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    ARC Trooper Fives

    ARC Trooper Fives

    Also known as CT-27-5555, Fives trained with Domino Squad on Kamino before being shipped out to the Rishi Moon listening outpost. He survived the Separatist attack on the station there, and was transferred to the 501st Legion alongside his squadmate and fellow survivor, Echo. Fives and Echo were promoted to ARC trooper status after the defense of Kamino from Separatist invaders. He and Echo were later assigned with the difficult mission of freeing Republic prisoners from the daunting Citadel prison installation on Lola Sayu. He and Echo were later part of a mission to free Republic prisoners from the Separatist prison called the Citadel. Echo fell in battle, leaving Fives as Domino Squad’s sole survivor. Fives accompanied the clone trooper Tup to Kamino for medical testing, where he discovered a terrifying secret about the clones’ origins and ultimate purpose.

    "Where is the honor in marching blindly to our deaths?"

    "Where is the honor in marching blindly to our deaths?"

    “I am not just another number! None of us are!”

    “I am not just another number! None of us are!”

    “Look around – we’re one and the same. Same heart, same blood."

    “Look around – we’re one and the same. Same heart, same blood."

Fives and Echo as cadets on Kamino

CT-5555 would eventually win renown as an ARC trooper, but his early career wasn’t particularly promising. As a clone cadet on Kamino, Fives was part of Domino Squad with Cutup, Hevy, Echo and Droidbait – and Domino Squad consistently failed its training exercises because the five troopers were unable to work as a team.

Fives and Echo sought to transfer out of the squad, but were persuaded to stay, and helped the Dominos pull together as a team and graduate. They were then assigned to seemingly dull duty at a listening post on one of Rishi’s moons. The routine assignment proved anything but, however, as commando droids invaded the post. Their squadmates died defending the base, but Fives and Echo survived and were inducted into the prestigious 501st Legion.

Fives and the 501st escaping an ambush on Umbara

Fives and Echo returned to Kamino to defend the clone production facilities from a Separatist invasion. The two showed both courage under fire and an ability to improvise, and were awarded with promotions to ARC trooper.

The two were part of a team of clone troopers and Jedi sent to rescue Even Piell and Captain Tarkin from the Citadel, a feared Separatist prison. Echo was killed during the operation, leaving Fives as Domino Squad’s sole survivor. On Umbara, Fives opposed Jedi General Pong Krell’s tactics. Disobeying Krell’s orders, he and two other clones attacked an orbiting Separatist supply ship using stolen Umbaran starfighters. Their plan worked, but Krell ordered them executed – a sentence Fives escaped when the clones rebelled against Krell.

Fives holding his arms up in surrender on Kamino

During the fight for Ringo Vinda, Fives watched in horror as the clone trooper Tup murdered Jedi General Tiplar. He accompanied Tup to Kamino for a medical examination, and worked with the droid AZI-3 to investigate what had led to Tup’s breakdown. Fives’ dogged pursuit of the truth would lead him to a frightening secret about the clones’ origins, and result in his death.


Why Clone Trooper Fives is an Unsung Hero

The fall of the Republic is the intersection of many tragedies: Palpatine’s ascendance, Anakin Skywalker’s fall, Ahsoka Tano’s split from the Jedi Order. And all of it was almost prevented by clone trooper Fives, who discovered Palpatine’s plans to destroy the Jedi before they were carried out. If you’ve seen the final arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you know that Fives’ search for the truth was not in vain.

A member of Anakin Skywalker’s 501st Legion, Fives had what passes for a normal upbringing for a clone. He rose through the ranks and joined the war against the Trade Federation with thousands of his brothers. But his experiences with the Jedi and his near-discovery of Darth Sidious’ plot made him the person most likely to stop the rise of the Empire before it began. Fives became fatally entwined with the destruction of the Republic, and the major player in a tragedy filled with classic Star Wars themes of justice and hope.

