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HUGE Upcoming Changes To RNG?!

&#;The more you learn, the more you earn&#;

&#; Some rich dude irl

Well-met, stranger! Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to &#;Tamriel Trade Secrets&#;, a trading hub that provides all of the commerce knowledge that you will ever need for The Elder Scrolls Online. Whether you are looking to make a few quick bucks in the moment, or you are looking to establish a more long-term financial investment plan for your precious gold in ESO, you&#;ve come to the right place!

I have created this site to serve as a pocket handbook of sorts for all of your gold-making endeavors on ESO. By sharing my extensive knowledge of the game, I hope to aid you in your trading efforts by passing some of this information off to you. Much like the aforementioned quote suggests, it is the notion of learning about the market on ESO (as well as it&#;s trends, it&#;s farming routes, it&#;s popular items etc) that will ultimately be the most financially rewarding.

When I log on to ESO, I do so with the intent to experience all aspects of the game play that it has to offer. I like to spend my time in Tamriel running dungeons with friends, grouping up with fellas in zone chat to knock out a few zone dailies, healing my Aldmeri Dominion comrades in Cyrodiil, progging through veteran DLC trials with my PvE guild and getting my RP on as I complete the story quests for each zone. By understanding the ESO market and spending a moderately brief amount of time in the guild trader menu, I am able to partake in all of my favourite aspects of the game while subsequently earning a considerable amount of gold (millions every week). I am very satisfied with this situation, as I find that my gold-earning ventures do not disrupt my enjoyment of the game, nor do they take a lot of time, the way farming materials or doing writs on 15 toons would (no hate on farming mats and doing your writs, that stuff can be quite relaxing)!
Instead, I have found a way to passively make a lot of gold on ESO while I play the game the way I really want to, and the key to doing so lies within knowledge (I wont fault you if you read that last word with Tai Lopez&#;s iconic mannerism) of the game.

On this site, you can expect to find the following content:

&#;As well as other more niche and specific pieces of trade information that aren&#;t really discussed at all and that may be of benefit to you&#;.Trade secrets, if you will. See what I did there?

I truly hope that you can learn a thing or two that can be of great assistance to you. Having an abundance of gold on ESO can make for a more enjoyable gaming experience, as you won&#;t have to worry about affording whatever gear or items you desire. Plus, it can be nice to treat yourself to shiny new motifs or crown crates purchased with gold from time to time!

Do check back often for new and updated posts!

Fortune favor you!
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Shout out to @DrakarSnow for his wicked photography skills, and to Sneezes from Nexus Mods for creating the rad ENB that we use for the images on this site. You can download it for yourself here!

Every piece of gear that you collect in ESO, from dungeon gear, to overland gear, is crafted in a particular style. Just about all of gear (save for the gear that is of a default race style) have the chance to yield valuable style materials when they are deconstructed.

Did you know?
When you deconstruct gear in ESO, you have a chance at receiving its style material? Style materials are used for crafting gear in a particular style. Some style materials also have secondary uses, making them more valuable than others!

Besides style materials, deconstructing gear can also yield valuable upgrade materials! This is why you should always consider deconstructing unwanted gear (i.e gear that is of an undesirable and likewise unwanted set and/or trait), as opposed to simply selling it to the merchant for some spare change.

Style materials are often bought up by players looking to craft and complete master writs so that they can collect writ vouchers. It is for this reason that style materials of any kind are always a semi-valuable asset. A stack of of any random style material can go for around ,g on PC NA, for example, just because it offers a wealthy buyer the convenience of having a life-time supply of materials for a specific style. So it is really worth deconstructing your gear just to passively collect these style materials in the event that, should you ever be strapped for cash, or you notice that you&#;ve collected a stack or two of a specific style mat, you can go ahead and toss a stack on the traders for a respectable sum of gold.

Learn More About Deconstructing Gear To Make Gold In ESO:

Check out the video that I made over on my YouTube channel that details all of the reasons why you should consider deconstructing gear for gold, as well as how to distinguish between valuable gear that should be upgraded to sell, undesirable gear that should be deconstructed for materials, and absolute trash that should just be sold to the merchant!

Some style materials are significantly more valuable than other style materials, and this is because they can be used for more than just crafting gear in a specific style. Some style materials are used to craft furnishings, and even provisioning recipes!

The most valuable style materials in ESO are the ones needed for furnishings that can be sold to other players &#; bonus points if the furnishings are new and/or popular with the player base!

While all style materials are valuable, these style materials that have secondary uses are so much more valuable that it is arguably worthwhile to go out of your way to farm for them, the way you would any other valuable material. The two best ways to actively seek out these extra valuable style materials are to:

  • Seek out cheap pieces of gear that are of a particular style at the guild traders to then deconstruct for a chance at those valuable style materials (be mindful of the fact that there is a 1/3 chance that you get a style mat when deciding what price is required for you to profit from this endeavour)
  • Complete dailies in the zone that drop the style material that you are after (either from the daily reward coffers themselves, or from the gear that you get from those coffers and from killing the delve/world boss/world event associated with that daily)

I have composed a list of the most valuable style materials in ESO. At most, these style materials can go for upwards of 5k each on PC NA, just to give you an idea. They are also in relatively high demand because of how frequently they are used, so you can count on your stacks of style materials selling fairly quickly if they are priced reasonably and of the following styles:

The Most Valuable Style Materials

These style materials are among the most valuable style mats in the game &#; if you have unwanted gear that is of any of these styles, there is no doubt about it &#; you should decon it!

With this in mind, hopefully you will be able to get more value out of your unwanted pieces of gear. Next time you are about to sell a green or blue piece of gear that is in a crappy trait like invigorating, stop and double check that the style that it is in is worth something!

Make Gold During XP Events!

A handful of xp-related events (namely, The Witches Festival!) are set to take place during the Waking Flame patch! Learn more about how you can make lots of gold during these % xp events!

The following items are in high demand for the Waking Flame patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

Do keep in mind the fact that different player bases across different platforms may respond to these changes differently.

-The no-cp campaign has been changed to also be a no-proc campaign. Meanwhile, the NEW ROTW proc sets that were introduced in this update have been wreaking havoc in the other campaigns. Everyone and their mother&#;s dog are wearing Dark Convergence it seems.

-Players are also much more tanky now in light of the changes to the battle spirit buff &#; it now grants more % damage mitigation than usual. This has encouraged seasoned pvpers to step away from slotting Pariah (seeing as high resistances will also make you vulnerable to Hrothgar&#;s) and opt instead for more offensive setups so as to be able to do more damage against those that are embracing this tanky meta.

War Maiden&#;s

This patch, templars&#; spell and weapon damage was buffed. In light of this, sets that dramatically increase spell damage, like War Maiden&#;s, will synergize quite nicely with a magplar&#;s damage dealing capabilities. One of the best magplars in the game (@JustARedSofa) comments on one of his videos that pairing War Maiden&#;s with Bahsai is a great set combination for fights that are not stationary and would otherwise not be ideal for using Siroria in.

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: weapons (particularly lightning staves), and body pieces in divines.

Companion Gear

While the prices of green, blue, and off-traited purple companion gear have dwindled over the past few months, it is evident that purple companion gear that is in an &#;ideal&#; trait will still sell for an excessive amount. Some pieces of purple companion gear can still sell for a few hundred million gold on PC NA, for example.

The ideal traits to look out for are &#;Aggressive&#; for damage dealing gear, &#;Bolstering&#; for tank gear (shield, 1h), &#;Soothing&#; for healer gear (restoration staff) and &#;Quickened&#; on Jewelry.

Anywhere in Tamriel
Companion gear has a very small chance at dropping from any mob in the game, but you are more likely to receive a higher quality drop from killing bosses (World Bosses, Delve Bosses, Dungeon Bosses etc). Your companion has to be active in order to have a chance at receiving a companion gear drop.


Stygian was reworked to provide hybrid stats instead of just exclusively magicka ones, and it now has an extra line of penetration. While there is currently a bug on the live server that prevents Stygian&#;s 5 piece effect from carrying over to the front or back bar, this set is still fairly strong and there has been newfound demand for it. Once this bug is corrected and Stygian is able to be one-barred, it should experience even greater demand.

The ideal pieces for this set are: jewelry, stamina weapons in sharpened (particularly daggers, maces, swords).

Meritorious Service

Meritorious Service has already been a very solid support pvp set, but now that it has been reworked so that it may proc on group members more reliably this patch, we can expect to see a surge in interest in obtaining and utilizing this set for group compositions in pvp.

Imperial City
Meritorious Service gear can be obtained from the respective gear coffers in the Imperial City. These coffers can be purchased from the IC gear merchant located at your alliance&#;s sewer base. Ideal pieces for this set are: body pieces (in impenetrable), and weapons (particularly resto staves in powered, shields in impen or sturdy)

Plaguebreak, Dark Convergence, Hrothgar&#;s

Three new sets have been introduced to the game this patch. They can be obtained from &#;Rewards of the Worthy&#; boxes, which you get every time you earn 20k AP in Cyrodiil, the Imperial City, or through battlegrounds. While Hrothgar&#;s Chill has since been nerfed in between patches to be near useless, Plaguebreak and Dark Convergence remain untouched and continue to prove that they are incredibly strong options in pvp.

