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DIY Halloween Costumes

Bring a touch of Christmas spirit to your Halloween festivities with these adorable DIY costumes designed by the Scout Elves! Kids can choose to dress up as one of Santa’s red-suited helpers, a special North Pole pet, or even iconic symbols of Christmas by using the Scout Elves’ handy instructions. Easy enough to serve as a last-minute costume and clever enough to win any costume competition, these Christmas-y costumes are the perfect choice this Halloween!

Halloween Costumes

Scout Elf Costume

Scout Elf Costume

Halloween Costumes

You’ll Need:

  • ½ yard of white felt
  • Elf collar pattern
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Adhesive hook and loop fasteners
  • Red pants and shirt of your choice
  • Santa hat
  • White gloves


  1. FOLD the piece of white felt in half, and place the pattern piece on top of it, making sure that “SIDE A” is on the felt’s fold. Cut out the felt in the shape of the pattern.
  2. REPEAT step one, so you have two pieces that look like this: Halloween Costumes
  3. Using fabric glue, ATTACH one side of the two pieces together, as displayed in the diagram shown below step four.
  4. PLACE the adhesive hook and loop fasteners on the other side. Check the diagram below to make sure you get the placement of the hook and loop fasteners just right! One of the fastener pieces should be on the underside of one piece of the felt, and the other fastener should be on the top of the other piece of felt. Halloween Costumes
  5. HELP your child put on a red shirt, pants, Santa hat, white gloves and the crafty collar you created to complete this authentic Scout Elf look. Now, just like a real Scout Elf, your little ones are ready to snack on all the yummy treats they collect while trick-or-treating!
Halloween Costumes

Christmas Costumes

Christmas Costumes

Halloween Costumes

You’ll Need:

Candy Cane

  • Foam core
  • Glue
  • Red paper
  • White paper
  • Green paper
  • Two elastic strips
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun

Christmas Tree

  • Foam core
  • Glue
  • Green paper
  • Gold/yellow paper
  • Red paper
  • Purple paper
  • One elastic strip
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun


Candy Cane

  1. CUT a piece of foam core in the shape of a candy cane.
  2. USE glue to attach strips of white and red paper to the foam core. Helpful hint: You could also use felt to create a more durable costume.
  3. CUT a piece of foam core shaped like a bow, and cover it in green paper or fabric. Attach it. Helpful hint: You could also buy an oversized Christmas bow.
  4. On the back of the costume, STAPLE two elastic strips (near the wearer’s shoulders and lower back) to help keep the costume on.

Christmas Tree

  1. CUT a piece of foam core in the shape of a Christmas tree.
  2. USE glue to cover the foam core in green paper. Helpful hint: You could also use felt instead of paper to create a more durable costume.
  3. ATTACH strips of paper for garland and paper circle cutouts for ornaments. Add a paper star to the top of the costume.
  4. On the back of the costume, STAPLE one elastic strip (near the middle of the wearer’s back) to help keep the costume on.
Halloween Costumes

St. Bernard Costume

St. Bernard Costume

Halloween Costumes

You’ll Need:

  • Brown felt (in light and dark shades)
  • White sweatshirt
  • White felt
  • Black felt
  • Pink felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Hot glue gun


  1. CUT out a circle of light brown felt to serve as the base piece for the Saint Bernard’s face.
  2. Next, CUT out a circle of white felt approximately the same width as the circle of brown felt. However, make the white felt circle approximately three inches taller.
  3. Using the photo as a guide, TRIM the circle of white felt into an hourglass shape with rounded edges.
  4. GLUE the white piece of felt on top of the brown piece of felt.
  5. After it dries, MAKE one final semi-circle cut at the bottom of the white felt. Helpful hint: Keep the piece you cut whole, so it can be used for the next step.
  6. TAKE the semi-circle of white felt you cut in step number five, and flip it upside down. Use hot glue to reattach it to the same spot it was located, creating the pup’s chin.
  7. CREATE ears for the puppy by cutting two pieces of brown felt in a slightly curvy, rectangular shape with rounded ends. Use the picture as a reference. Attach the ears to the back of the original piece of brown felt.
  8. To make your pup look just like the Elf Pets® Saint Bernard, CUT a piece of dark brown felt to go on the lower end of the pup’s right ear.
  9. To create the eyes, CUT a small oval of white felt. Helpful hint: It should fit in the space where the white felt (shaped like an hourglass) slopes inward.
  10. Next, CUT a slightly smaller oval of brown felt and an even smaller oval of black felt to place on top of the white felt.
  11. GLUE all three pieces together, and then, glue the back of the white felt to the original base piece of brown felt.
  12. CUT out a small triangular nose in black felt and a pink felt tongue (shaped like a capital D). Use the hot glue gun to attach them to the Saint Bernard’s face.
  13. Once the face of the Saint Bernard is complete, GLUE it to the front of a white sweatshirt.
  14. As a finishing touch, GLUE a piece of brown felt shaped like the Elf Pets® Saint Bernard’s iconic barrel just under the Saint Bernard’s chin—and don’t forget to glue a yellow heart charm on top!

