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Even though sloppy is fine, it might be a bit of a good idea to arrange this particular page because, to be quite frank, as it is right now, it is just absolute garbage.

The god tiers are a series of the highest levels of power available to players of Sburb. Achieving god tier status provides the beneficiary with godlike power in their respective aspect, channeled through their respective class. Reaching the god tiers allows players to level further up even after reaching the top of their echeladder, which is the limit under normal circumstances.

After attaining god tier status, the player then begins to level up further, though the increase in power to a person already called a god is likely redundant in a normal session. John and Jade, as well as Dave and Rose, have all leveled up after attaining their god tier. It is unknown how far the troll god tier players got into their levels but it was indicated at one point that Vriskastill had tiers she hadn't reachedHS.svg. As shown by the leveling up of John and JadeHS.svg, normal stats still increase in the god tiers. However, instead of Boondollars (because that shit is for babies), the player in question receives Achievement Badges for their Kiddie Camper Handysash, the sash itself being modeled on the players' kingdom alignment, ProspitHS.svg or DerseHS.svg.


There are two methods to ascend to the god tiers; a player with a living dream self must have their recently deceased or dying body present on their Quest Bed (or Quest Cocoon), or a player with no other living selves must have their recently deceased or dying body present on their Sacrificial Slab, a process apparently referred to as taking a "legendary nap" by Consorts.

In the first method, after the death or fatal injury of the original body, the dream self will be teleported to a corresponding Quest Bed on the Battlefield. On their planet the player's original body may be surrounded by a totem creature (if any), while on the Battlefield the dream self will be healed, and the consciousness of the player will permanently merge with it, ascending them to the god tiers.

If the original body is kissed by another player instead of being placed on their Quest Bed then the dream self will still be healed and the consciousness will still merge but the player will not ascend. As the first method requires two bodies this will prevent the player subsequently using this method, the death of a dream self will also prevent it being used unless it is somehow revived. If the Battlefield is destroyed or it never evolves to a point at which its Quest Beds exist then the first method will not work.HS.svg

John, Jade, Vriska and Meenah all ascended by dying on their Quest Beds, however Jade's dream self was in a sprite, so she did not appear on her Skaian Quest Bed. During this process, both Jade and John were visited and enshrouded by a totem creature of their Planet - John, by fireflies and Jade, by hummingbirds.

In the second method a player must die on their Sacrificial Slab, a stone slab hidden at the core, or "crypt", of their respective dream planet's moon. After death, the player is resurrected in their current spot as a god tier right away, regardless of the state of their original or dream body. This method requires the player to have either lost their dream self or lost their original self. If the player's Quest Bed, or its Skaian counterpart, is destroyed or never comes into existence then a player must use this method to ascend.

Aradia, Rose, Dave and all the B2 kids ascended by dying on their Sacrificial Slabs.

Aradia's dream self was already situated upon her Quest Bed within the crypt of Derse, rather than in a tower like the other dream selves. Andrew Hussie has stated that since she was dead to start with, her dream self didn't "belong" with the living players on the moon, and was sequestered in the planet. This is also why the moon of Derse only had five towers. Another unusual aspect of her ascension is that a separate instance of herself existed as Aradiabot. When she ascended to the god tiers, her soul and consciousness merged with that of her dream self, thus leaving the robot empty and causing it to explode soon after.

This unusual aspect also applies to Jade, who resurrected her dream self as Jadesprite. It doesn't seem to matter where your dream self is in relation to the bed on Skaia, as Vriska's dream self was transported from Prospit to her corresponding Quest Bed, where she ascended, while John's dream self, and then later Jade's dream self as Jadesprite, were already on Skaia. It should also be noted that Jadesprite wasn't anywhere near her corresponding Skaian Quest Bed when Jade ascended, though this might relate to Jade's dream self being a separate sentient being at the time.

It is unknown if a player absolutely has to have gained all the levels (all of them) of their echeladder before proceeding with the ascension. JohnHS.svg, DaveHS.svg, Vriska and AradiaHS.svg fulfilled this alleged requirement. It is unclear how far up Rose and Jade scaled their echeladders, however Jade's successful breeding of the Genesis Frog likely allowed her to reach the top, as important mythological milestones have been shown to result in major jumps in the echeladder. It is also unclear if Jane, Jake, Roxy and Dirk managed to completely scale the echeladder before ascension, having been stuck in a void session for several months with nothing to do but wait and slay underlings. The argument can be made that they may have gained levels during their partly unseen trickster mode adventures. Jane, for example, solved her quest to bring her planet back to life with a single trickster energy blast.

