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Are you hoping to obtain a license to drive commercial tanker vehicles in Pennsylvania? An essential part of the process will be sitting the PA DMV tanker test, to earn an N endorsement for your commercial driver’s license. This is not the first stage of your commercial driving license assessments, but it will be necessary before you can start taking practical driving lessons in a tank-truck. Despite the comprehensive Tanker Vehicles endorsement study material in the official permit test study guide, passing this PennDOT written test is a challenge for all applicants. To speed things along and help improve your chances of passing the tanker vehicles permit test, we have built a PA tanker endorsement practice test that is available for free unlimited access from this page. This Pennsylvania DMV CDL practice test should not be considered a replacement for the permit book, but rather a supporting study aid that can work in conjunction with that manual to prepare you for the exam more efficiently.

Before applying for a PA tanker permit, you will need to pass the initial CDL general knowledge test to demonstrate you have a sufficient understanding of core driving subjects that every commercial driver must know. Learning about rules of the road, basic vehicle control, general emergency procedures and highway signs in preparation for this exam can be made much easier with our PA CDL general knowledge practice test to guide you. Once this PennDOT permit test is out of the way you can start applying for license endorsements, though you might be surprised to hear that the PA CDL tanker test is not first on the list. As all liquid transportation tank trucks are either Class B or Class A vehicles, there will be at least once compulsory endorsement test to take before moving on to the tank vehicles endorsement.

If your vehicle will be Class A, you should use our Combination Vehicles and Air Brakes Class A practice test Pennsylvania quizzes to study for these endorsements. However, if your vehicle falls into the smaller Class B category, only the air brakes CDL Class B practice test PA quiz will be necessary. Every other endorsement test beyond those mentioned here is optional, though there is one with a greater chance of being applicable for your tanker driving career than any other. This is the hazmat endorsement, which would be required if any of the liquids your vehicle transports qualify as hazardous, as is the case for industrial chemicals and gas. Our hazmat CDL practice test for PA applicants can help you study for the H endorsement test, if you believe your chosen career warrants it.

This PA tank practice test quiz contains questions on every subject you must be well-acquainted with, to pass the tanker vehicles test and begin learning to drive one of these vehicles safely. You will be quizzed on liquid surges, weights of different liquids and how that effects maximum load, minimizing the risk of tipping your vehicle, checking for leaks, tanker vehicle-specific inspection and much more. As these are complex topics, you are unlikely to score highly on the CDL tanker practice test for Pennsylvania students until you have studied the relevant material in the permit book thoroughly. However, this does not need to be cause for concern if you wish to check out the learners permit practice test PA quiz right away, as you are free to return and work on your grade as often as you like in the run-up to your tanker vehicles permit test. So, why not take your first shot at answering some real PennDOT test questions today?


What Is A Tanker Endorsement & How Much Does It Cost?


Do you want to level up your career as a truck driver? Getting a tanker endorsement is a simple way to expand your load-carrying options so you can haul more and take on better-paying loads. 

As a new driver, getting your tanker endorsement can also help you build up experience in the trucking industry and help give you greater opportunities in the future. But what is a tanker endorsement? A tanker endorsement simply means that drivers are licensed and prepared to safely haul loads containing large quantities of liquid. 

Drivers are required to have a tanker endorsement if they carry large quantities of liquid because it requires additional skill to safely transport liquids in a tanker. Without the proper training or skills, driving a tanker can be incredibly dangerous. Untrained drivers can easily roll their tanker or cause an accident. 

Before you head out on the open road, you’ll need to know how much is a tanker endorsement, how to get a tanker endorsement, and when the law requires you to be tanker endorsed.

What Does It Mean to Be Tanker Endorsed?


Drivers who are tanker endorsed must have a current CDL and pass the Tanker Endorsement Knowledge Test. Once you pass your test, you will be able to carry liquid cargo for vehicles that require a Class A, B, or C CDL. A tanker endorsement is required for portable tanks, attached tanks, drivers that carry filled cylinders, or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) filled with liquid—even if they are transported in a dry van. 

There are two main types of tanker endorsements: 

  • N Endorsement: This endorsement is required for drivers to haul liquids or gas over 1, gallons in tank vehicles. Drivers must take and pass a question test to receive this endorsement. 
  • X Endorsement: This endorsement combines the traditional tanker endorsement with a hazmat endorsement so drivers can haul loads like gasoline. An X endorsement requires the driver to pass the tanker endorsement exam, a question hazmat written knowledge exam, and a TSA background check. 

Along with getting your N or X endorsement so you can haul more loads, you must also learn how to handle surge when transporting liquids, how to do a proper pre-trip check for leaks, and understand different load requirements. Different liquids have different carrying limits because they expand under heat. This means some liquids aren’t permitted to fill the entire tank while you transport them. 


