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Bird Cage Covers!

Tuck your bird in for a restful night's sleep with a bird cage cover! Bird cage covers provide a darkened environment for promoting sleep.

Our bird cage covers are custom made in USA!!!! They are machine washable and made of durable poly/cotton fabric.

Sally Blanchard, Bird Behaviorist, Editor of Pet Bird Report, and contributor to Bird Talk says "I have always recommended covering the bird cages at night. It creates a secure bedtime ritual that helps parrots rest better."

If you have ever wondered why you should cover bird cages at night, the simple answer is many birds can actually suffer from sleep deprivation, which can result in problem bird behavior. A bird cage cover provides the security your bird craves while also blocking out excess light and noise to ensure your bird gets the proper amount of rest.

Our collection of bird cage covers and parrot cage covers has been specifically selected to ensure ease-of-use, long-term durability, and total comfort for your bird. Apart from providing a quiet setting, a parrot cage cover can also help regulate temperature and allow your bird to feel at ease, both of which can also be factors in poor sleep. Remember, your bird's cage is ultimately their home, and just like you, they want to feel safe and comfortable when inside.

At Bird Cages 4 Less, we offer universal size bird cage covers and custom covers to fit our specific bird cages



Adding a bird to your family can be a wonderful enhancement of your home, but it also comes with significant responsibilities. Birds are intelligent, complex creatures that require much care and love. While creating an appropriate space for your new friend, it is important to keep in mind where your bird came from, and what its nature requires. The equatorial region of the Earth is the natural habitat of parrots and other tropical birds. In this region, nighttime darkness averages 10-12 hours per night all year-round. Birds are creatures of instinct. Even thousands of miles away from their native region, birds respond to lights and sounds much like they would in the wild. When a bird senses light, it knows it needs to be awake and on the alert for potential predators. Darkness signals to your bird that it is time to rest and re-energize for the day to come. In your home, you need to provide that darkness with a cage cover.

A natural sleep cycle is vital to the health of birds. Just as humans need proper sleep to stay in good physical and mental health, birds rely on their sleep cycle to avoid stress and keep their immune systems working properly. When exposed to too much light throughout the day, this cycle gets interrupted, and may cause your bird to start picking its feathers, biting, and showing other signs of anxiety and restlessness. Plus, with increased anxiety, your pet's ability to fight off any infections or diseases is impaired. Bird cage covers exist to ensure your bird is getting the right amount of darkness to promote ample sleep - a necessity for a happy and healthy bird.

Different types of birds have different needs. Some birds have night frights in an open dark room, and having a cover helps them feel safe and secure. Other species, like cockatiels, are more likely to feel vulnerable when they are fully enclosed and cannot see, and so it is best to have only a partial cage cover that blocks three sides of the cage and leaves one side open.

Bird cage covers are designed to fit securely onto the cage to prevent them from slipping off during the night. Aside from the the more serious dangers of stifling your bird under a big sheet, your playful pet might see the folds and creases as a fun plaything, and through pecking and pulling, slide the sheet off. That defeats the purpose of the cover, and ruins your bird's sleep. Our specially designed cage covers can't slip off, and can't be pulled off by your bird.

At CozzzyBird, we want to make sure that every bird has all it needs to live a long, joyful life. That's why we manufacture durable, breathable, non-toxic bird cage covers for various shapes and sizes of bird cages. We even create custom covers for custom bird cage dimensions, so every bird cage can be equipped with the proper supplies to advance your pet bird's well-being. Our design prevents your bird from being prematurely awakened by light, and gives it the secure environment it needs to flourish.

We make our covers to be of the most practical use for both birds and their owners. All of our covers are machine washable, and simple to take on and off your cage, allowing for easy cleaning. They are also stain and wrinkle resistant, for visual appeal, simple maintenance and maximum durability. With a Velcro-secured flap in the front of the covers, you can easily access your pet without even having to take the cover off, so your bird is always accessible and safe.

Providing a home where your pet can thrive means creating an environment that soothes its natural instincts and makes it feel at ease. While it may be far from the rainforest, recreating the light patterns of its natural habitat is a critical step in caring for your bird. Covering your bird cage with a Cozzzy Cover by CozzzyBird, Inc. will provide the darkened environment needed to allow the restful sleep your pet bird needs to stay physically healthy and to be on its best behavior!

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Made To Measure Bird Cage Sleeping Cover

Important notes
The bird cage sleeping cover is meant to be used as a sleeping cover only. NEVER use the bird cage cover as a punishment, to scare or quieten the bird. Doing so will negatively impact your relationship with your bird and cause phobia towards the cover.

