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MalikSanchez (also known online as Smooth Sanchez) (born 2001) is an American Streamer, YouTuber, and self-identified "incel", made famous by IRL LiveStreaming Platforming: IP2Always.Win, who in April 2021 was arrested on one count of conveying false and misleading information and hoaxes, after he allegedly made a hoax threat to detonate a bomb at a restaurant in the Flatiron District of Manhattan in February 2021.[1][2]

Streaming career[edit]

In a Justice Department press release Sanchez was said to be a self-identified incel whose videos included him harassing, threatening, and at one time harming individuals who he encountered in Manhattan. In one stream he also stated that he supported Elliot Rodger and said Rodger's victims "deserved to be run over and hit by a truck."[1]

In June 2020 Sanchez created outrage in American Conservative circles after he had women appear on their knees in a show of solidarity for George Floyd and asked them to apologize for their White privilege and for being complicit for Human Rights Abuses against blacks in the United States. During that livestream Sanchez falsely identified himself as a representative of Black Lives Matter. Conservatives viewers called the stream "“racist against whites” and a called Sanchez “bully.” With Tucker Carlson calling the stream "an example of the “mob seeking the total humiliation of its enemies.”" Sanchez later said he did the stream to troll people.[3]

In October 2020 Sanchez was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespass after he scaled the Queensboro Bridge for a livestream. Sanchez was also charged with illegal possession of pepper spray after police linked him to an attack where he allegedly pepper-sprayed a 40-year-old woman in Chelsea, Manhattan.[4]

In March 2021 Sanchez was arrested after he posted a video where he approached women in an outdoor seating area, where he stated his support for Incels and Elliot Rodger, while also making hand gestures mimicking pointing a gun. After multiple people told him to stop, Sanchez pepper sprayed on one of them.[1]

2021 Arrest[edit]

In April 2021 Sanchez was arrested on one count of conveying false and misleading information and hoaxes, after he allegedly made a hoax threat to detonate a bomb at a restaurant in the Flatiron District of Manhattan in February 2021.[1][2][5][6] If convicted Sanchez faces up to five years in Prison.[7]



Case Summary

On February 24, 2021, Cristian Sanchez filed a Complaint in New York Federal court against Twitch Interactive, Inc.. Plaintiff Cristian Sanchez alleges that is not accessible per the WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 accessibility standard(s).

Case Details

Plaintiff alleges issues in its Complaint including the following:

  • Lack of Alternative Text (“alt-text”), or a text equivalent. Alt-text is an invisible code embedded beneath a graphical image on a website. Alt- text does not change the visual presentation, but instead a text box shows when the cursor moves over the picture. The lack of alt-text on these graphics prevents screen readers from accurately vocalizing a description of the graphics.
  • Empty Links That Contain No Text causing the function or purpose of the link to not be presented to the user. This can introduce confusion for keyboard and screen- reader users;
  • Redundant Links where adjacent links go to the same URL address which results in additional navigation and repetition for keyboard and screen-reader users; and
  • Linked Images Missing Alt-text, which causes problems if an image within a link contains no text and that image does not provide alt-text. A screen reader then has no content to present the user as to the function of the link, including information contained in PDFs.
  • The company logo acts as a link designed to take the user from wherever they may be within the Defendant's website to the homepage of that site. For this website, the link is not properly labeled and where the link ("logo") will operate properly (taking the user back to the home page), the missing label prevents the user (visually impaired) to interpret the logo/link and in the case of using a screen reader, the screen reader software cannot properly interpret the logo/link effectively hiding the purpose of that link from the user.
  • Products have text that describe the item, whether it is in stock, details of the item and price. The product pricing was not labeled to integrate with screen reader and therefore, overlooks important information that a customer would require to complete a purchase.
  • Some text is not properly labeled. For example, the letter "X" used in a product description to describe the size of the item is mislabeled. Abbreviations used in descriptions should be properly labeled to integrate with a screen reader so the user can understand the description of the item to purchase.

Plaintiff asserts the following cause(s) of action in its Complaint:

  • VIOLATIONS OF THE ADA, 42 U.S.C. § 12181 et seq.

