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The Elemental Empire is an empire in the Stick War series. Making their first appearance as a cameo in Stick War II: Order Empire, the Elementals are largely thought to be a fragile but powerful force to be reckoned with, relying on nature for the source of their weaponry.


First imprisoned by the Chaos under Medusa's order, the Elementals were left free after she met her end at the hands of the Order Empire. From there the Elementals fought their own battles, now against any empire that stood in their way.

The Elemental Empire follows no specific 'way' of life.


The Elemental Empire has a different military from the other empires. There are four basic Elementals which can combine to form advanced units.

Most of these advanced units are spellcasters which powerful AOE abilities, which must be managed and used effectively to guarantee victory.

Basic Units

Earth: Light Melee


The Elemental Empire's basic melee unit. Earth starts off in a humanoid form, with a black body and transparent head with an outer black and inner brown outline. Within its head are three, small, floating rocks.

This unit's attack speed is slow, but are notably able to stun without any research and at little cost. The Earth Elemental costs 150 gold and takes 4 seconds to finish training. One unit takes up two population.

Earth can transform into the Elementals' economy unit, the Chompler.

Chompler: Worker

The Chompler is the economic unit for the Elemental Empire. Unlike other empires, it is not trained. Instead, the Chompler is the alternative form of the Earth Element. It takes roughly 5 seconds for an Earth Element to morph into this worker.

Similar to other empires, the Chompler serves as the economic backbone. It supplies the majority of resources required to maintain the Empire's army. The Chompler is not able to build structures, differentiating from its counterparts' abilities to build the Miner Wall and Miner Tower.

The Chompler's health and speed can be improved by researching the Miner Hustle technology from the Elementals' Gold Keep.

Water: Support/Scout


The Elemental Empire's basic support, scout, and healer unit. Water starts off in a humanoid form, with a black body and transparent head with an outer black and inner light blue outline. A pool of water constantly sways in its head.

This unit rushes at an enemy unit and morphs into ice to freeze the enemy. It will only unfreeze when the Elemental or the unit it has frozen dies, or if the Elemental is ordered to do so via commands like Garrison and Hold. The Water Elemental costs 350 gold and takes 12 seconds to finish training. One unit takes up two population.

Water can also suicidally explode, healing all nearby friendly units and curing them of any DoT.

Air: Air Light Ranged


The Elemental Empire's basic aerial ranged unit. The air unit starts off in a humanoid form, with a black body and transparent head with an outer black and inner cyan outline. Lightning is present in its head and changes colors from white to cyan, to dark blue, and reverse.

This unit can target any enemy within its range, even units behind others, allowing for deadly accuracy. It claps and brings down powerful lightning strikes, but its attack speed is significantly slower than most other ranged units. The Air Elemental costs 400 gold and takes 20 seconds to finish training. One unit takes up three population.

Despite its accuracy, this Elemental roughly has a three-second retargeting speed. This significantly dampens its ability to kite, leaving the Air Elemental vulnerable. The long retargeting speed can be avoided by targeting the enemy unit before the Air starts its attack animation, although it's only plausible for the first attack.

Fire: Ranged


The Elemental Empire's basic ground ranged unit. Fire starts off in a humanoid form, with a black body and transparent head with an outer black and inner red outline. A controlled fire is lit up in its head.

On the battlefield, the unit is slightly hunched, with a fireball in its hands. It attacks its enemies by launching its fireballs and applying the burn DoT. The Fire Elemental costs 450 gold and takes 16 seconds to finish training. One unit takes up three population.

This unit deals little in damage, primarily relying on its burn DoT to kill off enemies. Fire functions most like an archer, with the ability to kite.

Advanced Units

The four basic Elemental units can combine to form more powerful and advanced units. Five of the combinations cost 100 mana, whereas two of them cost 0 mana. None of the combinations cost gold. Commands such as Hold stop the combination process. Combinations also cure DoT. The advanced unit's health depends on the basic units' health average.

Charrog: Melee/Tank

Box E1.png

The Elemental Empire's advanced tank unit with nine bars of health, an astonishing number in comparison to other units with the same role. The Charrog is different for it comes with abilities without the need for research. It can burn multiple enemies using the Radiant Heat ability and can escape, or jump and stun with the Burrow/Unburrow ability.

If used well, the Charrog can easily wreak havoc with its combat prowess. The Charrog is formed by a combination of the Earth and Fire Elementals, costing 100 mana to combine and 600 gold in total.

Cycloid: Air/Support/Melee

Box E2.png

The Elemental Empire's advanced aerial unit that acts as a support unit as well. Unlike other aerial units, the Cycloid uses melee attacks, contrasting the ranged arrows of the Albowtross and Eclipsor units. It starts off with the ability Protect which casts a protective, but temporary shield over any friendly unit—even itself—that reduces the damage dealt. Upon research, it can also stun multiple units via a Tornado attack.

The Cycloid can often turn the tides by protecting your vulnerable spellcasters and adding extra defense to your tanky units. Its Tornado attack is also useful against most enemies. The Cycloid is formed by a combination of the Air and Water Elementals, costing 100 mana to combine and 750 gold in total.

Infernos: Spellcaster

Box E3.png

The Elemental Empire's advanced offensive spellcaster. Right from the get-go, the Infernos can summon a flaming dragon called Vastolis, which rises from the ground, stuns and damages multiple enemies in an area. Its Fire Rain spell also deals some damage but most notably, applies the burn DoT. Fire Rain can be upgraded to become a Meteor Shower for much more significant damage.

