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17 Creative Ways To Give Gift Cards

Are you unsure of what to gift a friend or coworker? Or maybe you simply know they’d prefer the freedom of choosing their gift themselves. Whatever your reason, sometimes a gift certificate is an ideal gift. However, you still want to make sure that the gift shows that care and thought have gone into it. To help, we’ve made a list of the most creative ways to give gift cards. 

Whether you&#;re gifting the gift certificate as a Christmas gift or for a birthday, the following gift card wrapping ideas will help you make it special. To get started, check out the ideas below.

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How To Give A Gift Card

Just because you’re giving a gift card doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t present it with care. After all, the right presentation will help the giftee feel appreciated. The following tips will help ensure you’re following proper gifting etiquette.

Gift Card Holder on wooden background.

  • Pick out the right gift card for the giftee. Do they have a daily coffee habit? Then maybe they’d appreciate a gift card to their local coffee shop. Or maybe they&#;re in need of some new work clothes after starting a new job. If so, a gift certificate for a professional clothing store might be best.
  • Deposit an appropriate balance for the occasion. For example, the gift amount for a baby shower would be higher than that for a birthday.
  • Find a thematic gift card holder, or DIY one. The care you put into wrapping the gift card or in finding the perfect gift card holder shows through in the end.
  • Include a card with the gift card. It’s important to always include a special card in any gift. This shows the giftee exactly how much you appreciate them.

Creative Ways To Wrap A Gift Card

These wrapping ideas help take your gift to the next level. From traditional gift wrapping to origami paper, we’ve made a list of the best gift card wrapping ideas for you below.

1. Thematic Wrapping Paper

Gift wrapping paper rolls on wooden table.

Whether it&#;s baby blue wrapping for a baby shower or custom ordered wrapping with your friend’s favorite cartoon character– wrapping paper matters. It’s shows care has been put into the presentation. Plan ahead to have appropriate wrapping paper ready to go for any occasion that might come up.

2. Newspaper Cartoons

In a pinch, or for a friend who really loves comics, newspaper cartoons make a fun wrapping paper. Simply cut out an appropriate comic strip for the occasion. To help yourself out in the future, try cutting out funny comic strips whenever you get the paper.

3. Ribbon

Gift box wrapped in black ribbon and paper.

Sometimes an elegant or elaborate ribbon will do the trick when wrapping a gift card box.  Just make sure it’s tied tight enough that the gift card won’t accidentally fall out.

4. Origami Paper

Looking for a unique and elegant paper to wrap your gift card box? Consider using a square of origami paper. The gift card is small enough that you won’t need much paper, and you can even add a special origami shape on top for decoration.

5. Small Baggie

Three colorful gift bags.

For an easy to wrap gift, consider ordering gift card sized baggies. These small paper or plastic baggies are perfectly sized, and they look adorable on a gift table.

6. Cloth Bag

A small cloth bag can work just as well as the gift bags mentioned above. This is a great alternative when the occasion calls for more delicate decorations.

7. Gift Card Box

Pink Gift Card Box.

Gift card boxes are necessary when decorating with wrapping paper because they help keep the shape of the gift. You can also decorate the box itself however, if you don’t have any wrapping paper.

Ideas For Gift Card Holders

Looking for some specific ways to hold the gift card? These gift card holders show that time and care have been put into the gift. Pick your favorite idea from those below or use them to inspire an idea all your own.

8. Phone Card Holders

Custom phone card holders.

For a unique cardholder idea that doubles as a functional gift, consider using phone cardholders. The gift card easily slides into one of the pockets and you can personalize the design to match the giftee’s style.

9. Card Fold

Consider adding a decorative pouch or folder to the inside of your card. This helps you easily store the gift card in a thoughtful way so that the gift doesn’t fall out of the card when it’s opened.

Snack Bag

Gift bag with tag on white.

For a simple and unique gift card holder, consider using a paper snack bag. You can decorate the paper bag and then tie it with a simple string or twine. This works great for gifts for kids.

Business Card Holders

Similar to the phone card holder idea, this idea is both cute and practical. Customize a business card holder to hold the gift card for something the giftee is sure to use over and over again. This is an especially perfect gift for new professionals or graduates.

Keepsake Boxes

This is an elegant gift and a great option for higher-end occasions, like a bridal or baby shower. Customize the keepsake box for the giftee and place the gift card inside.

Mason Jar

Customize a mason jar for the giftee and fill it with their favorite candy. Then hide the gift card inside the candy for an extra special surprise. This is great for kids, graduates, and adults with a sweet tooth.

