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How to set up voicemail on Samsung S10, S10 Plus and S10e

Our notice was created for users trying to find information on how to set up voicemail on Samsung S10. Learn our recommendations, install them easily in modern versions of Samsung (S10, S10 Plus, S10e).

This option is a must-have soft for being in touch with friends, relatives, partners. It is essential in situations, for instance, a person can’t answer a call, but is able to hear voice messages.

First, just like with any other application you need to set it up voicemail on Samsung S10, S10 Plus, and S10e. Meet our advice and learn how to set voicemail on Samsung easily. Besides, there’s an opportunity to modify the standard welcome message for S10.

Many users hate standard msg for greeting and prefer hearing words directed privately to them.

how to set up voicemail on galaxy s10

Instruction for installation of Voicemail greeting on Samsung S10

  1. Choose telephone application. Users maybe don’t mention it, the advice is to click the keyboard beneath the screen.
  2. Push the key “one” for entering the voice mailbox option.
  3. In this situation, it is an initial experience to use the function, you are supposed to type the password. They’re the last four numbers on your mobile.
  4. Differently, a user is offered to generate another one. In this way type from four to seven symbols, that are easily remembered, but unknown for other people.
  5. Next, create another welcome message and a preferable name.
  6. As soon as these adjustments are finished, the soft Voice mail is accessible.

Advice for modifying the greeting on Samsung

Tired of the same welcome message? No problems, just perform our recommendations of change how to set up voicemail on Samsung S10. This process is able to help to do it as much as you prefer on s10/s10 plus/ s10e.

  1. Tap the Voicemail push symbol “one”.
  2. Push-button “*” for opening the main menu
  3. Hold the “three” number key, enter the greeting menu.
  4. Last, push the “two” number key to make a fresh welcome recording.

Notice: a user might hear the old msg at once, during changing it to another.

The following steps are to hold “#” the key “one” to generate the new welcome msg.

Recommendations for installation of Voicemail by means of visual Voicemail app

There’s a great opportunity to download voicemail on AT&T and Sprint. Thus, people shouldn’t wait for long to finish setup or create a new welcome msg. Just install the visual voicemail app:

AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile Visual Voicemail App

I’ll demonstrate the manner it works by means of a T-mobile application.

  1. Activate T-Mobile.
  2. Open menu
  3. Tap the standard greeting.
  4. Change by aids of New voice mailbox greeting.

Tips for verifying Voicemail on S10

Learn the information given below, find out the easiest ways of how to set up voicemail on a Samsung S10 phone, and verify msg.

1st way: check mail via visual voicemail soft

  1. Choose incoming messages on S10
  2. Go to the menu on the top of the screen
  3. Push Refresh, verify the messages

2nd way: view the voicemail having no wifi connection

  1. Keep in mind that this way can differ for various providers.
  2. Enter the phone app
  3. Keep holding the key “one”, then type *86
  4. Input the password, next push “#”

Repairing sticking for galaxy S10

Perform our recommendations and solve problems with voice mailboxes on smartphones.

Well done! 

Perhaps you still obtain questions about the voicemail installation Samsung S 10? Reach us, our experts necessarily assist!

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How to set up a custom voicemail greeting on a Samsung Galaxy S10, in 2 different ways

  • If you're setting up a new Samsung Galaxy S10, you should know how to set up your voicemail as well, so you never miss any important messages.
  • To set up a personal voicemail greeting on a Galaxy S10, open its Phone app and call your voicemail, then tap "3" to enter the settings. 
  • You could also record a custom greeting in a visual voicemail app, if you have one installed. 
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One of the first things you might want to do when you set up a new Samsung Galaxy S10 is to record a voicemail greeting. Unfortunately, it's not obvious how to do that, so many people make do with the default greeting. 

The good news: It's easy to set up a personal voicemail greeting on your Galaxy S10.