How Do I Get a Tanker Endorsement for My CDL?

The type of tanker endorsement you get will play a part in how much it costs, as well as how long it takes for you to get it. A regular N endorsement requires you to schedule a test appointment and take a trip to the DMV to take the Tanker Endorsement Knowledge Test. The test usually contains questions. Once you have paid for and passed your test, you are eligible to receive an N endorsement on your CDL. If you want additional practice to prepare for the written test, there are dozens of practice exams you can find with a quick internet search. 

To get an X endorsement on your CDL that allows you to carry hazardous liquid loads, there are a few more steps. You must not only take, pass, and pay for your Tanker Endorsement Knowledge Test, you must also pass a hazmat knowledge test and pass a TSA Background check before you are approved to get your X endorsement. Background checks take two to six weeks on average, but there is no set time for how long they can take.

Passing Your Tanker Endorsement


The information required to pass your tanker endorsement isn’t rocket science, but it will take practice and preparation to make sure you pass your test. Although you can take your test as many times as needed, you don’t want to spend more time and money than necessary by re-taking your test again and again. 

Before your test day, plan out time to take practice tests. There are dozens of practice tests available online. These tests cover topics such as:

  • How to safely haul tankers
  • Baffles, bulkheads, and smooth bore tanks
  • How fast to drive on a curve with a tanker
  • And more

Review any questions you got wrong on your practice exam and make sure you know how to correctly answer them before you take your test at the DMV. Knowing the practical side of carrying a heavy liquid cargo will help you and others stay safe on the road.


How Much Does It Cost to Get a Tanker Endorsement?


With all this information about why you need a tanker endorsement, you’ve probably wondered, how much is a tanker endorsement? Thankfully, tanker endorsements are fairly inexpensive. Once you have your CDL, additional endorsements range from $10 to $50 depending on the state you live in. In some states, the cost of your X endorsement simply combines the cost of the tanker endorsement with the hazmat endorsement. Check with your state DMV for CDL requirements and regulations as well as specific pricing.


How Many Gallons Require a Tanker Endorsement?


As of July , all truckers hauling portable or attached tanks of 1, gallons or more, drivers hauling bulk containers of over gallons or more with a total of 1, gallons, or drivers carrying filled cylinders, or IBCs that have liquids of 1, gallons or more are all required to have a tanker endorsement. This applies to any truck that requires a Class A, B, or C CDL and is true even if drivers are hauling loads in dry vans. 

Whether you are hauling a hazardous or non-hazardous liquid load, you are required to have a tanker endorsement if it meets the above conditions. It’s also important for drivers with a tanker endorsement to inspect their vehicles for leaks before transporting liquids or gas. If you’re stopped for a regular DOT inspection and are found to have leaks, you may face heavy fines, especially if you’re hauling hazardous materials.



Do You Need a Tanker Endorsement for Dry Bulk?


Whether you need a tanker endorsement for dry bulk or dry vans depends on what you are transporting. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) now requires all drivers who carry liquid loads that total or exceed 1, gallons or that carry multiple tanks of gallons or more and that equal or exceed 1, gallons to have a tanker endorsement on their CDL. 

You are not required to have a tanker endorsement if you are hauling dry vans carrying empty tank containers or dry loads. While this applies to the majority of loads, it’s always best to stay on top of new regulations so you don’t end up paying fines for not having an endorsement you need. 

Do I Need a Tanker Endorsement to Haul Water?


Tanker endorsements aren’t dependent on the type of liquid load you are carrying, only that it is a liquid. Liquid loads are inherently more dangerous to transport than dry loads because of surge. Unlike dry loads, liquid loads don’t come to rest when your vehicle stops. Surge refers to the liquid cargo in your tanker that is still moving back and forth even after your vehicle has stopped. If the surge is strong enough, it can move your truck even after you have come to a complete stop. 

For example, if you’re stopped at a light and experience a strong surge, your truck may be pushed out into the intersection. Baffles and bulkheads in tanks can help reduce surge, but cannot be used for all types of cargo. Food materials like milk, for example, cannot be carried in baffled tanks because they cannot be effectively cleaned and sanitized. In these cases, smooth bore tanks are used—which increase the effects of surge.

Advance Your Career with a Tanker Endorsement


Knowing what a tanker endorsement is and how much a tanker endorsement is can help you prepare to get additional endorsements to your CDL so you can land a great truck driving job. Learning how to handle a liquid load, no matter what it is, is vital to keeping you and others safe on the open road. 

While you don't need to have a tanker endorsement to drive commercially in the US, having your N or X endorsement will allow you to carry higher-paying loads and have more hauling opportunities. If you’re a new driver, getting as many endorsements and as much experience as you can will give you better driving and career opportunities down the road. 