Gift Card Presentation Ideas

Looking for the right gift card ideas for a specific occasion? Check out the thematic gift card presentation ideas below for some fun inspiration.

Christmas Gift Card Ideas

Gift cards make great stocking stuffers as well as gifts under the tree. Looking for some cute presentation ideas for this holiday occasion? Here’s a few of our favorites:

High Angle View Of Christmas Presents On Wooden Table.

  • Inside the stocking, wrapped in black paper to resemble “coal.”
  • In a series of boxes, each one smaller than the next, to help extend the present opening.
  • Inside of another personalized gift.
  • Wrapped with thick wrapping paper, twine, and cuttings from the tree.

 Creative Ways To Give Multiple Gift Cards

Are you gifting more than one gift card? Whether it’s for an entire family, for someone’s graduation, or any other reason, the following ideas will help you pick the most creative way to give multiple gift cards:

  • Gift Card Wreath: Create a seasonal wreath and use clothespins to attach the gift cards around the wreath.
  • Gift Card Garland: Similar to the wreath, this decorative garland is perfect for the holidays. Simply attach gift cards with ribbon or clothespins to segments along with the garland.
  • Gift Card Flowers: Use a personalized flower pot as the base for this creative idea. Then create “flowers” out of wooden sticks and construction paper. Attach the gift cards to the “flowers” at the end. Finally “plant the flowers” in the flower pot and decorate with a ribbon.
  • A “Giving Tree:” Create a “giving tree” by gluing a collection of thin branches, sticks, and stems together at the base. Make sure it branches out at the end to resemble a tree. Then use twine to tie gift cards to the ends of the branches.

 Creative Ways To Give Gift Cards To Teachers

Teachers deserve to be appreciated. And if you’ve decided on a gift card, check out the following presentation ideas. 

Gift cards and pencils for a teacher.

  • Made the gift card holder in the shape of an apple.
  • Place the gift card on the inside of a personalized pencil case, along with some customized pencils.
  • Gift it inside a bunch or vase of flowers.

 Creative Ways To Give Gift Cards For Bridal Shower

Along with a meaningful card, the following gift card ideas will help make the bride feel extra special. 

  • Inside a box of chocolates. It’s a tasty and adorable way to celebrate the bride to be.
  • On the inside of “his & hers” mugs. It’s sure to warm her heart.
  • Wrapped inside a tea towel. Tea towels are a classic bridal shower gift, but you don’t have to stop there.

Resources Related to Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards

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Is there a way to give a gift card that doesn&#;t seem like an impersonal afterthought? I say, YES! Let&#;s face it, sometimes a gift card is the best option for a particular person on your list. In my opinion, the presentation makes all the difference between impersonal and personal, thoughtful and an afterthought. Here are 10 fun ideas to get you started:

1. Fill a jar with mini baubles or ornaments, water, and your gift card. Tie a ribbon around the lid and present it upside down, as a special globe. Beautiful!

2. Take a cellophane bag and fill it with your recipient&#;s favorite candy along with the gift card. Tie it with a ribbon.

3. Carefully feed a gift card into a large balloon (the bigger and thicker the balloon, the better your luck). Add some confetti, then blow up the balloon with helium, if possible, or air. Add a colorful string and tag.

4. Bake a cake and allow it to cool. Wash and dry the gift card before inserting it in the middle. Frost the cake and present it to the recipient, who is in for a fun surprise.

5. Wrap the gift card in a series of boxes, starting small and getting bigger, like nesting dolls. This creates great anticipation as the recipient unwraps each new layer.

6. Pick up an inexpensive item at a dollar store that relates to the gift card and wrap them together to create a themed presentation. (For example, a set of hot pads for a cooking store, a hammer or tool for a hardware store, a pair of gloves for a clothing store, etc.)

7. Pair something homemade like a dozen cookies or a CD mix, prepared just for the recipient, along with the gift card.

8. Build a simple gingerbread house from graham crackers, candy, and frosting, housing the gift card inside. Wrap up with cellophane and a ribbon. (HINT: For best results, use a hot glue gun to fasten the crackers to each other. Works great!)

9. Wrap one of your favorite books that you think the recipient will enjoy, including the gift card as a bookmark.

Create a beautiful origami card holder that can be reused as a business card holder. Choose paper that reflects the recipients interests or favorite colors.

Do you have any other ideas for gift card giving? Share them in the comment section!