Need more costume inspiration? Pull together easy, last-minute costumes with items from around the house!

Please remember that when attempting the crafts included in this printable children should always be supervised by an adult. When using craft¬ing supplies or products, always read manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.

  1. Bloxburg creator face
  2. Gecko drawing
  3. Heart outline png
  4. Takegawa klx110

Last Minute Easy Elf Halloween Costume for Girls or Women

First of all, I want to thank you so much for the outpouring of love on our big news that I shared on instagram and the blog yesterday.  We are seriously over the moon!  Today I want to talk about Halloween though!  Last year, I shared a super simple DIY bee costume that we created for Emmy. This year we have another super easy and last minute costume idea for you that would work for girls or women.  Emmy actually wanted to be Supergirl so we bought her this costume from Amazon and she plans to wear it trick or treating. However, in one of my thrift store visits I found an amazing bohemian style vintage dress in a lovely blush pink and I just knew we could use it for something.  While she’s still going as Supergirl on Halloween, she’s decided to use this dress for her Halloween party at school, and we’ve used it as the basis for a last minute easy elf costume. You could truly use any longer romantic style dress, but let me show you how this all came to be. (Affiliate links included- thank you for your support!)

As I mentioned, the dress was a thrifted find, and I feel like long flowing romantic dresses could be rather easy to find and the options are truly aplenty.  We drew inspiration from Galadriel of Lord of the Rings, but Sawyer also informed us that her costume was also very much like Zelda.  Anyhow, as I mentioned the dress was our base.  We wanted a magical woodsy looking crown and luckily Emmy already had a gold leaf headband from Claire’s, but Amazon has several in a similar style like this one, and if you have prime you can get it before Halloween.  And the last element we needed was a set of elf ears!  We had seen some amazing pairs for sale at the Renn Fest earlier this Fall, but alas the price was way out of budget!  We found several sets on Amazon, read the reviews, and eventually settled on these which came with a few varieties.
While we love the style of the ones in the upper right, they just didn’t work as well on Emmy’s small ears, so we used the set pictured on the bottom as you can see here.

Easy DIY Elf CostumeLastly Emmy put on a pair of silver-gray Cat & Jack booties from Target to complete the look.  And of course, we headed outside for a photo shoot!

Magical Woodland Elf DIY CostumeWould you believe this dress is actually adult sized?  Unless I am reading the vintage sizing wrong, which I suppose is possible.  Either way, it looked small on the rack and I knew it would work for Emmy.

Thrift Store DIY Costume

Last Minute halloween Costume Idea

Thrifted Halloween Costume

And this would be when I told her she didn’t need a wand…. as you saw above, she won.

Pouting Elf This one is my absolute favorite even though it doesn’t show off the dress as much.

Magical Woodland Elf Costume like Lord of the Rings or ZeldaIf you want to get this look, here are a few options for you, mostly from Amazon so you can Prime that baby right over! (Have I mentioned how much I adore Amazon Prime?)


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forest elf costume

Other than July 4th, Christmas has to be the biggest holiday to let your DIY spirit fly free – and what better way to do that than with Elves!

Elves are happy, helpful creatures that help Santa make presents and take care of the reindeer. They are well-loved, timeless creatures of Christmas that bring smiles to everyone they meet. Whether you’re diminutive or gigantic, you can be a happy helper too with these awesome DIY Christmas elf costume project.

DIY Christmas elf costume ideas

elf on the shelf

1. DIY Elf On The Shelf at Primary

This simple no-sew Christmas Elf On The Shelf costume can be adapted for baby, adult, and everyone in between! In order to keep things super simple, this costume utilizes cherry red PJs so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get a killer elf on the shelf costume. You just have to use some fabric tape and a hot glue gun to attach felt and pom poms, and you’re good to go!

