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Amazing Animals: Dinosaur Quiz

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About This Quiz

About 60 million years ago, something happened to wipe dinosaurs off the face of the Earth. These creatures dominated the landscape far longer than humans have been around, but many mysteries remain about their appearance, physiology and eventual extinction. So which of today's animals evolved from dinosaurs?


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20 dinosaur quiz questions to test your fossil-mad friends

When it comes to a general knowledge quiz, there are several rounds which always crop up.

Food, history, film, geography, flags and animals are among the most popular.

But what about dinosaurs? Yep, we're talking about all things to do with those big, scary, toothy creatures which used to roam the earth.

From the T-Rex to the Pterodactyl - we've come up with 20 dinosaur quiz questions to test your knowledge of the prehistoric world.

Your fossil-mad friends will love to show off their dino-mite expertise.

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Dinosaur quiz questions

1. How many horns did a triceratops have?

2. What does the word dinosaur mean?

3. Dinosaurs first appeared in which geological period?

4. What is the study of fossils called?

5. When did dinosaurs go extinct?

6. And why did dinosaurs go extinct?

7. What was the first dinosaur to be discovered?

8. How many claws did a velociraptor have on each hand?

9. Which dinosaur was the size of a chicken?

True or false: birds evolved from dinosaurs

How many years did dinosaurs roam the Earth?

What colour were dinosaurs?

During which period did the T-Rex live?

What were the largest type of dinosaur?

Was Diplodocus a carnivore or herbivore?

What dinosaur themed book was turned into a blockbuster movie in ?

Which dinosaur's name means 'fast thief'?

What was the lifespan of a T-Rex?

Which dinosaur had a giraffe-like neck?

Which dinosaur had the smallest brain for its body size?


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1. Three

2. Terrible lizard

3. Triassic

4. Paleontology

5. Around 65 million years ago

6. They were killed by an asteroid

7. Megalosaurus

8. Three

9. Compsognathus


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Nobody knows




Jurassic Park





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Can You Identify the Dinosaur from an Image?

By: Lauren Lubas

6 Min Quiz

Image: Stocktrek Images / Getty Images

About This Quiz

'90s kids know that dinosaurs are pretty much the coolest things ever, and after we saw them reanimated in "Jurassic Park" (), we all wanted to learn a little bit more about the beasts that once roamed the Earth. However, as with all sciences, as the great minds of our world learn more and more about dinosaurs, they change classifications (and sometimes even names). 

As of right now, scientists have discovered the remains and fossils of over different species of these prehistoric animals, and they estimate that even more species are yet to be discovered. While the smallest dinosaur known was about the size of a chicken, the largest dinosaur discovered thus far weighed over tons and was over feet long. From the T-Rex to the Velociraptor to the Brontosaurus, dinosaurs had as much range as dogs do today, and there's one that appeals to everyone.

Dinosaur fossils have been found all over the world, and while there are many theories on what led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, one thing is for certain: people love seeing their bones. If you think you know a thing or two about dinosaurs, try taking this quiz to see if you can identify 40 of the species from just a single image.

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ANIMAL TRIVIA QUIZ #11 - 50 Dinosaur Trivia Questions and Answers - Dinosaurs Pub Quiz
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1) What dinosaur name means "fast thief?"


Velociraptor means "fast thief." This fast-running dinosaur, which lived during the late Cretaceous period (about million years ago), has become quite popular due the movie Jurassic Park. Standing only about 3 feet tall (and 5 to 6 feet long), Velociraptors were much smaller than depicted in the movie. They were, however, fierce predators, and their sickle-shaped talons could reach the length of the teeth on sabertooth cats, making them a formidable adversary.

2) What dinosaur fossil was originally mistaken for a type of bison?


When famed paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh first discovered a Triceratops fossil in , he mistakenly identified it as a type of bison. Another Triceratops fossil was discovered a year later by John Bell Hatcher, and in , Marsh, realizing his mistake, finally named this dinosaur. Triceratops, which is believed to have lived in herds much like modern buffalo, had three distinctive horns -- one on its snout and two more above the eyes. Along with the bony frill that protected the rear of its skull, these horns provided a natural defense against the attacks of other dinosaurs, but the Triceratops was himself an herbivore, feeding on plants and shrubbery with his sharp beak.

3) When did dinosaurs become extinct?


Dinosaurs are believed to have become extinct about 65 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period. We know of their existence today because of fossilized remains -- mostly bones, but in a few cases impressions of skin, feathers, and even internal organs. It is impossible to know for sure what caused this sudden mass extinction, but the prevailing theory is that a massive meteor struck the earth about that time causing drastic climate changes and thus the extinction. Other theories of dinosaur extinction involve decreasing oxygen levels in the atmosphere, natural climate changes caused by increased volcanic activity, or perhaps a massive "belching" of methane gas from below the surface of the ocean.

4) What were the direct ancestors of the dinosaurs?