Plaintiff seeks the following relief by way of its Complaint:

  • A preliminary and permanent injunction to prohibit Defendant from violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 12182, et seq., N.Y. Exec. Law § 296, et seq., N.Y.C. Administrative Code § 8-107, et seq., and the laws of New York;
  • A preliminary and permanent injunction requiring Defendant to take all the steps necessary to make its Website into full compliance with the requirements set forth in the ADA, and its implementing regulations, so that the Website is readily accessible to and usable by blind individuals;
  • A declaration that Defendant owns, maintains and/or operates its Website in a manner that discriminates against the blind and which fails to provide access for persons with disabilities as required by Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 12182, et seq., N.Y. Exec. Law § 296, et seq.,
    N.Y.C. Administrative Code § 8-107, et seq., and the laws of New York
  • An order certifying the Class and Sub-Classes under Fed. R. Civ. P. 23(a) & (b)(2) and/or (b)(3), appointing Plaintiff as Class Representative, and his attorneys as Class Counsel;
  • Compensatory damages in an amount to be determined by proof, including all applicable statutory and punitive damages and fines, to
  • Plaintiff and the proposed class and subclasses for violations of their civil rights under New York State Human Rights Law and City Law;
  • Pre- and post-judgment interest;
  • An award of costs and expenses of this action together with
    reasonable attorneys’ and expert fees; and
  • Such other and further relief as this Court deems just and proper. 
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American content creator (born 1997)

For the Bosnian Twitch streamer and esports player, see NiKo. For the English grime artist, see More Fire Crew.

BornNicole Sanchez
(1997-07-14) July 14, 1997 (age 24)
Also known asNeeko, Neekolul
Years active2017–present
Total views6.84 million
Associated acts100 Thieves
Follower and view counts updated as of February, 2021.

Nicole Sanchez (born July 14, 1997), better known by her online alias Neekolul, is an American Twitchstreamer and TikTok personality. In March 2020, her popularity online rose when she uploaded a TikTok featuring her lip syncing to the song "Oki Doki Boomer" while wearing a Bernie 2020crop top; this TikTok was a direct reference to the "OK boomer" Internet meme that was popularized in late 2019. In July 2020, she was signed as a content creator for gaming organization 100 Thieves.

Online career[edit]


Sanchez is primarily a Twitch streamer and partner, having created her "neeko" Twitch account in October 2017.[1] As she is bilingual, Neekolul streams in both English and Spanish.[2] According to social media analytics firm Social Blade, her account has received over 278,000 followers and over 3.84 million views as of November 4, 2020.[3] She decided to become a Twitch streamer in particular due to the convenience of the medium; unlike content creators on YouTube, Twitch streamers' content is unedited, allowing her to dedicate adequate time to her studies.[4] She streamed Call of Duty early in her career, but eventually switched over to streaming Fortnite.[4]

OK Boomer video and reception (2020)[edit]

On March 2, 2020, Sanchez went viral online after she posted a TikTok video lip syncing and dancing to the Senzawa song "Oki Doki Boomer" while wearing a Bernie 2020 shirt.[5][6] The caption of the video read "Like to trigger the BOOMERS #bernie2020."[7] The video and its caption were referencing the OK boomer Internet meme that was popularized by Gen Z individuals and used to criticize the Baby boomer generation.[5] It received over 6 million views in 4 days on TikTok.[5] It was later removed due to a copyright takedown, although the song's artist stated she was not responsible for the copyright strike.[1] On Twitter, the video has received over 30 million views.[8][9] The video was met with mixed reactions, with users divided over whether the video was cute and charming, or "cringeworthy".[7][10]Kotaku commented that "the video is mesmerizing in a way that makes you feel a small amount of secondhand embarrassment. In it, Neekolul performs a hyper-feminine and cutesy series of dance movements, with the results bordering on cloying. It's a subtle balancing act between irony and sincerity that TikTok's most popular video makers have mastered."[11] In April, The Daily Dot ranked "'Oki Doki Boomer' TikTok memes" at 12th on their list of "the best memes of 2020".[12]

It has since been noted by various media publications that Sanchez is a supporter of Bernie Sanders and his 2020 U.S. presidential campaign.[13][14] The official TikTok account for Sanders' campaign also commented on the video, and Sanchez stated that the campaign's head of social media reached out to her to collaborate.[2] Uploaded a day prior to the Democratic Party presidential primaries on Super Tuesday, many online users claimed that Sanchez's video had an adverse effect on Sanders' performance in primary voting.[1][5][10] She stated, however, "I don't think I'm a huge driver of votes or anything, but I think the content creators and Internet culture as a whole can bring awareness to things like this."[2]