Accompanying the ascension is a new hooded outfit for the newly-ascended god—a "godhood", as it were. The shape of the clothing is defined by their class, while the color and symbol of the outfit is determined by their aspect. For no given reason, the player's choice of eyewear is also included in the outfit, even if just an accessory (such as Dave's shades), although this could be because of specific items being on their person at the time, considering Dave and Dirk still had their swords with them after ascension. Whether a player who needed corrective lenses still has impaired vision after ascending isn't clear - Vriska was upset at losing her glasses, but didn't seem to need them. It may vary from player to player. Ascension can also repair old injuries and unwanted bodily alterations, which seems to vary from player to player. For example, when Vriska ascended, her lost arm and eye were restored, while Caliborn retained his robotic leg and gold tooth, and Jade ended up looking mostly human, but retained Jadesprite's dog ears and some of her dog instincts. (This seems to be similar to how Terezi's dream self reflected Terezi's injuryHS.svg, while Vriska and Tavros's dream selves did not. An alternate timeline version of Tavros with working legs was also seen in Caliborn: EnterHS.svg, and while that very well might support the pattern, it could also be the result of a timeline where he was never paralyzed. As for tattoos, Dirk still retainedHS2.svg his after ascending, though it is unclear whether Jake still retained his (possibly not, since he seems toHS.svgdislike itHS.svg.)

According to what the trolls believe, the process required to ascend is a test issued by Sburb to see if the player in question is willing to face their own demise in order to obtain greater power. In the course of the sessions seen, 13 characters have undergone a confirmed ascension, and only one of them has done so unequivocally willingly; Dave and Terezi even explicitly denied the ability to face their own deaths. John was killed by Jack Noir and Jade by the Courtyard Droll's shaving-cream bomb, but other characters arranged their transportation to their Quest Beds. Vriska chose to die in her Quest Cocoon only after she was beaten half to death by Aradia. Aradia's dream self was sleeping in her Quest Cocoon at the heart of Derse when she was killed by Jack Noir's powers. Likewise, Dave and Rose died in the wake of their creation of the Green Sun, though they did not make any attempt to escape the explosion and had previously accepted this task as a suicide mission, arguably making them the only ones to face their own death properly. Although the B2 kids had planned to kill each other or themselves they were very hesitant, and in the end they all died in explosions caused by Jack Noir and the Condesce, which destroyed the moons of Prospit and Derse respectively. Aranea and Meenah also reached god tier status in their session, along with others. While no details have been revealed about Aranea's ascension, Meenah was beaten to death by Damara. Meenah also speculates that Damara was fatally injured during the same fight and taken to her Quest Cocoon by Rufioh, a possible parallel to Vriska and Aradia's situation in [S] Make her pay.HS.svg Damara does not, however, confirm any of this or if her alpha self ascended at all. Out of all the seen players, only Caliborn has been shown to have ascended completely by his own hand, declaring it A TRIVIAL ACT OF SELF SUICIDEHS.svg in his quest for power.

Powers and abilities[]

For specific players' abilities based on their title, see Mythological roles.

The key aspect of the power of god tier players relates to their mythological aspect: the level of power they exert over is significantly enhanced to the point of near-complete control.

Having only one self left, god tier players dream in the dream bubbles of the Furthest Ring. It is unclear if Vriska's ability to enter and interfere with the nightmares of the Wayward Vagabond is related to this or an independent phenomenon.

The physical result of ascension to the god tiers has ties to the cultural image of perfection and the perception of what godhood should be like for the species in question. Since troll biology is largely based on insect-like metamorphosis, fairies are often seen as an (imaginary) ideal, in the same way that a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Consequently, the god tier trolls gain butterfly wings. Mindfang's journal mentionsHS.svg that Tavros' ancestor, the Summoner, revealed wings similar to the ones trolls receive upon ascending to god tier status, though this was eventually revealed to be a mutation unrelated to the god tier wings, which even his pre-scratch version had. Wings can be concealed, as seen with Vriska and Meenah. A player can also choose not to wear their god tier outfit. Meenah does not usually wear her god tier clothes, as she disliked the Thief outfit and Life color scheme. Aranea, Vriska and Meenah also changed between outfits at will, but this is likely due to the nature of dream bubbles.

