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How long does it really take to put together a Lifetime Shed?

Lifetime storage sheds are modular in design, which simplifies construction and setup considerably. Just about every step of the construction is repeated multiple times. Thus, each part of the shed construction can speed up once you get the hang of what the step requires. This is particularly true of long sheds.

An employee at Lifetime recently assisted in the assembly of an 8x15 shed. During the assembly, he and another guy worked on the shed themselves. The quickest part for the assembly for them was the floor panels and wall panels as those steps are mostly snapping the panels into place. During the door assembly, the process slowed considerably because of the greater detail in parts and assembly when compared to the previous parts of the shed. The roof trusses were easy to assemble, but again it had many more parts then the walls and floor. From beginning to end, the assembly of an 8x15 Lifetime storage shed took two men 9 hours to build.

Smaller sheds will definitely drop assembly time greatly. Also, additional hands would speed the process up by having more people available to place the panels and fasten the hardware. Some steps could even be done concurrently to help speed up construction. Hopefully, this helps in judging your assembly time for your Lifetime shed.

View YouTube Video "Building Our Lifetime Storage Shed"


From beginning to end, the assembly of an 8x15 Lifetime storage shed took two men 9 hours to build. Smaller sheds will definitely drop assembly time greatly. Also, additional hands would speed the process up by having more people available to place the panels and fasten the hardware.

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In this manner, how long does it take to put together a shed?

Overall, it takes a few weeks to set up a scheduled install date, but once we arrive on site, your new shed is done within four hours, usually less.

Also, can you put a lifetime shed on gravel? Lifetime sheds must be built on a flat, level surface. We do however recommend a concrete or patio style surface. Other options include a wood platform made of 2x4 boards and plywood or a wood frame filled with pea gravel (large gravel is not recommended).

Consequently, how long does it take to assemble a plastic shed?

Most of our sheds could be put together by one person but we recommend two people to assemble most buildings. Some rough estimates would be: 10x8 takes two people 4-5 hours, the 5x3 takes 1 hour, the 4x8 takes 3-4 hours; and an 8x6 takes 2 people 3-4 hours.

How much does Lowes charge for Shed installation?

So, if you purchase a lowes sheds and have someone build it for you, you may spend way more than having us do it for you. Average cost for a person to build your shed (labor and materials) will be around $800 – $1500 so for a complete and finished 8×12 gable will be $4500 compared to our $2500.

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Lifetime 8' x 7.5' Outdoor Shed - Lifetime Assembly Video

Prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings comparison: Lifetime Products vs TUFF SHED

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Choosing a new shed for your yard is something that typically requires a little research. A Lifetime Products vs TUFF SHED prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings comparison chart can help you run down the list of what each company includes in its sheds. Although both companies offer a range of products, you might find that you prefer the size or design of one over the other.

TUFF SHED prefabricated vinyl storage

TUFF SHED prefabricated vinyl storageTUFF SHED is a company that specializes in creating factory-direct sheds for home use. Although the company does not manufacture vinyl sheds, it does make a wide range of sheds made from specially-treated wood that can withstand the weather, as well as vinyl sheds. TUFF SHED offers a five-year warranty on its Garden Ranch design, which features double doors and a classic design, while the Tall Barn model comes with a 10-year warranty. All of the garden sheds have a five- to 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

When shopping for prefabricated outdoor storage sheds from TUFF SHED, you need to choose between its ranch, barn and lean-to styles. The designs feature windows and large doors that give the sheds the look of a small house. Tuff Shed also gives you the chance to customize your finished shed by picking the paint color, trim color and the color of the asphalt shingles on the roof.

Lifetime Products prefabricated vinyl storage

Lifetime Products prefabricated vinyl storageYou don't have as many choices when it comes to prefabricated outdoor vinyl storage buildings from Lifetime Products because all of the sheds have white or tan walls and blue or tan roofs. You do have the option of choosing from shelving and storage options, which give you the room to store different items. These tool sheds have large double doors that you can lock to keep your items protected, and the larger space is perfect for large and heavy objects like riding lawn mowers.

The exterior storage systems from Lifetime Products come in seven-, eight-, 10-, and 11-foot widths, and steel reinforcement keeps the vinyl from bowing or caving. Lifetime Products' storage systems also have slip-resistant floors, which will keep you from slipping or sliding around your shed if water gets inside. While TUFF SHED gives you ample color options, you might find that you need to frequently clean the walls and repaint the shed every few years. As Lifetime Products sheds feature vinyl construction, you never need to worry about repainting the walls and you can clean the shed while working outside with a quick spray from your garden hose.

When it comes to picking a new item for your home, Reply! provides the information and tips that you need when purchasing a new shed. After viewing a Lifetime Products vs Tuff Shed - prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings comparison chart, you might find that picking between the two companies is easier than you thought.