Rewards of the Worthy Coffers
RoTW coffers appear in your mailbox every time you earn 20k through various pvp activities. Ideal pieces for these sets include: body pieces (in impenetrable), weapons (in sharpened).

ESO Waking Flame Gold Guide:

Check out the accompanying video to this post below:

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The NEW Sul-Xan motifs can be acquired by completing the Rockgrove weekly quest!

Have you heard about what is in store for next patch? You may want to consider not binding specific items this patch to prepare for the potential economic impact that may occur after Waking Flame&#;

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the Blackwood patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in Blackwood.

Ivory Brigade Clasps

The demand for these clasps remains steady, despite being introduced nearly 4 months ago. With so many new furnishing plans and homes being added to the game over the past several months, the amount of incoming clasps procured from daily rewards and deconning Frostbite gear just hasn&#;t been able to satisfy the thirst of housing enthusiasts, which bodes well for their prices! We can expect to see a slight decline in price in light of the Bounties of Blackwood event, but their price will surely recover because of their steady demand.

Leyawiin Daily Quest Rewards + From Deconning Ivory Brigade Gear
Upon completing and handing in a Blackwood daily quest, you will receive a daily reward coffer. Opening these coffers gives you a chance to receive an Ivory Brigade Clasp. You may also deconstruct gear in the Ivory Brigade Style (Frostbite) for a chance at receiving its style material.

Waking Flame, Sul-Xan and Black-Fin Legion Motifs

A handful of new motifs have been added this patch. They all look quite similar in nature and share a defining feature: they show off a lot of skin! These kinds of motifs have a steady track record of selling for a fair amount of gold because of this feature.

The Cauldron, Rockgrove, Leyawiin Delve Dailies (respectively)
Waking Flame motifs have a chance to drop from completing The Cauldron on veteran difficulty, and are guaranteed to drop on the hard mode difficulty. Sul Xan motifs can drop from the weekly trial quest reward coffers that you get from completing Rockgrove. The Black Fin motifs can drop from the daily delve reward coffers that you receive upon completing daily delve quests in Leyawiin.

Perfect Roe

There seems to be a perfect roe shortage! These rare materials that have a chance to drop from filleting fish have experienced a surge in price as the demand for them far exceeds their supply. Perfect roe is necessary for the gold magicka recovery food, Clockwork Citrus Fillet, and it is used to craft experience potions. Even more expensive xp pots require the use of a cheaper xp pot to craft, so do recall that perfect roe is necessary for more than just the psijic ambrosia. On PC NA, the price of perfect roe has risen from around 30k per unit, to closer to 55k per unit in the span of a few short weeks.

Perfect Roe has a chance to drop upon filleting fish. Fish can be caught from fishing in different kinds of fishing holes. To be mindful of the fact that certain bait should be used in certain fishing hole types, and that the failure to do so may lead you to reel in trash.

Public Dungeon Fragments:
Scaly Cloth Scraps & Inscribed Shards

The mobs from the two public dungeons in Blackwood (The Silent Halls and Zenithar Abbey) have a chance to drop collectible fragments that, once enough of them are collected and combined, can create neat items! If you collect 50 Scaly Cloth Fragments from The Silent Halls, you can combine them to create the Thrafey Debutant Gown costume. If you colect 50 Inscribed Shards from Zenithar Abbey, you can create the Replica Zenithar Adytum Gate furnishing. Considering just how many of these fragments are needed to create their respective items, it comes as no surprise that their price remains relatively high a patch after they have been introduced. Do recall that in situations like these, the more of these items you can sell at once (in a bundle) the better, so be sure to charge more per unit if you sell in bulk!

Blackwood Public Dungeons: The Silent Halls & Zenithar Abbey
Public Dungeon Fragments have a small chance at dropping when defeating enemies inside public dungeons that are located in zones that were released as chapters.

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Perfect Roe has experienced a sharp incline in price! If you&#;re looking for something more relaxing to do on ESO while earning a bit of gold, you may wish to consider fishing in the most profitable spot in the game!

Make Gold From PVPing This Midyear Mayhem!

The pvp meta has changed and MYM is set to take place during the Blackwood patch! Learn more about all of the different ways to make gold by pvping in ESO!

The following items are in high demand for the Blackwood patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

Do keep in mind the fact that different player bases across different platforms may respond to these changes differently.

-Procs have returned to all pvp zones but have experienced some minor changes (they now scale off of your max stats, for example). This pvp meta is similar to that of the meta in Markarth, only players are going to have to look into building into their stats (max mag/stam, spell/weapon damage etc) as opposed to just stacking offensive proc sets.

-Health recovery has been indirectly nerfed in light of the new changes to how the buff, &#;Battle Spirit&#;, works. This change has pushed health recovery sets out of the limelight. Instead, sets that provide valuable defensive buffs and sets that provide resistances will be preferred when players are looking to build defensively for pvp.

Mark Of The Pariah

In light of the changes that were made to how &#;Battle Spirit&#; works this patch, Pariah has been the go-to set of choice for players that prefer to play tanky builds in pvp or are looking to incorporate a defensive set into their build. Previously, building into health recovery was a viable way to add bulk to a build, but now that this value is halved in pvp zones from the battle spirit buff, players have found that building for greater resistances is now the way to go. While the craftable set &#;Fortified brass&#; also provides resistances, Pariah will outperform this set starting at 90% health, so it is absolutely a better option.

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Weapons (particularly shields, 1h weapons, and surprisingly mauls, and inferno staves have sold well on PC NA as well), Body pieces in Impenetrable and Reinforced for the big pieces (Chest, Legs), Jewelry.

Companion Gear

I&#;m sure that no one is surprised to see this entry on the list. Seeing as companions have just recently been implemented in Blackwood, gear for our new adventure buddies is not only incredibly sought after, but it&#;s worth a fair amount. While many have theorized that these ludicrous prices for companion gear in the ideal traits will be short-lived (and for green and blue companion gear, it has been), there is no doubt that there is still a population of players out there willing to pay an arm and a leg for the best gear for their companion, especially if it is in the purple rarity, and the preferred trait. We will have to wait and see how long this demand for &#;BiS&#; companion gear will last!

The ideal traits to look out for are &#;Aggressive&#; for damage dealing gear, &#;Bolstering&#; for tank gear (shield, 1h), &#;Soothing&#; for healer gear (restoration staff) and &#;Quickened&#; on Jewelry.

Anywhere in Tamriel
Companion gear has a very small chance at dropping from any mob in the game, but you are more likely to receive a higher quality drop from killing bosses (World Bosses, Delve Bosses, Dungeon Bosses etc). Your companion has to be active in order to have a chance at receiving a companion gear drop.

Clever Alchemist

A tried and true damage set for magicka and stamina pvp builds alike. Clever alchemist is often used as a backbar offensive set. Backbar weapons and jewels have had a record of selling for a lot of gold. On PC NA, gold Clever Alch jewels were able to sell for 2 mil each.

Clever Alch items require 7 traits in order to be crafted. Access crafting stations for Clever Alchemist at your guild house (if available), or in No Shira&#;s Workshop in Hew&#;s Bane. Popular traits would be Impenetrable for light armor, Reinforced (on big, heavy pieces like Cuirass and Greaves), Infused or Defensive for backbar weapons (bow, sword and board) and Well Fitted on medium armor pieces. Gold Jewels of this set have previously sold for 2 million gold on PC NA.

Daedric Trickery

A strong (and craftable!) defensive set that can be used in place of Pariah in a pvp environment. This set can be crafted in any weight, making it a great versatile option for players of all specs and classes looking to incorporate some more healing, mobility and ult generation into their pvp build.

Daedric Trickery items require 8 traits to be able to be crafted. Access Daedric Trickery stations at your guild house (if available), or in the Randas Ancestral Tomb in Vvardenfell. Popular traits would be Impenetrable, Reinforced (on big, heavy pieces like Cuirass and Greaves), and even Well Fitted on medium armor pieces.

Diamond&#;s Victory

This new craftable set that came out with Blackwood has proven to work as an alternative to more &#;meta&#; dps sets in pve especially. Nightblades and Necromancers can benefit the most from this set as they can proc both the melee supremacy and ranged supremacy buffs at the same time, instead of in succession/in a rotation. Since Diamond&#;s Victory doesn&#;t require too many traits to craft, it won&#;t be as valuable as other previous craftable sets in the past that have performed well, like the 9-trait NMA, but crafting some divines DV gear to sell would still provide you with significantly more gold than if you were to simply sell the crafting materials required to do so.

Diamond&#;s Victry items require 5 traits to be able to be crafted. Access Diamond&#;s Victory stations at your guild house (if available), or at the Pentric Run crafting location in Blackwood. Popular traits would be divines body pieces, precise weapons (specifically bows, inferno staves)

A Handful Of New Ways To Make Gold In ESO!