When introducing the bird cage sleeping cove to your birds, monitor them for the first few days until you are sure they are not reacting negatively to the cover.

Fabric care and storage notes
The cage cover can be hand or machine-washed or wiped with a soft cloth. Exposure to heat can cause the cage cover fabric to warp and crease permanently. Prolonged exposure to outdoor elements can also cause increased wear and tear of the cage cover.


✓ Cold wash only

✓ Dry in the shade

✓ Hang to dry

Do not:

✕ Do not iron

✕ Do not machine wash in high temperatures

✕ Do not spin or tumble dry

✕ Do not wring

✕ Do not expose to strong sunlight

✕ Do not bleach or use fabric softener

Top 10 Birdcage Covers // Birds Lover Channel Presents:

Welcome to home of custom covers.  First, you will find a description of how the covers are made.  Second, you will find photos of some of the embroidered designs available.  Third are photos sent by people of the covers I have made on their actual cages.  Fourth, you will find a price schedule for the various sizes and types of covers.  Fifth and finally you will find the shopping area, where you can add a cover or two to your cart.  Embroidered, personalized Christmas stockings are available for your best friend too!

    Custom made cage covers are the specialty here.  Each cover is made to YOUR specifications, from the height, depth and breadth of your cage.  Covers can be made from blue denim, black twill, or from quilted fabric in a variety of colors.

    Blue denim and black twill fabrics are purchased directly from Mt. Vernon Mills in Trion, Georgia.  Having gone through several different manufacturers offerings, I find the fabrics from Mt. Vernon to be the ones that, I believe, give the best result.

    Blue denim and double-faced quilted fabrics are pre-washed.  Black twill is not pre-washed.

    If your cage has a solid top on it, such as a seed catching pan under a playpen top, your cover can be made to wrap around your cage, instead of having to be put on over the top of your cage.  Wrap around covers wrap around the top of the "living area" of the cage, are held securely in place with elastic at the top, and close down the front with Velcro. 

     Covers for non-solid tops, or dome tops, go on over the top of the cage.  They can be made with a slit in the side that overlaps, or closes with Velcro.  

     All covers are machine washable, and go in the dryer.  All edges are finished on a serger to prevent raveling, and to promote a longer life.

     Sewn onto the back of your cover, you'll see an American Flag, with the words "Made in U.S.A.".

    For any special custom work outside of the normal construction of a cage cover from the materials and techniques briefly discussed, an estimated one-half labor and one-half materials deposit is taken.  This deposit is consumed in the purchase of materials and construction of your item, and is not refundable.

     And what fun is having a great custom made cover without a little extra customization?  A design of your baby, and babies name can be added, or covers are available with printed panel designs, or a short saying can be embroidered onto the cover.  Here are some samples of designs I have.  If you don't see the one you are looking for, please ask.  There are always new designs being added!



blue and gold head.jpg (2063852 bytes)   military head.jpg (2090886 bytes)      Scarlet Macaw 2.jpg (716199 bytes)   Greenwing.jpg (1024900 bytes)  Blue and Gold Macaw 3.jpg (1221219 bytes)*

 Two macaw design.jpg (1954851 bytes)#   Hahn's Macaw.jpg (104482 bytes)    Severe Macaw.jpg (873353 bytes)   #  
             8                               9                             10                              11                         12                        13

&   *    #     *   *   *
          14                                 15                                   16                               17                                18                                19

#     #     #
          20                                 21                                  22


African Grays:                                                                                                 

   African Gray 2.jpg (741120 bytes)       *    *    *      

Senegal and Red Belly:            Great Billed:          Curl crested Aricari pair

                                     *                     &


*  Umbrella Cockatoo Mango.jpg (838082 bytes)   Rose Breasted Cockatoo.jpg (776149 bytes)   Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.jpg (1811925 bytes)Cockatoo with bamboo panel.jpg (1287075 bytes)#  Umbrella cockatoo Dakota Collectibles premium design.png (2367750 bytes)# Moluccan head.jpg (827239 bytes)

           8                               9                            10                             11



blue front head.jpg (2137478 bytes)   Yellow Nape Amazon Closeup.jpg (1015832 bytes)   Blue Front Amazon.jpg (1330202 bytes)   Double Yellow Head.jpg (1982699 bytes)   Yellow Nape Amazon.png (4018175 bytes)   Blue Front Amazon OESD.jpg (1047871 bytes) 


               9                                     10                                  11                           12                                 13


Eclectus:                                                White-bellied Caique:

Female Eclectus 1.jpg (730095 bytes)                                 White Bellied Caique.jpg (1958708 bytes)