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FREE Pennsylvania (PA) Tanker Practice Test 1

Questions appearing on this CDL practice test:

Hauling liquids in tankers requires special care for two reasons. One reason is the _____ center of gravity that tankers have.

You are driving a tank truck and the front wheels begin to skid. Which of these is most likely to occur?

How far back does a helper stand when pumping or unloading liquids from a tanker?

Outage means:

Side to side surge can cause:

You need to be extremely cautious when driving smooth bore tankers. This is especially true when you are:

Liquid in a tank with baffles can have what kind of surge?

When your cargo tank has baffles, what handling effect do you expect?

Which of these statements about stopping distance and speed is true?

Which of these statements about tankers and their center of gravity is true?

You must have a tank vehicle (N) endorsement to drive a vehicle with

When should you inspect a tank vehicle?

To control surge, what is the best way to brake?

When must a tank be un-baffled?

Which of these is the most important thing to remember about emergency braking?

If you must make an emergency stop, brake so that

If your vehicle has any of the following equipment, what needs to work properly?

If a hill or curve keeps drivers behind you from seeing the vehicle within feet:

When you load the small tanks of a cargo tank equipped with bulkheads, you should check your:

When you unload the smaller tanks of a tank with bulk heads, be careful to check the:


Applying for a Pennsylvania CDL - Endorsement N (Tanker) License

Are you tired of working the same 9 to 5 everyday at the same company? Are you bored of sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen? Looking for an exciting new career that allows you to experience new places? Then getting your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is something that might be right for you! With a plethora of job prospects and opportunities to transport a variety of things, getting your CDL can be a boon to revitalizing your career. An interesting aspect of getting your CDL is that you have the opportunity of acquiring extra certifications to expand your horizons in the trucking industry and these are known as endorsements. If you live in the state of Pennsylvania , then read on to discover the steps of how to apply for your CDL with an Endorsement N !

Benefits of a CDL

Having your CDL will allow you to transport certain goods and materials through the use of a commercial vehicle. You’ll be able to drive throughout the country transporting precious and important cargo to different businesses operating in various states and cities. As a driver of a commercial vehicle with certain endorsements, you become an important part of the logistics chain. Without you, goods won’t be able to get to the places that they need to go so know that you are an integral part of that system!

How to acquire your PA CDL (steps to take)

First off you need to make sure that you have the appropriate documentation to apply for your CDL instructional permit. In order to submit a Commercial Learner’s Permit Application, you will need your Social Security Card (to verify your Social Security Number), a valid PA driver’s license, and proof of residency. Once this has been submitted you will present a Self-Certification (Form DLCD) to confirm the category vehicle that you will be driving and a form to upgrade your driving privilege form a Non-commercial Driver’s License to a CDL (DlCD). From here, you will need to pay the licensing and permit fees included in the application. After your information has been verified and processed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT), then you will receive a Knowledge Test Authorization (KTA) in the mail and this will be a form of verification that you are now an eligible person to take the knowledge tests.

Once you have passed all of the appropriate knowledge tests for your CDL and the endorsements, you are then qualified to be issued a permit that will give you permission to practice with the type of truck for which you are applying for a license. You must practice driving the vehicle for at least 15 days with our learner’s permit. After you have your learner’s permit for the appropriate amount of time, you are ready to take the road skills test. The road skills test is to be performed outside of that 15 day time span. Once you pass this test, then you’ll have your picture taken and you’ll have your CDL set and ready for you to start driving!

Endorsement N

Endorsements for a CDL driver allow for a driver to add certain credentials to his repertoire of driving skills. Endorsements certify that you can transport certain cargos through a variety of ways. Some of these cargos can be dangerous so the federal government mandates that certain set of requirements be fulfilled.

The endorsement N certifies the holder to operate tank vehicles. For this specific endorsement you will only need to pass a written knowledge test and not a skills test. This knowledge test is consistent of 20 questions and can be taken at a third party testing center. An endorsement N is needed for vehicles that transport liquids or gases and if you plan to transport a liquid or liquid gas in a portable tank that carries 1, gallons or more or a permanently mounted cargo tank that is greater than liters ( gallons). On top of that, you’ll need a tank endorsement if you are driving a class c vehicle that is also used to transport hazardous materials in gas or liquid form.

Time to apply!

Ultimately, getting your CDL is a great investment in your future! In addition to not being tremendously time consuming, it is inexpensive to apply for and receive your CDL so why not do it? You can earn between $35,$45, a year to start and then after a few years of work, your salary could potentially increase past $50, If you would like to learn more about how to go about getting your CDL in the state of Pennsylvania, then check out the following hyperlink. You can find a plethora of information here and will notice that all of the steps are broken down as well.


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