Your little ones will be so busy looking out to see if each other are naughty or nice, you just might get the night off! These outfits are also reusable and can be used as matching Christmas PJs or even just re-purposed for Halloween or other holiday outfits.

By the way, we’re big fans of Primary – not only do they have a ton of cute kids clothes for sale, they also have a whole bunch of tutorials on making killer kids costumes – who doesn’t love this wonderful and easy Ace Ventura costume? They also have costume tutorials to make your kids into everything from Batman to a Baseball. Such a wonderful resource. Enjoy!

diy elf shoes 15

2. Elf Felt Shoe Covers at Camp Clem

These adorable felt shoe covers are perfect for the little happy helpers in your life! They’re a bit fragile, but they’re also low-cost, making them easy to replace. Check out the guide and make something special!

DIY Felt Elf Hats

3. Easy Felt Elf Hat Pattern at So Sew Easy

Looking for some low-cost elf-based props for the holidays? This easy felt elf hat pattern is perfect for photo-ops or as part of an elf outfit. A bit of sewing know-how is required for this DIY. Plus, Alicia shows you how to make a kids and adult sized elf hat so all can join in on the holiday fun!

100 Elf Hat Booties Sewing Tutorial 434x650 1

4. Elf Hat And Booties Pattern at Peek-A-Boo Pages

There’s a lot to love about this tutorial. The hat is awesome, and the booties are just the cutest.

Amy is the lady behind Peek A Boo pages, but she keeps busy! She also has a pattern shop AND a kit fabric store. However, Peek A Boo pages has huge amount of free goodies, so be sure to check them out. I especially like this pattern for fabric gift bags and these wonderful baby toys to sew.

But back to this pattern. Amy actually designed and made this DIY elf hat and cutie elf booties as a gift for a friend’s newborn – but I think this pattern could easily scale. Her tutorial is super easy to follow for anyone looking for an elf pattern to sew, or just generally wants to get ideas for how to make an elf hat. This makes a wonderful Christmas project, and a cute gift. Enjoy!


5. Stocking and Elf Costume from Sweaters at Instructables

A lot of us probably have too many Christmas sweaters that pile up every year, some of them no longer wearable but holding a lot of memories. Now you can keep those memories alive by upcycling them into an elf costume and stocking by following the easy to follow instructions. Instructables has tons of great DIY ideas with free directions and tutorials, make sure to check them out for this idea and many more!


6. Elf on the Shelf Costume at Instructables

Now that a lot of people are familiar with the elf on the shelf; they’re usually used to educate and encourage children to behave as the elf travels to Santa each night and reports how the child is behaving, or misbehaving. If you’re itching to try something new but don’t want to give up the elf look, this DIY Christmas elf costume is the way to go.

Hat with ears

7. Felt and Faux Fur Elf Costume for Adults at Linda’s Art Quilts

Have a knack for sewing and an eye for design? This fabulous felt and faux fur elf costume for adults is a fun challenge to try. Check it out! Linda shows you how to make this elf hat and some elf shoes.

How to Make an Elf Costume

8. Easy Elf Costume at Howcast

Want to dress to impress but don’t have the time? This easy elf costume requires only a bit of sewing know-how and a bit of imagination to impress your friends and family. This is a great look to replicate Will Farrell in the movie Elf and who doesn’t love that movie and want to be an elf to help spread holiday cheer!?!

How to Make an Elf Costume 1

9. Three-Step Elf Costume at Costume Pop

This three-step elf costume not only is easy to make, but is also robust and looks absolutely adorable on little kids. Check out the tutorial, it really couldn’t be easier.


10. Santa and Elf LED Hats at Instructibles

Help Rudolph light up the foggiest Christmas eves with these Santa and Elf LED hats! These instructions are super detailed, packed with pictures and video. And at the end of it all, your costume will shine the brightest this Christmas!

childrens elf costume

11. Christmas Elf Dress at Fancy Dress Ideas

Sometimes, store-bought dresses are simply too plain and too boring to wear. This DIY Christmas elf costume, on the other hand, brings a touch of class and elegance to the well-loved classic elf outfit.

DIY Christmas Santa Elf Costume for Dogs! How to Make an Easy Homemade Elf Costume for Your Dog!