Sun Conure 2.jpg (805995 bytes)        Golden Conure.jpg (1291407 bytes)    Derbyan Parrot.jpg (194356 bytes)    Cherry Headed Conure.jpg (1669375 bytes)      

            8                             9

   Lovebirds:                                                        Pionus:                      Rainbow Lorikeet:

Love Birds.jpg (1219599 bytes)  Black Masked Lovebird.jpg (2411947 bytes)     lovebird.jpg (1669497 bytes)              Blue headed Pionus.jpg (845448 bytes)                                      
              1                         2                                3


     cocaktiel.jpg (862078 bytes)   Lutino Cockatiel.jpg (655598 bytes)                



monk head.jpg (1913583 bytes)      Monk or Bartletts Parrot.jpg (398958 bytes)   monk.jpg (1947831 bytes)    

             1                              2                          3                           4


 canary.jpg (1961393 bytes)         
           1                              2                              3



Swift parrot.jpg (2149188 bytes)   #                              
             1                           2                               3                             4                           5                              6


Indian Ring Neck:                                                                                          Hawk Headed:

 alexandrian.jpg (492088 bytes)            &   &                             
            1                             2                               3                                  4                                5


Gouldian Finch:            Pacific Parrotlets:                          For "visitor" cages:

  Available separately
           or as a pair


Specialty Embroidery:

Due to the large and complex nature of this design, it is available on any size cover listed below for $159.99.

Embroidery on a large, decorative panel

     Something new has been added on -- embroidery on a large decorative panel!  Check out this picture and see if this would work for you.

         Panel              Close of up

                             added embroidery

Quilted panel cover.jpg (128972 bytes)     Wall hanging.jpg (757656 bytes)

Your cover can be famous too!  Send me a photo of the cover I make for you on your cage, and watch for it to be posted here!!!
Lenoir'scage1stday.jpg (79189 bytes)     Lenoir1stday.jpg (183992 bytes)     Name only cover.jpg (60917 bytes)     Nutmeg1-07098.jpg (40816 bytes)     Nutmeg1-07099.jpg (26408 bytes)   Nutmeg1-07095.jpg (22886 bytes)

Nutmeg1-07096.jpg (45608 bytes)     oversized cover.jpg (85352 bytes)              
                                                                       Two piece cover - back stays on when front is removed.

Afraid of a chewed cover?  Try this!!



     I have many beautiful parrot and bird designs; please contact me if you don't see the one you are looking for.

Pricing:  Please read through the descriptions below.  When you know which type of cover you are looking for, please find the shopping cart button below, and add it to your cart.  If you need a size that is not listed here, please contact me at [email protected] so I may send you a quote.  All shipping is quoted and priced for the continental US.

                                    STANDARD SIZED CAGES:

Blue Denim or Black Twill covers:


                                        OVERSIZED CAGES:

     For cage sizes that don't fit into the above dimensions, please contact me for a quote.

      I also make seed skirts.  They come in a variety of fabrics and colors to match your decor and cage, and are reversible for larger cages.  As with all items from this website, they are as full and gathered, or as flat and non-gathered as you wish.  Both styles have pluses:  Fuller, gathered skirts are thicker and look richer; flatter, less gathered skirts show off decorative prints better.  As always, the choice is yours!  They are held in place with elastic, and close with Velcro.  Pop in washer and dryer. 

Sales Tax and Shipping:

     Please add shipping (and sales tax within the State of California,) to all prices quoted above.  Shipping is via FedEx Ground, or United States Postal Service to PO and APO/FPO addresses. 

For any questions regarding measuring your  cage,  please contact me at [email protected], and I will be happy to forward you a diagram and brief directions.  Thank you for stopping by!


    Every birdie needs a stocking.  Here you can get stockings for your fids, kids, Fido and Fluffy.  Please click the link to be redirected to the Christmas stocking page.  They are beautiful, made in USA, and personalized just for your special friends, fids, family and kids.     Click here for Christmas stockings

                        If you are ready to purchase your cover, I invite you to use this form below.  This by no means all of the information I will need to construct your custom made cover.  After you complete checkout, the next screen will request all information regarding your cage.  Please be certain to mention any show, conference, etc., information to receive promotional offers.  Any promotional offer will be honored by sending to your account as a refund.  Thank you again for shopping with me!

Price Adjustment    
Have I previously given you a quote for a cover, and you're ready to buy now, but the price quoted is not found on the menu below?  Use the following to "add on" to get to the correct pricing:


Cage custom covers bird

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Top 10 Birdcage Covers // Birds Lover Channel Presents:

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