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1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 6,4 liter V8!

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1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 64 liter V8 12 1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 6,4 liter V8!

If you dig something in the past in the history of the manufacturer Ford, you will not be at the Thunderbird come round. It is one of the most famous vehicles from Ford and has been in continuous production for 10 generations. Very few manufacturers can boast such a long history of a single vehicle model. The Thunderbird was built from 1955 to 1997 and then came from 2002 to 2005 as the 11th generation for a last one Hurra back. However, the neo-retro attempt was not really popular and Ford buried the Thunderbird nameplate on July 01.07.2005st, XNUMX. Needless to say, early generations of the Thunderbird were and still are the most popular. The classics are cherished and looked after and are mostly in the absolute serial state or at most with something equipped with contemporary tuning.

Basis: T-Bird Generation No. 3

1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 64 liter V8 6 1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 6,4 liter V8!

There are hardly any really extensive conversions based on the T-Birds. But this model from 1963 does it differently. There have been countless changes that make the Thunderbird an absolutely unique piece. The vehicle is a third generation example that was discovered in pretty bad condition somewhere in a warehouse in Perris, California. The vehicle had been in second ownership there since 1965. Decades later, it was the Thunderbird's slim, low-profile design that prompted the current owner to buy the vehicle and turn it completely inside out. And whether the T-Bird enthusiasts like it or not is an open question at this point. We like the T-Bird very much because nothing looks over the top or even chubby. On the contrary, the transformation looks spectacular and took a good 4 years. The unique piece was built by "Starlite Rod and Kustom" from Harbor City (California), who specialize in such custom-made products.

6,4-liter V8 engine in the Thunderbird

1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 64 liter V8 35 1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 6,4 liter V8!

And why did it take so long to manufacture? Because almost everything on the vehicle, apart from the Thunderbird frame and the 6,4 liter engine (Ford 390 cu-in) engine, has been modified and new ones built. After the extensive restoration, the body received an elaborate paint job in Kiwi Green with subtle design applications (Freeway scallops) in dark green plus coarse metallic pigments and fine pin strips. There was also plenty of chrome on the front, sides and rear and the custom-made rims shine in high-gloss chrome. In addition, the T-Bird received an Accuair Airride air suspension for the perfect Lowrider look and the new brake system has been covered by special brake disc covers since the conversion. And of course the guys didn't stop in front of the cabin either.

a lot of metallic paint also in the cabin

Inside, too, everything is brand new and the striking paintwork on the outside can also be seen here on the dashboard, center console and even on the steering wheel. There was also a handcrafted leather interior in green, new instruments and like outside, there are also countless small details inside for the perfect look. The style of the cabin fits perfectly with the style on the outside and even the engine is based on the green metallic paint in combination with a blue painted fuselage. A beautiful vehicle that is sure to meet with a lot of approval in the Thunderbird scene. If we get more information about the changes to the 1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 64 liter V8 28 1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 6,4 liter V8!

Photo / s: unknown

1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 64 liter V8 33 1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 6,4 liter V8!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it. Our tuning magazine has tens of thousands more tuning reports in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. Or are you particularly interested in the topic of restomod? Then the following excerpt is definitely the right thing.

1963 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with 6,4 liter V8!

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1966 Ford Thunderbird *Restomod*

1966 Ford Thunderbird

For sale is my 1966 Ford Thunderbird.I have put tons and tons of time and money into this car and am ready to move onto a different project. I purchased the car as a shell basically and started from there. I stripped the metal down shot it with an epoxy primer, and then a white base and clear. It is not 100% perfect but is a great driver quality. The interior has new reupholstered power seats that work, new carpet, new digital gauges, new sound system, shifter relocated to the center console and a bunch of other stuff I am missing. All the power windows go up and down, all the lights, wipers, etc. work as they should. I went through the entire car to make sure everything worked, even the seat belt light works! The sequential turn signals work as well as the headlights, and taillights. The undercarriage is extremely clean and solid and coated with a very tough liner as with all the fender wells. I dropped in a freshly rebuilt 352FE motor along with a rebuilt c6 transmission. Everything on the motor is brand new including the carb, aluminum radiator, brake booster, distributor, etc. Disc brakes in the front, drum in the rear. I put in custom side pipes that I though would give it more of a street rod look, I understand it is not for everyone but it would be fairly simple to change to a standard exhaust. Newer wheels and tires. The car starts right up every single time with no issues at all. There is probably less than 10 miles on the build since it was finished since the winter weather does not allow for me to take her out. Please call me or text me if you have any questions. I can send additional photos or videos if you would like. A $300 non refundable deposit is due within 24 hours of purchase. Thanks. 708---262---8034