12. DIY Christmas Santa Elf Costume for Dogs at YouTube

Dogs are one of mankind’s most adorable little helpers, and it makes sense to dress them as such this Christmas. This simple tutorial will give your dog a fabulous elf makeover in no time!

Get Ready to Help Santa Make Christmas Extra Special This Year!

Pick out a costume for you and your family, and let your creativity bring out the happy helper in you and the people around you! Make the holidays extra cheery with a fun DIY Christmas elf costume – and don’t forget to make those DIY christmas cards!

Sara Ty

Sara Ty

I’m a stay at home mom with our two kids. I really enjoy doing crafts with my kids however, that is typically a challenge with how limited their attention span can be and how messy it gets. So, I’m always looking for ways to make crafting an enjoyable experience and creating fond memory for all of us.

Categories DIY Festive Holiday Ideas, Adult Crafting IdeasSours:

Costume diy girl elf

Diy elf costume for kids

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DIY Elf Costume

5 hours ago This DIY Elf Costume tutorial shows you how to make an elf hat and shoes, complete with jingle bells and full of holiday joy. These little shoes and hat are made from fleece, which is cozy and easy to sew. Make this homemade elf costume

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

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Create Your Own Official Elf on the Shelf Costume The

2 hours ago Step-By-Step Instructions: Download the three, printable guides below and follow the step-by-step instructions to make an elf hat, collar and snowflake skirt. Put these DIY accessories together with your red shirt, pants, socks and white mittens, and you’ll be dressed like an official North Pole Scout Elf! Hat Instructions.

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How to Make a Elf Costume on a Budget

9 hours ago To learn how to dress up like an elf in a more realistic way - while still on a budget - it is important to add some accessories. Note these different ideas that give a touch of fun to your costume: The elf costume will usually require an accessory around the waist. This can be a string or a wide black belt with a buckle.

Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

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How to Make an Elf Costume

1 hours ago An elf costume is the perfect way to get your kids in to the spirit of the holidays. Usually around Christmas time, many parents face the task of having to make an elf costume for their kids for use in the school play or other event. While many different elf costumes are readily available at specialty stores or online, making your own is a fun

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25 Kids elf costume ideas elf costume Pinterest

3 hours ago Dec 3, 2019 - Explore Sarah Rennells's board "Kids elf costume", followed by 128 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about elf costume, christmas elf costume, elf.

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The 24 Best Ideas for Diy Christmas Elf Costumes Home

4 hours ago Best DIY Christmas Elf Costumes from 25 unique Kids elf costume ideas on Pinterest. Source Image: Visit this site for details: If you re a fan of a good word play here, try these dino-mite Christmas cards! Take the style an action better and also obtain the household to put on prehistoric outfits.

Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

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Elf Hat with Bells Oriental Trading Elf Pinterest

8 hours agoElf Hat with Bells. This felt hat has dangling metal jingle bells to make some holiday noise wherever you go! In festive red and green, this jolly jester topper is the perfect accessory for a Santa’s helper costume. You can also wear this elf hat to work to add some Christmas cheer to your day! 22" circ.

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Woodland Elf Costume Etsy

8 hours agoKids' & Baby Bags & Purses Women's Clothing DIY craft projects. Gift guides Wire elf ears Green and Gold, elf ears jewelry with Swarovski for woodland elf costume, elf ears cuffs, costume elf ears, fantasy ears ElvenRoseDesigns 4.5 out of 5 stars (83) $

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DIY Elf Costume Elf on the Shelf Kids and Adult see kate sew

2 hours ago The DIY Elf Costume is so easy to make – just add a handmade collar and hat to red pajamas! Print the templates and grab some felt yardage. This costume is a no-sew glue gun costume, so you can make it in 15 minutes – great for a last minute Halloween party!

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How to make Christmas Elf Costume for Kids YouTube

3 hours ago #simplymadefancy #elfcostume #christmaselfcostume #diyelfcostumeWhy make a Christmas Elf Costume for your kids? Well, what do you do when you 5 year old asks

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Diy Elf Costume Ideas Easy DIY Projects

1 hours ago See more ideas about elf, christmas elf, buddy the elf. Bring a touch of christmas spirit to your halloween festivities with these adorable diy costumes designed by the scout elves! "Buddy the Elf" Costumes Magic of Christmas Pinterest Just starting the elf on shelf tradition? Diy elf costume ideas. One of the key elements when you make your elf costume is the …

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How to Make a DIY elf costume for Halloween WonderHowTo

9 hours ago Dressing as an elf for Christmas is a great way for thin people to get into the holiday spirit. Watch this video to learn how you can make a DIY elf costume out of some old clothes, felt, and a little sewing skill.