Check out the video that I did before Blackwood launched about all of the new possible gold-making ventures that this new chapter will bring to the game! While I created this video from my time spent on the PTS, all of the topics discussed in the video are still very much relevant now that Blackwood has arrived on the live server!

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The NEW Ancestral Akaviri motifs can be acquired from finding a lead from a Blackwood treasure map chest, and then scrying and excavating for it!

Check out my video to learn about some neat Blackwood furnishing plan farming locations as well as how you can go about farming these plans in an efficient manner!

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the Blackwood patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in Blackwood.

Ivory Brigade Clasps

The new Leyawiin furnishings have been a smash hit in the community. People have paid millions for these new plans to be able to craft these gorgeous new furnishings, but in order to do so, an Ivory Brigade Clasp (or two!) is needed! Much like Shimmering Sands and Culanda Lacquers and Arkthzand Sprockets, these Ivory Brigade Clasps are absolutely essential to all furnishing enthusiasts!

Leyawiin Daily Quest Rewards + From Deconning Ivory Brigade Gear
Upon completing and handing in a Blackwood daily quest, you will receive a daily reward coffer. Opening these coffers gives you a chance to receive an Ivory Brigade Clasp. You may also deconstruct gear in the Ivory Brigade Style (Frostbite) for a chance at receiving its style material.

Ancestral Akaviri Motifs

Ancestral Akaviri motifs were implemented in Blackwood and are highly sought after, much like their Ancestral Reach counterparts. Like all previous ancestral motifs, these motifs are acquired by way of the antiquities system. You must first find a lead for an Ancestral Akaviri motif by digging up a Blackwood Treasure Map Chest (a lead is not guaranteed). Scrying this lead will direct you to the excavation site where, upon successfully excavating the motif, you will be rewarded with a singular Ancestral Akaviri motif.

Blackwood Treasure Maps
A lead of an Ancestral Akaviri motif has a chance to drop from any Blackwood Treasure Map Chest &#; not just any chest, only the ones that are associated with treasure maps for the zone! Treasure maps can be found in chests, thieves troves, document satchels, Harrowstorm remains and occasionally from mobs.

Leyawiin and Deadlands Furnishing Plans

A plethora of new furnishing plans have been released in Blackwood. These plans compliment a lot of the newer houses that were recently featured in the crown store (Kushalit Sanctuary, Water&#;s Edge, etc) and are very versatile. These new furnishings have been highly sought after, with some purple plans selling for upwards of 1 million gold during the first week of Blackwood&#;s launch, and blue plans selling for anywhere from k on PC NA in the same week. The values for these plans will decrease as hype dwindles and the market gets more saturated with plans, but they will continue to be a good source of gold regardless.

Furnishing plans have a chance to drop from any container (backpacks, cupboards, wardrobes, cabinets, nightstands etc) in the zone.

Public Dungeon Fragments:
Scaly Cloth Scraps & Inscribed Shards

The mobs from the two new public dungeons in Blackwood (The Silent Halls and Zenithar Abbey) have a chance to drop collectible fragments that, once enough of them are collected and combined, can create neat items! If you collect 50 Scaly Cloth Fragments from The Silent Halls, you can combine them to create the Thrafey Debutant Gown costume. If you colect 50 Inscribed Shards from Zenithar Abbey, you can create the Replica Zenithar Adytum Gate furnishing. Because these fragments and the collectible items that they can create are new, people will be more interested and inclined to purchase them. In situations like these, the more of these items you can sell at once (in a bundle) the better. Be sure to charge more per unit if you sell in bulk!

Blackwood Public Dungeons: The Silent Halls & Zenithar Abbey
Public Dungeon Fragments have a small chance at dropping when defeating enemies inside public dungeons that are located in zones that were released as chapters.

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The NEW Leyawiin and Deadlands Furnishing plans look great and are quite popular among housing enthusiasts. Check out how you can get your hands on them!

My Preferred Wrothgar Chest Farming Route!

Where To Get Blackwood And Deadlands Furnishing Plans

Check out my video on farming furnishing plans in Blackwood and how to do so efficiently!

When it comes to farming furnishing plans in ESO, regardless of the location, there are a couple things that you are going to want to keep in mind:

Furnishing plans have cooldowns. This means that once you search a container (like a wardrobe, trunk, cupboard, etc) and it populates itself with a furnishing plan, you will not be able to find another furnishing plan of equal color for a set amount of time.

While cooldowns on furnishing plans have never been confirmed by the ZOS devs, the community has reached a general consensus that they exist. The community has proposed that there is no cooldown on green furnishing plans, a 15 minute (ish) cooldown on blue plans, and a half hour cooldown on purple plans.

This cooldown is character specific, not account wide. This means that while you may be on a cooldown for receiving blue furnishing plans on one character, your other characters are exempt from this. In light of this, a lot of players like to &#;park&#; their toons in a furnishing plan farming location and then log onto each one to run laps around the place until they find a good furnishing plan and get put on a cooldown.

Councillor Jirich’s Manor

I&#;d like to give a quick shoutout to Manabu (@TheManabuSan on PC NA) for sharing this really resourceful location with my community on my discord server! He found this place instantly, on the first day, and was kind enough to share this spot with the rest of us &#; so thank you! There have been a handful of community members that have farmed this spot with all of their toons and made some serious coin selling the plans!

Councilor Jirich&#;s manor can be accessible after doing some of the first quest of the main storyline of Blackwood, called &#;A Deadly Secret&#;. After investigating some murders, your journey will take you to Jirich&#;s manor, where you are to speak with Eveli.

You can keep this manor accessible by refusing to speak to Eveli, and likewise continuing on with your quest. Once you progress past a certain point (where you enter the Leyawiin Castle) you will no longer have access to this manor until you complete the rest of the quest.

This is a great spot to park all of your alt characters at so that you may periodically log on to all of them to run a quick lap around the place.

The containers in Councilor Jirich&#;s manor are all searchable, meaning there is a greater chance at retrieving a Leyawiin furnishing plan from interacting with a container than there would be if you had to steal from these containers.

The castle in Leyawiin also serves as a pretty reasonable place to farm the new Leyawiin furnishing plans. All of the containers in this location are not searchable, but there are plenty of containers to loot from nonetheless.

What is quite convenient about this particular location is the fact that you have to experience a load screen every time you exit or enter it. This means that once you have finished emptying all of the containers inside, you can simply walk out and walk back in to have all of the containers reset. This saves you quite a lot of time as you will not have to port out to a player and then port back to Leyawiin and make your way back to the building.

While most of the containers in the buildings in Gideon can not be &#;searched&#; through, but rather &#;stolen&#; from, the sheer volume of containers in this location makes up for the lesser chance at receiving a furnishing plan via stealing.

When looking for furnishing plans in Gideon, I like visiting the following buildings:

  • The Gideon Courthouse (steal)
  • The Temple of Dibella (steal)
  • The Governor&#;s Mansion (steal)
  • Amnis Manor (searchable!)

Once I have finished running through each building, I port out of Blackwood and back in to run another lap around the place seeing as the containers have been repopulated!

You can collect the new Deadlands furnishing plans from the chests (that&#;s right, plural) that you open in the Deadlands. There is a chest that you can loot at the very last encounter, but what many do not know is that there is another secret chest!

In the room before the final boss, you will find four fiery guardians standing guard. If you kill all of them, a secret boss will spawn that will also reward you with a lootable golden chest upon being defeated. You can go back and forth between this secret boss and the final boss to quickly farm the chests for deadlands furnishing plans. Many thanks go out to SithDi, from my discord server, for sharing this neat little detail with us!

If you do not want to go hunting for a portal to the deadlands, an alternative method for entering this fiery realm would be to simply find a friend or guildmate that is already in the deadlands, and then using the &#;port to player&#; function. It will take you to the start of the deadlands, so you will still have to make your way to the end to be able to farm these plans, but at least this saves you from having to go looking for these portals in the first place!

A new assortment of ancestral motif pages were introduced in update This new style is the Ancestral Akaviri Style. Keep reading to find out how you can acquire this new ESO style for yourself!

Where To Get Ancestral Akaviri Motifs

Much like all of the other Ancestral Motif styles in ESO, you can get Ancestral Akaviri Motifs by first acquiring a lead for them and then excavating it.

A common misconception:

A lot of players were under the impression that Ancestral Akaviri motifs could be found while scrying and excavating antiquities in Blackwood. Some players figured that these motifs functioned lke the additional items that are rewarded after a successful excavation, much like the Indeko rune. In reality, the Ancestral Akavii motifs function like all other ancestral motifs &#; a lead for one of the Ancestral Akaviri styles (legs, shoulders etc) must first be found, and then that lead has to be excavated in order to receive a singular motif.

Leads for the Ancestral Akaviri Motifs have a chance to drop from the following treasure map chests:

These treasure maps have a chance to drop from mobs, reward satchels, chests, thieves troves among other things.