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How to set up a personal voicemail greeting on the Samsung Galaxy S10

1. Start the Phone app and, if you don't see the numeric keypad, tap "Keypad" at the bottom of the screen.

greeting 1
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

2. Tap and hold the "1" for about two seconds until the phone automatically calls voicemail. 

3. Immediately tap "3" to access voicemail settings. 

4. Listen to the options. On most voicemail systems, tap "2" to start the process to record a new greeting.

5. The current personal greeting will play; then tap "2" again to record a new greeting.

6. Say the greeting you want, and tap "#" when you're done. To save the greeting, tap "1."

7. Hang up the call. 

How to set up your voicemail using a visual voicemail app

If you have a visual voicemail app installed on your phone, you can alternately use that app to record and set a greeting instead. 

In the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app, for example, tap the three-dot menu at the top right and then choose "Settings." In the Greetings & Pin section, you can tap the default greeting and record a new one. 

greeting 2
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Here are visual voicemail apps for the most common cellular providers:

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How to Turn Off Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S10

Published by Miracle .O on

How to turn off voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S10, how to delete voicemail on Samsung S10 Plus, Turn off Voicemail on Samsung.

In this post, we will be showing you the easy way you can use to turn off voicemail on your Samsung S10 device so that no one will be able to leave you a message when they cant reach you. You should know that voicemail is mostly controlled by mobile carriers, which means in most cases you will need to contact your carrier’s support team to help you disable voicemail on your device. Nevertheless, you can also do it yourself by disabling Call Forwarding on your Samsung S10. However, this may not affect some voicemail on all networks.

How to Turn Off Voicemail on Samsung S10

  1. Turn Off Voicemail Via Code

Step 1: Open your Phone Dialler icon.

Step 2: Here you will need to dial some special code that will help you to disable voicemail on your device.

Step 3: Just enter your carrier’s code. You can easily get this code from your carrier’s official website. Below is some popular carrier code.

  • Verizon:.
  • Sprint:
  • AT&T:
  • T-Mobile:
  • Telus:
  • Vodafone:
  • Docomo:

Step 4: After dialing the code, wait for it to connect. You may be asked to select a language voicemail PIN, an account password, and/or other credentials.

Step 5: When you are connected, just ask that you want the support to disable your voicemail service. Once they confirm that your voicemail service has been disabled, you can now hang up.

2. Disable Call Forwarding on Your Samsung S10

Step 1: Select the Voice Call which is the phone icon.

Step 2: Then press the menu icon

Step 3: Tap on Settings.

Step 4: Tap on the Supplementary Services.

 Turn off Voicemail on Samsung

Step 5: Tap Call Forwarding.

Step 6: Tap Voice Call.

Step 7: Tap on the Always Forward call to.

Step 8: Finally select Disable.

 Turn off Voicemail on Samsung A72

Step 9: Done. You can now press the home button to return back to your home screen.

3. Fill Up Your Mailbox

Step 1: Put your Samsung device into Airplane mode or turn it off.

Step 2: Now dial your own number from another phone. You can use your friend phone or online services like Google voice to make the call.

Step 3: Leave yourselves a message. You don’t have to say much just say something that will take few seconds.

Step 4: Hang up and repeat the process again. Continue repeating it until the mailbox is filled mostly with 20 messages or 30 messages.

How to Remove Voicemail icon from your Samsung 10

To remove your voicemail icon on your device, simply go to Settings > Applications > Phone and tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache. Now turn off your phone and turn it on again after 10 seconds and the voicemail icon will disappear.

About Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a nice device from Samsung that is powered by Exynos 9820 (8 nm) chipset and 128GB 8GB RAM, 512GB 8GB RAM storage. The handset runs on Android 9.0 Pie but now upgradable to Android 11. It has a triple rear camera of 12 MP + 12 MP + 16 MP and a front camera of 10.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+: How to Change Voicemail Number

Set Up Voicemail

1. From the home screen, select the phone appPhone app.

2. Select the Keypad tab, then select the Visual Voicemail icon.

Note: Alternatively, you can set up voicemail by selecting and holding the 1 key from the Phone app. If prompted, enter your voicemail password, then follow the prompts to set up your voicemail. If you have forgotten your existing voicemail password, you will not be able to access voicemail until you reset your voicemail password.

Image 1

3. Select Start.

Image 2

4. Select OK.

Image 3
Sours: https://www.att.com/device-support/article/wireless/KM1327954/Samsung/SamsungSMG975U

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