Humans have no real cultural equivalent to the trolls' wing ideals, and so instead merely get the outfit. Jade, however, retains the animal ears of Jadesprite upon ascension, which could be concurrent with her ideal for the pinnacle of human form and its manifestation in her love for anthropomorphic fauna. It should be noted that Aradia did not retain any visual frog traits, due to her frog sprite being prototyped with the ghost of her original self, as opposed to her dream self.

It appears that ascension to god tier also permanently disconnects a player from the Computer Terminals used by Exiles to give them commands, since John's and Vriska's ascensions caused the terminals used by their exiles to go dark, as seen (respectively) hereHS.svg and hereHS.svg. No god tier player has ever been shown receiving a command from a terminal.

It is unclear if a player needs further training to use the full extent of their aspect's power after ascending. Jade and Aradia demonstrated immediate mastery over their power. However, it should be noted that they were likely aware of what these powers were and how to use them due to each integrating with a version of themself that was once a Sprite. John was able to use his powers soon after ascension, but had already previously learned about his ability to control the breeze. The B2 Kids show no immediate understanding of their powers upon ascension and are instead easily overwhelmed by their aggressors.

There are several abilities that all god tier players gain, regardless of their associated aspect and title, such as the ability to fly and the ability to surpass the need for a strife specibus and presumably use any weapon if they level up enoughHS.svg.

In the Epilogues, it is shownMeat.png that god-tiers can take a higher amount of damage than mortals, as shown when John casually resisted the heat from a column of air above lava.


Main article: Conditional immortality

Players who achieve god tier are also biologically immortal, meaning that they cannot die [ex: of old age]HS.svg unless they are killed, and after completing a session, would live in the newly created universe as literal gods. Even if they are killed, they are resurrected unless the death was either "Heroic" or "Just."

Characters known to have attained god tier status[]

Pre-Scratch troll session (A1)[]

Damara Megido, Mituna Captor, Meulin Leijon, and Kurloz Makara did not give straight answers when asked by Meenah whether they had attained their god tiers.

Post-Scratch troll session (A2)[]

Pre-Scratch human session (B1)[]

Post-Scratch human session (B2)[]

Cherub session[]

God tier players from unknown doomed timelines[]

  • At least three instances of Tavros Nitram, the Page of Breath HS.svgHS.svg
  • At least one instance of Sollux Captor, the Mage of Doom HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Karkat Vantas, the Knight of Blood HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Nepeta Leijon, the Rogue of Heart HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Kanaya Maryam, the Sylph of Space HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Terezi Pyrope, the Seer of Mind HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Equius Zahhak, the Heir of Void HS.svg
  • At least two instances of Eridan Ampora, the Prince of Hope HS.svgHS.svg
  • At least two instances of Feferi Peixes, the Witch of Life HS.svgHS.svg
  • At least two instances of Damara Megido, the Witch of Time HS.svg
  • At least two instances of Rufioh Nitram, the Rogue of Breath HS.svg
  • At least two instances of Mituna Captor, the Heir of Doom HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Kankri Vantas, the Seer of Blood HS.svg
  • At least two instances of Meulin Leijon, the Mage of Heart HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Porrim Maryam, the Maid of Space HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Latula Pyrope, the Knight of Mind HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Horuss Zahhak, the Page of Void HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Kurloz Makara, the Prince of Rage HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Cronus Ampora, the Bard of Hope HS.svg
  • At least one instance of Calliope, the Muse of Space HS.svg


John Egbert[]

  1. Galesmate
  2. Revenge of Doctor Ragnarok

Jade Harley[]

  1. Growing Panes Await
  2. Sayonara Kansas

Rose Lalonde[]

  1. Pentacle Therapist
  2. Ariadne's Threadspinner
  3. Surya's Lurid Glare (not yet achieved)

Dave Strider[]

