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Jacks 321 Hydro discussion, questions, tips, etc

Sorry all - Im a bit under the weather, but want to reply to a couple of things - more later…


Are you running it in a reservoir? Does the ph stay stable or shift back up?

Not sure who you are asking, but in my case, the PH is rock solid. It doesnt move unless I force it with PH UP or Down.

Now, keep in mind my setup is drain-to-waste - NO re-circulation at all. The nute water never touches a root until after it goes through a spray nozzle. What ever the roots dont drink, gets tossed or fed to my wifes plants.

I would normally expect the PH to be perfectly stable in a non-re-circulating rez. There should be nothing in the rez to cause the PH to change over time - BUT - with every other nute I have tried, the PH ALWAYS climbed in the rez.

But with Jacks, it doesnt change until I make it change.

I have questions and comments for almost everyone else, but I am going to go to bed after one more question.

Actually more of a clarification about PH.

The Jacks people recommend leaving the PH where ever it ends up - even as hi as 6.5 or more - even when running hydro. They dont recommend adjusting the PH at all - just mix it and forget it. That goes against everything I have read about growing with hydro. The “theory” as I understand it for hydro says you need to allow a PH swing from 5.5 to 6.2 or so, but to for sure stay lower than the mid 6’s.

Some of you seem to be on board with the mix-it-and-leave-it thing and others not?

Im so used to having the PH constantly climb, that I have always ended up with a large PH swing. Im tempted to try just mixing it and leave it alone.

Do you guys think its ok to just let the PH fall where ever when using Jacks in hydro?


Sours: https://overgrow.com/t/jacks-321-hydro-discussion-questions-tips-etc/24078

Soluble. Available. Consistent.

Since 1947, these are the three words that you have come to expect when you open a bag of fertilizer made by the Peters’ Family — and now, the master-crafters at Jack’s introduce our small batch blends, Jack’s Nutrients: A collection of formulas that gives you choices that work for many different controlled environments without the hype or confusion of extravagant names and crazy labels.

Our Company

Welcome.  You have come to JR Peters Inc. to find the highest quality and truly soluble nutrients blends on the market.  How can we say that?  Because we are here watching over every step of the process.  From research and formulation design in our small batch lab, through the intense qualifying of the purest raw materials according to our QC standards, to our long time employees watching over each handcrafted batch on our blending lines.  The family at JR Peters ensures that the nutrients that are in our fertilizers, that you are giving to your plants, meet the strictest standards and will grow the highest quality plant material.

The Lab

Our onsite laboratory is the heart of our fertilizer family, the process always begins in the lab. What we have seen over the last few years is a great influx of people looking for some knowledge about how to get started with their operation without the confusion of consultants or hours spent on the web. From there we started focusing our hydroponic and cannabis growers to a testing program that helps them navigate how to get started growing.

Our Hydro Track and Nutrient Track programs are designed to be a tool kit of knowledge for a grower. Both new growers and those who have quite a bit of experience learn to understand what they are starting with in regards to their fertility.  These testing kits create a blueprint on how to grow your plants and what nutrients and additions you may need to use.  The technical support team at JR Peters then helps guide the grower to nutritional success.

Technical Support

We listen to you.  That’s right, we actually have real people here to listen and help you decide which formula is right for your growing environment.  Some say it’s as easy as ABC or 123 but we know that it’s not.  Our highly trained and personalized technical staff will answer your questions and walk you through everything you need to know from result interpretation from our onsite lab, to formula choice and to mixing advice.


How to grow with Jack’s?

The research team at JR Peters listened to their growers and designed a suite of formulas that provide results without the complications of multiple timed feeding schedules and additions.  Now, let’s figure out which formula’s are right for your grow.

Jack’s Nutrient Kits

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  • A finisher formula – strengthens and optimized the plants nutrients for maximum harvest

  • Each formula is in a 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) Ziptop pouch with mix instructions and nutrition schedule

  • All packed into a plastic bucket for mixing concentrated or dilute solutions

In addition, each formula is designed with specific micronutrient packages and powerful N P K ratios in order to optimize cannabis in the most efficient way.  Both extremely soluble and consistent, each batch of Jack’s reflects the perfect chemistry, matched to your water type and environment without all the hype and crazy labels that can distract from the science.

Let us help you decide what is the best kit for you. Our highly trained technical staff will answer your questions and walk you through everything you need to know to find the right kit for your plants and environment.  

All Kits Include…

Feeding Schedules



What is #Jacks321? Have you read about Jack’s 321 or seen the hashtag on insta?

Jack’s 321 is our tried and true two-part fertilizer program. It consists of Jack’s Nutrients Part A  5-12-26, Jack’s Nutrients Part B 15-0-0  and Epsom Salts. BUT where does that “321” come from, you ask? It’s the shortened amount of each fertilizer in grams per gallon.