Ancestral Akaviri Style Showcase

Check out the video below to view Tianlein&#;s style showcase for the Ancestral Akaviri motifs! I highly recommend her channel for all things fashion-related on ESO!

How To Find Ancestral Motif Leads

Like any other Ancestral Motif style, leads for Ancestral Motifs are not guaranteed after looting a treasure chest associated with your treasure map &#; but there is a chance that they could drop from them. If you are looking to collect these motifs, your best bet is to go ahead and buy the kinds of treasure maps mentioned previously, or farm the treasure maps by looting from a bunch of containers that could potentially drop them.

While we are on the topic of acquiring these Blackwood treasure maps&#;. please do not be unkind and attempt to scam unaware players in zone chat! Likewise, if you see someone attempting to buy treasure maps that lead to potential ancestral motif pages for a very, very low price, be sure to educate zone chat instead of keeping them in the dark! No one likes zone chat scammers! And not everyone could be aware that their treasure map has the chance to drop an expensive motif!

Making Gold In ESO Without Trading

I would recommend trading in ESO to anyone that is even remotely interested in making gold in this game. There is just so much value that is derived from items that are in demand, such as new motif styles that look amazing, or gear that can help improve your damage in pvp and pve, or materials that are needed to craft new furnishings that are regularly added to the game.

So many of these tradeable items can be acquired simply by playing the game &#; harvesting nodes, completing daily quests, slaying world bosses etc. And what better way to reward your time spent playing ESO than with gold, once you sell your wares to a player that needs them?

And for that reason, I&#;d recommend trading to make gold in ESO. The amount of gold that you can earn without trading in this game pales in comparison to the amount of gold that you&#;d make from selling your wares in a trading guild, or even in zone chat!

That being said, there are some players that greatly dislike ESO&#;s trading guild system and refuse to be apart of it. While I disagree with this mentality, I can respect these peoples&#; opinions, and I can see where they are coming from. The current guild trader system is not ideal, but it is the only one we have, and we can chose to partake in it, or not &#; that&#;s completely up to the player!

Some players are also very new to ESO, and do not yet have the means to acquire valuable items to sell. It took me about two or three months of playing ESO before I went ahead and joined a trading guild. Had I just joined one the second I escaped the Wailing Prison for the very first time and arrived at Sedya Neen to embark on my journey across Vvardenfell, I wouldn&#;t have had anything to sell, save for some prisoner&#;s rags and a scrap of cheese that I may have looted from a box while completing the Morrowind tutorial!

So this article goes out to you guys &#; those of you that are new to ESO and are not quite ready to delve into the world of trading in ESO, and those of you that prefer not to join the trading scene as a means to make gold. Fortunately for you guys, there are some gold-making alternatives out there!

Check out my video that discusses the same gold making strategies that are mentioned in this article!

Once per day per character, you may pick up daily crafting writ quests at a &#;writ board&#; located in multiple different cities (you have to first become certified, although this hardly takes any time).

Daily crafting writs in ESO are simple quests that require you to craft a handful of items specific to the writ in question. For example, a woodworking writ may require you to craft a handful of staves, or an alchemy writ may require you to craft a specific potion.

Once completed, writs can be handed in at a writ dropoff location &#; an area in the town that has a handful of boxes that can be interacted with to complete your quest. After handing in your writs, you will receive a reward coffer.

These writ reward coffers contain a plethora of useful items associated with the writ in question. A reward coffer for a woodworking writ has the chance to drop woodworking upgrade materials, for example, like Rosin or Mastic. A reward coffer for an alchemy writ will yield a handful of alchemical reagents, like Cornflower, or Bugloss. These reward coffers also have a chance to yield master writs. Lastly, there is a chance that you can receive a survey, which is a map that will take you to a special location that has plenty of &#;rich&#; nodes related to the writ in question. These rich nodes yield far more resources than your average node, so I would highly recommend doing your surveys!

Besides having a chance to drop all of these really resourceful items, writs also reward you with a sum of gold upon completion. For many, even experienced traders, doing daily writs is an integral part of their daily ESO routine. In fact, many players complete their daily writs on all of their chacracters because of how financially rewarding they are.

When I first started playing ESO (I&#;m talking my first two months ever playing the game) I made most of my income by stealing items in ESO. I&#;d steal items from containers and NPCs and then sell them to the fence! I made about k gold an hour doing this.

If you crouch, you have the option to enter stealth and steal items from containers (cupboards, cabinets, desks, nightstands, backpacks etc) as well as from NPCs without being detected and racking up a bounty.

While there is a chance to steal resourceful items, such as lockpicks, style materials, and furnishing plans from containers and NPCs, most of the items that you are going to be looting serve little purpose than to be sold to a fence for a sum of gold. Fences are located in outlaw&#;s refuges, which can be found in all major cities.

Be mindful of the fact that you can only sell and launder so many items to a fence teach day. You can upgrade this limit by putting some skill points into the &#;trafficker&#; passive in the Legerdemain skill line.

You can also increase your chances at successfully pickpocketing by putting some more skill points into the &#;light fingers&#; passive of the same skill line.

I&#;d highly recommend leveling up this skill line as it will come in quite handy once you progress in the game and get to the point where you may want to consider farming chests for loot (to use or to sell). Fully upgrading the &#;locksmith&#; passive will save you a lot of time when opening chests since your chances at forcing a lock are significantly improved.

When you play ESO, you collect a lot of items passively from defeating mobs, especially gear. If you collect unwanted gear that comes from a unique style, then I&#;d recommend deconstructing it for a chance at receiving its valuable style material. However, some gear is not associated with any set, nor is it of any particularly interesting style. Unless the gear is purple, it is better off sold to a merchant for gold (blue and green gear have a chance to drop blue and green tempers, which do not sell for as much as the gear itself had it just been sold to a merchant).

Some ESO gear is also ornate. Ornate gear is meant to be sold to the merchant, as merchants will pay you more for it. You can recognize ornate gear by its iconic &#;money bag&#; icon.

You have a very high chance at receiving ornate gear from the mobs in Imperial City, so if you are looking to farm ornates, I&#;d recommend the IC sewers. Be mindful of the fact that IC is a pvp zone, so while there are a lot of PvE mobs to kill, there is also the chance that you may run into a player that wants to kill you!

There are a lot of locations in ESO that are densely populated with hostile mobs. Besides being an excellent means to farm experience, if you can kill a whole bunch of adds in a relatively short amount of time, the gold that you can earn from doing so can be pretty reasonable.

People often prefer killing a whole bunch of mobs in public dungeons. Here are some reasons for considering farming public dungeons for gold in ESO:

  • Adds in public dungeons reward you with more gold upon being defeated and looted
  • Adds in public dungeons respawn very quickly
  • When running around a public dungeon, you can hit the public dungeon world bosses for additional loot &#; a piece of gear that is specific to the zone!
  • There are a lot of leads that are acquirable by means of defeating adds in public dungeons. If you are interested in antiquities at all, you&#;ll likely have to farm mobs in public dungeons anyways

Antiquities come with the Greymoor chapter. While the main premise of scrying and excavating antiquities revolves around gathering unique furnishings, motifs, and pieces that, when combined, create OP mythic items, you can actually make a decent amount of gold from retrieving antiquities.

When you first start levelling up your scrying and excavating skill lines, you will only really have the option to scry for &#;treasures&#;. These treasures serve no purpose than to be sold to a merchant for gold. If you successfully excavate a green treasure and find a few other additional pieces of loot, you will be able to find a lead for a blue treasure. If you do the same with a blue treasure, you will be able to get a lead for a purple treasure, worth 5k!

While you can passively earn gold and valuable items from any particularly successful dig, you can also actively farm gold by repeatedly scrying and excavating treasure leads seeing as they are free (you do not need to acquire a lead for them like all other antiquities).

I would recommend farming treasure leads for gold in Artaeum. Artaeum is a small island with no hostile mobs, so it easy to get around and there are no mobs the inconvenience you while you are on your grind. It is possible to make upwards of 25k an hour from doing this if you are efficient when scrying and excavating.

In Conclusion. . .

While there are ways to make gold in ESO without trading at all, the amount of gold that you can make per hour of grinding really does not compare to the amount of gold that you could get if you sold the gear or materials or motifs that you could get from spending the exact same amount of time farming nodes, or killing world bosses and looting chests for gear, or doing the vDLC pledge for a fancy motif and then selling it on your guild store.

If you are a new player, I&#;d consider joining a trading guild whenever you feel like you have enough capital to do so. There are plenty of noob-friendly trading guilds out there with reasonable dues and sales expectations, so I&#;d say go for it! I personally joined my first trading guild when I only had 40k to my name, and now I am writing guides about making gold on ESO, so I must have done something right 😉

And if you are against the ESO trading guild system, then I am not really going to try to change your mind &#; you are absolutely entitled to your own opinion and you should play ESO however you prefer. But if you really are looking to make a lot of gold to buy extra things, like new motifs or furnishings for your home, you may want to seriously consider joining a trading guild to be most successful at doing so.