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35 Best Ideas Diy Christmas Elf Costume Home DIY

3 hours ago 1. Best 25 Buddy the elf costume ideas on Pinterest. 2. 25 best ideas about Christmas elf costume on Pinterest. 3. Craftionary. 4. Elf costume Christmas DIY. 5. 25 unique Kids elf costume ideas on Pinterest. 6. 2010 Halloween Costume Contest Cash Prizes for Your.

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Simple to Make Elf Costume Great for Instructables

6 hours ago Simple to Make Elf Costume- Great for Jingle Bell Runs: So, my family is a little weird, and has gotten quite into local fun runs (5K, 10K, marathons)- Of course there is always a Holiday Fun run- and who wouldn't want to get dressed up for it. I looked all over for a nice Elf costume for my kids

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

1. Making the costume is really very simple- 1. Lay the felt out flat with the fold (from the bolt of fabric) on top. This portion will become the shoulders of the costume. 2. Using a sweatshirt that fits your child- lay it out on the felt to de…
2. With the felt cut to the right width, now you need to make the cutouts for the arms, neck and bottom triangles. 4. The arm cutouts are a simple scallop cut from a point a few inches below their armpit to the shoulders. Start by cutting much less th…

Category: Use to in a sentence


How to Make Elf Costumes DIY Halloween Elf Costume Making

3 hours ago HOW TO MAKE ELF COSTUMES HALLOWEEN COSTUMES CRAFTS IDEAS FOR KIDS : Find out about Arts and Crafts Projects Ideas for Making Elf Costumes for Children who love Elves with the following crafts instructions, directions, and activities for …

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Three Ways to Make Elf Costumes

4 hours ago For a slightly naughty elf costume, gather layers of tulle or chiffon onto a ribbon waistband to make a skirt, and top it with a daring corset. You can also tie filmy scarves onto a ribbon, or if you want something a little more modest, pin the scarves or tulle to …

Category: Use to in a sentence


Diy Elf Costume Target

Just Now Adult Santa's Helper Elf Halloween Costume. Forum Novelties. $29.99. Free standard shipping with $35 orders. Not in stores. Add for shipping. Adult Buddy The Elf Deluxe Halloween Costume L. Rubie's. $279.99.

Category: Use words in a sentence

Deluxe elf costume kids

Just NowKids Elf Costume Childrens Christmas Santas Helper Boys & Girls Outfit. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 298. $18.99. $18. . 99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon.

Category: Use words in a sentence

DIY Dobby Costume for Kids with Pattern see kate sew

3 hours agoDIY Dobby Costume. This tutorial works for any size Dobby including baby and toddler. Make Dobby a part of your Halloween or dress up box! This homemade Dobby costume is simple to make. The dress doesn’t even require sewing! Just glue a sock on the house elf’s costume

Category: Use for in a sentence

Diy, Dobby, Dress, Doesn kids elf costume

Just NowKids Girls Christmas Elf Green Costume Santas Claus Dress with Hat Outfit Xmas Cosplay Party Festival Dress up. 4.7 out of 5 stars 15. $20.65 $ 20. 65. $5.99 shipping. California Costumes. California Costume Toymaker Elf Boy Child Costume. 3.9 out of 5 stars 11. $27.97 $ 27. 97-$36.25 $ 36. 25. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

Category: Use words in a sentence


DIY Halloween Costumes Elf on the Shelf Global

Just Now Bring a touch of Christmas spirit to your Halloween festivities with these adorable DIY costumes designed by the Scout Elves! Kids can choose to dress up as one of Santa's red-suited helpers, a special North Pole pet, or even iconic symbols of Christmas by using the Scout Elves' handy instructions. Easy enough to serve as a last-minute costume and clever enough to win any costume

Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

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Making a Christmas Elf Costume My Frugal Halloween

1 hours ago Dressing up as an elf for Christmas or Halloween is a super fun costume for kids and adults alike. Whether you are bringing Christmas cheer to your trick-or-treating or passing out presents Christmas morning, this costume is sure to be a hit. This is a page to making a Christmas elf costume.