Following her increase in popularity, it became apparent that much of her online fanbase were following her for ulterior motives; a significant amount of engagement on her content were users' attempts to flirt or describe their physical attraction to her.[13][15] This garnered Neekolul the nickname "Queen of Simps",[13] in reference to the slang term simp, used to denigrate a man who is seen as giving excessive attention and deference to a woman online, often in service of unreciprocated sexual feelings.[15][16] After Sanchez revealed she has a boyfriend, she lost over 65,000 Twitter followers within 48 hours.[15] She has since stated she said this as entertainment for her viewers; Kotaku wrote that "like many of her fans, she's constantly dancing on the impossibly blurry line between irony and sincerity."[11]

Twitch streaming and content creation (2020–present)[edit]

She has since continued to upload content online. Her Twitter account was briefly suspended as a result of her content being flagged by false copyright claims.[4] One of her subsequent TikTok videos featured her dancing along to the song "Mia Khalifa", which drew several comparisons to Belle Delphine's similar 2019 video.[17] Her streaming style has been compared to Pokimane.[11] In April, Kotaku commented on her streams, stating that "even as she's blown up, in her streams she continues to behave in a way that feels accessible and inviting, verging on bubbly. That is not to say, however, that she doesn't know what she's doing."[11] The outlet added that her notoriety as a personality and streamer was growing, rather than "just as a meme."[11] Later that month, she signed with Night Media, a content management company.[4]

After signing with Night Media, Tubefilter reported that she began planning to branch out on YouTube and had a product line in development.[4] In July 2020, she joined the roster of American lifestyle brand and esports organization 100 Thieves as a content creator.[18][19] In 2021, she was one of twelve contenders in the third edition of the PogChamps tournament organized by and was the winner of the consolation bracket.[20]

Media reception[edit]

Nathan Grayson of Kotaku surmised on Sanchez's popularity, stating that "the cutesiness of Neekolul's recent videos and her relative proximity to so-called "egirls" like Delphine has given rise to accusations that the fans who find her attractive are people who want women to behave in ways that are child-like, naive, or foolish."[11] Gita Jackson of Vice similarly wrote on Neekolul's appeal, stating that "like so many objects of male attention before her, her mere presence as a human being will either cause you to simp or to shun. But she's just followed a formula that's been thrust upon young, attractive women since men have been able to gawk at them."[6] Jackson added that, "Some of [Neekolul's] critics say that by wearing a cosplay school uniform, dancing, and talking like a sexy baby, she is reinforcing negative stereotypes about women and encouraging men attracted to women to indulge in a fetish for seeing them infantilized."[6]

Personal life[edit]

Sanchez is of Mexican and Portuguese descent.[21] Her family immigrated to California from Mexico.[11] She currently lives in Dallas, Texas.[2][22] She formerly studied business and marketing in college.[4]

In 2018, Sanchez was arrested and spent a night in jail for corporal injury, which is a domestic violence charge. In a statement released in March 2021, Sanchez released a statement saying that she had been a victim of domestic abuse, including physical beatings, by her former partner for seven years. According to her statement, her arrest stemmed from an incident in which she struck her former partner after confronting him about his behavior at his house near the end of their relationship. This corresponds with the record of her charge, as she was never convicted. Sanchez's statement attracted support from other popular content creators such as Keemstar, Pokimane, and Anna Rudolf, as well as pushback from fellow streamer Destiny, who noted that if Sanchez was male the response to the statement about hitting an ex-partner would have been more negative.[23][24]

In June 2021, she released a YouTube video called "$2,000,000 Apartment Tour" which drew heavy criticism and overwhelming dislikes on the video for alleged hypocrisy.[25][26][27] She had previously defended herself against accusations of hypocrisy by saying of the "Tax the rich" slogan seen on her AOC sweater: "I think when people mean like, 'Tax the rich,' I think at the end of the day they do mean, like, billionaires and people who have insane, unfathomable amounts of wealth".[25]


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