The Infernos is a well-rounded spellcaster that maintains a great balance between DoT and overall damage, a good investment for its price. Infernos is formed by a combination of the Air and Fire Elementals, costing 100 mana to combine and 850 gold in total.

Treature: Heavy Caster andScorpling: Light Melee

Box E4.png

The Elemental Empire's advanced heavy spellcaster that also serves as an area-control and defense unit. The Treature can summon Scorplings, creatures reminiscent of the Minion units in Stick War and Stick War: Legacy, to protect itself. However, this ability leaves the unit immobile, although it can still use spells like the Death Blossom, which drains the health of enemies and stuns them via a spike root.

Players often use the Treature as a Secondary Castle that defends crucial points on the map (e.g. the middle tower). The Treature is formed by a combination of the Earth and Water Elementals, costing 100 mana to combine and 500 gold in total.

V: Spellcaster/Melee

V Box-0.png

The Elemental Empire's ultimate unit. V starts off with two spells, Flash and Possess. Using Flash allows V to quickly teleport to a location within its range. Meanwhile, Possess lets V take control of one enemy unit, but is made immobile and cannot attack on its own while controlling the unit. Once researched, the technology Clone Level 1 can create two controllable clones of V. The copies aren't that tough or strong, but can be upgraded to Level 2 which increases those parameters, although individually, they are still not as strong as the original. All of V's abilities save for Flash cost 50 mana.

The V itself can deal very high damage, killing an archer in 2 hits. This, coupled with its unique and powerful abilities, makes V a formidable opponent in battle. The V is formed by a combinations of all basic Elemental units, costing 100 mana and 1,450 gold in total.

Other Units


Box E5.png

The Elemental Empire's offensive miscellaneous AOE spell. Scorch is the combination of the Water and Fire Elementals, costing 0 mana and 800 gold. Upon formation, the combined Elementals explode, damaging and stunning multiple units at once. It also inflicts burn damage and a very high knockback effect.

Scorch generally becomes less effective as the match progresses.

Blind Gate

Blind gate.JPG.jpg

The Elemental Empire's supportive miscellaneous spell. Blind Gate is the combination of the Earth and Air Elementals, costing 0 mana and 550 gold. Upon formation, the combined Elementals disappear, erecting two tree trunks at the location of their intersection. Connecting these trunks is a blue haze, almost holographic. However, more importantly, these tree trunks become the boundaries of the enemy's Fog of War.

Blind Gate can be a very effective tool against real players, capable of catching them off guard. Do note that once the Elementals disappear, they themselves no longer light up your Fog of War.


  • The Elemental Empire has the largest amount of trainable units in the entire series.
  • It previously required Membership to play, but was made free on the 5th anniversary of Stick Empires.
  • The Elemental Empire also has the largest amount of spellcasters.

Characters / Stick War

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"Gold please."

The basic worker unit, Miners serve as the economic backbone for all armies, harvesting resources to fuel every army and technology their Empire requires.

Stick War 2 allows Miners to pray for Mana as well as mining Gold, with Order Miners gaining the unique ability to construct Miner Walls to hold off enemies from the castle.


"They will fall before they can stand!"

The people of Archidonis, skilled in the use of the bow. They serve as the basic ranged attack unit for Order, allowing reliable and crucial long-range damage and high speed for a low health pool and high cost. A second variety, the invulnerable Castle Archidon, serves as the last line of defense for the monument, firing on enemies that approach.

In 2, they gain the ability to shoot Fire Arrows that have longer range, deal more damage, and set enemies on fire for damage over time.

  • Archer Archetype: What they live by.
  • Arrows on Fire: Used by fully-upgraded Archidon in the first game, and a full-fledged ability in the second.
  • Fragile Speedster: Their agility allows them to reliably kite and outmanoeuvre most enemies, at the cost of only having a measly one bar of health.
  • Glass Cannon: Their long range and respectable damage allows them to take out most enemy infantry easily. However, the Archidon's frailty means he'll die easily to anything that gets close.
  • Mage Killer: Dollar-for-dollar, Archidons are the best answer to Magikill in the first game, as they can focus fire the minions before shooting down the Magikill from outside his spell range.
  • Mechanically Unusual Class: Most manually-controlled units in the first game attack enemies at the tap of a button or key. If controlling an Archidon, you instead have to aim and fire with the mouse in Stick War or tap and drag in Legacy.


"Limbs will sever at mere sight!"

Warriors that live by the way of the sword, the Swordwrath are the basic melee unit of Order. Cheap, reliable, quick to train, and decent attack power despite their unarmoured status, they serve as the melee backbone of any starting Order army, especially in large numbers.

Stick War 2 grants them the Rage ability, which greatly increases their attack and movement speed at the cost of health.