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Tauriel – Fighting Elf Lady Costume Instructions – kyle

7 hours ago Both my daughter and oldest son decided that they wanted to dress up as Lord of the Rings characters for their birthdays. My son’s costume was easy to pull together using a costume and elements I bought online, but when my daughter decided she wanted to dress up as Tauriel, the fighting elf lady from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movies*, I discovered that there aren’t great costumes

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Daughter, Decided, Dress, Discovered

Diy elf costume Etsy

3 hours ago Check out our diy elf costume selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

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Coolest Homemade Goblin Costume Ideas

7 hours ago Top 10 Lists – Coolest DIY Halloween Costume Collections 1000+ Inspiring Homemade Book and Movie Character Costumes Halloween Home Made Costume Contest Winners – Hall of Fame 2000+ Awesome DIY Animated Character Costumes Coolest Monster Exterminator Costume 750+ Horrifyingly DIY Spooky, Gory, Dark and Scary Halloween Costumes 600+ Awesome Band and Celebrity Halloween Costume

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Easy DIY Elf on the Shelf Costumes Housewife Eclectic

9 hours ago These cute and easy DIY Elf on the Shelf Costumes are the perfect way to dress up your elf for Christmas. Use the included free pattern for fast creating. Materials. I don’t have kids and my parents never did elf on the self thankfully as I am not a fan of it but I love the costume ideas. Reply. Mellissa says. December 21, 2017 at 7:31 pm

Reviews: 20

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

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How to make homemade elf costumes eHow UK

6 hours ago If you need an elf costume this Christmas, break out your crafty skills and make homemade elf costumes for your whole family. Using a few items from around the house and a few craft store finds, you can make homemade elf costumes for everyone. Put a jingle in your steps this holiday season whenever you don your homemade elf costume.

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Christmas Character Costume Ideas for Kids, DIY Christmas

2 hours ago presents Christmas ELF costumes, Christmas costume ideas, Christmas character costumes, sexy jesus costumes, Christmas costumes for kids, DIY christmas costumes and variety of Christmas costumes to make your X'MAS a truly memorable event. - Ultimate Costumes - Historical Costumes - Capes & Robes - Accessories - Adult Costumes

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Diy Elf Costume Girl Easy DIY Projects

Just Now More elf on the shelf: Make this homemade elf costume for your baby or give it as an early christmas gift to any little elves in your life. I looked all over for a nice elf costume for my kids to we… Diy elf on the shelf costume. This measurement will be your length. Elf costume (13,428 results) elf costume women.

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3 hours ago Helloo!! In this tutorial I show 3 easy ways to DIY elf ears! All ways are very simple.1. Use tape, preferrably a worker/painter tape that is white/yellowish

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All Information You Need About How To Make A Elf

1 hours ago 50 Best Elf Crafts to make and love - Craftionary great Make DIY Elf home To bring out the adventurous side of your kids this year on Christmas, here's a DIY elf house in the wild which involves participation of all the members of the family.

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DIY Elf on The Shelf Costume A Little Moore

1 hours agoDIY Elf on The Shelf Costume. October 27, 2017 By: Steph 16 Comments. Need a last minute Halloween costume that takes minimal time and money? Then make yourself an elf! All you need is a red shirt and pants and red and white felt and you are ready to start.

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

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50+ DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Let's DIY It All

8 hours ago 50+ DIY Halloween Costume Ideas – including family costumes, kids costumes, adult costumes, and couples costumes!! A MUST-SEE collection for those who love to make their own costumes. D-I-YDo it Yourself! I cannot believe it’s almost October!! Although the year flew by, I’m actually quite excited that it’s the holidays.

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DIY Buddy the Elf Costume » Images & Tutorial Maskerix

2 hours ago Inspiration, make up tutorials and all accessories you’ll need to create your own DIY Buddy the Elf Costume. Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an Ein Beitrag geteilt von Mike (@far_far_away_cosplay) am Dez 2, 2017 um 11:43 PST

Category: Use words in a sentence

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The Lord of the Rings Costumes Simple Practical Beautiful

7 hours ago The Women of The Lord of the Rings. While my two daughters and I love the characters and story of The Lord of the Rings, there aren’t a lot of women portrayed in the movies (even less in the books).Luckily, there happen to be three major female characters in The Lord of the Rings movies, so we dressed up as Galadriel, Arwen, and Eowyn. My daughters wanted to be elves …

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8 Diy elf costumes ideas diy elf costume, elf, costumes

8 hours ago Dec 10, 2015 - Explore marta jensen's board "diy elf costumes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy elf costume, elf, costumes.