Clone Trooper and General Pong Krell

Fives’ first experience with questioning the war he was built for came during the Umbara campaign. General Pong Krell was aggressive, willing to let clones die for his strategies, and Fives immediately resisted. Even within his own army, he found it important to stand up for fair play and honor among soldiers. Although it was difficult, and he faced criticism even from within his own unit, Fives and his clone allies resisted to the point of being sentenced to death.

This story is unusual in Star Wars because it pits characters who are ostensibly heroes against one another. Krell should be working for what’s right, if Republic propaganda is to be believed, but he’s still an individual, and individuals can choose for themselves whether to do good or evil. Fives doesn’t bow to Krell because of his loyalty to the Republic. Instead, he tries to use the values he was instilled with to improve it. Like a spy, he’s working outside the framework and with different motives than the people on his own side. But he’s living their values better than most.

The theme of brotherhood and family are key in Star Wars. Each trilogy starts with a disparate group of heroes who eventually become a family. The scope of the saga also allows for questions about what the repercussions of the Skywalker family saga is. Who is left on the floor after the dust clears? Who knew about the way the story was supposed to end too soon? Fives is the answer to both questions.

Clone troopers

As a clone, he’s totally dependent on others’ plans. Even his birth was a product of an order, a number on a datapad. But he’s also a person, and that’s part of why his fight against the mastermind he doesn’t know is Darth Sidious is so appealing. It’s the story of someone breaking out of the mold meant for them. It starts out similar to Anakin Skywalker’s story, in which Anakin was so desperate to bring order to his chaotic life, but where Anakin turned to authoritarianism, Fives drew ever closer to discovering the Republic was about to become an Empire.

Clone Troopers and General Pong Krell

Later, the horror of Krell’s campaign looks like foreshadowing. Sidious plans for the Republic to tear itself apart. The values that Fives depended on are now almost completely gone: he begins to suspect someone higher in the ranks planned to use the clones to kill Jedi.

During the Krell campaign, Fives began to wonder what the point of the war is. He means it on an existential level: what ethical state could possibly condone such killing as for the greater good, and how are the soldiers on the front line supposed to get adequate mental support? When Fives discovers the control chips, this question expands to the existence of the clones’ programming. How could a moral government create people who could be controlled like droids? It can’t. It has become immoral.

Clone Trooper Fives

In “Shattered,” Ahsoka and Rex talk about how both the clones and Jedi were made for war, and found themselves thriving in it for good or ill. The series also explores what it’s like to be a clone. Sincere emotions and friendships grow between clones themselves or between clones and Jedi. A clone-only society exists unseen by most people, with a bar run by and for off-duty soldiers. The clones are people, and Fives was fighting to get to the bottom of an egregious violation of their personhood. The installation of the chips was just as much an act of violence as sending them to war.

Standing up for the rights of people who can’t immediately help themselves is a central theme in Star Wars. It’s a key part of the finale of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, where the rebels befriend the Ewoks. Heroes are strengthened by their sincere friendships. In Fives’ story, this idea of compassionate brotherhood is intertwined with another key theme: hope.

Clone Trooper Fives

It can be hard to see hope in stories like Fives’ search, where heroes die just before reaching their goals, or where it seems like the villains have won. The reassurance from Fives’ story comes from his competence. He discovered as much as he did through smarts and determination, learning what no other clone ever had. His story is also hopeful because it eventually became a victory for a larger cause. Fives’ discovery would enable Captain Rex to remove his control chip, and later to become part of the Rebellion that destroyed the Empire. Fives would never have guessed. He didn’t even know his enemy’s real identity. But his actions built a bedrock for others’ hope.

Clone Trooper Fives and Captain Rex

This is most directly seen in the series, where Captain Rex, struggling against his programming, tells Ahsoka to find Fives’ information. Because of it, she was able to remove Rex’s chip. Both are indebted to his memory. Fives’ actions rippled down the years into the course of the Rebellion, as well. Without Ahsoka, Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus would not have known as much as they did about the history of the Jedi, or escaped Darth Vader.