  1. Hotpotato Butterfingers
  2. Revenge of Ricky Schrödinger
  3. Pimpslayer (not yet achieved)




Sours: https://mspaintadventures.fandom.com/wiki/God_tier

TT: Jane, you know,
TT: We probably should have talked about this Jake stuff a long time ago.
GG: Tell me about it.
TT: I don't know if I was kidding myself all those years that there was a conflict of interest between us, or what.
GG: Same.
TT: Maybe I was just pretending your feelings for him weren't a factor because my pursuit of him was already overcomplicated enough.
TT: Or maybe it was more like I was aware of them, but on some level decided they shouldn't matter, because I felt like you had a natural advantage over me.
TT: Cause you know. You're like.
TT: Not a dude.
GG: But I always felt you had the advantage over me too!
GG: Because you're YOU.
GG: You make things happen, and I don't.
TT: Yeah well. Turns out maybe that's not such a good quality if you wanna make a relationship last longer than three seconds. At least not in my case.
TT: I know I ripped into him pretty hard when I had the clown hair and the little soda can on my head.
TT: But the truth is I was pretty goddamn overbearing.
TT: Sometimes I look back on stuff and think I might have essentially bullied him into a relationship with me.
TT: Actually, it's more complicated than that. Parts of me were operating independently from myself.
TT: So it's like I was bullying myself into bullying him into liking me. If that makes sense.
GG: It doesn't really. But that's fine. :B
TT: Anyway, my insanity scared him right the fuck off. There were times when I basically treated him like shit without even realizing it, and I regret it.
TT: I should probably tell him that, but given how I just called him an asshole while wearing orange suspenders, I'm probably the last person he wants to hear from now.
GG: Clearly we both used some poor judgment.
GG: Looking back, it seems crazy to me that we both jeopardized our friendship over a mutual infatuation with, let's face it, one spectacularly goofy kid.
TT: Can we both at least agree we may have overrated the allure of Jake English?
TT: Maybe if we could have talked to each other about him it would have helped. Like talked about why we felt that way about him.
TT: At least maybe it would have helped us knock English down from the ludicrous pedestal we put him on.
GG: Yeah. That might have saved us a lot of grief.
GG: It's not like I hate him now, even though that's probably what he thinks. He's still my friend.
GG: But the extent to which I centered my whole life around a childish fantasy about him is just painfully embarrassing in hindsight.
GG: I wonder if I'll ever be able to look at him again without feeling miserable about myself?
TT: So does that mean we're both totally over him now? I can't really tell.
GG: Me neither. :\
TT: I guess the real problem is our clique was too small.
TT: Poor Jake was the only viable romantic target. I mean, considering our respective orientations.
TT: Maybe we just never knew enough people?
GG: Perhaps.
GG: Or maybe we just don't need anybody.
GG: As anything other than friends, I mean.
TT: In the interest of appeasing the bitterness gods, let's go with the latter.



tipsyGnostalgic [TG] began pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG]
TG: hay janey
TG: how u holdin up girl
GG: I feel like garbage. But otherwise, fine.
TG: you off urself yet
GG: No?
TG: ok good
TG: please dont yet
TG: i got a personal back stage pass 2 the jake english self loathing tour
TG: an im in no condition to take the full brunt of his lamentations but im the only one hes talkin to soooo
TG: need a lil support here from my bestie
GG: What is he saying?
TG: he wants me to relay an apology to you
TG: cause he thinks hes not brave enough to say it like ten feet away there on his stone bed and he thinks ur pissed @ him
GG: Aw man.
GG: I don't want to do this.
TG: do what
GG: An awkward "tell him I said" sequence of apologies through text messages.
TG: ok
TG: thats a sane answer
TG: what should i say
GG: Tell him I said we'll talk about it later.
GG: Like, after we're dead.
TG: k
TG: well maybe i wont say that last part but k
GG: How's it going over there?
TG: fine
TG: not a lot of progress on the dyin front
TG: dont look like dirk much wants to stab me with his manime sword
TG: tbh waiting around to be buddymurdered and/or off oneself is even more awkward than you would think plus kind of a drag??
TG: specially w a headache blarg
TG: jane this is dumb
GG: Yeah. Call me crazy, but I don't think our candy-addled selves thought this through entirely.
TG: yo trixster mode sucks ass txt it
TG: jane u know what im sad about
GG: Hm?
TG: fefeta exploding
GG: Yeah. :(
TG: whyd she have to die again like that
TG: she was so sweet and perfect and my friend
TG: she would always just talk and talk about the funniest things from her life as two troll ladies and it always lifted my spirits
TG: am i cursed or somethin jane?
GG: Cursed?
TG: yeah
TG: its like
TG: i always seem to accidentally kill my cats
TG: or my half cat girls
TG: ummm
TG: who are part sea princess and also an alien ghost
TG: i dunno maybe this line o speculation has no particular coherence
TG: jane
TG: after we go god tier you want to help me have a funeral for her
GG: Of course, Roxy.
TG: i would like that
TG: i always wanted to go to a funeral
TG: is that weird? maybe thats weird i dont know
TG: i mean not like in an especially morbid or gothy kinda way i just think it would be cool to honor her memory
TG: i never did that for frigglish but i should have
TG: shit jakes buggin me again brb