The following items are in high demand for the Flames Of Ambition patch:

Armor Sets

The following sets have either just been introduced in the current patch, buffed in the current patch, or they may have replaced other sets that have been nerfed in the current patch. One way or another, they are in-demand now!

-Because proc sets do not wok in Cyrodiil, the PC meta revolves around burst damage and stat-heavy builds

Spriggan&#;s Thorns

What a throwback eh? Given the fact that procs will continue to not function in Cyrodiil, Spriggan&#;s is one of the only sets that can be used in open world pvp. It is preferred by many stam pvpers as it is one of the heaviest-hitting options that still work in Cyrodiil, thus, the demand for this set is relatively high. This means you can charge much more than usual for Spriggan&#;s this patch!

The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Stamina weapons (particularly maces, swords, greatswords and mauls), Body pieces in Impenetrable and Well-Fitted, Jewelry.

Spinner&#;s Garments

This oldie (but a goodie) of a set has seen a resurgence in demand for the same reasons as it&#;s stam cousin, Spriggan&#;s. Pvpers looking to deal out massive damage in Cyrodiil this patch will have no choice but to get their hands on a set like Spinner&#;s, seeing as there are not a lot of other options in light of the no-procs rule that has been implemented until Q3.

Malabal Tor
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Magicka weapons (inferno & lightning staves), body pieces in Impen and Well-fitted.

Crafty Alfiq

Crafty Alfiq has always been a sought-after set, as it has always been a strong option for pvp builds. Now that it is one of the only sets that can be used in Cyrodiil, couple with the fact that it is already common knowledge that this is a great set, the prices for Crafty Alfiq have experienced a significant increase.

Northern Elsweyr
The ideal pieces and traits for this set are: Magicka Weapons (Inferno, Lightning, Ice & Resto Staves) , Body pieces in Impenetrable and Well-Fitted

How To Get Spriggan&#;s Gear Easily

I have a well-received video on my YouTube channel that quickly depicts a really efficient chest route in Bangkorai! Check it out to see how you can run into a whole bunch of chests in such a little amount of time &#; it&#;s a great way to quickly accumulate Spriggan&#;s gear!

Hold up! Did you know that DAGGERS are considered BiS this patch for MAGICKA builds? Well, when it comes to parsing that is. Be sure to sell any daggers that you get in popular mag sets (like Mother&#;s Sorrow) for high prices to accommodate the overwhelming demand for them!

For reference, a PRECISE MOTHER&#;S SORROW DAGGER sold for up to k on PC during the pinnacle of the melee mag hype. As of updating this post, they currently go for around k.

ESO Flames Of Ambition

Featured Post

ZOS announced that procs would remain disabled in Cyrodiil (on the PC servers, although console players will be experiencing this soon enough) until Q3. Find out how this massive change affects the ESO economy.

Consumables + Materials

The following consumables have either been buffed, have replaced other consumables that have been nerfed, or are in greater demand because of a shift in the meta in the FOA patch (or, you know, they are new and shiny and people want them). The materials are popular because they are required to make these consumables that are in-demand, or because they have become more desirable through changes or reinforcements made in FOA.


Because the CP cap was increased to and the entire CP system was re-worked, earning XP is a top priority for a vast majority of players. Thus, consumables that help promote this process are experiencing a surge in price. All three ambrosias have increased in price significantly!

Learned From Recipes
Psijic Ambrosia Fragments are received from completing provisioning writs, the Aetherial Ambrosia recipe can be purchased with vouchers, and the Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia recipe is obtained by combining an Aetheric Cipher with an Ambrosia Recipe. Aetheric Ciphers are insanely rare drops from nodes/adds and from the jubilee event.

Aetherial Dust & Diminished Aetherial Dust

Seeing as Ambrosias are flying off the shelf this patch, naturally, the materials required to craft them are just as sought-after!

Purchased or Found
Diminished Aetherial Dust can be purchased for writ vouchers and Aetherial Dust is an incredibly rare drop from harvesting nodes in base-game zones.

Perfect Roe

Perfect Roe is necessary for making Psijic Ambrosias! Although it is the consummable that rewards the lowest amount of XP boost (50%), it is still integral to the crafting process of the other more powerful ambrosias!

Perfect Roe can be acquired as a rare drop from filleting fish!

Alchemy Writs

Completing and turning in writs (especially if you have an xp boost active) is one of the fastest ways to gain a whole bunch of xp! Seeing as all of your characters are going to want to be alchemists (for that juicy potion passive) and alchemy writs are fairly painless to complete, they are the writ of choice to spam for maximum xp gain. In light of this, their prices have tripled on PC/NA!

Daily Writs
Alchemy Master Writs have a chance to drop upon completing a daily alchemy writ, received from a writboard in any major city that has them.

Culanda Lacquer

Culanda Lacquer is needed to craft Summerset furnishings. It has been a long time since the Summerset event, which means that this valuable material&#;s price has fully recovered! With the introduction of all of these new lovely houses in ESO, the demand for equally lovely furnishing materials has flourished!

Summerset Dailies
You receive one (1) Culanda Lacquer in every reward coffer that you get from completing Summerset daily quests for the divine prosecution and Battlereeve Tanerline (World Boss, Delve & Geyser Dailies)

The Best Place To Grind XP & Earn Gold In ESO

Looking to grind some cp so that you can invest in some more neat passives? Wanna earn a lot of gold while you do so? Check out my favourite lil&#; spot to do just that, or peep the comments to see if there are any other xp-grinding routes that resonate with you!

Over the course of the past several months, the ESO developers have implemented a series of varying &#;performance tests&#; in Cyrodiil on the PC servers. In the middle of February, they implemented a test wherein proc sets were disabled in Cyrodiil. The devs concluded that, much like all of their other tests, the no-procs test did not impact performance in a significant manner.

However, because of a surge of overwhelmingly positive feedback from players in regards to Cyrodiil gameplay and how healthy and enjoyable these no-procs changes have been for the ESO pvp scene, it has been decided that proc sets will continue to remain disabled in Cyrodiil until update 31 launches in Quarter 3, some time in the Fall. Community Manager Gina Bruno released a post on the ESO forums that discusses this notion.

These changes promote a skill-based pvp meta, where players must rely on executing clever combos and utilizing stat-dense sets if they wish to dish out some serious damage. Players must learn how to properly position themselves and kite out the enemy if they wish to survive in this meta, as opposed to relying on proc sets to protect them, or do all of the damage for them.

If players want to pvp in Cyrodiil, they have no choice but to utilize non-proc sets. All of the sets that will work in Cyrodiil until update 31 are listed below:

Moreover, if players wish to pvp with meta sets (the strongest and arguably best sets) until update 31, then they will be wearing the sets that I will discuss in this article.

Proc Sets Disabled In Cyrodiil? What Does This Mean For The ESO Market?

The disabling of procs has forced the hands of those interested in pvping in Cyrodiil to acquire and incorporate the aforementioned sets in their builds. Some of these sets can be obtained from dungeons, while others can be crafted or attainted from overland zones. The latter two examples provide some great ways to earn gold during these ESO pvp changes.

Because of the heightened demand for the best sets in the list above, sellers can afford to raise the prices of those set pieces and reap the benefits of these pvp changes! It may be worthwhile to dedicate some time towards getting your hands on these sets to sell for lucrative amounts of gold!


How To Fully Level ESO from lvl in Just a couple days &#; !

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to get a fully optimized and proven effective leveling build if you want to level up in Elder Scrolls Online quickly and/or efficiently! There are many ways to earn XP in Elder Scrolls Online. Here is a basic guide for PC, Xbox One & PS4 that will help you level up fast&#; (The guide our members find most effective for leveling in Elder Scrolls Online is ESO Leveling Guide Updated for )

Fun Fast LevelingThe Elder Scrolls Online leveling system is specifically designed to encourage players to follow the story line and complete the quests. You will be rewarded with lots of experience points and faster leveling by doing the main quests in the game. Killing enemies is a great way to earn EXP which will help you level more quickly. Check every crate, barrel and bookshelf you can find and loot everything you see. These are the best ways to gain experience and advance your character. After the first levels you will notice it become much more difficult and time consuming to level up. If you&#;re just doing some random quests and not completely exploring zones, you&#;re missing a lot of the game. Without a solid leveling plan and build, you will spend lots of wasted time with slow results towards Veteran Ranks! Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide &#; Here are a few great proven methods for fun, fast leveling:

leveling 1 to

Questing &#; Questing is a good way to level if you want to go slower and enjoy the game and all it&#;s content. If you&#;re the kind of player who doesn&#;t need to get to end-game as quickly as possible, then do all the quests you can find. Generally, regular questing will take about hours of playtime.

Multi-pronged &#; If, on the other hand, you want to power level and reach VR as faster, here are the basic tips and tricks that will get you there rather quickly. Once you enter a zone you&#;ll want to equip yourself completely with gear with the exploration trait. You&#;ll want to run thru the entire zone to unlock the wayshrines, dolmens, towns, world bosses and so on. Do not pick up all the random quests&#; the only quests you&#;ll want to do is Fighter&#;s & Mage&#;s guilds, your faction quest and Varen&#;s main story quests. Defeat all World Bosses and Dolmens you come into contact with &#; this will earn extra XP as you go. Since your goal is to get done what is needed in each zone as fast as possible, get to one level below the max for that zone and go to the next zone. Try to stay a level below your quests as well since that is where you&#;ll receive the maximum XP for completing them. Generally, this method will take about hours.