  • The Berserker: Their defining depiction in the later games, even gaining a new Rage ability which causes them to briefly berserk at the cost of some health.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Rage, which increases their damage output but costs health to use. Legacy waives the health cost.
  • Elite Tweak:
    • When AI-controlled, Swordwrath are fairly weak and easily killed. However, when manually controlled, the player can easily take advantage of the Swordwrath's high damage to pick off key targets or just deal a lot more damage while improving the Swordwrath's longevity with strategic blocking.
    • The Vamp skin grants the equipped unit lifesteal while worn. While expensive to buy (unless you get lucky from a chest or get it from the last bonus level), it has great synergy with the high-damage Swordwrath, letting it easily heal itself very quickly and making it quite durable. If controlled by the player, this makes a very powerful combination.
  • Glass Cannon: Swordwrath hit hard and move fast, but aren't great at taking hits in return. Rage, naturally, exaggerates this by letting them tear through enemies even faster while making them even less durable.
  • Simple But Awesome: While the Magikill's minions work much better as cheap Cannon Fodder and Speartons are generally more cost-effective as a frontline melee attacker, Swordwrath are easier to train, and deal colossal damage for their cost, especially when manually controlled. Even in the second game, they serve as the backbone of Order's early game.
  • Zerg Rush: Swordwrath cost very little, train quickly, and do a lot of damage despite their frailty. One Swordwrath isn't much of a threat to anything, but a mass of them can overrun unwary enemies.


"Born to die, but not before them!"

Armed with spear and shield, the powerful Spearton are among the most powerful soldiers in the Order Empire. Their helmets and shields can weather all but the deadliest onslaughts, and they can throw their spears to sow chaos among enemy ranks.

Speartons were reworked in Stick War 2 to take on a more defensive role. Shield Wall has the Spearton raise his shield, blocking a large portion of incoming damage; however, the Spearton cannot move or attack while blocking. This also allows the Spearton to use Shield Bash, knocking enemies back and stunning them.

  • Blade on a Stick: Their weapon of choice.
  • Cool Helmet: To complete the Spartan look.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Unlike the other factions, which are based entirely around a weapon, the Speartons are pretty much just Spartans (as depicted in 300).
  • Heavily Armored Mook: The only Order unit with visible armor on their character model, and they thoroughly avert Armor Is Useless by being exceptionally tough.
  • Javelin Thrower: In 1 and Legacy, they can throw their spears at enemies as a powerful, single-use ranged attack and then pull out a sword to keep fighting. Garrisoning a Spearton allows him to pick up a new spear.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: The Spearton's shield is just as much a part of their fighting style as their spear is, allowing them to block enemy attacks and last much longer in battle. Upgrading the Spearton's shield in Legacy will also give him a chance to block incoming attacks completely and take no damage from them. Their reworked ability kit in 2 revolves entirely around their shield and defence.
  • Mascot Mook: Even though Magikill are the leader of the Order troops, the Spearton are the empire's face.
  • Shield Bash: Gain the Shield Bash ability in 2, allowing them to briefly hit and stun enemies with their shields when researched.
  • Shout-Out: Heavily inspired by the Spartans' portrayal in 300.
  • Stone Wall: Their incarnation in Stick War 2 takes a more defensive and tanky approach, with their high armour and large health pool, as well as abilities focusing on allowing shield formations to further increase defensive ability.
  • Use Your Head: Legacy eventually gave Speartons a headbutt attack that knocks enemies down briefly, giving them back the functionality of the shield bash they had in 2.


"Today we summon unity!"

Unlike the other nations of Inamorta, the Magikill have devoted themselves to studying the arts of magic rather than weaponry. In Stick War 1, they can stun enemy infantry with powerful explosions, and summon minions to overrun them.

Stick War 2 gave the Magikill a major overhaul, turning him from a summoner into a purely offensive spellcaster, eschewing the ability to summon minions for powerful area-of-effect spells.

Unlocked by default is Blast, which creates a large, fiery explosion that damages and burns enemies within its area of effect. Two more spells may be researched: Poison Spray, which casts a toxic beam instantly poisoning all enemies hit, and Electric Wall, an area denial spell which casts a wall of lightning that continuously damages enemies within.

  • Area of Effect: His spells in 2 focus primarily on dealing heavy damage and pressure to large areas and groups of enemies.
  • Black Mage: Stick War 2's Magikill is a formidable offensive spellcaster that can deal massive area damage.
  • Enemy Summoner: The first game and Legacy give Magikill the ability to summon minions, which are effectively weaker Swordwrath, to attack enemies.
  • The Leader: Acts as the leader of the Rebels at the beginning of 2, but once Medusa's Chaos Empire appears as the greater foe, the wizard faction is the one that leads and unites the Rebels and Order under a common banner.
  • Nice Hat: Unfortunately, they lack the robe to go with it.
  • Shock and Awe: Their Electric Wall spell forms a barrier of electricity that constantly damages enemies within it, very useful in area denial or putting heavy damage on a line of units by dropping a Wall at their feet.
  • Squishy Wizard: While the Magikill's spells make him a force to be reckoned with, he's also slow and fragile. Without minions or other units shielding them, they will go down quickly.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Their default Blast spell in 2 allows them to cast an area-of-effect explosion at an area to burn and damage groups of enemies.
  • Universal Poison: The unlockable Poison Spray spell casts a jet of toxic liquid that poisons all enemies hit for damage over time.
  • Wizard Beard: Gained these in 2.


"The last thing you never see."

After the Swordwrath's initial defeat, some remnants of their nation regrouped and trained themselves in the ways of stealth and shadow, renaming themselves the Shadowrath. In other words, ninja.

In-game, the Shadowrath is a fast melee unit suited for hit-and-run tactics and assassinating key enemy units. Their starting passive is Fixate, which increases their attack damage for each consecutive attack made on the same enemy, and are able to research Cloak/Shinobi, which turns the Shadowrath invisible. If he attacks an enemy while invisible, that attack deals major bonus damage and inflicts poison.

