he says that's my problem and hung up!!! Still no response from Company.

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Rated with 1 star
Jacqueline of Mentor, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5,

I filled out a form online because I am getting quotes for a pool installation. They returned my phone call and basically told me I couldn't have the appointment without my husband. Like I'm not capable of asking questions and getting a quote on my own. Even when I assured her that my husband would NOT have any questions she still insisted. It was sexist and insulting. I ended the call without setting up a consultation.

Rated with 1 star
Stacey of Maineville, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29,

We didn’t even get past the “virtual” appointment we were supposed to have. First of all, it was scheduled to start at 8 pm, and we were given the caveat that they -could- call up to 30 minutes early if they finished their preceding appointment early. The first thing the woman says to me after I answer is “wow, you sound tired.” She then proceeds to give us a “rough estimate” of $35k without even asking about what features we want or anything. Then, can we put 20% down?? I said, “Well that’s obviously going to depend on the size of the pool we go with.” She then said “ grand, is that a doable down payment?” I said, “yes, but that’s not 20% of the cost you gave me.”

I proceed to ask about traditional liner pools and fiberglass, to which I get the response that their pools are much superior to those. (Obviously based on all the glowing reviews). THEN, I begin asking her questions, which is the point of this entire call, and she says “Ok calm down!” Then, she asks if we will be handling our own backfilling. I said “No, that’s why I’m calling you. If that were the case we would put in our own damn pool.”

In no way was this “salesperson” even remotely friendly OR helpful. Nor was the the slightest bit professional. She would have rather been doing something else and that’s fine, but don’t insult my intelligence by telling me you’re selling a superior project. This is obviously not that, based on the other reviews I have seen. Unfortunately for Kayak, they will never get past that initial phone call with me.

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Rated with 1 star
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Angela of Vineland, NJ Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27,

Ordered a pool. Was told it could be fully sunk. Wrong. The given a different pool option wrong. Now a supposed tree fell on it. Next. New pool to be installed as led lady Friday. Nope. Still waiting. Every time we call we get Ceilia. Completely worthless. Has to go thru her manager for everything and manager refused to ever call us or get on the phone. Now we’re waiting on installers to let us know a date. Meanwhile sand and pool parts have been killing our grass for over a week. If not for permits for this pool I would have cancelled this whole deal. Very shady people from sales to service. They have two more days then we will cancel this disaster. for nothing but aggravation.

Rated with 1 star
Melissa of Baden, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 25,

This is a shady business. The customer service was top notch until I made my deposit on the pool. I was lied to by the Salesperson. I asked if there were any delays due to COVID (which was a deciding factor in our decision for this summer) and was told “NO, we are pumping them out pretty good!” I was then lied to by the installation department and told that the pool would be in and installed within our day timeframe. Prior to this everything said “above ground is typically days.” This was AFTER I asked again if there were any delays due to COVID.

I called on a weekly basis for an update (because until last week they never checked in like they said they would). Day 21 was Monday of this week and I have yet to be told when my pool will be delivered, much less installed. I am now at day Next steps are they call me to schedule the delivery day (who knows how long that takes) then within 72 hours I get a call for the actual install date to be scheduled. Given next Wed is day 28, clearly this isn’t going to happen. I explicitly asked again last week if we were delayed and again was told no. Not until AFTER I pointed out that Monday would be day 21 and we don’t even have a delivery date yet, it is looking like to me that we might be delayed The install coordinator then acts surprised and says, "Well yes I suppose you might be delayedmaybe a week or 2" (remember every other call was “you are still in schedule to be within your timeframe.”).

I then called the QA department to explain to see if they could help and was adamantly told that they told me I would be delayed due to COVID at the time of my initial install call - This NEVER happened (otherwise I wouldn’t be so upset or confused this whole time of the lack of updates). She said she would listen to the calls and call me right back. That was now 2 days ago and no callback. Feeling lied to and reconsidering this entire purchase and may go elsewhere.