Sours: https://topclassiccarsforsale.com/ford/547715-1966-ford-thunderbird-restomod.html
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RARE 1965 Roadster Thunderbird, 390 V8, PS, PB W/FRNT DISCS, P TOP, TONNEAU This much classic luxury, elegance, and rarity is usually never this affordable. With an unbeatable factory color combination, plenty of features, 390 V8 under the hood with 300 horse power, this 1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible has style to spare at a price that leaves you with cash to spare. This T-bird is about more than just owning an American classic. It's about showcasing that brief time in automotive history when designers ruled over engineers, and they got to build the cars they wanted. This drop top really got to develop its long and sleek lines with great full-length styling touches, like the crease that starts at the top of the artful chrome grille, frames the headlights, runs the full profile, and doesn't stop until it has framed those cool sequential taillights. You also see it in places like the hood scoop that runs all the way back to the windshield, and the line that even incorporates the rear wheel covers. Ford took their time crafting this convertible, and thanks to good sheet metal, you get to see all of those details clearly today. The all-important bright work is quite nice with investments in places like the front to keep the grille shining brightly. Along the side, the trim is so complete that you even get the correct wheel covers or choice of Ridler rims and tire combination. And we all love how the rear chrome panel that fully frames the dip in the trunk's sheet metal. Some of our pictures show a very cool matching tonneau cover that goes over the back seats. Ultra-rare Roadster models in '65 offers the versatility of a back seat and a much more reasonable price, but you can still wow your friends with the removable fiberglass cover. In fact, that tonneau nicely blends the interior and exterior. Personal luxury really meant something in 1965. And so while there is plenty of space for up to three more family and friends to ride in luxury, this is really all about you. A center console was artfully integrated into the driver-oriented cockpit. The gauges have that 60s-cool setup that is so intricate that we know no factory would ever dare try it again in modern times. The ribbon-style speedometer sits on top, and four fashionable individual round pods finish the gauge package. You have all the controls at your fingertips, including the power windows and power convertible top. So you can go from enclosed luxury to a wind-in-your-hair experience without ever leaving the driver's seat. Because the interior and exterior look like they are ready to show off, the engine bay is quite tidy, too. The golden valve covers, matching air topper. But more than just look terrific, you'll love that this freshness is due to an engine rebuild that took place only a few years ago. And if that sounds like a great recipe for a dependable cruising classic, then you'll also be happy to know the three-speed automatic transmission. The V8 inhales deeply from the four-barrel carburetor, and it exhales with calmed confidence out of the dual exhaust. As you look at the undercarriage photos, you're going to see more clean components that remind you all the right investments were made, including new tires, power steering and front disc brakes keep this T-bird cruising confidently. Ford only produced 6,846 Thunderbird convertibles for '65. So this was rare when new, and now even more unique over a half-century later. The exceptional affordability for this well-presented Thunderbird convertible Roadster is just the cherry on top. The collector valve for this ultra -rare Roadster has been on a steady climb. Don't let this opportunity slip by. NADA Pricing Guide https://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/1965/Ford/Thunderbird/2-Door-Convertible /Values 1965 Ford Thunderbird Prices and Values 2 Door Convertible Roadster Total Price parts $4,841 low $22,000 average $49,500 high $77,900

Sours: https://restomods.com/for-sale/listing/1965-thunderbird-roadster-convertible
Working on final touches of 1965 thunderbird resto mod!!!

Here's What Made The 1966 Ford Thunderbird Special

When Ford rolled out the 1966 Thunderbird (T-bird), it was reputed to be the ultimate personal luxury car available in the American market. The Ford Thunderbird’s list of fashionable features earned it such a reputation amongst cars of its size in the 1960s.

Even critics never failed to praise its braking, amongst other things. The iconic slim and sleek coupe appears to be an improvement from its predecessors and showed why Ford was America’s most versatile Automaker.

With the 1964 model selling 92,465, and the 1965 model selling 74,972, the 1966 model brought in less successful sales figures. Only around 69,176 pieces of the 1966 Ford Thunderbird were sold, leaving it in the shadows of its predecessors.

For the most part, the Ford Thunderbirds’ designs remained the same for the 1966 version that received a minor modern facelift.

Let’s take a closer at the 1966 Ford Thunderbird.

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The Fourth Generation Thunderbird That Introduced Contemporary Allure

The 1966 Ford Thunderbird aimed to introduce a modern look, something Ford considered the previous ones did not. It was the last new model of the fourth generation Thunderbird that ran between 1964 to 1966.