  • Fragile Speedster: The Shadowrath is the fastest unit in the game, matched only by upgraded Crawlers and Bombers, and can quickly pick off enemy units. However, his HP is a bit on the low side and he isn't armoured like the Spearton.
  • Glass Cannon: Fixate and Shinobi allow Shadowrath to quickly destroy most enemies. They can't take hits nearly as well, though.
  • Gratuitous Ninja: If Inamorta's nations have religions built around weapons, why are there ninjas? Who cares?
  • Invisibility Cloak: Their Shinobi ability instantly cloaks them for a time, rendering them briefly untargetable.
  • Mage Killer: Because most spellcasters tend to be fairly squishy, a Shadowrath can use Shinobi to easily sneak past the enemy's front line and one-shot them.
  • Simple Staff: They eschew their Swordwrath heritage for a powerful quarterstaff in general close combat, retaining their swords for more stealthy, decisive, poisoned strikes.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In the lore, Shadowrath are Swordwrath who managed to escape the routing of their people and adapted their simple and everyday style into a new stealth-oriented offensive style just to survive, ascending from simple cannon fodder to Order's most powerful assassins. Also, ninjas.


"All is well, I cast a spell!"

In the aftermath of the Order Empire's campaign, the remnants of the Magikill, aiming to rebolster their army, chose to recruit and train their women in the art of magic and warfare. This resulted in the creation of the Merics, female Magikill monks well-versed in the arts of healing and recuperation, a fine support for those injured on the battlefield.

The Meric, introduced as both the first female and first healing unit in the Stick War series, acts as the primary healing support for Order. Albeit slow and fragile, they are able to quickly Heal damaged units on the front lines inside and outside of battle, and are able to research the valuable Cure ability to remove otherwise permanent poison status effects.

  • Black Cloak: A rare heroic version, aside from when they first fought as Rebels, the Merics wear a large hooded black robe and cloak as their uniform.
  • Magic Staff: By default holds a very fancy adorned sceptre, in contrast to the Magikill's more wooden and gnarled staff.
  • Smurfette Principle: Order's only female unit.
  • Support Party Member: Order's primary medic unit, with primarily healing and curing abilities and almost negligible attacking power.
  • White Mage: In contrast to the Magikill's highly offence-oriented moveset, the Merics adopt supporting heal and cure spells.
  • White Magician Girl: Aside from literally being a white stick figure, they are female units with only support and healing abilities.


"Our bolts will blaze."

During the last stages of the campaign against Medusa's Chaos Empire, Order's encounter with the airborne Eclipsors made the Empire realise that control over the skies is as important as control over land. Thus, reverse-engineering their own flight-capable prototype was imperative, resulting in the birth of the Flying Crossbowman, or Albowtross. Skilled bowmen that have taken to the skies with bulky mechanical wings, armed with powerful crossbows, they are the newest and last weapon with which to stand against the might of the Chaos.

The Albowtross acts as Order's only aerial unit, untouchable by any melee ground unit. Their massive wings and armour make them surprisingly heavy and well off defensively, at the cost of speed and manoeuvrability. Their crossbows allow for very high ranged damage at a slower rate of fire, and the ability Blazing Bolts allow them to apply a burning effect with every hit at a small mana cost.

  • Bows Versus Crossbows: In contrast to the Eclipsors' fast longbows, the Albowtross opt for a higher-damaging but slower crossbow, befitting their roles as heavy ranged flyers.
  • Foil: They are the obvious counterpart to the Eclipsors of the Chaos Empire, whom of which they were even originally created to counter in the story. The Eclipsors take a more agile approach at the cost of being fragile, while the Albowtross are armoured and powerful at the cost of speed.
  • Mighty Glacier: They are very high damaging units and heavily armoured for a ranged attacker, though their slow aerial speed serves as their main fatal flaw.

Enslaved Giant

"I big rock throw."

Originally the enormous inhabitants of No Man's Land and members of Medusa's army, these Giants have been bound and forcefully recruited by Order to fight for their army, pushing Medusa over the edge and beginning the war between Order and the Chaos Empire. Slow, lumbering behemoths, enormous backpacks filled with boulders chained to their backs, these Giants are as much a force to be reckoned as their free brothers.

The Enslaved Giants make their return as Order's most powerful late-game tank - however, they have been revamped into powerful ranged units, their chains and restraining backpacks forcing them to forgo their clubs and resort to hurling enormous boulders from their packs at enemies for heavy damage and stunning capabilities.

  • Foil: The ranged, enslaved Order counterparts to Chaos' classic brutal melee and freed Giants.
  • Our Giants Are Bigger: The gigantic humanoids of No Man's Land make a return from the first game, however, under slightly different circumstances. The Giant Growth upgrades up-size the Giants even further for even more health.
  • Mighty Glacier: Extremely powerful tanks that can quickly turn the tide of a game - as such, they are balanced by being ridiculously slow.

King of Inamorta

The king of Inamorta and the Order forces. While not a conventional unit, he appears in some missions to stand alongside his troops, and must be protected at all costs.

  • Carry a Big Stick: If forced into combat, the King will use his scepter to club enemies.
  • Escort Mission: What any mission featuring him boils down to. If he dies, you lose the mission.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Granted, he's not a terrible combatant with his high health and surprisingly high damage, but despite being a VIP you have to keep alive he's all too happy to charge into battle alongside the rest of your forces and put himself in harm's way.


