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Subaru Introduces New Outback Wilderness Edition with an Off-Road Focus

With a rally pedigree a mile long, Subaru is no stranger to off-road performance. Yet despite all those podium finishes, Subaru doesn&#;t have as big of an imprint in the off-roading space as other 4&#;4 heavyweights like Jeep and Toyota.

But with the rise in popularity for activities like overlanding, many folks are looking for an all-around rig that can handle rough terrain with the same ease as the interstate—while having plenty of functional storage space for both camping trips and soccer tournaments alike.

So Subaru&#;s giving its bread-and-butter Outback SUV a rugged special edition in the Outback Wilderness.

For starters, the Outback Wilderness gets almost a full extra inch of ride height thanks to longer springs and shocks, for a class-leading inch overall ground clearance—which is really, really close to a base Wrangler&#;s inches. That helps improve the Outback Wilderness&#; approach and departure angles to and degrees respectively.

While the Wilderness edition retains the horsepower L turbo four from the current Outback, it does get a revised CVT that improves low-end torque. Combined with rear gearing, it allows the Outback Wilderness to climb gravel grades of up to 40 percent. It also boasts a 3,pound tow rating.

Outside, the Outback Wilderness wears a revised grille, distinct bumpers front and rear, and LED fog lights. It also carries a more robust fixed ladder-type roof rack. For trail protection, the new Outback Wilderness model has a standard front skid plate, and optional engine, transmission, and fuel tank skid plates are available through an expanded Subaru accessory catalog. Inside you&#;ll find plenty of water- and abrasion-resistant materials too.

Pricing for the Subaru Outback Wilderness will be announced later this year.

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Subaru Skid Plates in CT

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Subaru Outback Front skid plate

  • The Subaru Outback Front skid plate is manufactured from high-quality laser-cut 1/4" aluminum, providing the optimal balance between strength and weight.
  • ‌Cleverly engineered to provide optimal protection to the ‌vulnerable under-vehicle components. Recommended using as a part of Asfir's Subaru Outback complete underbody protection kit.
  • ‌‌Designed specifically to complement the Outback's structure, minimize clearance loss.
  • ‌Built with stiffening and reinforcing ribs to provide even greater strength where required.
  • ‌‌Directly bolted onto the vehicle's chassis and supported by zinc-coated steel brackets to ensure maximum durability.
  • ‌Designed with air vents to reduce heat build-up alongside drain holes to assure easy removal of pebbles, dirt, or water that may get caught between the skid and the vehicle while offroading.
  • ‌No cutting or drilling required. Completely bolt-on.
  • ‌The package includes all needed hardware.
  • ‌Weighs in at 4 kg (9 lb).
  • ‌‌‌Proudly made in Israel.
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    Rally Skid plates for Subaru Baja and Outback, Primitive Racing.

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    Plates skid subaru outback

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    2011 Subaru Outback: Lift Kit \u0026 Skid Plates

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