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Shed building lifetime

From beginning to end, the assembly of an 8x15 Lifetime storage shed took two men 9 hours to build. Smaller sheds will definitely drop assembly time greatly. Also, additional hands would speed the process up by having more people available to place the panels and fasten the hardware.

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Considering this, how long does it take to assemble a shed?

around 4 to 6 days

Subsequently, question is, can you put a lifetime shed on gravel? Lifetime sheds must be built on a flat, level surface. We do however recommend a concrete or patio style surface. Other options include a wood platform made of 2x4 boards and plywood or a wood frame filled with pea gravel (large gravel is not recommended).

Beside above, how long does it take to assemble a plastic shed?

Most of our sheds could be put together by one person but we recommend two people to assemble most buildings. Some rough estimates would be: 10x8 takes two people 4-5 hours, the 5x3 takes 1 hour, the 4x8 takes 3-4 hours; and an 8x6 takes 2 people 3-4 hours.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a shed?

Along with being less expensive, you can build your shed according to your schedule, which can be significantly faster than having a professional build it for you. A normal shed costs about $300 while hiring a contractor or builder can cost you up to $3000 with labor, materials, and additional costs.

Lifetime 8' x 7.5' Outdoor Shed - Lifetime Assembly Video

Tips and Solutions Detail

Lifetime Shed Foundation Options

Two Options


First and foremost, before preparing a foundation for your Lifetime shed, check with your city office to see if you will need a building permit. Also, some HOA have very strict requirements regarding the size, color, and material of any outdoor buildings you may want to build, so you'll want to make sure you're good to go before investing your time and money. 

For your convenience, all Lifetime shed instructions are available in an online Owner's Manual for you to preview. The Owner's Manual will include how-to instructions on building a proper foundation for your Lifetime shed. There are two foundations we recommend and the one that will work best for you depends on how you plan to use your shed. Do you plan to use it just to store garden tools and fertilizer? Or will you be storing your riding lawnmower or ATV in there?  The amount of weight you will be putting on the floor will determine which foundation you should go with.  The floor covering for a Lifetime shed is integrated polyethylene panels which need enough support below to avoid movement in the panels and adequately support the contents of your shed. Consider the following options:

• A concrete slab will support the most weight and provide the best long-term performance. This is the best option and the one we most strongly recommend
• A wooden platform won't support as much weight as the concrete, but will perform satisfactorily for a lawnmower and other equipment in that weight range

IMPORTANT! Regardless of which of these foundations you choose to suit your purposes, if the surface is not properly leveled, your Lifetime Shed will not assemble correctly, which could result in the doors not opening and closing properly and possible gaps that could allow leaking.  All foundations should be built above ground in order to avoid water pooling inside the shed. Bear in mind that many Lifetime shed models are compatible with shed extension kits. If there's a possibility that you may want to extend your shed in the future, you may want to make your original foundation big enough to accommodate this extension later on down the road. (Of course, it would still be possible to create a foundation for the extension later; it would just be more convenient to do it all at once.)

The foundation for your shed will be a little bigger than the shed itself, so keep this in mind when selecting your site. Refer to the online Owner's Manual for your shed model for the exact dimensions for your concrete slab. You can also find those dimensions on under the "Footprint" in the Specs table. The online Owner's Manual will also tell you exactly how much concrete you will need for your particular shed model.

OPTION #2 - A WOODEN PLATFORM:  (Note* All lumber must be rated for outdoor use)
You will need to build the outside frame to specifications in the Owners Manual for your shed model. Then you will nail the 2” x 4” boards on the inside of the frame.  The frame should be squared by measuring from corner to corner diagonally to make sure that the distance is equal from corner to corner.  Plywood should be cut into sizes as per instructions in the Owner's Manual and nailed onto the wooden frame.  Then you can place the shed platform in the desired location. If you find that the platform does not rest level on the ground, build up the low points with loose dirt until it is stable. We also recommend that you drill three evenly spaced 1/2" drain holes into plywood between each 2x4 joist.

To sum it all up, you’ve all heard that any structure is only as good as its foundation, so the proper installation of your Lifetime shed foundation is not to be underestimated. The Owner's Manuals make this project as easy as possible by giving you step-by-step instructions accompanied by illustrations. We also have shed assembly experts available in the Lifetime Customer Service department who will be happy to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise along the way. They can be contacted at 1 800 225 3865 ex.3, or by emailing [email protected] 

* Helpful hints: Sometimes our customers want to put a Lifetime shed in a very limited space (i.e between two walls). Ideally, there should be at least 3 ft around the perimeter of the shed in which to work on the outside walls, but in a tight squeeze we suggest that you and your assistants assemble the shed in front of the desired site and then lift it (with a person supporting each corner) and slide it onto the prepared foundation.