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Coffee Cup Card - Gift Card - Greeting Card - Creative Ideas - Paper Craft - Card Making - DIY Card

12 Unique Ways to Give Gift Cards

Inside: Step by step instructions to help you give gift cards like a BOSS. Knock their socks off with these 12 creative ways to give gift cards. Bonus: these ideas work for cash gifts too!

When my grandma handed over her annual birthday card, I knew what was inside. Here’s how it went:

  • Pretend to read the card
  • Make a mushy face to show I was emotionally touched
  • Feign excitement at the gift card that fell out of the card

Giving cash this way was not fun for my grandma. And it wasn't fun for me.

It was ripping-a-band-aid-off painful.

So many people in my family ask for gift cards for gifts and I feel oh so lame handing them a flat, boring, obviously-a-gift-card envelope to open. There's a better way to have a gift giving experience and still get them that gift card they're itching for.

Creating a fantastic fun gift giving experience while giving them that gift card they want is % doable. You’ll find the solution you need in these 12 creative ways to give gift cards. And they can even be used as creative ways to give cash gifts!

12 Unique Ways to give gift cards - get creative giving gift cards and money. DIY ways to give money gifts so CUTE and EASY! #SmartFunDIY #ChristmasGift #GiftCards #GiftGuide #TeenGifts #Papercrafts #GiftGiving #WaystoWrap #GiftWrap #Christmas #Christmas

The surprise inside

Last year my husband went to a White Elephant gift exchange at work. “White Elephant” really means “stuff no one wants” so when he saw a broom-shaped gift, his low expectations were met. Yes, someone literally wrapped a BROOM!

Each person took their turn, chuckling as they avoided choosing the broom from the white elephant gift pile.

The person who drew the last number got stuck with the broom. He unwrapped it as everyone started engaging in side conversations. They all knew it was a broom.

A generous pile of gift cards fluttered out of the gift wrap.

Everyone in the room let out a jealous sigh of defeat as he counted up the gift cards … $!

His co-workers have talked about this gift all year long. It’s not the gift cards that were the magic … it was the unexpected gift of the gift cards with the broom that was the main entertainment.

Make giving gifts fun for everyone

The excitement of giving an unexpected gift with a “surprise inside” entertains you, the person receiving the gift, and everyone watching.

Use these 12 creative ideas for giving gift cards to make this year’s gift card experience exciting for everyone!

This post contains affiliate links &#; if you click and buy we may earn a commission from the seller without any extra cost to you.

12 Creative Ways To Give Gift Cards

Glassine Bag made into gift card holder #SmartFunDIy #Giftcards #GiftWrap #CardMaking #paperCrafts

1. Decorate A Cute Bag 

Skip the basic store-bought gift card holders and make one.

  • Personalize it with their name using stickers or stamps
  • Make a BUNCH! These are easy to make assembly-line style
  • Make them in different colors for each person on your list
  • Give cash or gift cards in these cute little bags

Giving a gift card to teacher?

The kids can help you make this! Here’s how:

  • Stamp small shapes onto the bag with ink
  • Stamp large shapes onto white cardstock. Cut out with scissors.
  • Color in any stamped shapes if you like.
  • Adhere the stamped shapes to the bag with adhesive foam dots.
  • Add a ribbon to the top of the bag with a sticky glue dot.

This bag is perfect for a sweet little gift for a teacher or a hostess – and your kids can say that they made it!

Download the FREE instructions for this project: CLICK HERE

2. Ornament Gift Card Holder

It looks like a shadow box Christmas ornament … but it’s really a gift card holder on the BACK!

  • Add a gift tag so everyone knows who it’s for. You can snag some free printable gift tags here.
  • Slip a gift card or cash in the back and hang on the tree.

DOWNLOAD the instructions to make this for FREE!

Sign up on my email list and get this free printable guide with 5 Christmas gift ideas in your first email from me. CLICK HERE:

DON'T want to give the same boring gift cards this year?Give Adventure Gifts instead&#; click here to see how.

3. Turn Your Old Gift Cards Into A Gift

DIY Gift Card Notebook

Make a book! Bind gift cards together using a binding machine to make a miniature book.

Create a unique mini book using different types of paper:

  • Scrapbook paper to make a mini scrapbook
  • Notebook or graph paper for a mini notebook
  • Plain printer paper for a mini sketchbook or doodling pad

You can get really fancy and bind a BUNCH of gift cards together to give as a gift! Get the instructions HERE.

Make crafts from old gift cards

Love the patterns on gift cards? Make them into planner charms, jewelry, or keychains using jewelry resin, like this DIY Starbucks Card Planner Charm. 