  • Evil Counterpart: Aside from literally being the Evil army to Order's good, every Chaos unit is an evil/hell-themed Foil to another unit in the Order Empire.
  • Foil: Besides being evil counterparts, every Chaos unit contrasts their Order counterpart mechanically as well, usually placing a unique twist, ability, or reversing their role in some cases.
  • Healing Factor: Chaos do not possess manual ways to heal and cure their units in battle, instead all of their units possess passive regeneration and curing. This means that poison will deal almost no damage toward their units, and it will be automatically cured after 15 seconds.
  • The Undead: Their theme, if the Deads (zombies), Marrowkai (liches), and the Healing Factor their units have are any indication.


"Stop moving puny things."

The original colossal dwellers of No Man's Land, who were introduced in the original Stick War as the last and most powerful melee wildcard to the ranks of the enemy nations, eventually recruited by Order in their campaign across Inamorta.

In Stick War 2, they make a massive return under slightly differing circumstances - the classic melee Giants return almost unchanged under the command of Medusa's Chaos Empire, now acting as Chaos' heavy melee powerhouses.

The Giants are the most powerful late-game units of the Chaos Empire, heavy melee tanks designed to soak up and dish out as much damage as possible, and can single-handedly cause a great deal of disarray against an unprepared army. They are armed with enormous clubs and drag with them the dead body of an unlucky stickman with which to clobber their enemies with powerful area-of-effect stunning hits.

In both games, they are able to be upgraded with Giant Growth levels, heavily increasing both their height and health.

  • Anti-Structure: In the first game, they received a major damage bonus against statues.
  • Carry a Big Stick: They swing around enormous clubs as their main weapon.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Besides their huge clubs, every Giant, for some reason, also wields the body of a poor hapless stick figure as a flail to slam enemies with. The Final Boss Giant of the original Stick War is so large, it swings the body of a normal Giant as a weapon!
  • Mighty Glacier: Enormous, powerful melee tanks, though their speed leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Nerf: In Legacy, they no longer deal astronomical amounts of damage to statues or other giants, and their basic attack can only strike up to 3 units per hit. Their base damage was somewhat increased to compensate.
  • Our Giants Are Bigger: The original Giants of No Man's Land, enormous stick figures several times taller than an average unit. Giant Growth upgrades take this to a whole new level.
  • Shockwave Stomp: Equipping one with a skin in Legacy gives them the ability to stomp the ground, sending out a tremor that damages and stuns any enemy it hits in a moderate range.



Chaos' basic early-game light infantry units - strange four-legged demonic cat-like creatures, they are fast, cheap, and fight well in numbers, they serve as Medusa's front-line troops and scouts.

The evil foil to Order's Swordwrath, they contrast their well-rounded offensive nature with a more squishy and fast scouting approach. In return for being far more fragile and less damaging than Swordwrath, they are faster, more agile, cheaper, and built towards more scouting roles and quick hit-and-run rushes in large masses.

Two passive Crawler abilities may be researched to increase their power and attacking viability - Pack Mentality buffs the Crawler's attack power depending on how many are present, encouraging the building of massive Crawler rushes - and Predatory Edge, which increases the running speed of the Crawler, allowing them to chase and escape far more effectively.

  • Cats Are Mean: They're demonic cat-creatures, so...
  • Fragile Speedster: Crawlers are among the fastest units in the game and attack quickly, but with only one bar of health, they don't hold up well against anything that fights back.
  • Zerg Rush: They're made for this. Fast and cheap to train, with an ability that increases their damage based on the number of Crawlers in an army, a mass of them can easily overrun enemies.


"Medusa wants you to have this!"

Order's first battles in their campaign against Chaos had begun with a bang - Medusa had released her newest shock troops, the suicidal Bombers, cheap and fast light assassins that dash directly into enemy lines to explode and cause mass confusion and disarray in enemy forces.

The Bombers act as Chaos' counterpart to Order's expensive, single-target assassin, the Shadowrath, adopting a cheap, single-use, area-of-effect assassin role able to be made quickly in droves and sent right into the front lines to harass hapless groups of enemies, exploding for instant high AOE damage. Their only ability is to manually detonate, which allows them to reliably target normally unreachable air units by exploding beneath them.

  • Action Bomb: Their sole purpose is to run at enemies with dynamite in hand and then explode.
  • Depraved Dwarf: They're Ax-Crazy midget imps with explosives.
  • Fragile Speedster: Bombers run faster than unupgraded Crawlers, allowing them to close the gap with enemies very quickly, and they have to in order to get around their half a bar of HP.
  • Glass Cannon: Bombers die in one hit to pretty much anything. The catch is to not let them blow up half your army in the process.
  • Mad Bomber: Natch.



As how Order's Spearton acted as their main mascot and armoured infantry, Chaos had to have an answer. They responded with the Juggerknight, dark armoured warriors clad in corrupted and edged armour, shields, and brutal axes with which to ruthlessly cleave their opponents, they are the physical backbones to any Chaos army.

The offensive tank to the Spearton's defence, the Juggerknights lead the charge of Chaos' might, focusing on chasing down and brutally rushing the front lines with gusto, hacking anything and anyone in their way to pieces. Their sole ability reflects this - Charge allows the Juggerknights to rapidly rush forward at high speeds, stunning the first unit unlucky enough to get in their way.


"Ugrrhgh braaaaiins!"