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An In-Depth Look at Lifetime Sheds – Are They a Good Buy?

Lifetime shed

Image courtesy

JUST MADE THE DECISION TO ADD a garden shed to your backyard?

Now the fun begins.

There are so many different sheds on the market, it can drive you crazy trying to find the right one to fit your needs or budget. If you are basing your judgment of Lifetime sheds on the “plastic” sheds of years ago, you might be in for a nice surprise. These sheds are made to provide you with many years of reliable service.

So, today we are going to take at Lifetime brand polyethylene sheds, one of the leading brands on the market. We are going to look at what makes them so popular from the HDPE polyethylene used to make each part to the powder-coated steel reinforcement used throughout. These sheds are loaded with features many of the other brands simply don't offer or come up short on.

Look What Lifetime Sheds Had to Offer:

Floor includedYes
Sub-flooring neededNo
Foundation requiredYes
Steel trusses for roofYes
Steel reinforcement in wallsYes
Can be enlargedYes
Metal parts powder-coatedYes
All parts made in U.S.A.Yes

Today's Polyethylene Not What You Might Think

During the early days of polyethylene sheds, the materials used were simply not up to the job they were being tasked with. Often, these materials would fade and warp under the sun or become brittle and break in freezing temperature. In most cases, people who purchased these early sheds ended up angry and spending, even more, money on a wood or metal shed.

Lifetime continues to invest heavily in researching and developing stronger and better materials. The polyethylene materials used in Lifetime sheds are the result of this research. They have been tested to ensure they can stand up to anything Mother Nature has to hammer it with. The roofs are supported in some models with steel trusses to help ensure they can handle heavy snow loads.

The polyethylene used in Lifetime sheds incorporates special UV protectants to ensure it maintains its color without any signs of fading. The protectant also helps to ensure the sun's heat and UV rays will not cause the material to warp. Your lifetime shed will continue to look new for many years.

The Roof

Lifetime sheds feature a steeply pitched roof designed to ensure rain, snow, and ice can easily slide off, reducing the amount of load it must carry. For those of you who live in areas where it tends to snow significant amounts at a time, Lifetime sheds also feature powder coated steel A-frame style trusses for added support. Depending on the model you choose, your shed may feature a skylight to help provide you with plenty of natural daylight.  All skylights are fully sealed to keep water and snow out.

The Walls

Having a strong roof is only the beginning of what makes Lifetime sheds worth more than a second look. The walls are the most vital part of any structure, including a shed. This walls that offer very little in the way of structural strength or support are of very little use to anyone. Many low-cost sheds are built using single-wall polyethylene construction, making them weak and easily broken into. No one wants that.

Lifetime sheds are made using double-wall construction from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction and steel reinforcement. This material and design offer superior support, improved weather and theft protection, and exceptional good looks. One more thing you should know about double-wall construction is that the walls act in some ways like double-glazed windows by using the air gap as a form of insulation. The extra-thick polyethylene double-wall construction also helps to prevent rocks slung from under your lawn mower causing damage.

Metal vs Plastic Hardware

One of the most common complaints with many brands of polyethylene and resin sheds is that they use plastic hardware to assemble them. While there a few brands that seem to think their plastic hardware is more than strong enough for use in assembling a shed. The problem with this is that many of their customers find out the hard way that plastic hardware may not be their best option.

Lifetime sheds use steel hardware that has been treated to prevent rust. This hardware will not break under high winds or heavy loads like plastic hardware that can easily break under these conditions. Now imagine a shed that uses plastic hardware to secure the doors and keep thieves out. A determined thief can break into this type of shed in minutes. Lifetime sheds feature all-metal locking hardware to ensure your shed and its contents remain safe and sound.

Why Choose a Bolt-Together Shed?

There are a number of resin/polyethylene sheds designed to be assembled by snapping the parts together. While you might think that assembly should be simpler on these sheds, they can often be hard to actually get all the pieces to actually fit together. In many cases, a big rubber mallet has to be used. Then the first time a strong wind blows through your area, they blow apart so quickly it will blow your mind.

Sheds, such as those from Lifetime, that are assembled using the bolt-together method are far stronger and less likely to be affected by strong winds. While it might take longer to assemble this type of shed, the pieces tend to line up more quickly and the overall assembly is easier. The worst thing you have to do is set aside a little more time and patience to build the shed.

Built on a Strong Foundation

Another very common problem with many polyethylene sheds is that they come with a thin plastic floor or no floor at all. In many cases, you would be better off buying one that has no floor than one that has a thin single layer of plastic. Lifetime sheds come with a double-wall polyethylene non-slip floor that is reinforced for maximum weight capacity.