Grinding & Grinding Spots &#; Now, if that isn&#;t fast enough for you and you just want to reach level 50 AND you don&#;t care for questing, you&#;ll need to grind. Each zone has several very specific locations that are perfect for grinding and earning high XP fast. You can also grab a friend and get into a public dungeon (be sure the dungeon level matches your current level.) If you&#;re level 36 don&#;t go into a level 28 dungeon! It is not recommended that you repair your gear if you&#;re strictly grinding to reach VR &#; don&#;t waste your gold. Once you reach level 50 you&#;ll have a tremendous amount of gold if you don&#;t use it for repairs! Grinding is very boring and will take about hours of play time.

The fastest way &#; Do the right quests and have fun while leveling fast! How I was able to level AND enjoy the game was by using ESO Leveling Guide. You will level faster than grinding while doing all the right quests. The questing paths they have laid out are right on point allowing you to have fun, experience the game and level up very quickly. I leveled one of my alts to level 50 in about 35 hours using this guide. If you want to level up fast and not miss all the fun aspects of Elder Scrolls Online, this is the best option. This method can take about hours of play time.

“There isn&#;t any other Leveling guide better than this one!” ~ James L. USANo other ESO Leveling guide gets into more detail on what quests you should be completing, where to be farming or running a dungeon and at which level. Skip all the guesswork and follow the tested-and-true leveling guide and you can’t go wrong. This guide is updated and detailed for leveling all 3 factions. I leveled faster completing guests than I did by grinding &#; and it was more fun!


Champion Points:

Questing alone will not get you there. It takes way too long and you&#;ll need to do the dailies in Cyrodiil and/or Upper Craglorn. Again, if getting it done quickly is not your priority then sure, do it this way to enjoy all the content Elder Scrolls Online has to offer but know that it will take a really long time. Also, the exploration method from above (levels ) will not work here because it doesn&#;t reward you very many Veteran Points. You&#;ll want to pair up with a friend and run around collecting Skyshards and take care of all the Delves. Then find and kill the World Bosses and Dolmens before heading to the public dungeon to do the group challenge. This should bring you to at least half a Veteran level before to begin to quest. Veteran mode does not have any main quests so go to Cadwell&#;s Almanac in your journal. This is where you&#;ll find out where to get 4 or 5 zone/faction specific quests. Once you complete one, you&#;ll be close to the next area you need to do. Once these are completed you will need to gain more XP to reach the next level. Next you&#;ll want to get into a small group and go on to Craglorn, dungeons and/or Cyrodiil PvE. You will, at some point reach a Veteran Level and can go on to the next zone where you&#;ll rinse and repeat. after 8 or 9 zones of following these methods you will have completed Caldwell&#;s Gold & Silver and you should be around Veteran Rank Now it&#;s back to Craglorn for grinding time! There are many spots in Upper and Lower Craglorn that are great for grinding&#; here are some of the spots that worked very well for me:

*These are just a few of the best spots and tips I got from ESO Mastery Guides(PC, Xbox One and PS4 &#; )

The Thief &#; This is one of the best grind spots, by far! You can continuously kill the same boss over and over again about every seconds. You can earn over 2 million XP per hour on this one! To get from Veteran Rank 10 to 14 you will need to earn 5 million for each level so this is a good spot to rack it up! Now, you will notice many players camping the spot and take their kills as well. It&#;s not always easy to get into the group and the boss does sometimes bug but I found it to be well worth it. It can be a bit boring since it takes so long but you can level up relatively fast here.

The Tower &#; Less boring, this spot is also great for earning XP. It&#;s almost always open, lots of available spots to join and it&#;s a big group with lots of bosses to kill again and again. It&#;s slightly slower than The Thief but still a great grind spot. You&#;ll be rewarded with plenty of XP here.

Upper Craglorn Bosses &#; Here you&#;ll find plenty of others grinding but there&#;s a good reason for it! This one is a large ring, or loop killing the same 5 or 6 elites again and again generates massive XP.

Balamath &#; Balamath is a 4 player group delve that has, to some extent, been nerfed but still not a bad spot to gain some good XP. There is never a wait and it&#;s always open. It&#;s a pretty good grind path that you can do with your buddies.

Spellscar &#; Large number of mobs to destroy here and a great place for leveling your skills but lower XP gain here. Still worth doing it though.

Aldmeri Dominion Zones and Levels:

  • Khenarthi’s Roost &#; levels
  • Auridon &#; levels
  • Grahtwood &#; levels
  • Greenshade &#; levels
  • Malabal Tor &#; levels
  • Reaper’s March &#; levels

Daggerfall Covenant Zones and Levels:

  • Stros M’kai & Betnikh &#; levels
  • Glenumbra &#; levels
  • Stormhaven &#; levels
  • Rivenspire &#; levels
  • Alik’r Desert &#; levels
  • Bangkorai &#; levels

Ebonheart Pact Zones and Levels:

  • Bleakrock Isle & Bal Foyen &#; levels
  • Stonefalls &#; levels
  • Deshaan &#; levels
  • Shadowfen &#; levels
  • Eastmarch &#; levels
  • The Rift &#; levels

 Neutral Zones and Levels:

  • Cyrodiil &#; levels
  • Coldharbour &#; levels

More Leveling Tips, Tricks and Helpful Information

Grinding is definitely a very quick and effective way (probably the fastest way) to level in ESO but it can be very boring. You will locate areas that contain large amounts of enemies (mobs) that will respawn relatively quickly after being killed, then you kill them again, and so on! So basically you will find the best path to run around and continuously zap mobs for experience points which allow you to level very fast. A good leveling guide will map out all the best grinding spots in each zone of the game.

Delves are similar to dungeons ( just smaller) in the fact that you will find items, skyshards, quests and bosses inside them. Many are easily soloed and do not take much time to explore and get the XP and skill points you want. The larger public dungeons in each zone are the same but also have group challenges that reward tons of XP and skill points. You should be getting these skill points and defeating all bosses in every zone to maximize your XP rewards.

World Bosses will reward you with a large (one time) XP payout. Yes, they can be done again but you will receive just the regular XP for the kill. Now, they are not easy to solo and you&#;ll want to use knockback skills and a build that is capable of high DPS &#; and you&#;ll need to keep other enemies away at the same time. This is where a friend or two comes in very handy.

Dolmens are also a good way to quickly gain XP. You will receive a large amount of XP upon completion for these one-time participation events. You can get in with a group and just use a simple attack or heal and you&#;ll get the credit once it&#;s complete! Unless you want to build up Fighters Guild points, don&#;t bother repeating them &#; it&#;s not worth it. Again, you will want a fully optimized leveling build if you&#;re going to try to solo dolmens. My advice is to let other players know where to come help you and they&#;ll come help!

Dungeons are very much worth the time for leveling as you&#;ll get mobs to kill, a quest to complete, exploration and an achievement. You&#;ll get great XP, a skill point and good rewards and they can be repeated in Veteran Rank level. If you are having a difficult time in a dungeon, get a friend with a higher level and steam thru it to complete the quest and get the skill point. You can also use zone or guild chat to get new people to assist you. I recommend not skipping over the dungeons, you&#;ll wish you hadn&#;t once you return as VR.

Completing quests is a great way to gain experience points. You can do the simpler quests along the way but if you&#;re looking to power level fast, you&#;ll want to stick with the multi-level quests that have 3 or 4 parts to them. The more involved the quest is, the more XP you will be rewarded for it. The main story quests yield the highest XP rewards as well as the faction story, Fighter&#;s guild and Mage&#;s guild quests. They reward huge XP and other rewards and they&#;re not too difficult to complete. If you&#;re not trying to level as quickly as possible, do the smaller/easier quests as well since they are fun and you will get some XP for them.

Good old mob killing while questing will add some decent XP as you&#;re leveling. Always kill enemies along the way while you&#;re questing to gain extra experience. Try to be sure you&#;re going after the more difficult mobs and they return a higher amount of XP. Again, you&#;ll need your build to be optimized for AoE if you want to crush as many as possible at a time. Turning in quests together with exploring and mowing down mobs will deliver good XP as you play ESO.

PvP is undoubtedly lots of fun, however, it&#;s not a fast way to level up. Taking keeps will reward you, as well as achievements, but it wont happen very fast. You will find lots to do in Cyrodiil including quests, dolmens and delves. You will find several questing spots that can be done on a daily basis &#; each spot has ten quests that can be done daily so there is opportunity to gain some XP if that&#;s what you want to do.

Exploring will grant slow XP but it does add up. Make a set of gear using all exploration trait as it will give you more XP if it is equipped. When starting a new zone, use your gear set to run around collecting the quests and &#;finding&#; each location. Your XP will add up over time. Again, this is not a very fast way to level.