Chaos' main ranged power comes from a surprising source - undead lumbering corpses risen for the sole purpose of attacking the enemy. Though not by rushing them mindlessly, but by throwing their own toxic guts at enemies from afar. A powerful addition to the armies of Medusa, they harass and pressure enemy lines with constant barrages of poisonous death.

These zombies are highly dangerous Chaos units, eschewing the fragile and quick nature of the Archidon for a lumbering, powerful and tanky disposition, making even a single Dead a force to be reckoned with. Their surprisingly high defence allows them to hold their own against weak enemies whilst continuously pressuring them with their primary threat: Poison Guts, which allows the Deads to quickly and reliably poison enemy units at the cost of some mana.

Deads reappear in Stick War: Legacy, with several new variants in addition to the familiar gut-flinger. They serve as the main antagonistic force in the Endless Deads mode, and can appear in various missions.

  • Divergent Character Evolution: Deads gained several variants when they were introduced into Stick War: Legacy. Aside from the Stick Empires incarnation (referred to there as Toxic Deads), they can now also appear as melee-attacking mooks and Pouncer Deads, melee units with a pounce attack that knocks the target down.
  • Elite Mook: The Stick War 2 version of the Dead was promoted to this status in Legacy due to the basic Dead becoming a melee unit. Legacy also has the Spearton Dead, which as their name suggest, are Deads decked out in Spearton armor that can take appropriately large amounts of damage.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Attack by throwing their own guts at enemies.
  • Nerf: Melee Deads in Legacy all had the Pouncer Dead's pounce attack by default before it was removed and Pouncers were made into a separate unit.
  • Not Quite Dead: Deads in Stick War: Legacy have a chance to survive lethal damage, being reduced to crawling after enemies if they do; killing them again makes them stay down.
  • Poisonous Person: Their attacks can poison things that they hit using their Poison Guts ability, at the cost of a smidgen of mana.
  • Promoted to Playable: In Legacy, Deads originally only appeared as enemies, but players were eventually given access to spells that summon them.
  • Stone Wall: In stark contrast to the Archidon, the Dead has a respectable amount of health and is armored, but is incredibly slow and deals a piddling amount of damage outside of Poison Guts.
  • Zombie Gait: They slowly shamble around with arms outstretched.


"Shadows can hurt."

The primary air force of Chaos, these winged humanoids rain down terror on their enemies from above with their dreaded longbows, possessing the speed and manoeuvrability which their undead comrades do not.

In-game, the Eclipsors act as fast and reliable hit-and-run units, able to chase and quickly harass enemies from the air at a cheaper price than the slower and bulky Albowtross, at the cost of armour and fragility.


"I am all that is left."

Skeletal spellcasters, these undead liches are the spellcasting backbone of Chaos, with powers over fear, disarray and even hell itself that they may use to turn the tides of battle in their favour.

While it may be quick to assume that the Marrowkai are the answer to the Magikill, they are however, more a hands-on crowd-control based foil to the support unit Meric. Their two spells focus on supporting their infantry by crowd control rather than healing, sending enemy formations and control into disarray to become easy pickings for more powerful units. Reaper sends out a ghostly apparition to control a single target, temporarily forcing that unit to run blindly towards the Chaos side to be picked off by infantry units, while Hell Fists may be researched, causing a directional line of skeletal hands to erupt from the earth, ripping through any units in their way, useful for area denial and quick AOE damage.

  • Our Liches Are Different: Skeletal wizards, strangely they still have a heart.
  • Unblockable Attack: The Reaper spell after being cast will always hit being the only spell in the game that can affect a cloaked shadowrath.


"You fools thought Inamorta belonged to you?"

The leader of the Chaos army, this snake-haired abomination from Greek mythology is the true mastermind behind the conflict that permeates the games' campaigns, and now, she's gathered enough strength to finally mount an offensive to wipe out the Order Empire once and for all.

While Medusa herself acts as the enormous leader of the Chaos Empire, Chaos players can spawn more respectably sized versions of her as the final unit of Chaos, taking the role of a powerful long-range spellcaster and single-target assassin, contrasting the Magikill's area-of-effect moveset. Her famed and most dangerous ability is Petrify - drawing from her mythological inspiration, she stares at a single target, instantly dealing immensely high damage to them, turning them to stone if they are killed. Venom Flux may be researched to allow Medusa's snakes to spit a puddle of toxic poison in front of her, serving as an area denial ability to defend herself from approaching assailants.

  • Big Bad: She's the main villain of the second game's single-player campaign.
  • One-Hit Kill: While it's not an unconditional instant kill, it's still easier to list the things that don't instantly die to Petrify than the ones that do.
  • Poisonous Person: Venom Flux poisons all enemies standing inside its area of effect.
  • Squishy Wizard: While the story's Medusa is as powerful as you'd expect from a Final Boss, the playable version is slow and relatively fragile.
  • Taken for Granite: As per all self-respecting depictions of Medusa, she can turn enemies to stone.

Deadkai (and Kai Rider)

Undead sorcerers with legions of Deads under their command. A Deadkai also appears as the leader of the Vampiric Soulsteelers in the final bonus mission.

Deadkais can also be found fighting while carried by Giant Deads, summoning their undead minions to battle while the Giant Dead lays waste to enemies before it.