>==> ==>

Sours: https://www.homestuck.com/story/
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  2. Pink anchor hocking
  3. Jeep suspension problems
  4. Dr grabow freehand pipe
  5. Convenience concepts tucson


Jane Crocker

Life Aspect.svg

God tier
“I began to wonder why I ever had the audacity to think I know much of anything about the world we live in or the journey we're about to take.”HS.svg

Typing style

Speaks with perfect grammar and syntax, and uses the occasional emote! :B


Nanna- Pre-scratch self

Dad - Adoptive father, genetic grandson
Poppop - Adoptive grandfather, genetic son
Grandma - Genetic daughter

Live(s) in

Fir Dr, Maple Valley, Washington


Baking, practical jokes, detective stories (especially Problem Sleuth), amateur botany (formerly), mustachioed funny men, frightening fauna.

Sours: https://mspaintadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Jane_Crocker
1 In A Million Moments In Sports History !

by marathemara&#;

There are a lot of ways to think about which Homestuck character is most important. There’s the ‘explicitly stated in canon’ (Gamzee and/or Cal); the 'fandom inside joke’ (Ms. Paint); and the 'it makes sense when you think about it.’ Today’s essay is about one of the latter: someone whose position as most important character was suggested to me facetiously by lackadaisicallexicon&#;, and it got me thinking. Today we’re going to talk about Jane Crocker.


Jane’s importance begins well before we first meet her, even before the Scratch that created the universe she grew up in. In the pre-Scratch universe, she kicks of a very important part of Homestuck’s plot, though it seems like a tiny detail at first. John, her grandson, hates Betty Crocker. So what?

It turns out, of course, that Betty Crocker is an evil fish alien from another universe entirely. And the first person who we know knows this is Jane Crocker, the Batterwitch’s own adopted daughter, who learns all of Betty Crocker’s secrets, including the baking-related ones, and then takes the brave step from knowing that her guardian is evil to doing something about it, devoting her life to discrediting Betty Crocker.

And then Betty Crocker disappears, and Jane thinks she’s been successful, as well she should. Of course, now we know that Her Imperious Condescension simply left Earth’s universe and came back after the Scratch to rebuild her empire and rule the new Earth with an iron fist. And it was probably Jane’s detective work that scared the Condesce away, which means that pre-Scratch Jane played a big role in making the post-Scratch Earth the way it is. We’ll get to the effects of that in a little bit.


Her great work seemingly done, Jane settles down, marries some guy named Egbert, opens a joke shop, and becomes a mother and (very briefly) a grandmother. When we first see her in the comic, she is long dead, her cremated remains taking place of pride on John’s father’s mantelpiece.


But of course, her story doesn’t end there. John, our ostensible hero, accidentally begins (or continues?) a long tradition of prototyping sprites with deceased guardians, and Jane takes on a new role as John’s mentor within the Game, baking him delicious cookies, explaining the rules to him, and starting him on his epic journey. It’s a lovely moment for Jane, John, and the bewildered reader, who’s just been thrust into the strange new world of SBURB along with John. Nannasprite is silly, and her advice is cryptic, but her silliness is an assurance to the reader that Homestuck will continue to be lighthearted for a while in spite of the massive change in scenery, and her advice sets the stage for us to figure out what’s going on in this new world.

Jane eventually leaves John to his own devices, to let him grow up without too much hand-holding. But she comes along with him after the Scratch to continue to provide moral support, delicious baked goods, and an assurance to the reader that Homestuck won’t always be dark and dramatic. We’ll catch up with her in a bit.


But first, let’s visit Jane in her post-Scratch life, which is slightly less epic than her pre-Scratch life but no less interesting. She grows up as the most normal kid in her session, as John did in his session. This time around, she’s the Heiress to the Betty Crocker fortune, but the apparent normality of her life has led her to never question where that fortune came from. While in her past life, she was the only person who knew Betty Crocker was evil, in this life she seems, ironically enough, to be the only main character who doesn’t know. Her chumhandle, gutsyGumshoe, reflects the detective work she’d done in her previous life, but she’s never been suspicious of the subliminal messages on her Tiaratop computer, or the weird and seemingly useless technology around her–only of her online friend Roxy’s insistence that Jane’s great-great-grandmother is alive, and evil, and an alien fish from another universe. Of course, it turns out that Roxy is right, and Jane is forced into yet another role: the Life player for Sburb Alpha, and seeming leader of her team.