Fives’ last words are “This is the end. Forget the mission. Oh, nightmare. I’m free.” Deeply dark and ironic words for an audience that knows Order 66 is still coming. They’re also an echo of his friend Tup’s last words, showing the bond between the clones, both in terms of their brotherhood and their shared glimpses of the puzzle. Like parable of the Blind Man and the Elephant, people try to put together Sidious’ plans, but never seeing the full picture. Fives’ story calls backward and forward through the history of the clones and the legacy of Star Wars heroes overall. He fights for his fellow clones as well as for a legacy he almost glimpses, making his brief investigation one of the first acts in the spirit of the Rebellion.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Tragedy of Fives

During Star Wars: The Clone Wars, ARC Trooper Fives came incredibly close to exposing Palpatine's plot against the Jedi and the Republic.

Though Star Was: The Clone Wars has wrapped up with the end of Season 7, some questions about the series still remain unanswered; one of these being how no one in the Jedi Order could sense the incredibly powerful Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine, sitting right in front of them for years. Although none of the Force sensitive Jedi sensed Darth Sidious, an ARC trooper named Fives saw through the deception, and if the Jedi had listened to him the Emperor's plan might have turned out differently.

Let's look into Five's history and the events that lead up to this moment.

Formerly known as CT-5555, Fives was a Clone Trooper, and like the rest of his brothers, he was born on Kamino using the DNA of the deceased Mandalorian bounty hunter, Jango Fett. During basic training, he was a member of Domino Squad alongside Echo, Hevy, Cutup and Droidbait. They were a hard-luck group that had to put in a lot of extra effort to get through training but became some of the best the Republic had to offer.

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Fives and Echo would go on to become Advanced Recon Commandos, better known as ARC Troopers. Over the course of the Clone Wars, Fives distinguished himself as one of the best, his heroics becoming legendary alongside the likes of Rex, Anakin, Cody and Obi-Wan Kenobi; however, heroism in war comes with consequences, and one of these includes losing close friends. One of these friends he lost was another respected Clone named Tup, and it absolutely broke him.

Tup suddenly executed Jedi Master Tiplar in the middle of a battle, which led the Jedi to investigate what happened. Fives eventually discovered that all Clones had a chip in their brains. Tup's had malfunctioned, causing him to kill Tiplar. The Kaminoans claimed the chips were only there to make the Clones more compliant. Fives didn't buy that, either, and he continued his investigation.

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Soon, Fives realized that the chips would make all Clones turn on the Jedi and the Republic. Tup's malfunctioning chip made him turn earlier than planned. Fives worked out that the Kaminoans, Count Dooku and even Chancellor Palpatine were in on the plan. He tried to tell Rex and Anakin what was happening but was killed before he could fully expose the plot.

Though most Clones were overtaken by the chips, some survived. Unknown to many, Clones by the names of Wolffe and Gregor reputedly believed Fives, and subsequently removed their chips prior to Order 66 taking effect. Later on, Ahsoka Tano was able to use the information obtained by Fives to remove Rex's chip, but that was only after the activation of Order 66. No other Clones have been specifically mentioned as having removed their own chips yet.

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Fives raised some serious allegations that almost no one seemed to take seriously. It was surprising that the Jedi were not more willing to take a step back and consider Fives' accusations, particularly since questions about this conflict were becoming increasingly prevalent. Some Jedi had even turned their backs on the Order because of it.

But by the time that Fives unraveled a portion of the plot, it would have been too late to do anything about it. Even if the Jedi decided to listen to Fives, all of Palpatine's pieces were in place. Everyone involved in the conflict was playing their respective parts to perfection. It would have been virtually impossible for the Jedi to change the course of galactic events at that point. Still, they did miss an opportunity.

What they could have done was prepare themselves for what was coming. If they had accepted the reality that the Clone Army was designed to betray and kill them, they could have planned for a strategic withdrawal from the situation, finding a safe place to take a step back to and figure out what to do next. Instead, they were all but wiped out, unknowingly leaving their survival in the hands of a young boy on Tatooine.

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