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Rated with 1 star
Courtney of Westfield, IN Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 3,

I cannot speak to the product as we have decided % against this type of pool due to our experience with Jay, the sales rep. We were told to set aside minutes for a virtual meeting to discuss an inground pool. He was very short, failed to answer our questions and it was obvious that the timing was bad for him and he wanted it to be over. He cut us off during our questions and kept saying "I'm offering you the best price" but would not give us a straight answer on what was included down to every detail (which I would expect on a K purchase). Our entire meeting was 30 minutes; we were told we had to make a decision by June 7 if we wanted guaranteed install this year.

When we booked our appointment it was under the impression we could be a demo home; but we were told 4 days later that they did not need anymore and that we had to make a quick decision if we even wanted one. He was not friendly AT ALL. He kept flipping super quick through a power point on our computer screen but we were told we could not actually see the whole thing because "other companies would pay us thousands for that information on the power point". It was an all around terrible experience. I wish I could have given 0 stars.

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Rated with 1 star
Michelle of Trenton, NJ Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12,

We've been waiting for 7 YEARS to get the handrail that we ordered! Every time you call they tell you to call & text CHRIS ** & this guy NEVER answers your calls or texts! Kayak REFUSES to do anything about this to help. I would NEVER recommend buying anything from Kayak Pools!

Rated with 1 star
Maria of Blackwood, NJ Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 1,

After buying this pool and having it installed I would urge others not to do it. I am still trying to get rid of the dirt they dug out. Now I can't get the filter out to clean it. It is so frustrating. The video tells you that the chlorine frog should last some time but that is now empty. I think you can only buy it from them. The pool has only been up a short time, since May All these things can't go wrong in such a short time.

Rated with 1 star
Lisa of Albion, IN Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9,

Like many others our water walls corroded and rotted away. Our pool was purchased in Started noticing bumps under the liner spreading across the walls. Decided to replace liner and see what was going on. All 16 water walls were corroded and needed replaced. Called Kayak to check on warranty of the limited lifetime water walls, knowing I would be prorated. They "sell" a water wall kit of 16 walls for $, but to use the warranty I would have to pay OVER $ (80% of $) for the SAME 16 walls. They keep their "retail" price inflated so the warranty is WORTHLESS. They did offer $ in customer cash, I do not plan on giving Kayak any more of my money. Very disappointed!

Sours: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/kayak_pools.htm
Georgeous Above Ground Pool Ideas with Decks Pt.2 - Swimming Pool Deck Designs and Plans

Pool Decks &#; Fences


Peace of Mind &#; The Number One Reason to Trust Kayak Pools

All Kayak Above Ground Pools are installed with a number of standard safety features including a sturdy full-surround fence, a skid-resistant deck, and a pivoting ladder designed to lock in an upright position. Better yet, Kayak Decks & Fences are also covered by our year warranty to keep your family safe for decades to come.

Swimming Pool Decks

Kayak pool decks are roomy and maintenance free. Coated with a slip-resistant paint, your pool deck will be safe, wet or dry, for years to come. Designed to last, Kayak above ground pool decks are made from high-quality aluminum &#; they won&#;t rust, fade, or deteriorate like traditional wood decks.

Kayak decks come in all shapes and sizes &#; with numerous configurations to choose from, you can fit a Kayak Pool in just about any backyard.

Configure Your Pool Deck Now

Swimming Pool Fences

Regardless of deck configuration, Kayak above ground pools are installed with a sturdy, wrap around fence. Made from the same high-quality aluminum as Kayak decks, your fence will not rust, rot, or deteriorate. With three foot railings and closely spaced pickets, Kayak fences are designed to keep loved ones and pets safe and secure on the elevated deck.

See why Kayak pools are different

Swimming Pool Safety Ladders

Strong yet lightweight, the outside aluminum ladder swings away easily when not in use – making pool access by children difficult, if not impossible. Kayak ladders also feature a locking device to protect your pool when you&#;re away.

Kayak offers several in-pool ladder options including traditional 3-step ladders or easy-step corner ladders.

See what other options are available with a kayak pool

Give us a ring to learn more about deck, fence & ladder options!

Sours: https://kayakpools.com/features/pool-decks-fences/

Pool deck kayak

The Admirals Walk Pool is in a class by itself. If you are looking for a rectangle swimming pool with a deck and fence, there is none better. I will try to compare the only other two manufacturers that comes close.

The Admirals Walk Pool is only ranked #2 in my top ten best above ground pool review/pool buyers guide (here) below the Aquasport 52 (little brother) because it limits design and landscaping options with the deck and fence as a must.