Part of the beauty of Jane’s character is that, like Karkat, she is presented as both a parallel and a foil to John. Jane and John live in the same house in the same neighborhood with the same father. They wear basically the same shirt, though John’s smiles and Jane’s frowns, which says something immediately about the differences in their situations. They’re both amateur pranksters who feel overshadowed by the deceased grandparent in their living room.


Once again, though, the differences between Jane and John are just as important, if not more so, than their similarities. John is cheerful, nearly carefree at times, and unashamed of his feelings, while Jane is burdened by the responsibility of being an Heiress and the anxiety that comes with being a lonely teenager. In some ways, this makes her more relatable than happy-go-lucky John: we’ve almost all felt at some point like our only friends are online, and like we don’t know how to talk to even the people who we know care about us (like Dad Crocker), let alone the people we want to care about us (like Jake). Few among us can say they haven’t repressed some stress-causing emotion until it explodes all over the very people who could have helped us if only we’d asked, as Jane does at her birthday party.

John’s interactions with his peers represent an ideal: completely unworried about romance, he goes around making friends with anybody who’s not obviously evil, and when he (in a doomed timeline) discovers Vriska’s flush crush on him, he goes along to see what will happen. Because of all this, he becomes respected and leaderly without even trying. Jane’s interactions with her own peers are easier for the average teenage reader to identify with: she’s embarrassed by her crush on Jake and jealous of Jake’s relationship with Dirk. She only really talks about her feelings when she’s not in control of herself, in Trickster Mode and Crocker Tier. Her leadership is undermined by her own anxieties and Dirk’s controlling personality, and her efforts to make things better end with an embarrassing hangover for all involved. And then everyone dies and goes God Tier. We Homestuck readers have made all kinds of social mistakes, but we can thank our lucky stars they didn’t end that badly!


The Condesce finally caught up with Jane, punishing her for not being a better Heiress (and perhaps for the actions of her pre-Scratch self) by using the Tiaratop to control Jane’s thoughts and actions. (This, for those unfamiliar, is Crockertier.) In the Old Alpha, this leads to all kinds of havoc; in the New Alpha, she’s saved from herself relatively early on by Vriska, who puts her to sleep. Not early enough that she doesn’t learn from the mistakes that led to her entering Trickster Mode, but early enough that she doesn’t repeat her worst mistakes under the Condesce’s control. ARquiusprite later removes the Tiaratop, waking her and returning her to normal.


And then something wonderful happens. Something, as ohthewhomanity put it, that I didn’t know needed to happen till it happened: Jane meets her pre-Scratch self. For the first time in her life, Jane has someone older and wiser around to tell her things are going to be all right.


Jane has spent a lot of her session feeling useless. This has led her to make mistakes, like entering Trickster Mode instead of actually talking to her teammates about her feelings. But Nannasprite has also begun to feel useless since John went off and started doing heroic things on his own, and the two of them commiserate and decide to work together to make themselves more relevant. It’s the most positive and productive meeting of alternate selves yet: Jadesprite spends most of her interactions with Jade crying; Dave and Davesprite are passive-aggressive at each other about which of them is the real Dave; Dirk and his auto-responder argue bitterly about which is the real Dirk; and Rose can’t stand Jasprosesprite^2’s exuberance and lack of filter. Jane and Nannasprite, on the other hand, respect each other and are glad to meet, and that’s lovely to see.


Oh, and when I said “the two of them,” I was lying. Old Alpha Nannasprite came across to the New Alpha with John and Roxy, so now there are three Janes–two old and wise ones and one young one with God Tier Life powers. Any one Jane alone may not have been enough to bring down the Batterwitch, but all of them together are a force to be reckoned with.

Sours: https://ilikehomestuckproject.tumblr.com/post//why-i-like-jane-crocker

God tier jane

I nodded: Ill invite, no question. But is it Anka. The sea was gorgeous, I bathed myself into a stupor, but more and more I hid in the shade, sucking on cold beer.

حميدو - قناة بيبي الفضائية - Toyor Baby Channel

In principle, no one, just the length of the hose would not have been enough, well, it would be more inconvenient for you to insert the tip too, my mother. Explained. After a while, the woman again bent her knees and pulled them to her stomach.

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Who is the first, then me. And literally after a while, the creak of the bed and the moans of his wife were heard. Then the moans became more muffled, probably given to her mouth.

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