Dinosaurs diverged from their archosaur ancestors during the middle to late Triassic period. Living representatives of the Archosaurs include birds and crocodilians.

5) What was the lifespan of a T. rex?

6) The meteor that many scientists believe killed the dinosaurs struck in what modern-day country?

7) What dinosaur was, for many years, mistakenly called a Brontosaurus?


In , a paleontologist named Othniel Charles Marsh () discovered a new species of dinosaur with he named Apatosaurus, meaning "deceptive lizard." Two years later, he discovered what he believed to be another species of dinosaur. He named this one Brontosaurus, meaning "thunder lizard." When later paleontologists examined the two fossils, however, they determined that both skeletons belonged to the same animal class, one being an adult and one being a juvenile. Since the Apatosaurus was discovered and named first, it became the official name. The Brontosaurus, however, had captured the imagination of the public and continued to be preferred by the general public. It was not until the s, when the United States Post Office was taken to task by paleontologists for issuing a stamp depicting the creature and using the improper name, that people even began to be aware of the controversy. Since that time, most dinosaur literature has begun using the proper name Apatosaurus, often with a footnote that these massive dinosaurs used to be called "Brontosaurus."

8) Which of the following dinosaurs had a giraffe-like neck?


The Brachiosaurus, a herbivore, used its giraffe-like neck to graze in the tops of trees. It is believed to have reached heights of up to 13 meters (42 feet), lengths of 25 meters (82) feet, and weights in excess of 90 tons. Once considered the largest known dinosaur, it has since been surpassed by the likes of Argintinosaurus and Sauroposeidon.

9) What is the only dinosaur lineage to survive the mass extinction event?


Until the late 20th century, all groups of dinosaurs were believed to be extinct. However, the fossil record indicates that birds are the modern descendants of feathered dinosaurs, having evolved from theropod ancestors during the Jurassic Period.

10) Which dinosaur had fifteen horns?


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Quiz for adults dinosaur

Welcome to our Dinosaur Quiz Questions Page

Dinosaurs first appeared as small reptiles about million years ago in the Middle Triassic. They dominated life on land at the end of the Triassic and would do so for another million years (until the close of the Mesozoic). In contrast, man (homo sapiens) first evolved on earth about million years ago.

Dinosaur Quiz Questions I

  1. The word dinosaur was first coined in by paleontologist Sir Richard Owen, from the Greek word 'deinos' and 'sauros'; what is the English translation of 'dinosaur'?

  2. Which large canivore is thought to have the largest bite force of all the dinosaurs?
  3. True or false. Sauropods were known for their large size?
  4. In films and popular culture which dinosaur is well known for having a large bony frill with three horns?
  5. Which relatively small, bird-like dinosaurs get their name from the Greek words for 'wounded tooth'?
  6. Which flying reptiles were the first vertebrates to fly?
  7. Which dinosaur with the name meaning 'roof lizard' is known for the rows of bony plates that rise from its back?
  8. True or false. Ninety percent of dinosaur species laid eggs?
  9. With a name meaning 'great lizard, which dinosaur was the first to be formally named?
  10. True or false. Dinosaurs are not the largest animals to have ever existed?
  11. In , Charles Darwin thought the Archaeopteryx was the missing link between dinosaurs and which other creatures?
  12. True or false. Most plant eating dinosaurs walked on all fours while most meat eaters walked on two feet?


  1. Terrible lizard (or reptile)

  2. Tyrannosaurus rex
  3. True
  4. Triceratops
  5. Troodons
  6. Pterosaurs
  7. Stegosaurus
  8. False. It's %.
  9. Megalosaurus
  10. True. That record goes to the blue whale.
  11. Birds
  12. True

Dinosaur Quiz Questions II

  1. What is Argentinosaurus remarkable for?
  2. The name of which dinosaur means 'thunder lizard'?
  3. Name the only dinosaur to be commonly known in popular culture by its full scientific name?
  4. Dinosaurs first appeared in which geological period?
  5. What was the estimated weight of an Eoraptor: (a)10 kilograms, (b)1 tonne, or (c)10 tonnes?
  6. True or false. The dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago?
  7. A meteorite crater near the coast of which modern day country is thought to have led to the dinosaurs' mass extinction?
  8. Which dinosaurs name means 'roof lizard'?
  9. What name do we give to the study of fossils?
  10. During the Triassic period what was Pangaea?
  11. Who wrote about prehistoric animals in the adventure novel The Lost World?
  12. Which dinosaur was for many years the longest known, and has a name meaning 'double beam' with reference to its double-beamed chevron bones located in the underside of its tail?


  1. Its weight and size (probably the heaviest dinosaur)

  2. Brontosaurus
  3. Tyrannosaurus rex
  4. Triassic
  5. 10 kilograms
  6. True
  7. Mexico
  8. Stegosaurus
  9. Palaeontology
  10. A giant landmass or supercontinent
  11. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  12. Diplodocus

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Dinosaur Quiz

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