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Treasurer&#;s Office

Pay at the Treasurer&#;s Office

The Boone County Treasurer’s Office is the collection agency for Boone County Tax Revenue. Office hours are 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday. Courthouse offices are closed on legal holidays and Election Day. Our office is located on the second floor of the historic County Courthouse in downtown Lebanon. In office payment options: Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier Checks, Certified Checks, Money Orders. Credit/Debit card payments are only accepted on our website &#; see the MAKE A PAYMENT link below.

Pay by mail

Mail must be postmarked by the due date. Postmark does not mean the date printed by a postage meter that affixes postage to the envelope or package per IC  Returned, delayed, lost, or mis-directed mail may become delinquent. Please ensure the mailing address is complete and accurate, obtain proof of mailing date, and use the correct amount of postage. Pay by mail options include: Personal Checks &#; Cashier Checks &#; Certified Checks &#; Money Orders. Credit/Debit card payments are only accepted on our website &#; see the MAKE A PAYMENT link below. Make checks payable to Boone County Treasurer and mail to:

 Boone County Treasurer

Courthouse Square

Lebanon, IN

On-Line Payment Options

To pay on-line, please click the secure MAKE A PAYMENT link below. On-line payment companies charge processing fees for their services. The following fees apply:

Credit Cards: % or $ minimum

 If you do not wish to pay the above-stated fees &#; DO NOT utilize one of these payment options.

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Phone Payment Options



Duties of the County Treasurer

Curt Newport

Curtis P. Newport, Boone County Treasurer

Welcome to the official site of the Boone County Treasurer&#;s Office. This is the place to find property tax information, learn about the tax collection process, pay your taxes online, view monthly financial reports, or learn more about the Treasurer&#;s Office.

This site is maintained and managed by Curt Newport, Boone County Treasurer. Feel free to email me with comments or suggestions for improving this site.

tax collection schedule:

  • mobile home tax bills were mailed on February 23, and were due May 3rd.  If you have not received your mobile home tax bill, please call the Treasurer&#;s Office at

  • real estate tax bills (payable ) were mailed on April 30,   Due dates are June 1st and September 1st.  If you are paying taxes late, please call the Treasurer&#;s Office for a penalty calculation.

Delinquent Tax Publication Belvidere Republican Oct. 7,

Unpaid taxes (due ) were sold at tax sale on October 29, To redeem (pay) those taxes, contact the Boone County Clerk at

Banks accepting property tax payments

New! Pay by phone option.  Call to pay your tax bill by phone (credit/debit card or e-check, fees apply).

Go paperless! Receive your tax bills electronically! Click here to learn more.

You can now reprint your tax bill!Click here for instructions.

Please read the back of your tax bill for important information and payment options.

For questions about assessments, exemptions and address changes, please call the Boone County Assessment Office at

For questions about tax rates, please call the Boone County Clerk&#;s Office at

The Treasurer's Office is located in the Boone County Administration Campus.

All information subject to our Terms of Use.

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Property Information

Tax & Assessment Information
If you have a Property Identification Number (PIN), you can look up a property's basic tax information here. Your property's PIN can be found on your tax bill. 

Appraisal Assessment Information
Here you can find basic assessment information on a parcel of land by using a Property Identification Number (PIN). Your property's PIN can be found on your tax bill. 

Property Maps
Boone County hosts online maps for public use. With a property PIN or address, you can view and print aerial photographs with lot lines and get zoning & flood information.

Sales Locator
The Sale Locator Tool was developed to provide interested parties the ability to easily check on sales activity of single family properties in Boone County. The search tool displays data for single family sales in Boone County which have occurred from January 1st, through the most recent sale available in the Boone County Supervisor of Assessments Office.  Sale details are based on information recorded on Real Estate Transfer Declarations.  Sale prices reflect the recorded net consideration for real estate after personal property has been deducted.  Click here to be directed to the Sales Locator web tool.

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