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We have been reading some fun books about bees this week and we made this fun Busy Bee Craft to go along with them.

My inspiration for this craft came from Apples and ABCs. You can purchase all the patterns and instructions for her craft at her TPT Store to make it easier for you, and it even comes with a cute writing prompt.

Here is how we made our craft:

1. I drew a beehive shape on a yellow-mustard colored piece of paper to start.

2. We used Apples and ABCs painting technique by using bubble wrap to paint our beehive. Simply cut down a piece in a size that will completely cover the beehive, then paint it, and press it down onto the beehive. Carefully peel it off so you don&#;t smear the paint and lose the texture.


3. We opted to use a blue background for our scene so once the beehive was dry, we cut it out and glued it onto our paper. We also cut out a brown entrance to the beehive and glued it down.

4. To make our bees I started by drawing bee shapes onto a yellow sheet of paper. Then my boys used a thick black marker to draw the black stripes on the bees. They glued on a small googly eye and drew on a smile. Once the eyes were dry we cut out all the bees. Well, I&#;m not gonna lie, I did most of the cutting while my kids played rock, paper, scissors. Haha!

5. To finish our bees, I got out the hot glue gun to make the process faster. We used a small piece of pipe cleaner bent into a V-shape for the antennae, a piece of wax paper for the wing (I only made one for each bee), and I cut toothpicks in half for the stinger. I know ya&#;ll know this, but to protect myself, adult supervision should be used while using toothpicks for crafting. They can cause injury if used improperly.  🙂


6. I think my son&#;s favorite part of the craft was deciding how he wanted his bees arranged around his beehive. He was up on the counter playing with them for over 30 minutes. Each bee had a name and he pretty much created a whole movie with dialogue and all. It was so cute! Now that I think about it, maybe I should have just left the bees unattached so he could play with them for days. (PS-Not that I need to explain myself or anything, but sitting on the counter is not a normal thing that happens around this house, but since little Sister refused to refrain from touching everything on the kitchen table, the counter was our only useable space.)

Here is how my son arranged his bees:

We used a hot glue gun to attach the bees to the paper, since the back of them were so thick from the toothpick and pipe cleaner. I love how it turned out because the bees are literally popping out of the page.

Check out the fun stories we have been reading to go along with this craft.

Horsefly and Honeybee by Randy Cecil

 This was a brand new book to my library, published in It was pretty amazing being the first person to ever check it out at my library. Haha! I loved this story! When Honeybee decides to take a nap in the same flower as Horsefly, trouble
ensues! They don’t want to share, and after quarrelling and each losing a wing, they run away in opposite
directions. But it isn’t long until they meet again… They have both been
captured by a hungry Bullfrog! If Horsefly and Honeybee are to escape before
dinnertime, they must find a way to work together. If ever my children needed a story about sharing and working together, it was this week. They have been fighting like crazy!

Buzzing Bees: Discovering Odd Numbers by Amanda Doering Tourville

This is one of the books in a &#;Count the Critters&#; series. This book introduces young readers to odd numbers up to nineteen. Loved this book for 5 yr old. By the end of the book he was really starting to understand the concept of odd numbers. We counted the sets of two&#;s on each page so he got a full understanding of the concept. If you noticed in our bee craft, we used 7 bees. We wanted to make sure to use an odd number to tie into this book.

Ant and Honey Bee What a Pair! by Megan McDonald

It&#;s only a few hours left till Cricket&#;s costume party. &#;What can we be for the
dress-up party?&#; Ant asked her friend Honey Bee.With a little creativity and a
lot of work, Ant and Honey Bee finally make a perfect,
two-things-that-go-together pair of costumes for Cricket&#;s big party. But then
&#; plip, plip, plip, PLIP! &#; it starts to rain, and by the time they arrive,
the proud pair looks more like a matching set of soggy sad sacks. Maybe, though,
if they put their heads together, the quick-thinking friends can turn their
mushy mess into a smashing success. What a pair!

Bee-Wigged by Cece Bell

Jerry Bee wants to make friends, but that&#;s hard to do when you&#;re the
most enormous bee anyone has ever seen. Then When Jerry finds a wig it changes his life. When he
puts it on, he looks just like a boy! Jerry creates quite a buzz with his
kindness and generosity, and for the first time, he has friends. But will his
new pals stick around when his true identity is revealed? This is a cute story about &#;bee&#;ing yourself.

Happy Crafting!!

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15 Busy Bee CRAFTS FOR KIDS - Pin Image

Learning about animals, insects, and other creepy crawlies is quite fun and very educational.  In fact, kids can’t get enough of these cute little creatures like these adorable bumble bees.