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Elf Costume Diy Boy DIY Craft

9 hours agoDiy elf costume boy cheap online holiday for kids ping christmas ideas you mens com on the shelf child costumes outfits s coolest homemade buddy 43 cute toddler Diy Elf Costume Boy Cheap Online Holiday Elf Costume For Kids Diy Elf Costume Boy Online Ping Mall Find The Best S And Places To […]

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ADULT: DIY Elf on the shelf costume Really Awesome Costumes

3 hours agoElf on the shelf is such a fun idea for everyone with kids out there to celebrate the holiday season. Elizabeth Snyder came up with an easy diy Elf on the shelf costume that would be adorable for anyone young or old to dress up as inspired by the cute little toy. She used red sweats, red socks, white socks on her hands, a santa hat with the white ball removed and a …

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Free DIY Elf on the Shelf Clothes Patterns Hello Sewing

8 hours ago 1 10+ FREE Elf on the Shelf Clothes Patterns. 1.1 Full set of elf on the shelf clothing. 1.2 Sock dress. 1.3 Tutu skirt. 1.4 Pajama pants. 1.5 Elf on the shelf costume pattern. 1.6 Bow Tie. 1.7 Sleeping bag. 1.8 Messenger bag.

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85 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids Country Living

5 hours ago There are so many options for Halloween kids' costumes, it's almost impossible to settle on just one cute idea for your little monster. Let's be honest, kids dressed up as animals (baby pandas, owls, and lions), kids as book and movie characters (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Where the Wild Things Are, Star Wars, and Harry Potter), and kids as food (strawberries, cupcakes, and …

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How to Make a Nurse Costume for a Our Everyday Life

9 hours ago Step 2. Remove the shirt carefully and sew new seam lines for her dress by turning the shirt inside out and sewing a straight stitch down both sides and underneath each arm. Try the dress on her again to make sure it fits. If it does, cut off the excess fabric. If not, rip out the new seam and try again. Maybe you thought you weren't a crafty

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30 Christmas Elf Costume ideas christmas elf Pinterest

Just Now Christmas Elf Costume Collection by DIY Costume & Party Ideas. 30 Elf Costume (Red Detail) Kids Onesie - Bottle Green 12 - 13 Years: Clothing. Holiday Sparkle Christmas Holly Holiday Cheer Pretty Nail Polish Jamberry Nail Wraps Diy Nails Nail Wraps Holiday Wrap Christmas Jam.

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Elf Dog Costumes: Where to Find Them Plus DIY Breedsy

6 hours ago The Bud the Elf Dog Outfit takes a departure from the usual red and green with a costume that is green, yellow, and white. It comes with a pointy hat with adjustable chin straps and a one-piece tunic with a green coat and yellow pants. It …

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Elf On The Shelf Costume Diy DIY Craft

8 hours agoDiy elf on the shelf costume a illusion costumes for moms and kids girly easy girls outfits our Diy Elf On The Shelf Costume Elf On A Shelf Diy Illusion Costume Easy Diy Costumes For Moms And Kids Girly Elf On The Shelf Costume Diy Costumes The Elf

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an elf costume for Christmas?

Making a Christmas Elf Costume Instructions - Make the perfect Elf costume for Christmas or Halloween. Making Elf Ears : Making Gelatin Ears and Other Prosthetics - Follow these instructions to create gelatin Elf ears. Patterns for Elf Costume - Learn how to make Elf costumes for both men and women.

What to wear as an elf for men?

Elf costumes for men: Choose from an assortment of elf tunics, elf costumes with faux fur-line jackets, ride-on costumes, and more. Or create a quick and easy DIY outfit with a hat, shoes, and a pair of elf ears.

How to make your own ELF on the shelf?

If you want to add more joy and fun to this tradition all you need to do is create your own elf on the shelf doll with this easy DIY Elf on the Shelf tutorial. You do not need any talent or practice to make them, all you need is a pipe cleaner, some pieces of fabric, beads and most importantly the spirit of Christmas.

How to make DIY elf ears on YouTube?

DIY ELF EARS: 3 SIMPLE WAYS! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later.

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