Coldharbour is a neutral zone and you&#;ll have to finish all the relevant story quests before you can enter it. As you level up, you&#;ll continuously get a message from the spirit of &#;Varen&#; and he&#;ll ask you to go with him to the Harborage. Go with him each time and complete the quests he gives you.

You will come across some restrictions on where you are able to go in Elder Scrolls Online based on your level. It&#;s best to remain in each zone until you reach the max level for that zone before advancing to the next one.

Start with a great leveling build!

This cannot be stressed enough. You must have the best possible leveling build for your character! You must use the best skill rotations at the right times for optimal leveling. This is the single most important thing you can do to help you level fast and efficiently.I highly recommend getting a guide to help and Mastery&#;s is the best out there.

What I got with Mastery Guides:power leveling

  • A well thought out ESO leveling PLAN &#; The questing and leveling plans for each faction have been tried and proven to be the fastest and most efficient leveling paths for the game.
  • Jammed with easy to follow, step-by-step directions, maps, tools and guidance for finding all important items and quests (which saved me a lot of time) Obviously, locations of all valuable items like Skyshards and much more!
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  • More content than any other guide for ESO &#; hands down!

ESO Mastery Guides is My #1 Go-To Guide For ESO Leveling in

ESO Master GuidesESO Mastery Guides &#; &#;I played the search game for guides & information for Elder Scrolls Online leveling and had the 6 or 7 resources (Reddit pages, TF, the builds calculator sites, etc.) I joined Mastery and never had to do an ESO related search since. It&#;s packed with better leveling info than all those resources combined.&#; ~ Jason M, USA

Read Mastery Guides today for the best Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Strategies


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  2. Ford ranger struts
  3. Lofts for rent st charles
  4. Good morning thursday

Holiday Events are seasonal celebrations in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). During special time periods, recurring and coinciding with real-life events, players will be able to participate in themed activities that yield special rewards.


What are ESO's Holiday Events?


ESO has seasonal events for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It also has special events to commmemorate the launch of DLC, expansions, and special happenings.


The Witches Festival (Halloween) - Running Sometime Fall 

  • October 22 – November 3
  • ( October 24th – November 11th)
  • ( October 18th – November 1st)
  • ( October 20th - November 1st)
  • ( October 13th - November 1st)


New Life Festival (New Year) - Running Sometime Winter

  • December 21 – January 5,
  • ( December 19th - January 1st)
  • ( December 13th – January 2nd)
  • ( December 14th - January 2nd)
  • ( December 14th - January 4th)


Jester's Festival (Spring) - Running Sometime Spring

  • March 25th at 10AM EDT until Thursday, April 1 at 10AM EDT
  • ( March 26 — April 2)
  • ( March - April )
  • ( March 23rd - April 4th)


Midyear Mayhem (Summer & Winter)

  • ( June 25 — July 7)
  • ( January 23 — February 4)
  • ( Jan 10th ~ Jan 22nd)
  • ( July 26th - August 6th )
  • ( July 20th - July 31st)



Anniversary Event (April) - Running in April

  •  April 1st 10AM EDT until April 14th AM EDT
  • April 2nd AM EDT until April 14th AM EDT
  • ( April 4th - April 18th)
  • ( April 4th - April 18th)


Undaunted Pledges Celebration Event

  • November 25 – December 12
  • ( January 9 — January 13, )
  • ( November 14th – November 17th)
  • ( Nov 29th – Dec 5th)
  • Event Tickets for the Undaunted Celebration Event. Receive three tickets from the final boss of the first dungeon you complete that day on top of any normal rewards

ESO 10 Million Stories Dungeons Event:

  • Random Dungeons grant daily special rewards
  • ( Nov 30th - Dec 06th)




DLC Anniversary Events

All DLC events have the same bonuses: Double crafting node gathering, double motif drops, double rewards for World Bosses.

  • Orsinium DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering and motif drops in Wrothgar, Double rewards for Wrothgar World Boss and Delve quests.

  • Thieves Guild DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering, double motif drop rate from World Bosses

  • Dark Brotherhood DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering, double motif drop rate from World Bosses

  • Clockwork City DLC Anniversary Event: Double crafting node gathering, double motif drop rate from World Bosses


How to get an Indrik Mount

  1. Collect Event Tickets by taking part in the event’s daily activities
  2. One Event Ticket can be earned from one activity per day.
  3. Collecting 10 Event Tickets will allow you to buy one Indrik Feather for that specific event from the merchant The Impresario.
  4. The Impresario can be found at their special booth in Daggerfall in Glenumbra, Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls and Vulkhel Guard in Auridon.
  5. Once you have collected all four feathers from each the end of year events, you can summon your very own Nascent Indrik mount!
  6. You can purchase multiple feathers and obtain multiple Indriks so you might evolve them. You can only have one Nascent Indrik mount at a time; you must evolve it before you can unlock a second one.


How to Evolve an Indrik Mount

  1. Participate in events and collect Event Tickets
  2. Some events give 2 event tickets, such as midyear mayhem
  3. Use 10 Event Tickets to buy a special Berry from the Impresario
  4. Each quarter, there are four different berries in a set that can be purchased; the first set are the Dawnwood Berries -- Bloom, Budding, Growth, and Ripeness. The Berries of Bloom will be available in the first event of the quarter, then the Berries of Budding will be added for the second event, etc. The set of Berries available during the second-quarter events will be Luminous Berries, but the same four types.
  5. Use a set of four Berries -- one of each -- to transform your mount. Once you have evolved your Nascent Indrik, you can use a set of four feathers, as described above, to obtain another Nascent Indrik, which you can evolve using a different set of berries. You can only have one of each type of evolved Indrik.


How to participate in ESO's Holiday Events?

During the event period, the Crown Store offers special items that must be used to trigger a special quest. Completing the quest will grant a unique buff allowing players to obtain special items through activities in Tamriel.

Some of the events are PvP-centric, and require access to DLC content such as the Imperial City or Morrowind's Battlegrounds.


Holiday Event Achievements & Rewards

The individual pages list all known achievements and rewards for participating in the events. During these events, player experience (or Alliance Points) gain is boosted by %.

ESO Explorer's Celebration Bonus Event Double XP Oct 12-20

New Life Festival Event



The New Life Festival Event begins Thursday, December 17th at AM EST and continues until Tuesday, January 5th at AM EST.

During the Event, players can earn bonus rewards, a % experience boost, motif pages, Rkindaleft Weapon Style Pages and many more valuables and collectibles. The goal of this Event is to introduce players to the different ways the races of Tamriel celebrate the coming of the New Year!

How to Participate &#; Event Quest & Experience Boost

To participate in the Event you can accept the free Crown Store Quest called &#;The New Life Festival&#;. The quest will guide you to the Event NPC Breda.

You can find Breda, along with other relevant to the Event NPC, at the zone of Eastmarch, South of the Capital Windhelm at the Enchanted Snow Globe Home Location.

new life festival event

When you complete this short, introductory quest, you will unlock nine Daily Quests you can receive from Breda. These quests will send you to different locations around Tamriel and represent each of the races of The Elder Scrolls Online, excluding Imperial.

The first time you complete the &#;The New Life Festival&#; Quest you unlock &#;Breda&#;s Bottomless Mead Mug&#; Memento. By using this Memento you can earn a two-hour % Experience Boost, which you can refresh every time. So you can have a double experience bonus during the entire Event!

Old Life Observance(Remembrance)

This year, the New Life Festival adds for the first time a tenth Daily Quest, for the Imperial Race. The Quest is called Old Life Observance and you can accept it from the Petronius Galenus NPC, located next to Breda.

New Life Festival Daily Quests

In total there are ten Daily Quests you can complete every day during the New Life Event. Each Quest represents one of the ten Races in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Quests are simple to complete and can ask anything from fishing to jumping into frozen water to collecting cooking materials.

These are the ten New Life Festival Quests and what they ask you to do:

Castle Charm Challenge &#; Breton Race

Location: Alcaire Castle, Stormhaven

Perform in and around the Alcaire Castle alone or with other players(optional). You can perform where Revelers are gathered with the tools given to you by the quest.

Fish Boon Feast &#; Argonian Race

Location: Shadowfen

You have to fish one of each Histmuck Blobfin, Shadowfen Creeping Leech, Black Marsh Cucumber. Head to the South-East Shadowfen area and fish in New Life Fishing Holes to catch the three different types of Fish.

Once you have all three, visit Gentle-Heart in Hissmir Ruins to deliver them.

Lava Foot Stomp &#; Dark Elf Race

Location: Davon&#;s Watch, Ebonheart &#; Stonefalls

Visit the Watch House, Fish Stink Tavern, The Ebony Flask and the Hlaalu House to dance! Then return to Breda to complete the quest.

Mud Ball Merriment &#; High Elf Race

Location: Skywatch, Auridon

Throw mud balls at ten NPC or Players. Get into the Skywatch Manor inside the city and throw a mud ball at one of the three Alliance Ambassadors.

