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What's the difference between a junior guitar and a normal guitar?

Clarification: just because it is a "junior" guitar, does not necessarily mean that it is any worse of a guitar - or even in some cases a step down - than its standard counterpart. For example, Glenn Frey, legendary guitarist of the Eagles (Hotel California) played the majority of the band's earlier recordings on a Gibson Les Paul junior with an extra neck pickup (also a p90), including, if I'm not mistaken, the solo in Hotel California. Some people also prefer the Junior for other reasons, such as its light weight - a lbs compared to a roughly 12lb standard. Also, my personal preference is for the sound of the single coil p90s slightly more than the PAF humbuckers (silver pickups found in standard Les Pauls), because of their warm, crunchy midrange at more distorted volumes.

If you know what you are buying and what it is made out of, it can still be a fantastic sounding guitar. I'd definitely recommend trying them both out. Cheers!

Sours: https://music.stackexchange.com/questions//whats-the-difference-between-a-junior-guitar-and-a-normal-guitar


Timeless Simplicity And P Power

The Les Paul Junior is part of Epiphone’s new Inspired by Gibson Collection and is based on the s classic that has been a staple of rock for over six decades. It features a Mahogany body, 50's neck profile, one dogear P PRO™ single-coil pickup, single volume and single tone controls, a Lightning Bar wrap around bridge, and Epiphone Deluxe Vintage tuners. This Epiphone Inspired by Gibson Original model also has the Kalamazoo headstock, rolled neck for a comfortable feel, GraphTech® NuBone™ nut, era-appropriate wiring, and CTS pots. Optional hardshell or EpiLite Case is available. Available in the classic Vintage Tobacco Sunburst finish.



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Sours: https://www.epiphone.com/en-US/Guitar/EPI8U/Les-Paul-Junior/Tobacco-Burst
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Les Paul Junior

The Gibson Les Paul Junior was a solid body electric guitar introduced in as an affordable, entry-level Les Paul. It was first released with a single cut body style; models with a double cut body style were later introduced in

The Gibson Les Paul Junior was first introduced by the legendary Kalamazoo factory in and was intended as an affordable way for beginners to get the look, sound, and feel of a real Les Paul. However, the Les Paul Junior quickly became a legend of its own. Throughout the years and in all its many incarnations, the Les Paul Junior has been an on-stage favorite for artists like Leslie West of Mountain, Keith Richards and John Lennon.

The Epiphone Les Paul Junior was first introduce in with the same idea that it would be an affordable, entry-level guitar in the Epiphone Les Paul range. It was first introduced with P pickups and a bolt-on neck. Later incarnations of the Junior would see a '57 re-issue model with a set neck and other various versions throught its history under the Epiphone name, including several humbucker versions, player packs, and a double cutaway model.

Sours: http://epiphonewiki.org/index/Les_Paul_Junior.php
[Guitar of the Week] 2010 Epiphone Junior Model - My $100 Gem!

The Epiphone Les Paul Junior (), and indeed the whole Epiphone line-up looks impressive on paper. But does it live up to the hype?

Epiphone Les Paul Junior Specs.

The Epiphone Les Paul Junior () was the guitar I was waiting for. A stripped-down tone machine with a mahogany body, CTS pots, graph tech nut, a single P90 Probucker and one-piece wrap around bridge. Alas, the Junior doesn&#;t feature the Grover machines of others in the line-up, but on specs alone, the Les Paul Junior is a massive step up from the last model, which was firmly rooted in the bolt-on neck, budget category.

Besides, I don&#;t really use a neck pickup most of the time anyway.

Specs in full @ https://www.epiphone.com/Guitar/EPI8U/Les-Paul-Junior/Tobacco-Burst

Body Shape Les Paul Junior
Body Material Mahogany
Finish Vintage Tobacco Burst

Material Mahogany
Profile Vintage 50s
Scale Length &#; / mm

Material Indian Laurel
Fingerboard Radius 12&#;
Number Of Frets 22
Frets Medium Jumbo
Nut Material Graph Tech®
Nut Width &#; / 43mm
Inlays Dot
Joint Glued in-set

Finish Nickel
Tuner Plating Nickel
Bridge Lightning Bar Wrap Around
Tuning Machines Epiphone Deluxe Vintage
TrussRod Yes
Truss Rod Cover &#;Bell Shaped&#;; 2-layer (Black/White); Blank
Control Knobs Black Top Hats
Strap Buttons 2