Where to find cute gift card designs

Hands-down, Starbucks and Target have the best gift card designs.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Helen Dardik (@helen_dardik) on

I recently discovered that one of my favorite artists, Helen Dardik, has her art on Target gift cards right now. I’m on a mission to get a few of her pretty gift cards to make into charms!

You can’t just swipe a stack of gift cards from a shelf. If you take the gift cards, the store’s inventory system doesn’t know it needs to order more cards. They’ll run out of gift cards and won’t get new ones in.

A manager at my local Target showed me the light. Here’s how to take gift cards for crafts in a legit way:

  • Select all the cards you want
  • Before your purchase, load each with one dollar
  • Use them on your purchase
  • Now that they don’t have any money on them, they’re yours to use for crafts!

Yes, my Target ran out of cute gift cards one time because I took them all for crafts. Ooops.

Now we all know better *wink*.

4. Make A Folder To Hold The Gift Card

Create a handmade business card holder. FiIl it with gift cards as a gift. When the gift cards are all used, they can use it to hold business cards later. Here's how to make a gift card folder.

DOWNLOAD these instructions for FREE! Sign up on my email list and get this free printable guide with 5 Christmas gift ideas in your first email from me. CLICK HERE

5. Give &#;Faux&#; Chocolates

Fill a chocolate box with cash, coins, and gift cards &#; they'll be happy with the cash even if you ate all the chocolates. Plus money touching chocolate? Ew.

6. Hide The Gift Card In A Jar Of Candy

Fool a candy lover by filling a mason jar with their favorite candy. They won’t know there’s a surprise inside.

They think they're getting candy, which is awesome, but they're getting a gift card WRAPPED in candy!

For this project you’ll need:

  • A mason jar with lid like this (you can also use an empty applesauce jar, just be sure to wash and dry it well before adding the candy)
  • Candy &#; get candies in themed colors here:
  • A bag or paper envelope to put the gift card or money in
  • Ribbon or cute embellishments to put on the lid

Here's how to wrap a gift card in candy.

7. Give A Coffee Gift Card In Style

Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, Peet's &#; coffee gift cards are totally great to give but totally expected and basic.

Give a coffee gift card in a coffee cup gift card holder. Sure, they still know it’s a gift card but it’s so cute!

8. Use A Coffee Sleeve

Speaking of coffee, why not use a coffee sleeve to wrap a gift card? You could even decorate the sleeve to make it a gift in itself by wrapping it in fabric or felt, covering it in rhinestones, or even just painting a pretty pattern on it.

9. Make A Gift Card Holder With A Library Card Envelope

If you’ve been a papercrafter for more than 5 years, I know you have a big ole stash of library envelopes. We HAD to have them when they were the trend in ??

Library card envelopes are perfect for making gift card holders. This gift card holder is coffee themed but you can customize your envelope to whatever theme you want.

Here's how to make it:

BONUS: Here's another card you can make using the same techniques!

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Put It In A Snowglobe

These gift cards in snowglobes are amazing and you can use your old pasta jars or even mason jars to make these &#; how cool is this?

Looking for SECRET SANTA gift ideas?Check out this post with 6+ DIY Secret Santa gift ideas under $20 

Make a CARD-igan

Keep your gift card warm with this fun &#;cozy&#; gift card holder. You can hold business cards in it after you use the gift card!

Give It In A Wallet

Make a beautiful wallet (or buy one from a craft fair!) and add a gift card inside one of the pocket as a surprise bonus. A $20 bill in the billfold would be nice too.

What to do next:

Now, you just have to go out and buy a bunch of gift cards!!! Christmas, done, no white elephants needed.

Get my tips for buying gift cards like a boss for cheap or even FREE here: 12 budget-friendly gift card and cash gift hacks

Here are some more awesome blog posts you might like about giving gift cards creatively:

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12 Unique Ways to give gift cards - get creative giving gift cards and money. DIY ways to give money gifts so CUTE and EASY! #SmartFunDIY #ChristmasGift #GiftCards #GiftGuide #TeenGifts #Papercrafts #GiftGiving #WaystoWrap #GiftWrap #Christmas #Christmas

12 Unique Ways to give gift cards - get creative giving gift cards and money. DIY ways to give money gifts so CUTE and EASY! #SmartFunDIY #ChristmasGift #GiftCards #GiftGuide #TeenGifts #Papercrafts #GiftGiving #WaystoWrap #GiftWrap #Christmas #Christmas


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