  • Bonus Boss: The Kai Rider appears as the boss of the final bonus level. Killing him is optional, though, as the victory condition is still to destroy the enemy statue.
  • Mook Maker: The Deadkai has no direct combat ability, but he can summon Deads en masse for as long as he lives. The Kai Rider retains the summoning ability, but can actually fight back well.
  • Mounted Combat: Kai Riders are Deadkai riding giant Deads; they can still summon Deads while their Giant steed smashes things.
  • Necromancer: They can raise Deads from beneath the ground.
  • Our Liches Are Different: They're undead wizards that can summon Deads under their command.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: To the Marrowkai, likely being a chronologically earlier version of them. They retain the Marrowkai's overall look and Reaper spell.
  • Unusable Enemy Equipment: While the Kai Rider was eventually Promoted to Playable as a spell for the player, the regular Deadkai remains exclusive to AI enemies.


In General

  • Fusion Dance: Their unique quirk is that their basic units can fuse to become more advanced units.
  • Mechanically Unusual Class: Unlike the Order and Chaos empires, the Elemental empire's advanced units are not directly trained; instead, they must fuse their basic units to form them.


"It's all about texture"

The elementals version of the miner different in that they are created from earth elementals.

Earth elemental

"We will, we will, punch you!"

Basic infantry for the elementals and more importantly they can be turned into Chomplers.
  • Cycleof Hurting: Earth elementals stun enemies they hit but attack slowly enough that this doesn't matter, unless they have numbers.

Air elemental

"I'm always calm before I storm."

Flying units for the elementals they do good damage but are lacking in health they also need to stand still to attack making them incapable of kiting.

Water elemental

"I am life you are death"

Water elementals can't attack but they can freeze enemies in place and when they die or when the ability is activated they heal all friendly units nearby.

Fire elemental

"Everything burns if it's hot enough."

The Elementals' primary ranged attacker, they fight by flinging fireballs at enemies.
  • Composite Character: Like the Archidon, they're fast and fragile ranged attackers, but like Deads, they rely on damage-over-time to wear enemies down.


"Soon your pain will be gone."

Formed from a Fire and Earth elemental, the Charrog serves as the Elementals' front-line tank. Charrogs can Burrow to avoid combat, becoming unable to attack or be attacked until they surface; upon emerging, they also stun nearby enemies. They can also use Radiant Heat to burn nearby enemies.
  • Dig Attack: Their Burrow ability can be used as such, letting them emerge in the middle of the enemy army to wreak havoc.
  • Magma Man: Huge humanoid figures that appear to be made of lava and igneous rock.
  • Stone Wall: The Charrog is much bulkier than the primary tanks for the other factions, being between a Spearton and Giant in terms of health. Their damage without Radiant Heat leaves much to be desired, though.


"The skies belong to me."

A flying spellcaster formed from Air and Water, the nimble Cycloid specializes in defensive support and air superiority. Protect allows them to place a protective barrier around allies to absorb damage, and they can summon a Tornado to stun and damage enemies while knocking them back.
  • Anti-Air: While they can't attack enemies on the ground, they deal decent damage against enemy air units.
  • The Red Mage: One of their spells allows them to break up groups of enemies, while the other is used for protecting allies.


"Awaken Vastolis, it's time to feed!"

Formed from a combination of Fire and Air, the Infernos serve as an offensive powerhouse with their fiery spells. Dragon Call summons a dragon that damages and stuns enemies in an area, while Fire Rain summons a rain of firethat burns enemies in an area. Fire Rain can also be upgraded to Meteor Strike, which leaves behind burning rocks that continue to damage enemies on contact.
  • Powerful, but Inaccurate: Unlike most spellcasters, Infernos has a relatively long cast time on both of its spells, giving enemies a chance to get out of the way.


"Say hello to my little friends."

Made by combining Earth and Water, the Treature serves as a defensive area-denial unit. Treatures can root themselves, rendering them immobile but allowing them to summon Scorplings to attack enemies. While individually weak, Scorplings are free and can be upgraded to poison enemies, letting the Treature harass enemies with impunity; however, if a Treature is killed, its Scorplings die as well. The Treature can also attack enemies itself with Death Blossom, which drains health from an enemy and stuns it.
  • Mook Maker: Summoning Scorplings is the Treature's primary form of attack.
  • When Trees Attack: If you couldn't figure it out from the name, it's an animate tree creature.


"I will be your god once again!"

The leader of the Elementals, V is formed by combining all four basic elementals. On the battlefield, it serves as a powerful attacker and spellcaster. Flash allows V to teleport to a nearby location. Clone creates two copies of V that can attack enemies for a fraction of V's own damage; the spell can be upgraded to let the clones deal full damage. Finally, Possess allows V to take control of an enemy unit for an indefinite period of time, but it is rendered immobile while using the ability.
  • All Your Powers Combined: V is formed from a fusion of all four basic elements.
  • Flash Step: The aptly-named Flash, which gives V a way to quickly engage or escape enemy units.
  • Glass Cannon: Unusually for a spellcaster, V has an extremely powerful melee attack, and can clone itself to put out even more damage. It also has fairly low health; combined with its astronomical cost, this means you'll have to be very judicious about when to use it.
  • Squishy Wizard: As per the norm for spellcasters, V isn't good at soaking up damage. Doubly so when it's possessing a unit, which makes it unable to move or do anything else.
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Elemental empire icon selection-0.png

The Elemental Empire is the third and newest Empire that was added to Stick Empires, playable since 27 February 2014. It requires Membership to play and has no free trials. However, as of the 25th of April 2018, due to free membership being distributed to all existing players, it is now effectively free for an unlimited amount of time.