Bridge Pickup
P PRO™ Dogear
Controls Master Volume, Master Tone, CTS

First Impressions

&#;It&#;s got a huge neck!&#; said the sales assistant as he passed it over. They hadn&#;t bothered to display the guitar, keeping it in stock as the higher end Les Pauls took pride of place, and I can sort of see why&#;

I know the whole point of a Les Paul Junior is to be basic and no-frills, and in that regard, it certainly doesn&#;t disappoint. But that neck? Don&#;t get me wrong I&#;m used to 50&#;s necks and played one for 10 years on my Gibson Les Paul Studio, but this is second only to the stupidly unwieldy Brian Red Special copy I once owned and dominates the whole playing experience. A high(ish) action doesn&#;t help matters, but once I got over that I began to inspect the guitar in detail.

What I do love however is the newly designed headstocks, harking back to Epiphones heyday. Absolutely gorgeous!

Build Quality

An obvious area where costs have been cut, unfortunately. Sure, the specs and hardware look great on paper, but this is just too rudimentary and sloppy, even for a £ Epiphone Les Paul Junior. I was sat amongst a wall of Fenders and it must be said even the low-end Squiers were leagues ahead of this for fit and finish. The Epiphone Les Paul Junior is a bit of mess, with the finished being clagged on, giving the impression it&#;d been put together in someone&#;s garden shed, not a modern facility in the far-east.

The fretwork looks OK but nothing special, but high actions are always a bad sign and could hide potential issues with high frets, etc. I would at least want the action lowest to inspect it fully.

In short. Disappointing considering my last Epiphone purchase, the unbelievable Epiphone ES PRO.

How does the Epiphone Les Paul Junior play?

In a word: Badly. Yes, I know the 50&#;s neck is a preference thing and something you can get used to. Yes, I know guitars never come with optimal action and setup out of the box in a guitar store. But still, what we have here is a massive neck and a high action, and that&#;s just not going to play well. It&#;s cumbersome and tiring. As a Telecaster convert, I had a few close to hand and switching to even a lower-end model reminded me of how a decent guitar should play.

The body also feels uncomfortably small for me too, it just doesn&#;t sit/hang or look right somehow.


Although it has at least some of that classic Les Paul bark, it&#;s a the expense of definition. I was expecting to have variation and indeed fun out of the well-documented hidden flexibility of a single p90 + one tone/volume combination. But was left underwhelmed. It just doesn&#;t surprise you. Rolling back the volume gives you less volume, no sign of a hidden acoustic-like tone. Rolling back the tone gives you less clarity, not more beef. It&#;s just too predictable and dull.

By this point, I was beginning to look wantingly at the Fender Player Telecasters and in particular a gorgeous butterscotch Squier Classic Vibe Esquire. Back in Tele-land, I had all the grunt of the Les Paul but with all the zing and all the useful (and fun) variations in between.

In this company, I&#;m afraid it can&#;t hold it&#;s own.

But at least it&#;s affordable eh?

Is the Epiphone Les Paul Junior Value for money.

When you put the whole package together, and look at the competition from Fender, in particular, the Les Paul Junior comes out poorly. In fairness, with a setup it could play a lot better (depending on those frets), but compared against a comparatively (or lower) priced Telecaster and it falls way short. Apples and oranges you could say, but in this test, the Tele delivers everything the Junior can and more.

Looking at models further up the Epiphone range, I would wager the Standards, etc would fare much better for only an extra £ outlay, however, looking at some youtube videos, it appears quality control issues inflict the whole range.

The bottom line is you could pick up a Fender/Squier tomorrow and gig it, and that&#;s just not true of the Epiphone which will at least take a bit of work and practice.


I was hoping the Epiphone Les Paul Junior would provide me with giggable simplicity and at least a ball-park Gibson tone. Unfortunately, the playability and (probably by extension) lacklustre overall experience in general, negates almost all of the positives in this classic design.

The saddest thing is, again, unlike other Gibson&#;s / Epiphone I&#;ve owned, is there doesn&#;t seem to be any effort or love involved in its construction, just some (admitted higher-specced) parts thrown together. And that&#;s a real shame.


Sours: https://adamharkus.com/epiphone-les-paul-junior-review/

Model guitar junior epiphone

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Epiphone Les Paul Junior Review

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