The only other above ground pools that you could try to compare this to would be either Wilkes/Gibraltar or Kayak. In this article, I will explain why the Admiral&#;s Walk Pool is the easy, and best choice. The starting price for a 12&#;20 Prices below. (Installation & accessories not included).

Admirals Walk Pool - Rectangle Pool With Deck and Fence.

 Just to clear things up&#; Wilkes Pools is the manufacturer of Gibraltar Pools. It&#;s not that Wilkes makes a different pool, it&#;s that Gibraltar bought the rights to sell Wilkes Pools in the New England territory. Gibraltar has a monopoly on Wilkes pools here in New England. For the rest of this article, I will call Wilkes pools Gibraltar.

Best-On Ground Pools

When you get to this class of pool, they are often called &#;on-ground pools&#;, rather than, above ground pools. The Admiral&#;s Walk, Gibraltar, above-ground pool bookand Kayak pools, are all rectangle pools, and come with an end deck, a promenade (walk around) deck, complete perimeter fence, liner, plumbing, filtration system, pump, fold up security stairs, and in pool ladder.

The thing that separates all these pools, and puts them in a class by themselves, are the walls. Traditional above-ground pools have a thin coil roll out pool-walls. Gibraltar uses a steel slat interlocking panel to build its wall. Kayak uses a wood wall, with light Aluminum cladded sides. The Admiral&#;s Walk uses a thick extruded Aluminum slat interlocking panels to make their wall.

Admirals Walk Pool Vs. Gibraltar & Kayak

It&#;s when we compare the systems of these three top manufacturers that a clear winner rises to the top. I know the weak points of all these pools, as I have worked on all of them. To be clear, I have never been a Gibraltar, or Kayak dealer. But, I have removed them, repaired them, replaced liners in them, replaced walls, etc.

The Walls

In my opinion, all three have super strong walls, but the Admiral&#;s Walk is best. In all fairness, the other two walls start out strong. But, over time, the steel of the Gibraltar pool rusts and thins, especially around the skimmer, and return hole where they rot. The Kayak&#;s wood wall rots out over time too. Kayak has added a thin Aluminum cladding to its wall in recent years, but it still comes in third for the best above-ground pool wall.

Pool Depth

The Admiral&#;s Walk wall is almost a foot taller than Gibraltar. So it offers a lot more swimming area. The panels are 52 inches long. The Kayak pool has also gone to a inch wall, but because of its wood wall, I almost didn&#;t even include it in this review.

Gibraltar and Kayak will offer to include a deep-end. The Admirals Walk Pool does not have this option. The maker of the Admirals Walk (Buster Crabbe / Aquasport Pools LLC), made the decision not to offer a deep-end for one reason. To many people get hurt!

Having a hopper / deep end / extended swimming area (for insurance purposes) takes their otherwise inch deep pool, and adds another 36 inches (3 feet). People mistakenly think, the so-called deep end is deep, and dive into a pool that&#;s only six feet deep. There have been many lawsuits over the years, and worse, many people injured for life. It&#;s just not safe. Safety is why you will never see a diving-board or a pool-slide with an on-ground swimming pool. No one should ever dive into an above-ground, or on-ground pool.

The Deck

Nowadays, all three of these manufacturers use Aluminum decking. For years Gibraltar used wood decking, and you can see how that would be a problem. But it was worse than you can imagine because their deck is part of the structure of the pool. So when the wood deck rotted, the pool blew apart. On the service side, it got so we would not put a liner in a Gibraltar pool if it had an old wood deck. But like I said, they smartened up a few years ago and went to Aluminum.

Kayak offers a few deck configurations that you can&#;t get from the Admirals Walk Pool or Gibraltar. Conversely, The Admirals Walk provides a double end deck option the other two do not offer.

One thing worth mentioning is that the Gibraltar pool now has an Aluminum deck and a steel wall pool as previously mentioned. The two metals don&#;t play nice together. They have only had their Aluminum decks for a few years, so there have been no incidents, but I see trouble down the road in the way of galvanic corrosion. I suppose this could be mitigated by electrical bonding (grounding), but we shall see.