Did you know that honey bees are the world’s most important pollinator of food crops?  It’s estimated that one third of the food that we consume each day relies upon pollination by bees.  For example, many domestic and imported fruits and vegetables such as kiwis, cherries, avocados and asparagus requires pollination to grow.

Honey bees also pollinate clover and alfalfa, which are fed to cattle.  And that’s not to mention the huge range of manufactured products that are either made from or include honey as a part of their ingredients.  Believe me when I say “bees are valuable”!

15 Busy Bee CRAFTS FOR KIDS - Pin Image

15 Busy Bee Crafts For Kids

So, to teach children about the importance of bees and their role in our world, I’ve compiled a list of the most delightful and entertaining 15 Busy Bee Crafts For Kids that I could find.  They are absolutely fun to make and more than buzz worthy to share!

Bee Craft For Kids

Woven Paper Plate Bee Craft – Kids Craft Room

This adorable paper plate bee craft will get the kids buzzing all over the place. They may want to make a couple because they are so cute.

Children's Bee Craft Idea

Awesome Recycled Bee Craft – I Heart Crafty Things

Teach your kiddos all about learning how to recycle with this unique and creative bee craft. It’s so lovely too.Alphabet Craft Idea For Kids

B Is For Bee Letter Craft – Our Kid Things

Learning the alphabet can be amusing, especially when it involves arts and crafts. Learn all about the letter B with this project.

Easy Bee Crafts

Duct Tape Twirling Bee Craft – Crafts By Amanda

Not only can your children make these buzzing bees, they can hang them outdoors, and you can use them as decorations. What a fantastic idea.

The Best Books About Bees For Kids


 Little Bee: Finger Puppet Book (Little Finger Puppet Board Books)Little Bee: Finger Puppet Book (Little Finger Puppet Board Books) Bumble The BeeBumble The Bee The Bee BookThe Bee Book Are You a Bee? (Backyard Books)Are You a Bee? (Backyard Books) Five Bizzy Honey Bees – The Fun and Factual Life of the Honey Bee: Captivating, Educational and Fact-filled Picture Book about Bees for Toddlers, Kids, Children and AdultsFive Bizzy Honey Bees - The Fun and Factual Life of the Honey Bee: Captivating, Educational and Fact-filled Picture Book about Bees for Toddlers, Kids, Children and Adults

Bee Crafts For Children

Clothespin Bee Craft – Non-Toy Gifts

Once your children make several of these clothespin bee’s, they are going to be flying and buzzing the rest of the day. So much fun!

Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft – Mom Does Reviews

Googly eyes, craft paper, toilet paper roll, and a few other supplies you probably already have on hand is all you need to do this project.

Preschool Bee Crafts

Paper Cup Preschool Bumble Bee Craft Idea – The Inspiration Edit

Not sure that you could find any more adorable bumblebees than with this craft. The kids are sure to be thrilled with them.

Toddler Bee Crafts

Felt Bumblebee Craft – Mommy Made That

This sweet little bumblebee is just begging you to make one. Fantastic craft for older kids because there is some minimal sewing involved.

Preschooler Bee Project

Milk Jug Bumble Bees Craft – Our Kid Things

Don’t throw away those milk jugs, save them for these sweet bumble bees instead. Quick and straightforward to make.

Outdoor kids craft

Bumblebee Garden Stake – Coffee With Us 3

Your children are sure to enjoy personalizing their own garden stake. These bees are super adorable and easy to make.

Toddler Bee Project Idea

Adorable Bee Craft – Homeschool Preschool

Preschoolers are going to enjoy these cute bees and their honeycombs.

Toddler bee art project

Easy Paper Plate Bee Craft – Non-Toy Gifts

This is another terrific option for paper plate crafts. These bees are so sweet and adorable. The kids will love them so much.

Cup Crafts For Kids

Super Cute Foam Bee Craft – I Heart Crafty Things

This art project is inexpensive and will be a massive hit with the children. These foam cup bees are so charming!

Popsicle Craft For Kids

Popsicle Stick Bumble Bees – Kids Craft Room

Those giant bumblebee eyes are irresistibly cute! You can’t help but smile when you see this art project.

Kids Toddler Craft

Bumble Bee Book Mark – Mommy Made That

Make reading even more enjoyable when you have some of these bee bookmarks.

Now that you have seen these 15 Busy Bee Crafts For Kids, it’s time to get busy crafting.  Be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram with any of your finished products!  And here are some other projects I think you might love to make too.

Happy Crafting!


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