To mix up the perfect blend of Jack’s 321 you will need:

 3.6 grams Part A (5-12-26)

 2.4 grams Part B (15-0-0)

1.1 grams of Epsom salts

This will give you a blend of nutrients for growing almost any controlled environment crop, in any growing system. The order of additions is VERY important. You must add the 5-12-26 first and make sure it is completely dissolved, then add in the Epsom salts making sure it is completely dissolved, then finally the calcium nitrate.

Sours: https://aggressivegarden.com/jacks-nutrients-by-jr-peters/
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Jacks 3-2-1 Salts

Anyone else mixing their own salts?

So typically when I find phenos that I like while I run them through their paces to test stability, both females and males. I typically run LOS but like to push them hard with bubble buckets and GH Flora.

I got tired of just using DWC buckets to push hydro hard and decided that instead of buying colored salt water and installing a semi-permanent RDWC fixture that I would try coco and Jacks 3-2-1 using Blumats. Holy shit.

I mix 27g at a time, I don't have to PH anything, and I can walk away for 2 weeks and not worry about a thing. I come back, clean up the insides and bottoms of the plants and they just explode on their own.

For my 27g tote I use 75g 5-12-26, 50g of CalNit 15-0-0, and 25g of epsom salts.

The only real issue I seem to have is fungus gnats that came with some moms I am plant sitting. Nothing that BT cannot handle.

IMG_20190527_212159 - Copy.jpg

Just now:
IMG_20190530_102230 - Copy.jpg

Top Roots:
IMG_20190527_212247 - Copy.jpg


Sours: https://chuckersparadise.com/threads/jacks-3-2-1-salts.518/
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JACK'S NUTRIENTS 3-2-1 FORMULA! Part A (FeED) + Part B (Calcium Nitrate) + Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) - THIRTY Total 25lb Bags

Product Details


Jack's« Nutrients FeED 5-12-26 Part A Fertilizer (3.6 grams per gallon)

Promotes the growth of leaves and strong roots. Blended with purely soluble and available nutrients to allow the grower maximum flexibility. Specific mixtures of macro, secondary and micronutrients deliver an efficient combination of nutrients suitable for many different growing environments and crop types.

Jack's« Nutrients FeED 15-0-0 Calcium Nitrate Part B Fertilizer (2.4 grams per gallon)

Promotes Calcium uptake and strong leaf growth. BOOST 15-0-0 is a pure combination of a calcium and nitrate nitrogen allowing growers flexibility to boost their levels according to different crops or stages of growth. Used in combination with Jack's Part A FeED, these two products combined to make a totally available nutrient solution.

Jack's Magnesium Sulfate / Epsom Salts (1.1 grams per gallon)

An essential item to the Jack’s 3-2-1 program.

More Information

Hydrofarm SKUN/A
Hawthorne SKUN/A
Nitrogen (N)5
Phosphorus (P)12
Potassium (K)26


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Jacks 321

I'm going to post Kootmed's guide to using Jacks 321. On my current run of plants I locked them out by running my recipe at full strength too early. It was creating a lockout in the rizosphere / rootzone and the plants were showing heavy mag deficiencies. The EC and PPM were dialed in too, so that wasn't the issue.

So two days ago I flushed each container with 1 gallon of RO water (each plant is in a 3-gal). 24hrs later my drippers came on and began watering again (business as usual 1.8 EC 6.0 PH). Two days later and it's night and day how much happier they are.

Moving forward when growing from seed I'm going to start with a 33% - 50% strength recipe for the first week or two, and then once they establish a rootzone I'll increase to full-strength.

Here's a couple photos of the ladies now. You can still see striations on the leaves from the deficiencies. Now that they're healthy, they'll be getting flipped at the end of this week.


Sours: https://phenohunter.org/index.php?threads/jacks-321.91/post-3208

Jacks 321 recipe for dwc???

PrometheanLeaf said:

gypsum begins to form

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The gypsum forms from the mixture of cal-nitrate + epsom. You can do the jacks + epsom first, even in the bag, then mix the calnit into a separate bucket, then into the res, to ensure no precipitate. There are some new formulas of theirs that are high in P that would cause a problem also, but if you do calnit separate like above you avoid them all (I think)

@Kindbuds303- if you switch nutes mid run you lose reference to how the plant has reacted so far. It probably won't kill the plant, but it might mess things up in weird ways, or throw your evaluation of any problem off. LED causes the purple petioles :)

When someone says start low with the mix, instead of the full strength 3.6/2.4/1.2 use 2.6/1.7/.9 for a week, then 3/2/1, then 3.6/2.4/1.2 ... but stop going up if the tips start to burn. What I meant above about losing the reference to the plant, you won't know how it will react to different levels of Jack's because you haven't seen how it react to Jacks at all.


Sours: https://www.rollitup.org/t/jacks-321-recipe-for-dwc.1010529/

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