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This dual caliper bracket is designed to accept the stock /ZX6 foot brake caliper for both your foot brake and you would also use a stock /ZX6 rear caliper for the handbrake caliper. You can upgrade the handbrake to a 4 piston caliper by purchasing our 4 piston adaptor bracket or you can also upgrade to our big rotor kit by purchasing the big rotor brackets we also have available.* For the ZX application you must use the or ZX6 stock rear caliper and bracket for your footbrake caliper.

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Stunt Brake Line (65" For Mini-Bike Dual Caliper Setups)

Product Description

Stunt Brake Line (65" For Mini-Bike Dual Caliper Setups)

This is a standard length line for mini bikes such as the Grom and Z which runs from the dual caliper bracket to the hand brake master cylinder.

Patented fitting torsion system eliminates line twist. We have complete kits for motorcycles or as individual lines for custom applications. Steel braided brake lines are available with clear, black, vintage black, red, translucent red, blue, white, orange, green, yellow, pink, smoke or translucent blue covering.* Fittings are available in silver, gold, chrome, blue, black, purple, red, green or titanium*. Every kit is made as it is ordered, typically same or next day. Lifetime Warranty (Guaranteed for the life of original owner and the original motorcycle) Inhouse testing of brake lines A generally unrecognized manufacturer's recommendation is that all original rubber hydraulic hoses should be changed every four years to avoid failure. Spiegler brake lines are maintenance free and will provide reliable service for the life of your motorcycle. All of our components are either made in the USA or made in Europe from companies who are using certified materials.

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Manic Machining DRZS/SM Handbrake dual caliper Bracket.** LOW STOCK**

Manic Machining Dual caliper bracket is designed for S/SM models only. (( calipers not included )) brembo banjo bolts sold separately..

single brackets are designed to upgrade your rear stopping power from stock OEM caliper to a Brembo P32 Caliper.

** things you will need! for dual caliper set up **
mm sm rotor
.Longer brake line x2 ( back brake / rear master)
.brembo calipers x2
.hand brake master

** things you will need! for single caliper set up **
mm sm rotor ( same as front stock SM rotor)
.Longer brake line +2 ( rear break master to rear caliper)
.brembo caliper x1

Manic Machining DRZ Handbrake Bracket.
Magura HC1 13mm.
APEX 82" Stainless Handbrake Line. (your choice of color)
APEX +2" Rear Stainless Line. (your choice of color)
Brembo P32 Caliper x2.
mm rotor.

Aftermarket parts usually leave our store within Five 5 business days. OEM parts usually leave our store within business days. If your order contains both, the shipping timeline will default to that for OEM parts. Canceled OEM orders may be subject to a 20% order cancellation fee.


Innovations Honda MSX Grom Rear Handbrake Dual Caliper Kit (Red)

Innovations Dual Caliper Set Up with Handbrake

                                   * Available in inventory for immediate shipment *

  • Mounting Bracket (Red)
  • Reconditioned 4 piston caliper
  • New Brake Pads
  • Steel braided brake line (Red)
  • Banjos
  • Left Mount Handbrake Lever with Reservoir
  • All hardware 

This dual caliper set up comes complete with all hardware for controlling the rear brake while doing wheelies. With the 4 piston caliper, this is a top pick  for stunt parts in our own shop and with many of our customers running this set up. 

Installation Note: It is suggested that a professional motorcycle technician install this kit. Bleeding the lines of air when installing can be difficult. Just a tip; fill your lines of brake fluid with caliper off and bleeder up. The bleeder must be up when purging air from the lines. If your brake is soft the bleeding process is not completed correctly. Also you will need to break in the new brake pads before use for wheelies. 

High Profile is a dealer for Innovations and has installed and used their products with great success in our own shop and our local customers. 

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Dual bracket grom caliper

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Honda Grom stunt bike

I'm looking to try and sell my stunt Grom to finance a new Grom build. The bike is good condition (minus the cracked left front fairing and no turn signals) and is ready to stunt. Motul oil change at 1,; 2, and currently has 2,4xx miles. Modes parts include:
Dual caliper rear brake bracket (can be used as single, dual or triple)
Hc1 Magura hand brake
Brembo p34 brake caliper
Stainless steel lines on all brakes
(Adelin) Knock off brembo p34 brake caliper as foot brake
Rsc one finger clutch
Smf sub frame hoop (similar to get bent)
Cheap $50 Dirtbike bars
Grom exhaust
Asking price is $2,
Currently the bike is not street legal and would come with a title and inspection report but some paperwork and standing in lines would have to be done to make it % (I can explain more if needed)

We changed the brake setup on the 18 grom

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