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What....the shadow of the flowerpot really does look like giraffe to me

SpongeBob belongs to Nickelodeon.
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What....the shadow of the flowerpot really does look like giraffe to me

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Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/masterof4elements/art/SpongeBob-SquarePants-Hidden-Images-507944605

SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (PlayStation)

SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge is a 2D platformer based on the cartoon, notable for having its entire development cycle, not limited to source code, concept art, and a massive amount of prototypes pertaining to both the PlayStation and GBA versions, leaked onto the internet. Twice.


Unused Graphics

Sbsp healthfull.pngSbsp healthempty.png

Remnants of a health bar seen in early builds. In the final game, SpongeBob's "health" works much like Sonic and rings. The health bar mechanic, however, did end up getting used in the GBA version.

Gary Sketch


A pencil sketch of Gary used in some early builds.


Sbsupersponge missing.png
A sign saying "MISSING" found within the tiles of the game's font.

Size Tests

  • Sbsp Size.png
  • Sbsp EyeBallSize.png

Size tests exist for most unused enemies, using sprites from a very early build of the game.




Bikini Atoll, the island from the show's intro. This can be seen in some very early screenshots of the game.


Sbspss stoneBak.png

A strange image of a Superman cosplayer's face with his eyes and mouth cut out.


SBSPSS alphamid2.png

A tileset meant for Chapter 4 Level 3, which features gravestones with the names of several artists for the game on them.

Their names are Kevin Martin (lead artist,) Nick Thomas (additional artist,) Shaun Pearson (abbreviated as SP,) Wai-Hung Wan, Chris Rundell, and Robert Wilmot (FMV and artist) respectively.



An early sprite of SpongeBob, strangely found in the files for Chapter 4 Level 4.

Unused Animations


SpongeBob has many unused animations, some of which have the design of early prototypes.

  • Sbsp SpongeBob SoakUp.gif
  • Sbsp SpongeBob DeathDry.gif
  • Sbsp SpongeBob DeathForwards.gif
  • Sbsp SpongeBob DeathBackwards.gif
  • Sbsp SpongeBob DeathSpin.gif
  • Sbsp SpongeBob DeathSquash.gif
  • Sbsp SpongeBob DeathZapped.gif
  • Sbsp InHalf.gif

Several unused SpongeBob death animations. The fifth animation was used in early prototypes. Interestingly, the eighth one appears to be a reference to the episode Frankendoodle.

Sbsp SpongeBob Timid.gif

A strange animation of a shy SpongeBob. It may have been used in a cutscene.

Sbsp SpongeBob Face.gif

An odd animation of every face SpongeBob can make, including deaths. The used animations are in separate folders.

Sbsp SpongeBob Idle EyePop.gif

A bizarre idle animation of SpongeBob turning his face into a large eye and back. The eye pop frame is probably for blinking.

Sbsp Idle Net.gif

An animation meant to be used when SpongeBob is holding an item. This seems to be an early version of the used animation, which is calmer.

Sbsp IdleWind.gif

SpongeBob makes a weird noise when performing this action. This action is used in the GBA version.

Sbsp IdleFaceUpSideDown.gif

SpongeBob turning his face upside down.

Sbsp FmaItemWalk.gif

SpongeBob walking with a item. In the final, he carelessly runs with his objects.

Sbsp Shout.gif

SpongeBob yells to somebody.

Sbsp Idea.gif

SpongeBob goes into deep thought, only to be presented with an idea and a sheepish smile.

Sbsp Throw.gif

SpongeBob throwing an object.

Sbsp stumble.gif

This animation is used in a cutscene, but his expression is covered up by a sandwich.

Man Ray

Due to the SharkMan enemy being an incomplete duplicate of Man Ray (or vice versa), a few cut animations of him are leftover.

Unused Items

Sbsp balloonspat.png

A spatula floating on a balloon. They can be seen in the May 2, 2001 prototype, at the beginning of Jelly Fields.

Sbsp glasses.png

These glasses are in early prototypes. It allowed you to catch blue jellyfish (probably explaining why the jellyfish sprite is gray) in some prototypes, another thing completely taken out of the final.

Sbsp health25.pngSbsp health50.pngSbsp health100.png

These items would heal SpongeBob in early versions, and the GBA version. In this version, SpongeBob's health is his spatulas. These can be seen in the map editor and can be reimplemented.