The material chosen for the floor is resistant to stains, oils, and solvents allowing you to make more use of your shed for things like storing lawn mowers, paints, solvents and just about anything else you can imagine. You should, however, build a strong platform or foundation to set your shed on. You can pour a concrete slab, make a foundation from pavers, create one from gravel, or simply flatten out the ground (though this is not recommended).

Here are Five Great Lifetime Sheds Worth Your Consideration

Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage

Measuring in at 90x114x70 inches, this Lifetime shed features 4 large skylights for added natural lighting, a pair of vents for better airflow, and a single shatterproof window. Inside you will find a customizable shelving system that adds even more versatility. The steel-reinforced high-arch double doors create an opening that is 4′ x 6′ with locking mechanisms inside and out. Comes with a high-density polyethylene floor that is resistant to stains, chipping, and peeling.

Steel A-truss reinforced double wall roofTime-consuming assembly
Steel reinforced double constructed wallsAssembly manual poor
Bolt together construction using steel boltsThreaded holes may strip out using metal screws

Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage

This Lifetime shed measures a full 12-feet long for those who need plenty of storage space. The entire shed is made from low-maintenance UV-resistant HDPE (high-density polyethylene) that has been designed to resist weather damage. Both the roof and walls are made using double-construction and include steel reinforcing to ensure maximum load support. Best of all this shed comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Steel-reinforced double-wall constructionSteel screws tend to strip out plastic threads
Lockable steel-reinforced doorsSome issues with panel alignment
UV-protected for long-lifeInstallation manual needs work

Lifetime 6415 Outdoor Storage Shed

The extra-wide Lifetime shed measures a full 11 feet wide and 13 feet deep. There are 2 shatterproof windows and a vent at each end of the shed to provide plenty of ventilation. The steel reinforced high-arch roof not only helps rain and snow to slide off, it provides 6'8″ of headroom at the peak. The HDPE double walls have built-in steel reinforcement to help with load carrying ability and added security. The shed also features a fully customizable shelving system.

2 shatterproof-windows and 2 ventsChallenging assembly
High-pitched roof with steel trusses for supportThreaded holes in plastic strip out easily
Steel-reinforced doors for added securityDoors need a way to adjust the alignment

Lifetime 6411 Outdoor Storage Shed

At 8 x 7.5 feet, this Lifetime Shed is the perfect size for your lawn mower and a large selection of your favorite garden tools. It features a single shatterproof window, 3 skylights, and 2 vents for added ventilation. The roof, walls, and doors are made from durable double-wall HDPE construction with steel reinforcement for added support and security. This shed features a customizable shelving system that lets you set up your shelves to meet any needs.

High-pitched roof provides 6'8″ of headroomScrew holes tend to strip
Sturdy plastic non-slip floorAssembly manual leaves a lot to be desired
Durable HDPE material designed to last yearsChallenging assembly for one or two people

Lifetime 60005 Outdoor Storage Shed

This Lifetime shed features double doors on one side instead of the end, making it easier to use as an equipment storage shed. The roof features skylights, durable double-wall HDPE construction, and powder-coated steel support trusses. There are two small windows in the front and a single window in the rear, all made from shatterproof polycarbonate. High-grade steel screws are used throughout the construction process to ensure superior stability.

Powder-coated steel reinforcement used throughout constructionSkylights would work better if they were clear instead of opaque
3 windows and 2 skylightsTends to leak in the rain
Low-maintenance UV resistant materialsAssembly manual is very poor

Other Options

If the many sheds offered by Lifetime are not exactly what you are looking for, perhaps a resin of HDPE shed is not what you should be considering. There are several metal sheds that may fit your needs. Here is one worth considering, bear in mind that metal sheds can be more expensive and far more challenging to assemble.

Arrow Shed AR108-A

This metal shed from Arrow features simple to assemble parts that are pre-drilled and pre-cut that makes assembly easier. All galvanized-steel parts are coated with a baked-on enamel to help minimize any risk of corrosion. The design includes a mid-wall brace for added stability. There is a total of 440 square feet of storage space and a large door opening that should give you more than enough room for most riding mowers.

Sheet metal offers excellent strength and durabilityEven galvanized steel will rust in time
Bolt together design withstands high windMust be set on a foundation or pad
Plenty of space for a riding lawn mowerVery difficult to assemble


Today's top-quality HDPE sheds offer a wide range of sizes and designs for you to choose from. The entire range is durable and well-constructed and ready to take on any challenge. They HDPE material used in their construction is resistant to the sun's UV rays and just about anything else mother nature can throw at it. In my humble opinion, all of these sheds make an excellent choice, just be sure to match the one you buy with your needs and budget.

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