Assembled in Wixom, Michigan, in the United States, the 1966 Ford was made as a personal luxury car. The coupe appeared as a two door hardtop coupe or a two door convertible with front engines and rear-wheel drive.

The third generation of the Thunderbird preceded it, while the fifth generation succeeded it.

Ford cars in the mid-50s through to mid-60s were known for their expressive style, unlike the Ford cars before or after the period. The 1966 version combined landau roof formality and space-age floridity brilliantly.

In a drive to add a bit of modern flair, the Ford Thunderbird was done in a unibody construction. Its wheelbase of 113.2 inches added to a modernized outlook.

The chrome level in the front was reduced while the front body panels saw the removal of the last vestiges from its bullet nose.

Ford Motor Company sought to create the ultimate personal luxury coupe, and they ended up with the 1966 Ford Thunderbird. It was largely inspired by jet-era luxury cars from Europe at the time.

The cars spotted an angled forward-center stack that held controls for air condition units and its stereo. Also, you could find a rich cluster of instruments that included 4 round aviation-Esque gauges, linear speedometer, and fuel gauge.

There were also gauges for charging, coolant temperature, and oil pressure for the 1966 Ford Thunderbird. A unique thing about the instrument panels is that they came padded along with the car’s sun visors.

The 1966 Ford Thunderbird was spoiled for high-end and useful interior features and gadgets. Cruise-o-Matic drives were added features as well as double-sided keys and door locks that were keyless as well.

Moving to the full-wide foam rubber seats, drivers and front passengers had retractable front seat belts that carried reminder light. Front and back folding center armrests were also available as well, and the coupe’s front bucket seats were adjustable.

While on the go, you’ll find the coupe has a solid power steering, while map and glove box lights allow vision in the dark. Silent Flo ventilation, MagicAir defroster, and heater made inside the car comfortable in any season or weather.

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The Exterior Aimed To Take Attention From The Mustang

1966 marked the last year of production for the fourth generation of the Ford Thunderbird coupes. However, the two-door luxury coupe had to contend with the Ford Mustang for most of the attention from buyers and luxury car enthusiasts.

Despite this, the 1966 Ford Thunderbird carved its own unique following. Besides, it gave buyers more comfort than many cars from the time. One conspicuous detail about the exterior of the thunderbird was its headlights.

It bore a resemblance to an eagle’s eye, and it stood on a metallic grille with upright slats. It did not carry the usual blue oval badge of Ford Motors but spotted a bird figure.

To improve the look of the hood’s ordinarily flat surface, a little central bulge was added to give it a bold look. There were covers for the back wheels with quarter panels covering them.

Also, the rim spotted a different chromed rim about the wheel arch. The 1966 Ford Thunderbird was also available with a power roof that hid at the back of the cabin when drawn back.

For its exhausts, the T-bird carried built-in double exhausts. Their mufflers were aluminized stainless steel.

How Much Performance Did The Thunderbird’s Engine Allow?

The fourth-generation Ford Thunderbirds carried a 3-speed automatic transmission. The 1966 Thunderbird had a special 390 cubic inch FE V8 engine under its hood.

The figure for the torque stands at a solid 427 lbs/ft at only 2,800 RPM. All of this allowed the Thunderbird an output of 320 horsepower.

It all meant the Thunderbird couldn't go around corners very fast, but drivers could expect a smooth ride. This luxury coupe is capable of a top speed of 130 mph and could go from 0 to 60 mph in just 9 seconds.

With all of these, most Ford Thunderbird lovers would be wondering why Ford won’t bring back the Thunderbird.

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Thunderbird restomod 1965

1965 Ford Thunderbird Restomod 428 Tripower Turquoise

1965 Ford Thunderbird Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird 1965 technical specifications

Item location:Blaine, Washington, United States
Trim:2 Door
Engine size:428 FE Tripower
Number of cylinders:8
Drive type:RWD
Interior color:Turquoise
Options:Leather Seats
Vehicle Title:Clear
You are interested?Contact the seller!

1965 Ford Thunderbird Restomod with rebuilt 428 Tripower.Fantastic Q Code Turquoise paint with turquoise leather seats.Custom stereo system. backup camera, nd wheels.No expense spared on restoration.
Email for more photos and lots more details.
See YouTube video for more details, earch: "1965 Thunderbird Restomod"

Similiar classic cars for sale

Sours: http://veh-markets.com/cars/ford-c/243646-1965-ford-thunderbird-restomod-428-tripower-turquoise.html
CatelandClassic: 1965 Ford Thunderbird Exclusive!

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