Sbsp questitem.png

A placeholder for the items you collect at the end of each level. This is used in the map editor.

Unused Enemies


Sbsp EyeBall Roll.gifSbsp EyeBall Stalk.png

A very bizarre, semi out of place eyeball on a stalk. It appeared inside the whale in early versions.


Sbsp Nautilus.gif

A 3D ammonite, likely the same one from the episode SB-129. It has several animations. Considering its origin, it likely would've appeared in Prehistoric Bikini Bottom. Could also be a nautilus.


Sbsp BallBlob Bite.gifSbsp BallBlob Idle0001.png

A blob. It only has a bite animation and an idle, which is one frame.


  • Sbsp SharkMan Block.gif
  • Sbsp SharkMan Die.gif
  • Sbsp SharkMan Idle.gif
  • Sbsp SharkMan KickSand.gif
  • Sbsp SharkMan Pushups.gif

The shark from the episode MuscleBob BuffPants was meant to be an enemy, but never appears. He originally appeared in Jelly Fields (Industrial) at the end of the level in early versions. He also has a variety of animations. He also has a 3D model and some textures, but they seem to reflect a different version.

Unused Code

Demo Mode

In the source code for the title screen (source\frontend\maintitl.cpp), there is notated code that starts an unfinished demo sequence for Chapter 1, Jelly Fields.

SpongeBob is unable to collide or interact with any collectibles, characters, and enemies in the demo.

Cutscene Free Camera

To do:
There is some code in the render function that shows the camera position, too. Also, maybe rerecord the video? It wasn't intended for TCRF at first, which is why there's barely any time spent showing stuff off.

In the code for cutscenes (source\fma\fma.cpp), there is code in the think function for the FMA scene class that allows the player to move the camera. This code actually gets discarded by the preprocessor if the game isn't compiled as Paul Grenfell (programmer), or Dave Owens (lead programmer), which the final game isn't.

The level tiles will glitch out if the camera is moved too far to the left.

Unused Music

In BIGLUMP.BIN, there are multiple unused music tracks.

Big Top

A song meant for a carnival or circus level. It plays during the credits in the GBA version.

Game Over

A song that was supposed to play when you get game over when at the continue screen and the countdown reaches zero. It plays in the GBA version.

Party Scene

A song meant for the ending scene in the game. Instead, as with the previous song, there's just silence with talking.

Original Cutscene

This soundtrack was used in the earlier prototypes of the game but never made it into the final release.

Parasitic Worm Intro

A short track that was meant to proceed the parasitic worm boss. It plays in the GBA version.

Unused Music Patterns

These patterns are not anywhere in the XM files, however their data still exists, and can be added back.

sb-title Pattern 47

A completely unused theme, which could've been for the credits.

CHAPTER2 Pattern 6

An alternative ending to Cavernous Canyons, which moreso fits with the middle of the song.

CHAPTER3 Pattern 10

Appears to fit with the unused intro theme for the Parasitic Worm.

CHATPER3 Pattern 24

This one seems to fit with the main Level 4 theme.

CHAPTER6 Pattern 0

A completely unused, looping track. The instruments might've been shifted around at one point, indicated by the fact this uses 3 completely silent copies of a sample called "Shaker2.wav".

Unused Dialogue

Several XA files go unused, many of which were used in Operation Krabby Patty and other SpongeBob AWE Games titles. These lines appear to be from various episodes of the show.


Audio Subtitles
Oops! I guess I ripped my pants again!
Hey guys! I guess I ripped my pants again! (Long laughter)
I love Bikini Bottom!


Audio Subtitles
Merry Christmas!
Don't worry buddy.
You're doin' fine.
Anyone wanna dance?


Audio Subtitles
Are you insane?!
How did I get surrounded by such loser neighbors.
Can we lower the volume please?!
Umm... oh boy.


Audio Subtitles
I like you SpongeBob. We're tighter than bark on a tree. Why don't y'all borrow my diving hat, so your head can stay water-logged?
Hold on there little square dude!
I like you SpongeBob. We could be tighter than bark on a tree.
You're funny little dude.


Audio Subtitles
Give me the patty!
SpongeBob? SpongeBob. SpongeBob.
You are gonna hand deliver the Krabby Patty to me personally!
I went to college!
(Long laughter)
(Various pain noises)
This stinks.
You porous freak!