The Admirals Walk Pool decking is stronger, It is mostly factory welded and comes in just four enormous sections. The other companies use fasteners to build it on site from many, many pieces with a whole lot of screws. If you don&#;t have a dealer in your area, shipping costs and lack of builders could be a disappointment for those that would like the Admirals Walk Pool.

Deck Coating

Gibraltar and the Admirals Walk carpet their Aluminum decks. Kayak uses a non-slip paint. While carpet will eventually wear out, deck-paint is going to chip and peal. The Admiral&#;s Walk gives you the choice of Blue, Grey, or Brown carpet.

Pool Perimeter Fence

A fence is pretty much an aesthetic issue, as all manufacturers make a sturdy perimeter fence. But, as you can see in the image above, our pool fence is designed to offer a gentle nudge not to sit on it and is more decorative than the other companies. Also, every spindle has an aluminum core and has a pearly white coat.

Admirals Walk Pricing

The cost of an Admirals Walk Pool is ridiculously low when compared to any other above ground pool with a deck and fence. 

  1. $11, – 12 x 20 EX /ALUMINUM w/ DED EX /ALUMINUM $12,
  2. $11, – 12 x 24 EX /ALUMINUM w/ DED EX /ALUMINUM $12,
  3. $13, – 12 x 32 EX /ALUMINUM w/ DED EX /ALUMINUM $14,
  4. $11, – 16 x 20 EX /ALUMINUM w/ DED EX /ALUMINUM $12,
  5. $13, – 16 x 24 EX /ALUMINUM w/ DED EX /ALUMINUM $14,
  6. $15, – 16 x 32 EX /ALUMINUM w/ DED EX /ALUMINUM $16,

DED stands for Double End Deck


Would it surprise you to find out the Admirals Walk Pool is cheaper than the other two companies? We offer a better wall, better fence, stronger decking, more decking carpet colors to choose from, a taller pool, and if you asked me, a better-looking pool overall. I install of these a year now.

Don&#;t take my word for it. Google each brand name with the word &#;reviews.&#; Everything I wrote is based on 30 years of my personal experience.

List Of All Our Pool Packages

Please enjoy these pictures below

Built this 12 x 24 Admirals Walk in It has gray carpeting and the Outlook liner pattern. The customer fabricated this custom canopy to help with leaves falling in the pool. This pool package came with Square Foot Cartridge Pool filter with a 2-speed pump, but I upgraded Mr. Cory to a Pentair Variable speed pump for free.Admirals Walk Pool

Another Picture of the above job. You can see in this photo the customer added to the deck, and added another staircase to his build.

Admirals Walk Swimming Pool Profile

Built this monster 16 x 32 with a double end deck in , Its a shame this is the only picture I took when I went back to close it and install the winter safety cover. It took 80, lbs of stone dust to make a level area I could build this swimming pool on. Luckily for me, I have my own dump trucks and loader, or this one would have cost me a fortune. Way underbid this installation.

Paired an EC50 Hayward DE filter with Pentair pump. You can see I already cleaned the filter and removed it before I took this picture. But you can see safety covers are available for the Admirals-Walk Swimming Pools, Should have at least took that towel down and moved the chairs before snapping this shot.

Winterized Admirals Walk

Built this Admirals Walk Above-Ground Swimming Pool in Also has Gray Carpet with Outlook vinyl liner print. This package came with a Reliant Sq Ft Cartridge Filter, Frog Chlorinator and Pentair Ended up building a retaining wall out of 6&#;6 PT on the back side of this one for free.

Admirals Walk Pool

Trimmed Out Admiral&#;s Walk Swimming Pool. With Custom Steps, and Decorative Lattice from

admirals-walk-pool 2

year-old 12 x 20 Admirals Walk Above-Ground Pool Swimming Pool

16x20 Admirals walk pool

Large 16 x 32 Admiral&#;s Walk at Store in &#;s

Strong Admirals walk deck

Construction Photos of Admiral&#;s Walk

Deck construction

Admiral's Walk Construction

You can see in this picture below how our decks are all pre-welded at the factory. You can also get an idea of just how thick and strong our extruded Aluminum wall is.

Admiral's Walk Deck and Wall

Like this:


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Install Your Kayak Pool

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