The Elemental army appears to be based off of a "Nature's Army" theme, with fully organic structures, as well as elemental-themed units and attacks. Many of the Elemental units are spellcasters. For instance, the Treature, Infernos and Cycloid all have powerful AoE spells that can wreak havoc on the battlefield.

The Elemental Empire's units all take up a lot of population space (especially the combinations). Even the V has a population of 10 compared to a typical Giant's 7.

The layout of this Empire is completely different compared to Order and Chaos, as this Empire features four basic elementals which can be then further combined into five other advanced units. If you look closely during the credits roll at the end of Stick Wars II Order Empire, Elemental units can be seen imprisoned in the background.

Basic Units

The Elementals have four basic units, each of which costing a certain amount of gold (no mana required). These four units can be combined in various combinations to form more powerful units using mana (not gold).



Earth fulfills the role of melee unit and resource-gatherer in the Elemental Empire. In its humanoid state, the Earth Elemental has an attack capable of stunning. After transforming into its other state and becoming a Chompler, Earth is capable of mining and praying, just like an Order or Chaos Miner.



The Water is the support unit, scout, and healer of the Elemental Empire. This unit attacks by rushing at an enemy unit to freeze it solid until either Water or the unit it is freezing dies, or the Water unit is ordered to unfreeze. The Water Elemental can also suicidally explode, healing all nearby friendly units and curing them of any DoT.



Air fulfills the role of aerial support, being untouchable by melee units, but still able to cast powerful lightning bolts to strike down enemy units. It can target any unit, even units behind other unit, allowing for deadly accuracy that can strike down enemies far from where the Elemental itself is. However, due to its long retargeting speed and inability to kite, the Air Elemental can be left vulnerable. The long retargeting can be avoided by targeting the enemy unit before the Air starts its attack animation.



Fire functions the most like an archer. It can easily blast enemies with its fireballs and Burn them in the process. If used properly, the Fire Elemental is a deadly unit that can wreak havoc on any opponent.  However, they deal little in terms of actual damage, instead primarily relying on Burn damage to kill enemies. It also has the ability to kite.

Combination Units

The four basic units can all combine to form more powerful units. All combination units cost 100 mana to produce. All combinations don't occur instantly. The elements involved in the combination have a 4-sided color coded star appear over their heads, then run towards each other. If they are told to do something else, than they stop combining. It can cure both Poison andBurn . The new unit's health is the average fraction of the elements' previous health.


Box E1.png

The Charrog is quite literally the tank of the Elementals, having 9 bars of health (much more than the other basic tanks in game). Charrog is different from other tanks because it comes with abilities without need of research. He can burn multiple enemies using the radiant heat ability, or it can escape or stun with the burrow ability. If used well, the Charrog can easily wreak havoc with it's abilities. The Charrog is formed by a combination of the Earth and Fire Elementals.


Box E2.png

The Cycloid acts as an aerial mage for taking out flying units and providing ground support for the Elemental army. It can stun multiple units at a time using a tornado attack, and put a defensive shield around themselves or another unit, reducing the damage it takes. Unlike the flying units for Order and Chaos, the Cycloid is not a ranged unit. The Cycloid is formed by a combination of the Air and Water Elementals.


Box E3.png

Infernos acts as the offensive spellcaster of the Elementals. Its Vastolis summon can stun and damage multiple enemy units at once and it's Fire Rain spell can deal burn damage. 'Fire Rain' can be upgraded to burning meteors for much more significant damage. Infernos is formed by a combination of an Air and a Fire Elemental.


Box E4.png

The Treature acts as a heavy spellcaster and an area-control unit. It can summon Scorplings (which can poison when upgraded) to protect itself. It has a spike root ability which can drain the health of enemy units, as well as stun them. With these abilities, it acts as a 'secondary castle' that is good for defending crucial points on the map (e.g. the middle tower). The Treature is formed by a combination of the Earth and Water Elementals.


V Box.png

V acts as the "ultimate" unit of the Elementals, formed by the combination of all four basic elementals. This unit can take control of the enemy units, but is forced to stay still and cannot move or attack when controlling the unit, making it vulnerable to attack. V is also able to teleport between two chosen locations. V can also be upgraded to summon two clones, which can be controlled by the player. The clones can be further upgraded to increase health and damage. The V itself has very high damage, being able to kill an archer in 2 hits. The clones have slightly reduced damage than the V, even upgraded clones.

  • The two elementals disappeared, combining into a yellowish white spark.

  • The middle of the sparks begin to concentrate, shining brighter.

  • The middle shines into the sky, forming the combined elemental.

Other Combinations

Besides other units, Combination can also produce two other things: Scorch and Blind Gate. Both, unlike the other Elemental combination units, do not cost mana.


Box E5.png

While technically not a unit, Scorch is formed by the combination of Water and Fire. Upon formation, a large explosion occurs, capable of stunning and damaging multiple enemy units at once, as well as inflicting burn damage and very high knockback. Scorch usually will become more useless the longer the game lasts.

Blind Gate

Blind gate.JPG

While technically a structure and not a unit, the Blind Gate still appears in the unit creation area for Elementals. The Blind Gate is created by a combination of Earth and Air. Upon formation, two pillars are formed at the location of combination. These pillars become the boundaries of the enemy's Fog of War.

Finally! Elemental vs Insane Order AI (Stick Empires Gameplay #5)

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