Barnacle Boy

At the ending, Mermaid Man says this line, not Barnacle Boy. In the original storyboard, it says that BB curses out SpongeBob. Most likely not cussing.

Audio Subtitles
SpongeBob SquarePants! Hmm, wait until I get my hands on that porous freak!

Various Debug Mode Related Texts

To do:
Does this still exist in the final? Early builds had this on by default.

In the file BIGLUMP.BIN, there are various texts relating to a debug mode. The first 12 lines are used in the pause menu to toggle power-ups in some early builds of the game.


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The following page extremely incomplete because it's basically been just started. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge had its development assets released after the developers, Climax Group, shut down their studios. When their assets were sold among them were 2 backup discs of the SuperSponge development environment, which includes some interesting things.

We probably can't document everything, but we'll try to. The archive includes programs, screenshots, concept art, prototypes and lots of other things that weren't included in the final game.

Disc 1[]

  • Script format.xls - I can't open this currently so for now I'll mark this as unknown.
  • Search Results for sponge bob.mht - Some search results saved, can be opened in Internet Explorer.

!ARchive CD 4 Final Delivery[]

Inside the folder is two files, How to Build.txt and SpongeBob.exe. SpongeBob.exe decompiles the entire game allowing the person to view the source code while How to Build.txt tells the reader how to build the game.


This contains many files, judging from the file name, needed attention.

  • Some concept art.
  • Two elderly fish that are inappropriately named old bastard.jpg and old bitch.jpg, along with a person named kid2_dead.jpg, a model of a robot shark, and a picture of what seems to be a really old version of the game named Map test.JPG. The third image can be seen above there is also a picture of spongebob and patrick doing something


This folder contains many art and sound assets.

Bug AVI[]

This contains three videos, which were used to tell the developers what to fix.

SuperSponge Archive bug671

SuperSponge Archive bug671.avi


SuperSponge Archives bug673

SuperSponge Archives bug673.avi


SuperSponge Archives SpongeBob bug 518

SuperSponge Archives SpongeBob bug 518

SpongeBob bug 518.avi

Finished Levels[]

This folder contains concept art for parts of levels up to Chapter 6, along with some for cutscenes.

SuperSponge Archives Jellyfields -Boss

Jellyfields Arena

SuperSponge Archives shark-arena

Shark Arena

SuperSponge Archives Whale Boss

Whale Arena

SuperSponge Archives Flydutch-arena

Flying Dutchman Arena

SuperSponge Archives Flydutch-arena

Dogfish Arena

SuperSponge Archives Jelly-Fields 00

First segment of Jellyfields 1-1

SuperSponge Archives Jelly-Fields 01

Second segment of Jellyfields 1-1

SuperSponge Archives Jelly-Fields 02

Third segment of Jellyfields 1-1

SuperSponge Archives Jelly-Fields 03

Fourth segment of Jellyfields 1-1

SuperSponge Archives Jelly-Fields 04

Fifth segment of Jellyfields 1-1


This part of the backup contains many FMV (full motion video) cutscenes, including the following:

  • The Climax logo, THQ logo and intro used in the final.
  • A trailer for the Rugrats in Paris movie, suggesting it was meant to appear as a bonus feature.
SuperSponge Archives ClimaxPSX

SuperSponge Archives ClimaxPSX.AVI


SuperSponge Archives intro

SuperSponge Archives intro.AVI


SuperSponge Archives demo

SuperSponge Archives demo.AVI


SuperSponge Archives THQ Ani Logo

SuperSponge Archives THQ Ani Logo.avi

THQ Ani Logo.avi

Game Ref[]

SuperSponge Archives Image1.png

This contains many Genesis, NES and SNES games with emulators for each, suggesting they were inspired by many other games. Not only that, there's a compressed archive dedicated to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, suggesting that was a massive influence.


This folder is interesting in that it contains a bunch of 3D models for objects that are 2D sprites in the final game. It also has an image called screen 04.bmp, which is a screenshot of an extremely old version of the game. Map_test.bmp from above can also be found, along with some AVI videos of early GBA sprites, and some screenshot of a developer(s) working on some levels. As an additional note, some of these early models were used in early builds of the game. (see below)

Early Models[]

SuperSponge Archives Spongey


SuperSponge Archives Patrick


SuperSponge Archives Squidward


Sours: https://the-nearly-everything.fandom.com/wiki/SpongeBob_SquarePants:_SuperSponge/2001_Archive_Discs
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