Stonetooth Bash &#; Orc Race

Location: Stonetooth Fortress, Betnikh

Matron Borbuga will ask you to retrieve two Stonetooth Mystery Meat and one Betnikh Honeycomb. You can get the items from wolves and wasps in the adjacent areas. Return the items to the NPC, eat and drink and show your &#;appreciation&#;.

Signal Fire Sprint &#; Redguard Race

Location: Bergama, Alik&#;r Desert

Talk to Aubatha to start the challenge. Light the four signal fires before the time runs out.

The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile &#; Khajjit Race

Location: Rawl&#;kha, Reaper&#;s March

Talk to Tumira to start the challenge. Open the three locked Event chests before the time runs out.

Snow Bear Plunge &#; Nord Race

Location: Windhelm, Eastmarch

Jump into frozen water from Cub&#;s Tumble, Horker&#;s Drop and Dead Man&#;s Fall spots around the Windhelm city. After each jump you are afflicted with a Freezing Status Effect. Sit next to the fire to make it disappear faster.

War Orphan&#;s Sojourn &#; Wood Elf Race

Location: Temple of the Eight, Grahtwood

Talk to Ormurrel at the Temple of the Eight, choose between donating gold or killing encroaching wildlife. You can choose to do both.

Old Life Observance &#; Imperial Race

Location: Old Life Shrine, Random Zone

Petronius Galenus will ask you to light a candle at an Old Life Shrine and write a message to one who passed on. Additionally will ask you to deliver messages from Imperial Refuges as well(optional).

Visit the Shrine, light a candle, write your message and burn it to complete the quest. Return to Petronius for your reward.

New Life Festival Rewards

Every time you complete one of the ten Event Daily Quests you earn a New Life Festival Box. The first time you complete an Event Daily Quest every day you also earn three Event Tickets.

The New Life Festival boxes can contain various rewards, like:

  • Crafting Materials
  • Food/Drink Recipes
  • Motif Pages
  • Deep Winter Charity Writs
  • Imperial Charity Writs
  • Valuables/Collectibles(runeboxes etc)
new life festival event

Holiday Writs

Holiday Writs are special crafting writs that all players can complete. You can trade them with other players for gold or choose to complete them. Upon completion each type of Holiday Writ offers special rewards.

They ask you to craft a simple and easy furniture(usually one but sometimes more) and deliver it to the appropriate NPC(Selvari Abello NPC, next to Breda). You can buy the recipes for these items from every laborer NPC around crafting zones in every city.

Holiday Writs from before have been removed so this year you can get Deep Winter Charity Writs and Imperial Charity Writs only.

Completing a Deep Winter Charity Writ will reward you with a Skaal Explorer&#;s Bundle, that contains a random Skaal Explorer&#;s Outfit piece.

Completing an Imperial Charity Writ will reward you with a Refugee&#;s Gift, that contains a random Rkindaleft Dwarven Weapon Style Page.

Completing twelve(12) of any writ will unlock the Crystallfrost Skin.

Impresario & Crimson Indrik

The New Life Festival this year is also the last chance to earn the Crimson Indrik, the last Indrik Evolution.

During the Event you can purchase from the Impresario:

  • All four feathers for the Nascent Indrik
  • All four Berries for the Crimson Indrik
  • Rosethorn Indrik Pet
  • Snowball Buddy Pet
  • Group Repair Kits
  • Rkindaleft Weapon Dwemer Style Pages(5 tickets each)

The impresario will also have available all &#;s Indrik Berries and Feathers.

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2020 reddit events eso

Is Morrowind worth playing Reddit?

It&#;s absolutely worth playing.

Should I get Morrowind?

Yes. I highly recommend getting Morrowind! As a player of all ES games, including Daggerfall, it is by far the best. Note: Morrowind is a 16 year-old game, so it is quite dated.

What does Tamriel Unlimited include?

Tamriel Unlimited is simply the vanilla game on its own. It was added as a subtitle/tagline when it switched from monthly subscriptions to a one time cost to play. It&#;s the main game and there is nothing remarkable about it. Gold Edition comes bundled with 4 DLC Game Packs.

Does Tamriel Unlimited include Greymoor?

Elder Scrolls Online: The base game, previously branded as Tamriel Unlimited, is required to experience the below content. There have been four Chapters so far: Morrowind† Summerset and Elsweyr are now part of ESO Plus, while Greymoor is the current separate purchase.

Does buying Elsweyr give Summerset?

If you&#;re a new player, the Elsweyr Standard Edition includes access to the ESO base game, Morrowind Chapter, Summerset Chapter, and Elsweyr Chapter. When pre-purchasing the Standard Edition digitally, you&#;ll enjoy immediate access to the ESO base game, Morrowind Chapter, and Summerset Chapter.

What comes with the Elsweyr upgrade?

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Collector&#;s Edition includes exclusive bonus content:

  • Exclusive Mount: Senche-Raht.
  • Exclusive Pet: Ashen Scar Jerboa.
  • Emote Pack: Khajiiti Cultural Pack.
  • Exclusive Outfit Style Conversions: Dragonbone Style.
  • Exclusive Memento: Archaic Lore Tablets.

Do I get Summerset with Elsweyr upgrade?

Preorder Elsweyr digitally and you will get the base game, morrowind and Summerset now for free! It really depends on what you like to do in the game. This game just gets better and better, they are refining the core game and new regions just keep getting better.

How do you get Elsweyr?

How do I get to Elsweyr?

  1. Create a new character and play through the new Elsweyr tutorial.
  2. Bring an existing character to the zone.
  3. Using the Wayshrine in Rimmen.
  4. Entering through the gate in northeastern Grahtwood, which connects to Northern Elsweyr&#;s southwestern edge.

Is Elsweyr a DLC or new game?

Elsweyr is the third &#;Chapter&#; expansion for the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Elsweyr released on May 21st (PC) and June 4th, (Consoles)&#;.

PlatformsPC | Mac | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One
GenreOnline Role Playing Game

What does Elsweyr add?

Elsweyr is the third Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online. It is an expansion set in the kingdom of Anequina, also known as Northern Elsweyr. The Chapter includes a new large and diverse zone, the new Necromancer, Dragon Hunt events, a complimentary house, a new Trial, and a new storyline.

How much does Elsweyr cost?

Elsweyr is now available for pre-order in four different configurations&#;.Preorder Configurations, Costs And Content For &#;Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr&#;

EditionRegular priceXbox Game Pass price
Standard Edition$$

Is ESO Elsweyr free?

So it won&#;t be free but if you&#;re already paying for ESO+ and not planning to stop that then you won&#;t have to pay anything extra for it.

How long is eso free?

Play For Free Note: Steam&#;s Free Play Event will run from April 1 through April 6. During this period, anybody on PC/Mac, Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold required), and PlayStation®4 can download and play The Elder Scrolls Online base game free and experience a whole world of adventure.

Is ESO free to play PS4?

Play For Free If you&#;re on PlayStation 4, you&#;ll need a PlayStation Plus membership in order to download and play the game. If you&#;re playing on PC/Mac, you can download and play for free via The Elder Scrolls Online official site or Steam.

ESO Daily


[ESO Endeavors], [ESO Calendars], [ESO Pledges], [ESO Luxury Furniture]

ESO Endeavors (Beta)

  • Weekly Endeavor (October 25)10/24/ at pm – 10/31/ at pmKill 20 World Bosses, Defeat 4 Patrolling Horrors in the Imperial City Districts, Complete 6 Dungeons ( Seals)
  • Daily Endeavor (Oct 29)10/28/ at pm – pmSteal 10 Items from the environment, Kill 10 Foes with Class Abilities, Kill 5 Wild or Domestic Animals (New), Kill 2 Dangerous Foes, Consume 1 Drink (10 Seals)


Upcoming Twitch Drops

  • Drops: ESO LIVE10/29/ at pm – pmTune in to ESO Live on this Friday, October 29 at 3PM EDT, as Community Managers Jess Folsom and Gina Bruno host Matt Heafy, the lead vocalist and guitarist for heavy metal band Trivium, and Brad Derrick, ESO’s Audio Director, to talk all things related to both the video game and music industries. EN(US):…
  • Drops: Update 32 Launch11/01/ at pm – pm
  • Drops: Update 32 Launch11/02/ at pm – pm

[Twitch Drops?]

ESO Luxury Vendor Items

  • Luxury Furnishing Vendor (Witches)10/29/ at pm – 11/01/ at amMinecart, Skeletal Remains 8,gReach Sapling, Contorted Briarheart 35,gReach Sapling, Briarheart 50,gTree, Murkmire Ossuary 50,gWitch's Remains, Offering 50,g (desecrated / untouched)Witch's Remains, Sacrificial 50,g (desecrated / untouched)Briarheart Tree, Replica ,gSource:

[What is Next?] [Luxury Furnisher History?]

Upcoming Ticket Events

  • Tickets: Witches Festival10/21/ at am – 11/02/ at amEstimated EN (US): EN (UK): FR: DE: RU:

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